Day 10…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 10This next needful thing is kind of funny….when these first came out I was laughing…why would you buy those things…I don’t need clips to hold my binding while I stitch…well…here is the story…I think I am starting to get a little arthritis in my hands(bummer right!  I’m hoping its just overuse…lol)  Well with the help of these babies my hands hurt ALOT less when I bind!  I love to bind a quilt…I’m excited because it will be done soon and I can start something else!!!

So to make a long story short…these are needful to me NOW!  So whether you have some or have never tried them yet…I think we will all eventually NEED them as it much easier on my hands and this is important to not overuse them if I can help it and these clips help me to not crank my hands around to hold that binding in place.   Stock up with our 50 pack on sale for $25.40…I notice some ladies have them all the way around a quilt.. or try the starter pack of 10 and keep moving them around while you are binding…on sale for $5.60  Click HERE for 12 Days of Christmas shopping.

In your comment today…tell me if you already have and use them…or if you never used anything(like maybe you are using the hair clips) to aide in binding yet…I’m interested in the results…

I was painting the new store all day yesterday and my phone does that little jingle every time someone leaves a comment….everyone thinks I have way too many friends….I didn’t tell them about what’s really going on!  They were like…does you phone do that ALL day long??? I’m like YUP…so I read some of the comments at lunch yesterday and on the ride home…In CA you ride to and from work a lot more than I am used to!

wonder clips-350x350binding


269 responses to “Day 10…Needful Things…”

  1. Susan Shaw Avatar
    Susan Shaw

    I got a 50 pack of them from my brother for Christmas last year. I find them to be great on a wider binding and not worth a flip on a narrow binding. I recently made a mini quilt and could not get them placed on the narrow binding to hold it at all. Any suggestions? Even though I have 50, I use about 10 on my binding. I sit in a recliner to sew my binding down and I find that I lean, get up and sit down on the quilt, and fidget enough that I open the clips. So, it’s easier to keep moving the ten clips around the quilt than to try to retrieve more out of the chair. Also, as I move them, I see what progress I’m making – not that I don’t see progress as I’m taking out clips that I’ve passed when using all 50. It’s easier to keep track of 10 than 50, too. I’m sure there will come a day that I’m thankful for all 50. One of my good friends keeps hinting for 1/2 of mine. Of course, she thinks she has dibs one a participation quilt that I won that was probably the last quilt one of our deceased quilt members put together in 2012. She thinks she is entitled to it before my child. She has some entitlement issue with my things. LOL

    1. Ruth Ann Avatar
      Ruth Ann

      My mom gave me some of those clips a while back. I love them, very helpful in binding a quilt. I have about 10 of them and I enjoy moving them around the quilt as I bind.

  2. Susan Avatar

    I have and LOVE these clover clips! I used to scratch myself all over with pins so these are a lifesaver!

  3. ckcowl Avatar

    I do not have clips or use anything except my fingers, like you wondered why anyone would really need them, but, also like you, have noticed lately my fingers are cramping up, getting sore doing that final, favorite part of the quilt. Maybe its time I tried them….

  4. Mary Ann Avatar

    I received a few from a gal who owned a quilt shop. Tucked them away and sort of forgot about them. Remembered I had them when I was EPP and the rest is history. Love how they hold those little pieces of fabric as you move around the hexies. Bought a box after that to use when binding my quilts, perfect. It will be interesting to read how others might be using them.

  5. Sue Carter Avatar

    Would love to win them already have arthritis in my hands so bad that I cannot straighten my fingers doesn’t keep me from sewing though.

  6. Bev Avatar

    These clips are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They stay put and are easy to open and re-position—two thumbs up!

  7. Amy Avatar

    They are the best!

  8. Donna Avatar

    I myself do not have any of these but a friend does and she raves about them.

  9. Julie Deering Avatar
    Julie Deering

    I have not seen these clips but have used hair clips for years. I put about 15 on at a time and just move them as I go. Sure beats getting stuck by pins.

