Be the Good…finishing kit for Summer Freebie…

We have a discrepancy in the border for the freebie in the pattern….Please cut them 3″…the diagram says 3…the directions say 2 1/2″…too much pattern  writing for me….but nothing major at least!  Thanks for letting us know so we can tell everyone!

Sorry for bugging you so much today…but it is nice to find these boo boos before we send out this pattern to other quilt shops and bring it to Houston market this Fall… and hopefully we can reach everyone who is making this…we love social media!

Lisa Bongean/ Primitive Gatherings
Lisa Bongean/ Primitive Gatherings

8 responses to “Be the Good…finishing kit for Summer Freebie…”

  1. Judith Miller Avatar
    Judith Miller

    Is this pattern available?

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    1. lisabongean Avatar

      coming soon!

  2. Janet O. Avatar

    I am loving this little quilt–the design and the message. Can’t wait until the pattern is available!

  3. Rose Winslet Avatar

    That is a gorgeous quilt – such beautiful quilting work. This is another exciting, inspiring and fun blog post! I love your work. Black and bright colors are definitely a favorite at my cutting table. It’s hard for me to resist, because I love how the colors appear! I can’t wait to try this when the pattern is available. Quilting is my passion and trying different designs is always a great feeling. We also produce this kind of stuff and are proud to be a part of this business.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      rose…should be soon!

  4. Jane Smsith Avatar
    Jane Smsith

    Is there a kit for the Believe there is good in the world?? Just saw it and I think it is beautiful!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes! Will be on our website soon…if you can’t wait just call the shop and order it…it is around $25..can’t remember

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…look for it on our website soon!

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