Accidentally deleted an email…and once small comment on the wool block of the week

First…I accidentally deleted an email…Some one who is doing Words to Live by emailed me for help with the ink pen….can you please email me again…sorry for being a pain!!!

Also on in the Inner border for the SBOW Sunflower Gatherings…I noted the 2×11″ fabrics for 4-patches and tell you to make XX amount but I never tell you to cut them down to 1 1/2″ like you have in all the other 196 that you have already made…sorry I just assumed by now you would know what to do with them…my bad…

I am working on my MODA blog post tonight as well as Part 4 for the SAL….it is looking awesome…

I am at the lakehouse and have a few pics of customer project to share on this computer…I know I have some more on my work computer for another time… If I shared any of these before I apologize…I can’t remember!!!! LB

Sheryl Smith-Bailey
Sheryl Smith-Bailey
Dale Conley Chester, CA
Dale Conley Chester, CA
Pam Hintze
Pam Hintze
Miriam Leech-Rocky Mountian Puzzle King size
Miriam Leech-Rocky Mountian Puzzle King size
Joke Dingemans
Joke Dingemans
Linda Hartley- made her block with the wrong treys...she said she liked it anyway...
Linda Hartley- made her block with the wrong greys…she said she liked it anyway…

11 responses to “Accidentally deleted an email…and once small comment on the wool block of the week”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    Thanks so much for the beautiful quilt pictures tonight! Thank you for having your booth at Quilt Expo in Madison. Was able to see the great quilt show yesterday and enjoyed your booth so much!!!!! Found some wonderful projects that came home with me, and have a wish list for the future!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity! Be well! Debbie

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Debbie…we sure appreciate you coming out…I was at the show on Friday…lots of people!

  2. skjensen56 Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the pics. All are lovely!

  3. Jo King Avatar
    Jo King

    Love all of them!

  4. Linda glover Avatar
    Linda glover

    Isn’t the 4 patch blocks suppose to be 2.5″

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes Linda it is… What I mean here is cut the 2×11″ strips down to 1 1/2″ to make into four patches…2- 1 1/2″ strips sewn together make a 2 1/2″…Please don’t cut the finished 4 patch down to 1 1/2″…that is not what I meant…thanks for the comment so I could clarify.

  5. Patricia Avatar

    I really like the mini quilt and the colors in Lakeside. And your site, will be back.
    Patricia C

  6. Nancy Avatar

    I love the mini quilt and anything primitive.

  7. Jo Grodsky Avatar

    I think I like just about anything with the word primitive… before a word, after a word, or all by itself. I love your fabrics, and I especially love that your quilts remind me of the traditional quilts I so admire, and hope to make.

  8. Anita Avatar

    I really like your Lakeside Collection – very clean and classy. All the fabrics shown on the blog tour are wonderful but your style is beautifully different.

  9. Sherri Avatar

    Love your mini quilts I love using the charm packs for quick projects as gifts.

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