Happy Thanksgiving!!! Are you ready for our Christmas Gathering?







I’m sure everyone is getting their stuff together for their turkey day celebrations!  Take a break for a minute and read about our 2014 Christmas Gathering this year…We have themed it “Heart and Home”…I believe that home is where most of us want to be the most, especially those of us who travel a lot…I love the log cabin block but seriously have not made very many projects ever with it…Using the log cabin block as a starting point I designed 3 patterns for you, if you participate in our Christmas Gathering…what do you need to do to participate if your in town or online???  You can come into the shop on Saturday form 9-3:30…the shop will be brimming with new samples…cookies, coupon book for 2015 and door prizes!  Yes…you know all about all the cool door prizes we have…we also are having our annual bed turning of antique quilts again…at 11am.  You need to purchase $25 in (new-not a bom that you are already signed up for) regular priced merchandise.  You will get 3 Heart and Home themed patterns and the kit for the pincushion.  Here are the projects.FREE PATTERNS/lisabongean  .  Kits will be available for these patterns also.  If you CANNOT come into the shop…you can still shop via the internet! What would we all do without it!!! With a $25 order you will get the three patterns and a pincushion kit, the 2015 coupon book…maybe a door prize…we save half of them for the web quilters…no cookies…bummer, but hey, we’ll post the recipe!  We will accept ONLINE orders from Thursday (27th) through Sunday the (30th.)  If you would like more pincushion kits they will be $6.  You will automatically get a pincushion kit…do not put it in your cart unless you want an extra one(s).  After the Chrimstmas Gatherings Event they will be $7 kit only…so you get a deal if you order more during the event.  They are super cool and easy to stitch!  I love the featherweight machine…everyone should have one of those!  Here are some close-ups of the other projects and their pricing.

the heart of our home/lisabongean
heart of our home …KIT $12      size: 14″x !6″


The heart of our home/lisabongean

Winter Cabin   Kit $32
Winter Cabin Kit $32  16″
Winter Cabin/lisa bongean
Winter Cabin/lisa bongean   16″
SEW pincushion 4x8  extra kits $6
SEW pincushion   size: 4×8        extra kits $6

I also want to tell you about the new mugs we have made for this special event…We have a limited amount of this log cabin mug for 2014, this will be an annual thing…so we can collect them, notice I said we…I lovlisa bongean/ 2014 muge drinking from these mugs…and…they make awesome vessels for presents for your quilting buddies or for yourself…bring it to work so you can be reminded of what your really want to be doing instead of working…lol…unless you work for me!     Mugs sell for $18.50  These mugs are hand made locally in my town. One of Jake’s buddies works there and this is just another way to support another local small business.  IMG_1165-2I love the detail.  We only ordered a limited amount of these mugs…I hope you will want one for you or that special quilting friend. ….Hop on over to see Jess’s post of more pics of the shop on the shop blog… Primitive Gatherings Blog  

I mentioned the 2015 Coupon book earlier that you will get…this is the BEST thing for all of next year we will run specials and you will be able to take advantage of them!  This coupon book is given to you as one of our gifts during this event…After the event we charge $10 for it…but this coupon book has many $$$ of savings in it…one for example is 40% off one item…which you could use on a wool kit!!

I hope that covers all of what I was supposed to share for the Christmas Gathering…but I really want to take the time to say how THANKFUL I am to have this talent and to be able to share with all you quilters…quilters are the best people…I am also thankful for this shop we run and the great people who I work with everyday which allow me to offer all of this to you.  I am also thankful for my husband Nick, and sons Luke and his fiancé Brooke,  Jake and his wife Lauren…you make my life so much more exciting and wonderful.  THANK YOU  and have a GREAT holiday, with your family and friends and eat lots of turkey and fixins!!!


Lisa and the Staff of Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

35 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!! Are you ready for our Christmas Gathering?”

  1. Alice Tignor Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for “giving” all year! I love the pin cushion pattern.

  2. Lynne Blackburn Avatar
    Lynne Blackburn

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!! Being Thankful is truly a warming feeling that we give to ourselves and can pass to others – each and everyday – by showing and sharing our blessings and thankfulness. Happy Holidays!

  3. Carol Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving to a very giving group of people!

  4. Mary Dallesasse Avatar
    Mary Dallesasse

    Lisa, how exciting this post is. I am going to see if I can get a few of us (Bernina Babes) to come to the Christmas event. If it doesn’t work out I will definitely be ordering. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Mary D.

  5. Marianne Dubbeld Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving Lisa!

  6. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Even though I am Canadian and have had Thanksgiving already, Happy Thanksgiving to you Lisa and your family and also your work family. I am thankful for your shop and all the wonderful projects you offer.

  7. Jeanne Avatar

    Love that mug! Will they be available online from the shop?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  8. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    I’m Thankful to Have You, Nick, Jessica, Amy, Judy and all the rest of the sweet ladies at the shop – Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! You all work so hard to bring so many treasures to us – I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  9. mary Avatar

    Blessings to you lisa. I get such inspiration and ideas from you. Thank you!

