and the winner is?

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments…It is the coolest thing ever to be a MODA designer and get to meet tons of quilters through our LOVE of fabric.  I don’t have to remind you that Moda is the best fabric company around hands down.  It shows in everything they do and how they treat everyone from designers, to shop owners and then end consumers.  It takes a lot creativity, effort and attention to detail to do all things MODA.

I hope while you visited my blog your subscribed so we can continue to quilt together all year long.  I currently am finishing up on all the pattern writing that comes along with Lakeside Gatherings. IMG_9909 Did you notice that Lakeside has homespuns also?There are 24 total light and dark homespuns.  They are again just gorgeous… so soft and wonderful companions to the prints.  Almost all of the antique quilts I collect have homespuns in them.  Here is the homespun FQ bundle next to the print FQ’s.  I know the homespun is going to be scarce as production numbers we not nearly what the prints were…so if you see it in your Local Quilt Shop grab it up…just an FYI.  If you want to visit the precuts on our website you can pre-order HEREIMG_9911

Good Luck to you all and I hope you find your name on one of these winning posts today!  And the winner of the Lakeside Gatherings bundle is….

Amanda Kay
September 9, 2014 at 8:34 am
I love your new line. Moda is my favorite fabric to work with too! I can always tell which fabric is moda because I am drawn to it. I am just now beginning to tell the fabric from different designers too without even looking at the designer name:)

Please email us with your physical address to we can get this out to you..

Contact Judy P…at:   and she will ship it out to you!IMG_9902

Now my little friend Jeter here wants photo copyto go for a walk…he is bugging me while I type here…have a great day…and make sure you STITCH!  LB


10 responses to “and the winner is?”

  1. iamaquilter2 Avatar

    I can relate to Jeter wanting a walk. My friend Rex does the same thing. I keeps peeking around the door to see if I am done sewing. Then if I am not done, he hangs his head and turns around, walks out of the room. At that point I feel so guilty I get up and grab the leash and off we go.

  2. Sandi Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I just came back from the AQS show in Chattanooga and I had so much fun at your booth there. Nine of us gals traveled together from Alabama and your little shop there was the major hit with all of us. Thank you so much for coming! Hugs,

  3. Leona Dykes Avatar
    Leona Dykes

    Just visited you booth in Chattanooga and came away loaded. Loved everything that I saw…wanted it all!

  4. Dee Avatar

    Congratulations Amanda. Be sure to post pictures of your beautiful quilt. Enjoy!!!

  5. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary Ellen

    Love that sweet Jeter face!

  6. Denise Davies Avatar
    Denise Davies

    I love reading your page. Lakeside is one of my Favorites.

  7. Symantha from Indiana Avatar
    Symantha from Indiana

    Congratulations, Amanda Kay! It is a beautiful line! I can’t wait until it’s available. Thanks for the info on the homespuns, Lisa.

  8. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Congratulations to Amanda Lucky you winning such a wonderful gift. Lol my Olivia does the same thing the Jeter is doing, she sneaks her head under my arm and then just keeps pushing up on it. until I get up 🙂 I guess it’s better than the kitties trying to grab the thread when I’m stitching

  9. Nancy from Alaska Avatar
    Nancy from Alaska

    Congratulations Amanda and happy sewing! Jeter is so cute! Looks like my Jake the lab when it is time to go outside, or go ‘byebye’. Lisa, where can I purchase a Primitive Gatherings Sweatshirt, like the one you are wearing in the picture? Thanks for the info

  10. Sue Mills Avatar
    Sue Mills

    Congratulations Amanda!! Have fun with those!!! We ordered some of those for the store I work at, can hardly wait till they come in!!!

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