Look what we have in stock!!

It’s finally here, as promised I said I would let you all know…we are still waiting for it on the roll, but you now can order the sheets! Click HERE   

Happy fusing…I will let you know when it comes in, in the 28 and 24 widths…LB
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12 responses to “Look what we have in stock!!”

  1. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    Yea it’s back! Thanks, Lisa, for letting us know.

  2. suejean1 Avatar

    Hooray!!! Thank-you for the notice.

  3. Jakey Avatar

    YAY!!! Thank you Lisa! You are so good to us, keeping us informed!!

  4. Debra Avatar

    OMG – that’s awesome! thanks for spreading the word.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    Have you tried misty fuse? If so did you like it? I needed steam a seam while out of town and this was the only thing that the local quilt shop carried. I haven’t tried it on wool yet.

  6. Janet O. Avatar

    WooHoo! I’ve been getting very creative in the methods I have used, but not one of them was entirely satisfactory. Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Finally!! No more getting frustrated with other fusibles.

  8. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Yay! At last!!! I am running low and I have been fretting about changing brands.
    Does it have the same paper backing?

  9. Betty Forester Avatar

    will you get it in a box on a roll?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It’s on order

  10. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    great news I’ve been very frugal with my box that I’ve had but even being frugal I’m getting low 🙂 Hope your having a great day when you read this. The last week has been crazy busy for me, have had 20 people visiting from Sweden…fellow riders that we met online and they are here renting bikes and seeing the sites. I ordered Fall Crazy mat last night (no make that early this morning) so I’m excited to get it in hand. I think that will be what I take on my cruise to work on. Sending you many thanks for all of your awesome designs/kits. Hugs Liz

  11. Kristie Avatar

    So, the million dollar question is, “does it work better than the last new and improved version?” Have you tested it yet? (Btw, learning lots with Linda!)

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