Market Prep…almost done

I am so sorry for ignoring this blog and keeping you informed of what is going on with me and the shop…but when its Market time and your fabric arrives late on Wednesday (15th)and you need to cut piece and appliqué 3 quilts to be shipped out the the next week (21st) so they can be quilted sent back, bound and photographed for patterns and brochures.  There isn’t enough time to do much.  I even had help with Amy making all the HST’s for Triangle Gathering….Its also not very glamorous…sometimes its a few days between hairdos but I always soak in the tub each night after sitting for so many hours and stitching.  So this is the story of why the neglect…Oh…and I hope you are all liking out new website for Primitive Gatherings…still a little more work to do but I can’t believe all the features it has and it will take us a bit to learn it all…If you have had problems with not getting to our site…please type in your browser Primitive Gatherings and remove the old cached one in your bookmark and add the new one.  We also have sent out a post from the shop about all the techy stuff you can do, as our site uses the latest technology.

IMG_0442The week before this I was working on new wool appliqué designes…I was bummed because when I was on FB and Instagram everyone was stitching on Autumn stuff and I was working on Spring and Flowers…New projects for Fall Market so shops can buy our designs make them and have them ready for Spring and Summer…Well…I snuck in a new Fall one…Here is Pumpkin Farm…pumpkin farm/primitive gatherings


This is what is looks like when I first start stitching… I just drew the branches on the trees and have them stem stitched…pumpkin farm/lisa bongean


Then here it is after having one side done…see how it comes to life with the small details you can do with a needle and thread?  Lazy daisy fall leaves…falling off the tree and piling on the ground…the mums are blooming, the fire is lit in the Pumpkin house and the geese are starting to fly south…over the harvest moon…

photo-both sides stitched. The size is 10×30…Notice the cool background wool?  This is a limited background that we will only have for the first kits we make….I love the added interest it adds.  If you want, I say want because I know you don’t need to have another projects…but this one is fun to stitch!  Here is the link to our website for kit and pattern info.  Pumpkin Farm

I will try to keep posting about the other projects…Happy Sunday and Go Packers!lisabongean/pumpkin farm

26 responses to “Market Prep…almost done”

  1. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Lucky for us that you have an unlimited supply of energy! You are way better than the Energizer Bunny!!
    This new project is just too cute!
    Have fun at Market!

  2. randyquilter Avatar

    Love it !!! My order is placed an love the new site. It even works great on my Droid

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The site is fitted for smart phones too!!! Glad you like it!! You and me after market…

  3. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    Very cute!

  4. Leanne Avatar

    Love your new fall pattern!! I measured my coffee table and its the perfect size! The blueish purple pumpkins are amazing I never saw that color before. I am in awe of all you accomplish…keep the new designs coming.
    Go Packers!

    Enjoy your day,

  5. Phaye Avatar

    Whew. You make me tired just keeping up with all that you do. Love the new runner. Pumpkins hold a special spot in my fall. Enjoy market

  6. Lana Avatar

    Love your new designs and the new web site!!! Thank you for your blogs and Instagram posts— they energize me by just seeing you create.

  7. Janet O. Avatar

    Great new Fall pattern!
    How do you keep all of the balls in the air for everything you juggle? I can’t imagine that kind of stress!

  8. Dee Avatar

    Love your new pumpkin pattern. I have it ordered and anxiously waiting for it to arrive. The new website is working well and all new things need some special attention in the beginning. You inspire us and keep all of us wanting to create more. Thank you! Have an awesome time at market.

  9. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love pumpkin farm! I saw it on your site yesterday. Of course it’s my favorite time of year too. Good luck with your crazy market workload!! I’m sure you’ll pull it off. Hugs, Jakey

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Nice to hear from you….I’ve got some CA news coming soon!

  10. Carolyn Avatar

    Love the pattern. The extra stitches really bring it alive. But what is it with the blue pumpkins/gourds?

  11. Maddy McCaslin Avatar
    Maddy McCaslin

    Lisa Just wanted to let you know that my “Words to Live by” took a second inn category and Viewer’s Choice at the Rock Valley Quilt Guild show the first of the month. I never enter shows but this time all my friends and husband I had to or else
    Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration , Quilty Hugs, Maddy

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Congratulations Maddy! I just want you know that viewers choice is a big deal. “Shows are difficult because you’re asking one person to judge and it comes down to basically their likes and dislikes. This will determine first second and third and so on.

  12. Diane Beckler Avatar
    Diane Beckler

    Love this!

  13. Carole Frocillo Avatar
    Carole Frocillo

    Lisa…..I just wanted to say Thank You for your time at the Quilt Guild this evening. You are truly an inspiration in both your professional and personal life. You have survived so much with dignity and grace and still manage to keep focus and a loving and helpful heart. It is a privilege to know you.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks carole… You are too kind!

  14. Jane Lemley Avatar
    Jane Lemley

    Oh, how I love Pumpkin Farm! The embellishment makes it “sing”! Thanks for all the beautiful patterns you continue to create. They make me happy! Can’t wait to get this one. Jane

  15. Sandy Avatar

    Love the pumpkin farm!!!

  16. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa…. Just a bath in the evening??? With all you’ve been doing I say you deserve a few spa days with a nice massage!!!! The new runner is AhhhhhMayZing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!! Yep you have me pegged, I certainly don’t “need” it but I do want and and thankfully I can order it!!! I’ll be ordering it tomorrow along with my coupon order… Which reminds me, Happy Happy Birthday, I wish you a day filled with joy and happiness!!! BTW like others have commented it’s the first I’ve seen those dark pumpkins they look bluish black I love them! Sending you a giant hug from SoCal, see you at Road to CA 🙂 Liz

    1. Valerie Avatar

      Beautiful fall colors in your first pic and your new design is so reflective of the season we all so dearly love….a big thank you for all that you do and your hard work. Also, Happy Birthday! Hope you can relax on this day and soak in the fresh autumn air.

  17. Peggy Dalberto Avatar
    Peggy Dalberto

    Lisa, Happy Birthday to you to you

  18. Lori Avatar

    What are the pumpkins called?????😊😥 love love love your work!!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Pumpkin farm

  19. Symantha Avatar

    OMG.. You wear me out with your crazy schedule! 🙂 It is so appreciated though. You are so amazing and when I met you in Paducah, it literally changed my life! I was so unaware of all the wonderfully beautiful work you do. You opened a whole new world to me. It’s my therapy and I hope you know how you inspired me personally. I would love to find a way to share your talents with my friends, as we have no woolie shops here in my area. You are a friend to all and you are definitely an inspiration to me as I’m sure you know. My prayers are with you and your very special journey ♥ Thank you again, Lisa….for everything! My friends and I are going to try to plan a trip to WI this year. We have to put in for our vacation time in late Dec. Just wondering when you will be posting your class schedule for 2015? I would say, that depending on what classes we can sign up for, is when we will come. You try to get some rest and thank you again for sharing your very creative mind with all of us ♥ 🙂

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Symantha…can you please call Amy and give her your info…We’ll make something happen…LB
      920-427-4290 thanks

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