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Day 12…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 12Welcome to the 12 NEEDFUL things on my list this year…Please remember to leave a comment if you would want to win this one!!!  We will be picking 2 winners…one will receive a full set of Triangle Papers and the other a full Triangle Papers for Charms Squares

If you follow me or are new to me…you will find that I love quilts with lots of TRIANGLES in them…but one of the things that is common is cutting off the points of a triangle…we don’t want to do that if we can help it…I want to introduce to you TRIANGLE PAPERS from Primitive Gatherings…Triangle paper allow you to execute perfect Half Square Triangles (HST) This method is fast and easy and like we said accurate…I can find only one tiny extra step that we have to do when using the papers and that is to tear it off…now how long does that take?  I am very willing to sit and rip the papers off if it means I will have perfect triangles…Now there are other methods…drawing on your squares…but is that accurate?  I can’t do it perfect……What about just cutting them and piecing them…are they perfect? No..there are always a few that somehow turn out wonky….We have sizes from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″…and yes…anyone can make and piece a block with 1/2″ triangles in them…but I would only attempt that with these papers…Our triangle papers have been designed with what we think are the best of what we have had to work with previous to these…

I will point out some of their features…

In the 1/2″ -3/4″ and  1″ sizes you can use them to do a few HST…like a strip of them…or you can stitch the whole sheet continuously see how the stitching lines run from strip to strip?…IMG_0170the larger sizes are easy to cut apart if you only need a few…we could not do the strip feature on the larger ones and still get the maximum number of HST on a page…1 1/4″,1 1/2″,1 3/4″, 2″and 2 1/2″IMG_0178

They all have single thin lines for cutting…no more I cut on the line, in-between the lines…there is only ONE line between ours.

Clear directions printed on the covers so you will not forget a step…like shortening your stitch.IMG_0173

We also have them conveniently configured for using with any 5″ charm pack…the charm packs have 60 papers in them…so enough for 120 dark/light charms…which will make a ton of HST’s… We have them in 1/2″-3/4″-1″ & 1 1/2″IMG_0174I want you to view a (rough) video I have created at the last minute… sewing a charm square with the triangle papers… you can see how easy it all is…VIDEO

IMG_0182Remember to press with the paper still on…see how I chain press them…laying the next one on the top of the last one?  Then clip the “dog ears”.

IMG_0183Layout the block…I have two extra…will save them for a scrappy block… Now piece them into rows and then stitch the rows together. IMG_0184In the video you can see how fast they can be stitched…and in no time you have a small block…this one happens to finish at 3″ when you use the 3/4″ finished triangles….They really are not tiny until they are stitched in the block…This block shows up bigger on my computer screen then it is in real life…See how nice the points are…It’s magic…have you ever heard me say…I don’t do anything hard…it may look like it…but it is not…Fabric is from Snowman Gatherings 2…will be out in Spring/early Summer…IMG_0169


Now the one thing you cannot do with these triangle papers is COPY them on the copy machine…they have to be a 1st generation print, to be accurate…if they are all off and you have to trim them or their too short you just ruined the whole point of using them…for the accuracy and not have to cut a bizzilion triangles down to the right size…I do not want to waste my time cutting triangles down….when we can make them perfect with Triangle Papers.

TRIANGLE PAPER AND TRIANGLE PAPER CHARMS Click the link where all the sizes of TRIANGLE PAPERS are listed on the site….All of the papers will be $5.50 for this special offer….FYI am going to run a contest next year using these my papers…so you might want to get them while they are on sale!!!

261 thoughts on “Day 12…Needful Things…

  1. I have never tried these. If these are easier to use to match points they are for me.

  2. I will give these a try. I have used the ones that are on long skinny sheets. This looks easier . Thanks

  3. I love the idea of triangle papers for Charm Squares. Will have to get some soon.

  4. You mean I can finally make perfect triangles?????? Looks like something I need. Thanks

  5. I love the star that you showed made with these papers. I think I need to try using this.


  7. Great idea! I have used Edyta Sitar’s triangle papers in the 2″ size, but haven’t seen triangle papers in these smaller sizes. Would love to try those…

  8. That is AWESOME Lisa! I love the charm square papers. I’ve not sen them for charms yet. I’ve been looking at all the different things sold which are similar to these and haven’t made any decisions of which I wanted. But, I have so many charm packs that these would very much come in handy for me. Great video. Thank you.