  10. John Scibran Avatar
    John Scibran

    I’ve been using them for quite a while now. I used to use the hair clips, but these are easier on the hands. Besides binding, they are also good if you have something bulky to sew, they hold the layers together well. These are even better than binder clips for holding they layers together.

  11. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    Like you, I initially thought that I didn’t need these clips until I recently tried them out. They do save your hands from cramping when you sew bindings and keep the corners nice and flat when stitching. They are a really great tool in my toolbox!

  12. Robbi Buckles Avatar
    Robbi Buckles

    I already have these and I love them. I am like you and scoffed at the idea when I first saw them. Then I was at a class and watched a gal bind her quilt using them and I was sold !

    1. Robbi Buckles Avatar

      I only bought the 10 pack and I would love to win some more. Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. Sheila Avatar

    A friend gifted me air he amen pack a couple of years ago and I love them but would sure love to have more . Thanks for the chance .

  14. bjday68 Avatar

    I have the 10 pack of clips and I use them a lot.

  15. Meredith Avatar

    I use these clips and just LOVE them, don’t know how I did without them, didn’t like the hair clips at all. Would just love more of these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Laurel H Avatar
    Laurel H

    I have never used the same little clips.
    Still doing using pins, but I stick myself all the time. Looks like something I need to try.

  17. Ellen Sharp Avatar
    Ellen Sharp

    Love these crazy clips!! I would love to have more!!
    Ellen S

  18. De De Avatar
    De De

    When binding a quilt my hands hurt. I always thought it was “overuse”. It takes me SO long to finish a project that when I get to the binding I don’t put it down until it’s done! I always tell myself to slow down next time so I don’t overdue it, but I dont. Can’t wait to try these.

  19. Christine Brown Avatar
    Christine Brown

    I have them and use them. They are VERY handy. I need more so will be ordering the big pack. That way I can share some with my quilty buddies. Then they will order them too!

  20. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I use hairclips and have thought they worked fine. But I have serious arthritis in my hands so I’m interested in knowing whether or not these work better than hairclips.

  21. Cindy Avatar

    I have a ten pack and love them. I really would love to have more. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. jackie Avatar

    I am excited to try, I will be getting some. Thanks Lisa!

  23. Pat Morrow Avatar
    Pat Morrow

    I love these clips, but have also found that if I press my binding in half before applying and then press it after I have sewn it on it is easier on my hands. I press from the front and also fold the binding over and press.

  24. masonmarlene Avatar

    I already have these clips except they are from about 10 years ago and as my hands are much older than yours and they are not just “needful” for me… they are “mandatory”. I had to have a thumb joint replacement about 25 years ago and these wonderful little things keep me in the game. Great tip for those of us with wrist and hand issues.

  25. Rose Avatar

    I have been using the clips for about a year now and love the way they hold the layers together. I find them especially helpful in holding the mitered corners together

  26. Anne Avatar

    I will try them, have used the black paper clips from work.

  27. Rebecca Avatar

    Wish I would have thought of them. Very handy! People that make totes and purses use them for parts placement.

  28. Mary Schreiner Avatar
    Mary Schreiner

    I have a small pack of these clips and also love to use them to hold layers together when making a tote or bag. They work a bit better than trying to pin through several layers (where the pins bend). I could definitely use more!

  29. Kathy Avatar

    I love mine! No more getting stuck from the pins when sewing down the binding. Plus, I’ve seen that some use them when basting while English Paper Piecing. They are handly little gadgets!

  30. Kary Heck Avatar
    Kary Heck

    Love the clips. I have a few but could use more.

  31. Diane Beckler Avatar
    Diane Beckler

    I LOVE these clips! They’re great for binding. I uses to use the metal ones that look like hair clips but thes hold much better and are easier to handle. They have a flat side so they’re much better to use at the machine if you prefer to machine stitch your binding. My favorite use for them is to organize small pieces for hand stitching. I like to English paper piece and I organize and clip my blocks together. I always have at least a dozen blocks ready, so can drop one or two in my purse to take on the go for kids sporting events or long waits at dr appts etc. I don’t have to worry about pin marks or drag a bulky organizer around. They’re very sturdy and definitely one of my favorite notions!

