Market is over….now festival begins…

Just want to say HI, after a long time away…this little quilter has survived market and has lots to talk about when I get home….

Here are our quilts in the Moda booth…the small quilts worked really well on the ladder as the sales reps could easily grab them bring them over to the quilt shop owners to feel and admire how wonderful the quilting shows up on these primitive muslin flannels…they have the best feel to them…it’s hard to describe what it is but it is something different than the other flannels…

These patterns and kits will be available next month as Moda has ordered them in advance for a late November shipping. Tell your local shops about them as lots of shop owners do not attend market…. They are available on 8 yard bolts if they order all 25 colors…also they are basics so we will be designing many future projects with them…they have the look and feel of wool, but not the cost!!!

8 responses to “Market is over….now festival begins…”

  1. suejean1 Avatar

    They are beautiful quilts.

  2. Glynis Avatar

    I’m looking forward to trying out the new muslin flannels and the small quilts on the ladder looks just so gorgeous!

  3. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Beautiful quilts. One of these year’s I will get to Festival.

  4. Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown

    That brown quilt is gorgeous! What is it?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Flannel with wool appliqué…called Antique Flower Garden.

  5. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Great to hear from you glad to hear market went well and I’m so excited to see what all you’re coming up with hugs liz

  6. kathy beechinor Avatar

    Ordered and one at Houston Market, cant wait to get these in hand and starting Kitting with Wool Applique—Quilters Paradise, Clovis CA

    1. kathy beechinor Avatar

      OMG auto correct, we ordered the patterns and start kitting with Wool—phew <3

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