    1. Maybe I’m nuts but I cannot locate the 3/4″ charm triangle papers or any page showing all triangle papers on one page. I found the 1 inch charm triangle papers and others and then another page I found the triangle papers on a roll.

  9. Unless I missed, I think this is the first of those promised ‘tutes’. I like it!! Most of us are visual people, myself included. Thanks for the easy lesson.

  10. I wait for this list every year! I love triangle papers, especially for the smaller sizes. Thanks.

  11. Love all your quilts with triangles. I will need those papers!!

  12. They’re wonderful! I don’t do half square triangles without them, especially the tiny ones!

  13. These look great, much better than the long thin ones.

  14. I like the variety of smaller sizes you are offering… Just perfect for many of your little projects! I just watched your video…love how it fits that charm square….you fly on that Juki!!!!

  15. I have used these in a kit I purchased from your shop. They do make half square triangles easier.

  16. I have tried the triangle papers and they do work nicely. My big problem is sewing the tiny pieces together once the papers are torn off. I don’t know why but I have a hard time with that. Is there a trick to sewing tiny pieces or is it a “keep practicing thing”.

  17. Have not tried your triangle paper yet but have used others and love it. Nice that you offer tiny sizes too

  18. What a neat idea. Makes us non quilters into quilters

  19. I have never used triangle paper but this looks great!

  20. These will be fun!

  21. I will have to try some of these. Better than cutting all those 1/2 square triangles! That machine is really fast!! Looking forward to your posts!

  22. Awesome triangle papers!!

  23. I love small piece blocks and I just ordered a couple sets of these during your Christmas Open House and I LIKE!!!! And will be putting in a order today! Keep that creative juice of yours flowing!! Thanks. PS Whats the blue guide on your sewing machine??

    1. I have used them once before and they were truly accurate!

  24. Looks like even I can make this work.

  25. Anything that makes it easier and a more perfect shape, takes the frustration away.

  26. These papers sound nifty. Thank you for the message.

  27. I used your triangle papers on “words to live by”….wonderful:)!! Everyone needs to try these. I, too, love blocks with half-square triangles in them. Thanks for another freebie block:)

  28. Love the look of tiny blocks and these triangle papers will really help with accuracy.

  29. I would love to try these! Pick me pick me!!!!

  30. These are the BEST! I have some and I love them! Of course, I can always use more! Merry Christmas.

  31. I am excited to hear you have a new line of Snowman Gatherings coming out!
    When I did Little Buds I absolutely relied on triangle papers for that little border!

  32. The triangle papers look easy to use.

  33. I’ve used them and love how well they work. I would love to have all sizes on hand. Your family is in my thoughts Holiday Blessings.

  34. Can’t wait to try the triangle paper. Perfection, speed and simplicity–what could be better. I imagine this would really help for the smaller hst. Thanks!

  35. Those look awesome…I really want to try the charm sized ones!

  36. I’m all for things that make me look like a really accurate piecer! I love how quickly you end up with a complicated looking block by following the lines, cutting and tearing. I thank you for having all the sizes in one place!

  37. I would like to give them a try.

  38. These look so easy to use. Sometimes the paper is too thick which doesn’t help the accuracy.

  39. Leave it to you Lisa to take something we all use and make it so much better! I’m going to have to come up with a project needing triangles so I can try them.

  40. I bought the 1′ finished triangle papers and they are awesome! I have to make 852 HSTs and they’ve made my piecing so much more fun. Fantastic idea of sizing them for charm squares too:) Thank you for working so hard to make quilters lives easier!

  41. I’m impressed! I think I need those triangle papers.

  42. Lisa, I used your triangle paper for 1 1/2″ half square triangles needed for a chevron border in Blue Bells by Edyta Sitar. I would never use anything else from there on. They were a breeze to work with and the borders came out perfect. Well worth the little bit of money spent. Thanks too for coming up with the papers for charm squares, PERFECT!

  43. These look much more fun than the strip papers! Can’t wait to try them.

  44. Thank you for all the info and the video too! I would love to try them!

  45. I avoided triangles for a long time because I found I never was consistently happy with the techniques or the results. I am really impressed with your results and would love to try them!

  46. I love these! I used them for last years SBOW and all the triangles came out perfect!

  47. These look really cool!!

  48. I just recently used them for your Summer Love pattern in which the HSTs finish at 3 4″ and would have never achieved the accuracy without the papers.

  49. Will definitely be adding these to my PG Needful things. Thank you, Lisa.

  50. I’ve used the smaller triangle squares and loved them (of course!). Didn’t know you made them now for charm squares — what a great idea!