  32. Dana Doerfler Avatar
    Dana Doerfler

    I use these for English paper piecing. I haven’t tried them for binding – I will definitely have to give it a try the next time I actually finish something!

  33. Brenda Hanes Avatar

    I really, really love these clips. I gave some to a good quilting friend because they make binding so much easier.

  34. Sandy D. Avatar
    Sandy D.

    I use the Wonder Clips all the time. I have also used them to hold up a hem when I am turning up a pair of pants. Love Love Love them.

  35. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    I can identify with the arthritis thing. DANG! I also read these little clips are great for holding the fabric on the paper when basting hexies!

  36. Julie Hess Avatar
    Julie Hess

    An absolute MUST when sewing on binding!

  37. Patty Fowl Avatar
    Patty Fowl

    Love them and use them consistently on binding. It avoids getting stabbed by pins!

  38. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    I love these little clips. I have the same aches and pains in my hands and reducing the amount of carbs I take in has greatly helped. It helps with all my aches and pains as a matter of fact.

  39. Kerry O'Meara Avatar
    Kerry O’Meara

    I love these clips. Like you, I thought- why on earth would I need these?- however, used them once on a quilt binding and they are fantastic. No more sticking my fingers with pins. I also use them to hold blocks in groups of 10 when making many for a quilt to make counting them easier.

  40. patibeck2013 Avatar

    Love these clips. I was given a set last Christmas and have added a couple of more packs. Think I need more now that they have different colors. Used to use black paper clips from Stables…always in the way even the mini ones.

  41. Kathleen terek Avatar
    Kathleen terek

    Will certainly put these on my list. I love to hand stitch but find it is harder as my hands a d fingers cramp up.

  42. SallyM Avatar

    I love love love these clips. I use to always pin my binding down but would always get picked by the pins too. Now I have a box of 50 clips and use them all if I have a big quilt. I also have arthritis in my thumbs and these help immensely!!!

  43. Pattywacks Avatar

    Don’t have them but they sure look handy!

  44. Carol Garner Avatar

    I also use these clips to hold binding down. In addition, they are great when paper piecing hexagons – no more “sticking” myself when I brush again my sewing!

  45. Debbie Avatar

    I have these and I do use them, and I have to keep buying more because I loose them. Tell those who ask, you are the most popular kid on the block! Merry Christmas to you and your family, I know this year has to be really hard for you. Hugs sent from Georgia!

  46. Nancy Avatar

    I need to try these! I’m tired of getting stuck. When will the store in California be open? My best friend lives close and I want to send her in.

  47. Maureen Avatar

    I use the hair clips for my binding but would love to try these!

  48. Dee Avatar

    I love my clips!! I too have issues with my hands and these are wonderful for my binding! These work great for all sizes of projects and especially when you are on the go. Hugs and God Bless to you and your family this Christmas season!

  49. Theresa K Avatar
    Theresa K

    I use the hairclips for my binding. Would love to try these.

  50. Maggie Avatar

    I used to use pins and was always poking my fingers. I switched to the hair clips but those fell off all the time. These clips are THE best! I also use them to hold knitted pieces together while I am seaming them.

  51. Angela Avatar

    I have the 10 pack and use them all the time…I used to used hair clips and still do sometimes. I have arthritis in my hands as well. The clips are easier to open and close. You can also use the clips to hold alphabitties when constructing your quilt.

  52. Nancy Avatar

    These clips are really helpful at corners when you bind! Really helps make them perfect. Presses those corners into submission!!!!

  53. Ronne Neville Avatar
    Ronne Neville

    I have been using wonder clips since they came out. Love them for my binding. Also good to use when you are sewing on a zipper and sewing with clear vinyl. They cut down on distortion that pins sometimes cause.

  54. Teresa Avatar

    I am the “baby” of our sewing group at 62 and don’t have any clips. I’m told they’re wonderful little tools so am thinking I must give in and buy some!

