Portland Quilt! Knit! Stitch!…and Block 13 Summer BOW

Q_K_S__largef3e2caJust want to let you all know that Primitive Gatherings is in Portland!!! We are vending at the Portland Convention Center today through Saturday…Stop by and see Luke, Jake and Jess…I miss the west coast since there was no Long Beach show this summer… But they are having a great time in Portland without me…(I stayed home to cause trouble (see next part of post), and get more work done)  There are lots of fun venders and of course lots of  for inspiration for all!


Next week Block 13 is shipping for the BOW”s… I made a correction on the pattern because I was double checking everything before we printed…and I changed 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ to 6″x6″ to give you a little more wool than just a half an inch…the flowers are 2 1/2″…but they already had 1000 of them cut and I didn’t know this…so your patterns will say 6×6 but your wools are cut 5 1/2″ which is big enough because that is what I cut to get mine out of…but I was trying to be a little proactive and it bit me…but I also know that the girls are double checking the pattern against the kits too! ;).  I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I want to bring it to your attention that we already know about this one…thanks to me.

I am sneaking out to the Lakehouse now…I think  I will take my work with me for tomorrow and call it a weekend!

Have a good one…and keep on stitching those blocks…I am going to start piecing my Opposites Attract quilt (this is the pieced SBOW) this weekend!  So I’m ready to reveal it on the 14th week!  I can even cut the pieces out without looking at the pattern!!! 14 weeks with 12 blocks each!!!

Also Stitch Along Part 3 will post on Monday!  LB
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6 responses to “Portland Quilt! Knit! Stitch!…and Block 13 Summer BOW”

  1. suejean1 Avatar

    Have a wonderful week-end at the Lake House. So glad you have a nice place to retreat to after all your hard work. I am loving this summers SBOW.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks! So glad you are enjoying this SBOW…I stress over what I am going to do for months!

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa, YOU ROCK!!! Sometimes I wonder just exactly where you get all of the energy to be so creative, and get so much done! Enjoy your time at the Lake!!! I’m getting super excited about all of the upcoming projects, I got my awesome kit from the Warehouse sale in the mail on Monday… yes Monday 🙂 I couldn’t believe it arrived so fast along with my Summer Crazy Mat, lol 2 different orders so I could use my coupon code!!! OH PLEASE, PLEASE give Judy a HUGE hug from me for calling about my BOM’s and shipping them all together so awesome she can send them together (LOL I was doing 3 but the Christmas one started screaming at me so now I’m doing it too, 4 BOM’s and the 2014 SBOW)! LOL guess you could say I’m attempting to channel my inner “Lisa B” Oh and I finished my Winter Crazy mat that you taught in Vista except backing and binding (I had put it away so I wouldn’t loose it and then couldn’t remember where I put it, lol I call that my “LizTimers” I do look at it every day on my design wall in front of my desk…but now that I’ve found the back and binding it’s going on this weekend. Anyway enjoy your Lake time, make sure to take some Lisa relax time while your there… I can hardly wait for January and Road to Calif, so I can visit you and your booth in person (and hopefully take another class with you) HUGS to you!!! Liz

  3. lisabongean Avatar

    I think you ROCK! It’s customers like you who keep me inspired to keep going! Also thanks for all the great comments you always leave here on my blog…they mean a lot….hope your putting lots of miles on that Harley! Ride on sister….

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Thank you for coming to the Pacific Northwest! I have been waiting and waiting. When I saw this blog that you were in Portland, I jumped in my car and made the drive from Seattle. Your booth made it all worthwhile and I knew that it would. I cannot wait to start on all my new projects. The whole show was great. Hint, hint……..The Sew Expo every Feb/March in Puyallup WA would be an awesome venue for you!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Debbie…I’m glad you took the time to drive to Portland! We would do be be in the Puyallup WA show…Tell the show promoters about us and we will come!!!
      The Portland show was an overall bust…so I don’t think we will be back for that one…too long of drive with not a lot of people showing up? But we sure are glad you did!!!

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