  51. They look so easy! I have tried other brands but not those from Primitive Gatherings. I need to get some!

  52. I’d love to try your papers. My triangles never come out the way they should regardless of the method I use.

  53. Anything to make my piecing more accurate!! I will definitely try these.

  54. Definitely time that I try these out! I sure challenged myself without, doing the SAL. Looking forward to your other recommendations.

  55. I need to try these! Now to decide what to make!

  56. These look wonderful! I would love to give them a try….especially with the little bitty ones!

  57. Great idea, especially for small blocks.

  58. I was just given a bag of scrap fabric. I thought, “what on earth will I do with this?” I think these papers would be perfect. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  59. I am a geometry teacher and some of my friends say that I am “neurotic” about accuracy in piecing. I am definitely going to try these papers.

    1. I have used these papers and they are great, hope to win some more

  60. I love making half square triangles. The smaller, the better. I haven’t tried the ones you have but plan to purchase some to have ready for future projects. Thanks for the chance to win some of these.

  61. Awesome notion! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. These look fantastic, definitely a needful thing!

  63. I love triangle paper. You can make a block like the one Lisa showed larger or smaller by just changing the hat size without doing any math.

  64. Definitely a great thing to have for perfect half square triangles…your papers are awesome…especially in the small sizes. The charm square papers are a great idea. Would love to win any size of the papers though, as my piecing would be “perfect.” Thanks for your 12 Days of Christmas…I look forward to it every year.

  65. I have used several different triangle papers with varied accuracy. I love Lisa ‘ s they are the easiest and most accurate in my opinion. I have enjoyed using them in the pieced stitch along.

  66. I can’t wait to give these a try! I am always looking for ways to be more precise 🙂 What a good start to ‘Needful Things’…… Something I already NEED!!

  67. I’m excited about your needful things! I loved your items last year and am excited to see what you have to offer this year!

  68. I used them in the SBOW and I really think they are fabulous, precise and very well interlocking on the seams, a really great invention

  69. Those look amazing! I would love to win some…

  70. Lisa, I’ve used different papers for awhile now and like the results. I’m looking forward to trying yours since you hit on a few of the things in your post that I have issue with (which line for what). Oh and btw I’m so excited by your previous post about the new store I can hardly compose a post!!! can you say happy dance in my Jammies?? <3 <3

  71. You inspired me to try these on small quilts. Yes, they are amazing!!! How else could you make 1/2″ half square triangles without going crazy. Always great tips from PG!

  72. Love Primitive Gatherings and triangle papers – both are a “must” in my book!

  73. Yes Lisa, we can tell you LOVE triangles. LOL….so as a lover of your designs I so appreciated these thangles!! jmh

  74. I love this product! You’be really thought it through.

  75. Would love to try these, thanks for the chance win some!

  76. I love the idea of doing such small blocks with such accuracy.

  77. Just purchased your Triangle Gathering pattern. Need to get some of your new triangle paper to get started. Am very excited about your new store opening in Murrieta.

  78. I love HST’s, too … too much! All my quilts seem to have sawtooth borders! These would be great to have!

  79. My working on Words to Live By would be impossible without these papers. Thanks Lisa for designing them.

  80. My working on Words to Live By would be impossible without these papers. Thank you Lisa for designing them.

  81. Love the charm size papers. What an adorable little pin cushion the block you put together would make.

  82. Lisa,
    I’m excited about the “Needful things” post again this year. The fabric from Snowman Gatherings 2 is beautiful, ( so is your star block) & while I loved the first version and made the wool snowman quilt (so fun), I can’t wait to see the new collection.
    HST when made small can be so difficult, so thanks for showing the video on a much more precise way to do this with the triangle papers.

  83. I recently discovered your first “needful thing” item….the HST papers. So happy you made them for smaller sizes. I have not had the opportunity to use them as yet, but as soon as the holidays are over, I have promised myself to start turning out more miniatures using them. Thanks in advance, surely will make it a breeze to sew small!!!!

  84. Oh My Gosh! A video too. I love the charm square idea. Gonna have to order me some of these if I don’t win!

  85. Oh these sound wonderful! I seem to need hsq triangles often & hate making them, no matter how careful or slow I am some are always ( off) these could change my whole attitude. 🙂

  86. So excited about your needful things list. With my busy life it is some times hard to find the precious time to do what I love to do and that is to quilt and to do wool applique. When I do have the time to quilt it is nice to know that triangle paper will now make quilting HST so much faster and easier. I definitely will be getting me some triangle paper/

  87. Would love to try them! Thanks for the chance to win some.

  88. These look great. I have never tried them before. Thanks for sharing

  89. Just watched the video. I’ve never used the triangle papers before, but they would be a great timesaver!

  90. I have used other brands and would like to try these. They are so much faster and if I don’t win I will definitely be buying myself some after the holidays.