  10. deanna fleming Avatar
    deanna fleming

    if I order the songbirds table mat kit/pattern 40.00 I will receive the 3 patterns /pincushion kit and coupon book.  thank you de

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  11. Janet O. Avatar

    Absolutely love the little patterns! Great job, as usual!!

  12. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    Lisa, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, as well. We (quilters) are thankful for you and your shop and all that you do for us. Your holiday patterns/projects are wonderful and I can’t wait to order things to be able to have them. Please enjoy your day tomorrow and thank you again for everything you do. You are an awesome lady (but Nick and your family already know that!)

  13. Sandy Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love your blog and have been visiting it for about a year or so now. Your Thanksgiving offer is very generous and is spurring me into venturing into the world of wool. Not ever having done anything in wool, I would love to try a small kit, to get me started. Can you point me in the right direction for wool kits? I’m seeing lots of patterns (many of them free?) but I can’t find any kits.

    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!


    ps forgive me if you see this comment twice, I previously posted it on the wrong page. Sorry ~

  14. Ann R. Avatar
    Ann R.

    Lisa, you have outdone yourself this year! All of the new projects are just lovely and the pincushion is darling…yes, everyone should have a featherweight. They are too fun to sew on. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Looking forward to another stitching good year with your inspiration to keep me creating…

  15. Sue kraft Avatar
    Sue kraft

    Lisa, what great offerings! This is my third or fourth year to participate and I look forward to it each year. Even though some of us can’t visit your shop, you make us very welcome. I’m so glad you include us in all the fun and festivities! I’ll have my order ready first thing tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your staff, and all of your families!

  16. Jakey Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving Lisa!!! Thank you for the wonderful promo gifts for Christmas Gatherings! You never cease to amaze me. I hope you and yours, including your staff have a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all next month! Hugs, Jakey (aka Chris J)

  17. Tasker, Pamela Avatar
    Tasker, Pamela

    Hello and Happy Thanksgiving. I am so bummed….not that I live in Michigan but unable to make it to your Christmas Gathering! I am a little confused…I would love to purchase two Log Cabin mugs. May I do this on line? I do also wish to order a punch needle pattern or two. Can I do this at the same time? Thank you.

    Dexter, MI

  18. Michelle Devitt Avatar
    Michelle Devitt

    Happy Thanksgiving all the patterns are great and I can’t wait to have coffee in that mug. We will be seeing you all soon on our annual trek north next week (with Jan)

  19. Sue Avatar

    Love the pincushion pattern. Tried and tried to place an order on the website and couldn’t get anything to work on it.

  20. Maureen Avatar

    Have checked the website about ordering some of the items from your Christmas Gathering sale. Did not find them on the website. Will they not be available on the site until Thurs. Nov. 27?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We have them loaded and you can order now until Sunday the 30th…thanks

  21. mary Avatar

    You show a quilt with a Christmas Tree and snowman. Is that new and does it come as a kit.

  22. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Are you having website problems right now? I was browsing the shop site today in anticipation of Friday but tonight all I get is the text about your new site. I have cleared my history and tried again and all I get is text! Sheila Plock

    Sent from my iPad


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We may have been updating it…but it is working now for me!

  23. Diane Schwarz Avatar
    Diane Schwarz

    Wish I could be there, but I’m LA 80 degrees is so good. Enjoy your holiday. I brought you cookies last year, and will try to remember to do it again in Jan at Road. Diane Schwarz

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I love any home made cookies!!! and they were a surprise treat…you girls are the best!!! I also love Dove Dark chocolate and can’t make it throughout he day with out my 2 squares…lol

  24. Maureen Avatar

    Have tried to check your website for the items regarding your “Christmas Gathering” and haven’t been able to locate them on your site. Are they not going to be able to be viewed until Nov. 27?

  25. Anne Bryson Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t find where to order the mugs. ;(

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      if you go to the site today….they are all loaded in the top for easy access…the free designs are shown…arrow over on the left and the mugs pop up…thanks…Happy Turkey day to you!

  26. Jo King Avatar
    Jo King

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your passion and love of this beautiful craft.
    Will see you online! 🙂

  27. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lisa. Enjoy your time with your wonderful family. I am sure your Mom is making some delicious food. I hope you have a great day and also your staff enjoys the day with their families.

  28. Gale P. Avatar
    Gale P.

    Got the chance to come to your store this fall and was just overwhelmed it was great – I”m sure this event will be mind blowing – wish I could be there – Thanks for the internet – Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all your inspiration.

  29. Peg Aront Avatar

    I’m not having any luck getting pictures, descriptions etc…. I have money to spend and i’m not able to navigate the site. I’ll check back tomorrow or Saturday morning.
    Peggy in NJ

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