  55. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    I’ve seen these little notions before and thought they were a bit crazy… I understand the needfullness of them!! 😊. I don’t have them yet….but they are a Great idea for those “seasoned” quilting hands!! (I won’t say old)! Thanks for sharing another needful thing!

  56. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Have not tried these yet, but think I will have to give them a try.

  57. Melanie Truesdale Avatar
    Melanie Truesdale

    I love these clips. So much easier on my hands than the bent hair clips were. I also clip small applique patterns together before I iron them on my fabric. Such an exciting time for you and for CA. I hope they appreciate what they’re getting! LOL!

  58. lbosma Avatar

    Love the little clips. Wish I loved binding as much as you do. Happy painting! I look forward to seeing your new store.

  59. Linda Avatar

    In the past I used hair clips to hold my bindings and that worked pretty well. I bought a small package of these Clover clips and find that they hold the bindings much better as I hand sew my way around a quilt. I have also used them for sewing projects other than quilting to hold several fabrics together. Would love to have more of them and yes, they are a needful thing.

  60. Becky Romero Rabalais Avatar

    I have both the hair clips and about 20 of the Clover clips. I like using both of them for binding. I have discovered that they don’t “play” well together. I either use the hair clips or the red Clover clips, but not together. The binding isn’t held in place correctly when I use the two together.

    Can’t wait to see the photos of your newest creation, your CA store!!!!! Merry Christmas!

  61. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    I love these little babies. I use 3 of them while binding a quilt and advance them as I get the binding attached. They’re especially helpful to hold the corner square until I get it sewn.

  62. Mary Marge Avatar

    These really ARE a lifesaver! Binding is so much easier with them. I also have the super large ones (green in color) and they help me keep all my fabric together instead of using metal binder clips (which have rusted on occasion ruining my fabric!!!!). If you don’t already use them – once you will you will not be able to live without them!

  63. Jill Avatar

    So far I have only used the hair clips for binding. I have thought about these cute little clips.

  64. Sharon Avatar

    Never use these. I have the hair clips. Did not know they were available.

  65. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    I’ve got the hair clip ones but never use them, think I’m going to look them up and give them a try so I don’t have to fight with that binding anymore.

  66. Sharon Miller Avatar
    Sharon Miller

    Wonder clips are absolutely needful things! I have used them for bindings and many other ways as well. They are a wonderful gift idea also!

  67. Nancy Amann Avatar
    Nancy Amann

    I really like to use binder clips. I like to do this a day ahead of time. This sets the binding so it stays in place as I remove the clips.

  68. Nancy Y Avatar
    Nancy Y

    I have never used clips. When I bind I just use pins, usually just two…keeping them just ahead of where I am stitching. Maybe I should try the clips.

    1. Nancy G. Avatar
      Nancy G.

      I used to used pins, but sometimes the pokes were lethal; I resisted the gadget of the clips until I tried a few…wonderful–then bought the 50 pack.

  69. kshackabq Avatar

    These clips are the best. No more getting stuck by my sharp pins! I use them whenever I bind a quilt. Thank you, Lisa, for another round of Needful Things!

  70. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Yep…I use and love the clips too. Used to just use pins, but that was a pain (literally, sometimes!) – the clips are much easier. I only use 10 or so at a time, instead of doing the whole quilt. Congrats on the new shop – let me know if you need help!

  71. Karen Avatar

    I like to use both the hair clips and the wonder clips … whatever is nearby. But I do use the wonder clips for other projects like making baskets. I will hold the fabric on the clotheslines using wonder clips.

  72. Janet Avatar

    Have them, use them, love them, would love to have more! I bought the 50 pack when it came out and still never have enough. Like Nancy’s idea of setting it up the day before to set the fold.

  73. sunporchquilts Avatar

    I have not tried these but they look pretty strong. I have the hair clip ones, and they are not bad. I can sympathize about sore hands!

  74. Marcia Avatar

    I’ve never used clips of any kind to hold down my binding. I just wing it with my hands. Maybe I should give them a try-hint, hint. 😀

  75. Barbara Avatar

    I have these clips and love them. I use them also for separating or grouping small quilt blocks together.