  91. What a great way to make triangles!! I’m on my way to watch your video now.

  92. Great idea, cannot wait to try them. And just read about the new store, congratulations on the west coast addition!

  93. Wow, I can’t get over how simple this is. Definitely will purchase. Thx!

  94. I love quilts with triangles as well!! These look like they would be fun to use!!

  95. There is no other way to do a large number of HST!

  96. Thank you! I’m wanting to try the 1/2″ ones!

  97. OK. So, I have looked at these at my LQS and thought it’s just another gimmick. After watching your video I decided they are “needful things” and went on line and bought them all. Thanks for doing the video. I’m one of those that needs to see it in action first. I don’t know if that’s right brain or left brain but you sold me!!

  98. These babies are fantastic! I’ve never been able to do HSTs without them being wonky or having to trim each one of them down. These papers are no muss, no fuss … and so easy! Thanks Lisa!

  99. I could seriously use these! Happy Holidays!

  100. Love the triangle papers! I used them for the 10th anniversary SAL. Awesome video! Hope there will be more 🙂

  101. I finally tried hst papers this year (took me long enough) and I love the accuracy! Would love to try these!

  102. Can’t wait ti give these a try!!

  103. These look awesome to use, especially the 3/4″ and the charm square size. For years I did the squares w/line drawn. I have to oversize then trim down, when doing lots its VERY time consuming! These papers look wonderful to use. I enjoy your needful things blog every year.

  104. Love the star block you showed, nice way to have pretty squares. I will order if I don’t win for sure.

  105. I also love the idea of the triangle papers for charms and the idea of stitching them all at once instead of strips:)

  106. I love your papers. Used them Iin your stitch along. Got so many compliments. U are soooo talented. Hope u survived the CA terrible weather and happy about your new venture in CA.

  107. Thank you for your give away. You make it all look so easy.

  108. Thanks for showing the video to help us. Will try the paper.

  109. Just started working with .summer Love and would LOVE love love to have some of these triangle papers on hand!!

  110. What a great idea, will have to try them! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  111. I need to try this method. Finished so nice. Thanks Lisa!

  112. Looks I will order and hope I win too!

  113. With these papers I can probably finally make a pieced quilt. Thank You!

  114. I love how accurate they are. I need them.

  115. Triangle papers definitely make life easier – I think I need to try yours! I also need some Snowman 2 fabric! Oh…and #5 needles! LOL!!!

  116. This is my first 12 Days of Christmas with you and I love the way it started ! I am reminded of a 2 1/2″ exchange that I started last summer with a group of friends. I will order the 2 1/2″ papers and maybe even finish the exchange by next Christmas. Happy Holidays !

  117. I do love triangles in quilts but DREAD making them. The papers do make it look much easier. I will have to try them.

  118. OMG… Thank you so much for the Triangle Paper video! Even after I read the directions, I still didn’t have a clue. I feel like a big dummy now that I’ve seen how simple they are, ugh.. What a cool idea 🙂 Just wanted to say, thank you for the yummy recipe and the little ornament patterns with the BIG meaning. Bless your broken heart as you go through the holidays and every day there after. Yes, you get a Christmas pass this year and maybe even next year too. You can take as many as you need. Sending you a big hug and prayers for peace this Holiday Season and Best of luck with your PG Shop #2 In Cali..Congrats!!

  119. Looks great especially if they are the right size and don’t have to be trimmed.

  120. Loved using them for the pieced SBOW. Made sewing them so much easier. I hope I’m one of the winners!

  121. Loved using them during the SBOW. Made sewing the blocks so much easier. Hope I’m one of the winners!

  122. Accurate and easy! How simple is that?

  123. Perfect points? Whoot whoot! Count me in…and maybe I’m in it to win it! I hope so!

  124. I am new to quilting, so excited to use these.

  125. Lisa I love the video. Thanks so much. Would love to win!!!

  126. Great! Can’t wait to use them!

  127. I will be counting the Triangles like Sheep in my Dreams… Would love To win… ! !

  128. I love using triangle paper and I can hardly wait to give them a try!

  129. I have used triangle papers before and they do make a difference. Now I know where to order them.

  130. These look awesome. I’ve always used thangles but there are so many more options with these. I love the idea of using charm packs with them. Thanks,
    Happy Holidays!
    Karen M

  131. My friend who turned me on to your site and I are making a quilt together that calls for 1″ HST stars. These will be perfect! Thank you so much, and bless you, Lisa, and good luck with your new venture in CA.

