Pieced SBOW-Opposites Attract..

I have all 168 blocks done…and 268 4-patches…plenty for some sort of border…now are you keeping up?  come on…You can do another 12…thats what I did…I was waiting for my 12 fabrics from the girls…and some I was making 24 because I was gone that week…but here they are all ready to put together…I wonder how long that will take..Instead of rows I’m going to stitch 9 or 12 patch blocks of blocks…then stitch the large blocks together…does anyone else not like stitching rows?  I think what I dislike the most is laying out the rows…trying not to get the same fabrics together…which always happens anyway…Hopefully I will have it all together by the time you get your last 12…

It’s a beautiful weekend in WI…yesterday I drove my jet ski 64miles!  It was a lot of fun…slept like a log after all the sun and fun!  

Happy Saturday…We are waiting the arrival of Clay and Christy from the Morgan Hoop Company.  They are spending the night at the lakehouse with us…while traveling to Grand Rapids MI for the AQS show next week…Who’s going to go to the show? 



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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 31and Jake 30 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

9 thoughts on “Pieced SBOW-Opposites Attract..

  1. Wow weeee lots of work…..by the looks of all this I’m going to regret not doing the pieced along with the wool, I’m guessing this will be available later to purchase as whole kit

  2. Way to go Lisa!! Great job on your block sewing, and I’m jealous of your jet ski adventure! I’ll get my groove on 8/24 when I go camping and boogie boarding in Carlsbad CA 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, it’s slways a pleasure to read your posts.

  3. You are wonder woman! I am so behind but am really enjoying the process. I just love all the fabrics your team has put together. This is my third pieced BOW and I love each and every one.

  4. I’m going to the Quilt show in Grand Rapids and am so looking forward to stopping by your booth. I have been working on the SAL and am planning on picking up backing fabric for when the project is completed, among other goodies.

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