  76. Karen applegate Avatar
    Karen applegate

    Love those clips! Got them as a gift one year and they are a lot better than using hair clips!

  77. Mary Jo Jones Avatar
    Mary Jo Jones

    I really look forward to your needful blog…it gives me insight on products that I may not have noticed. Thank you for bringing these to my attention…just might need to buy some!

  78. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    I use long straight pins and horizontally pin my binding down because like you I have arthritis in my hands. I used to hand quilt all the time but if I do that now it has to be in short increments. I’ve seen these clips and it looks like these would work way faster than pinning my bindings down.

  79. Roxanne Ferguson Avatar
    Roxanne Ferguson

    I have the small starter set and love using them as I turn the corners. They hold that miter down perfectly.

  80. neena simmons Avatar
    neena simmons

    I have them but haven’t used them yet.

  81. Dee Avatar

    I have them and I love them – but always good to have more for when you misplace. Much better than binder clips that are like hair clips, easier on the hands and nails.

  82. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Couldnt do without those clips, love them. Even use them when I am doing EPP. Have the large red set and even some of the green ones, great for when working on bulky bags. Since I am a cancer survivor would even love some of the pink ones! Great choice and hope to win more.

  83. Lisa LK Avatar
    Lisa LK

    I have the small pack and love them! NEED the bigger pack.

  84. Laurie kelley Avatar
    Laurie kelley

    Love the wonder clips, they make binding a quilt so easy! Also love them for paper piecing to keep stacks of fabric together and in order!!!!

  85. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries

    Had them, gave them away, didn’t think they would work better than my pinning method but am always open for trying new things if I hear good reports about product.

  86. Paula Avatar

    I use the hairclip things.
    Paula in KY

  87. Carolyn Avatar

    I bought these shortly after they were introduced. Like you wondered if they really would be better than the hair clips I had been using. The answer is yes. These hold binding in place without leaving crimp marks , which the hair clips did. I also think these actually hold the binding in place better.

  88. Linda A Avatar
    Linda A

    I have 10 of these clips and really need more! I have used hair clips, clothes pins, straight pins etc. the clips are the best. Thank you!

  89. seeshesews Avatar

    I have them Lisa. They have SO MANY uses. Last month I had to re-glue a lampshade that had been tipped over. Yup! Two held the pieces together while my gluegun did the work!
    I used them to mark spots on my quilt top that needed unstitching to make the seams nestle. No pricks from straight pins anymore.

    Congratulations on your new venture Lisa. I wish you well.
    Kathy, from Battle Creek.

  90. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I love wonder clips. they work great and I poke myself a lot less than with pins. I typically use half a dozen or so and keep moving them around the quilt as i move forward. Thanks so much for sharing

  91. Janet Avatar

    I currently use bobbie pins… Going to have to give these a try. Bet they will stay a will better….jmh

  92. Karen Avatar

    As a California native with a Wisconsin born husband you’ll find a lot of things different in the Golden State than you are used too. 🙂 All best wishes with the new store. As to the binding clips I was taught to use them in one quilt class and always used them but I found hair clips less expensive than “quilter’s binding clips” . I have not seen these but am always interested in trying out new quilting products.

  93. Janice Avatar

    I have been using the hair clips but would love to try the Clover clips. Like you, the overuse is starting to be a problem. Maybe these will help.

  94. Virlinda Avatar

    I used to use hair clips but now I use Elmer’s school glue to glue down the binding before doing the hand sewing. Love this method. Sharon Schamber shares her method on a YouTube video titled Binding the Angel. No clips needed! But it sounds like there are many other uses for the Wonder clips. Would love to give them a try.

  95. Becky Avatar

    Definitely a needful thing! I think they are great. I’ve got the packet of 10 and just move them around as I go!

  96. Cindy Colgrove Avatar
    Cindy Colgrove

    Love these clips! Best things ever !

  97. Mary Z. Avatar
    Mary Z.

    I have a small package of these clips and love them!