  132. These triangle papers look fabulous! I came here for the blog hop and got another bonus!

  133. Triangle papers are The Bomb! One of the best inventions ever…

  134. Yes, I would love to win some triangle papers!! Escpecially the ones for charm squares! I do think the papers are the best way to go to do HST!

  135. Triangle papers make quick work of half square triangles. Thanks for giving us a chance to win your version

  136. With a tool like this, even I will be able to make accurate little triangles.

  137. Goal for 2015…accuracy. looks like these might be very helpful for HST

  138. Thank you for introducing me to your triangle papers Lisa. What a wonderful way to make perfect HST’s. I will definitely be using the papers in future.

  139. So glad it’s started! Love the triangle paper and it makes such nice sharp triangles!

  140. Your papers look perfect! Must try them!

  141. Love these; I have the 3/4″ triangle papers-picked them up at your booth at the APQS show in Des Moines this fall. Definitely want more!! My Material Girls quilt group just did 700 and swapped.

  142. You sew like the wind. I want these papers to do it like you!

  143. This looks easy and no mistakes. I like
    And want and the ruler also. Thanks

  144. I need to try these triangle papers. Especially those itty bitty small sizes.

  145. I am definitely into anything that makes things easier. Thanks for the video. Good luck in California. Hope you enjoy your vacation on the 27th and get some well deserved relaxation.

  146. Such a neat idea and the fastest HST pieced blocks yet! I will have to give these a try and would love to win.

  147. I need to use on my Words to Live By BOM

  148. Would love to try these, I always have a horrible time making half square triangles.

  149. These look awesome! I will have to try them out!

  150. I cannot wait to try thewe on charm packs thank you for the video

  151. Hi Lisa, I can’t wait to try these, I was so excited to find they were included in my kit for “Tiny Tears”. Hugs, Jakey

  152. I will have to give them a try. Thanks.

  153. I would love to give these a try…I hate my points cut off!

  154. Would love to try these. So tedious to cut small HST to size.

  155. I love these papers!! So much better results than doing without!

  156. Okay, the triangle papers for the charm squares are quite possibly the most clever thing I have seen in quilting in a long time! I had no idea these existed! I definitely have to have some!!

  157. Looks like I need to get some Triangle Papers! Can’t wait for Snowman Gatherings 2…..I love the first Snowman Gatherings collection!

  158. It was great seeing you at your Christmas open house, Lisa. Can’t wait to make those yummy cookies! Love your 12 day’s list and always want everything! Thanks for all you do!

  159. Love your designs with the triangles. But I was always hesitant to attempt them. I can’t wait to get the triangle papers and give it a try.

  160. Thanks for the Triangle Papers. I am so tired of squaring up my HSTs! I love them in quilts but tend to avoid starting the patterns which use a lot of them. And I have so many projects I want to do with them.

  161. You’ve sold me! I love having accuracy. The small sizes are always so tricky. Thanks for sharing with us. K-

  162. Love the video. I can do this!

  163. Love these papers!

  164. Triangle paper is the best invention! 😄

  165. I need to give triangle squares a try — you make them look like the perfect method!

  166. Happy 12 Days! Love these triangle papers. Thanks for the specials, Lisa!

  167. I am soooo excited for your 12 needful things for Christmas 2014 to begin!! Where has 2014 gone?? My was working on 3 BOM’s from Primitive Gatherings, with many other PG projects in between!! Love all your Beautiful creativity!!

  168. Love triangle papers. They are well worth the work. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  169. These look wonderful. Thank you for making quilting better.

  170. Love the charm pack size, What a great idea! Looking forward to using up some of my charm packs I’ve been collecting.

  171. Great tool! I want to try these. Thanks for great giveaway.

  172. These are such a great way to make HSTs! Love quilts with lots of HSts.

  173. I LOVE triangle paper. I teach beginning quilting and always introduce the students to triangle paper for accurate piecing of half-square triangles. I am delighted to see your papers for the charm squares. Thanks!

  174. Triangle papers make it so easy for my beginner quilters to make accurate HST so they can be successful at so many patterns. Thank you for having them available in so many sizes.

  175. LOVE THE TRIANGLE PAPERS! That has always been the block I’ve dreaded most because of all the work in making it-especially the little ones. After watching your video-I am sold! I like the accuracy AND the easiness of making the finished squares. Thank you for sharing

  176. Looks like a wonderful idea!

  177. I’m ordering the triangle paper for charms to make a scrappy quilt. I love a quilt with lots of different fabrics.

  178. I have used your triangle papers and love them!

  179. I can’t wait to get these in the mail. Anything to make 1/2 square triangles easier will be a plus.

  180. I love making things with little HST!! These would greatly improve my accuracy! Can’t wait to try them!

  181. Merry Christmas ! I never want to cut a HST down to size again !

  182. How smart are you for thinking of these. I have tried other ones but they were confusing. Thanks!

  183. I haven’t tried them yet, but you make it look so easy….need to try these out!

  184. I want to make a table runner for my sister-in-law with stars…I think I need these!

  185. I really like the way these are put together. Great instructions and you have a definite 1/4 inch edge to sew on. I am looking forward to using these papers.

  186. Thangles, are an easy accurate way to make half square triangles that are the right size. The only thing I need to remember to do is shorten my stitch length so I do not remove stitches when I remove the paper.

  187. I love that you have made your papers for precuts! You are so stinkin’ smart!!!

  188. Wow I wish I had known about these 2 weeks ago when i was doing 200half square triangles. I am putting them on my Chirstmas list

  189. Lisa! I cannot even tell you how excited I am that you have charm square sized triangle paper sheets 😊 Yee-hah! It’s like when Pampered Chef came out w/toaster-oven sized baking stones, or rakes w/shorter handles for cleaning leaves/debris from under bushes (something that we’re doing @ our house in GA . . .cleaning up those Christmas leaves – ugh)

    I really love making scrappy quilt projects & the charm square triangle papers will make getting a wide variety so fast & easy! Your ideas are wonderful for us quilters, thank you.

  190. And yes, Alice’s comment is totally correct . . . You ARE so stinkin’ smart 😉

  191. These are great–perfect triangles!!

  192. I love triangle paper. Looking forward to giving yours a try.

  193. Have always been hesitant to try these little triangles but you make it look so easy! Will have to give it a try and thanks for all your reat “needful” suggestions.

  194. I have used these for the pieced SBOW. They are wonderful and easy to use. Will use them again in other projects.

  195. Fantastic way to make HST, especially little ones

  196. Have to say….HST and flying geese are a couple things I still get a little nervous about doing. With these papers I can see one of those being off that list!! Love that!

  197. One of my favorite quilts is a flannel twister quilt for my grandson made from layer cakes in flannel muslin

  198. LOVE this idea! Looking forward to trying them!

  199. Thanks for the video…hope there will be more of these coming in 2015. I’ve used Thangles before as suggested by you for some of your projects, but these triangle papers look so much easier. I love that there are multiples in each sheet and you cand make so many at once. Very slick!

  200. I appreciate the time you took to make the video. It was very helpful and convinced me immediately that I NEED these papers, especially for the small HSTs. Thank you for doing Needful Things again this year. I so look forward to it.

  201. I am using these with the 10th Anniversary Stitch Along – cool.

  202. I love accuracy!

  203. Love using this method for HST. Now for charms, too cool!

  204. I’ve used your papers–the only way to make HST accurately!

  205. I’m all for anything that makes triangles easier to do. I’m definitely going to try these out.

  206. I love quilts made with HSTs-scrappy is fabulous, but I also want to be accurate with my piecing. These new papers will be great in achieving that accuracy. Your video was very helpful in seeing how to use the papers. I am trying to decide which ones to order first. Lisa, you just keep topping yourself, girl. Merry Christmas!

  207. Those are awesome! I’ve used triangle papers in the past and liked them, but these look much easier and if they are “perfect”, all the better.

  208. I need these. I am doing the “Bertie ” monthly series and the HST are driving me crazy.. Ok crazier. Would love something to make it easier!

  209. I love to paper-piece half-square triangles. Am anxious to use your papers for those perfect squares!

  210. Wow I had NO idea you had these for charm packs! Wonderful! These make me want to try triangle papers – and smaller blocks again. Thanks!

  211. These are really nice. It is great to have a block turn out just right!

  212. I will be ordering these! You make it so easy. When I was in the shop last week I bought a quilt kit so
    I’ll need these. Thanks

  213. Looks so easy!

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