  98. kelly Avatar

    Love these little red clips. I discovered them last Christmas and use them for binding and hemming- pants and kitchen curtains. Last week a co-worker asked if I had any safety pins because her tank top was hanging too low, I replied no, but have these cool red clips that could work, so she clipped them to her tank top and bra. Looked great all day with no slipping and the clips even even matched her red shirt. Merry Christmas!

  99. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have the small pack of these clips and have not used them yet. To be honest, I kinda forgot that I have them. I will now get them out and try on my next binding. Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas.

  100. Christine S. Avatar
    Christine S.

    Until now I have been pinning my binding on; this may work just a little quicker I think 😉

  101. Michele T Avatar
    Michele T

    I have tried using those snap clips that look like hair clips, but I found that I can bind without them! I did pass them on to my quilting friend who loves them! I’m thinking that the Wonder Clips might be useful for other things than binding so I’d like to try them out!

  102. Judith Avatar

    I’ve never used these clips, but would love to try. thanks

  103. Diane Beckler Avatar
    Diane Beckler

    I LOVE these clips! They’re great for binding. I used to use the metal ones that look like hair clips but they would shift. These hold much better and are easier to handle. They have a flat side so they’re much better to use at a sewing machine if you prefer to machine stitch your binding. My favorite use for them is to organize small pieces for hand stitching. I like to English paper piece and I organize and clip my blocks together. I always have at least a dozen blocks ready, so I can drop one or two in my purse to take on the go for kids sporting events or long waits at dr appts etc. I don’t have to worry about pin marks or drag a bulky organizer around. They’re very sturdy and definitely one of my favorite notions!

  104. Veronica Avatar

    I have the wonder clips and love them for binding when riding in the car. (I’m not dropping pins all over the car seat.) 🙂 They are especially helpful when binding small projects like coasters or ornaments that have Temtex in them, or multiple layers of folded fabric, as pins are not easy to get through.
    Thank you for the snow-shower I get when I’m on your site. Fun! Smiles & Best Wishes to you as you enjoy your new venture in CA.

  105. annita Avatar

    I have the clips and use them everytime I bind. Couldn’t do it without them. Can’t wait to see all your “needful things”. Enjoy sunny California:)

  106. Quilter Kim Avatar
    Quilter Kim

    I absolutely love these clips. I use them for binding and then I also use one to help hold my fabric down when making hexagons with the paper templates. They are wonderful!

  107. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    I would love to try the clips. I currently use the hair type clips.

  108. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I use the hair clips when binding. I think the Wonder Clips would be great for so many things beyond binding.

  109. Lizzie Avatar

    My clips came from a quilt shop class. They are soooo cute. But, I still use 12 colored glass head pins to bind and keep moving them as I hand stitch. I use one clip to mark the beginning /ending and it can be seen easily as I sew my way around the quilt to the end! I know….. silly but don’t we all have fun quirks when we quilt? The red clips also look really cute clipped on the flower head pins on the pin cushion.

  110. Carrie Avatar

    I love the Clover clips! I have used the red clips for years but of course I had to have the pink clips when they came out. LOL They’re the best! (Which is why it’s perfect that Primitive Gatherings has them as a “needful”.) Merry Christmas!

  111. Audrey Gerrits Avatar
    Audrey Gerrits

    Love these! I have red ones, and I’m thinking pink would be sweet!

  112. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    Yes ma’am, these are awesome!!! I move mine around the quilt as I go… I agree, the binding becomes an exciting event. Take care of you!!!

  113. Crissie Avatar

    I bought these for my sister as part of her Christmas. Now I think I should get some of myself.

  114. Dawn Avatar

    I have never used these clips, but if it makes finishing easier on the hands, I have to give them a try. I just pin the binding and untangle my thread every few stitches. There obviously is a better way. Thanks!

  115. Alice Tignor Avatar

    I use the clips that are like hair clips for bindings. They help the hands especially with big quilts and lots of binding. Everyone should give them a try to help their hands! Thanks.

  116. carol Avatar

    I have never used the clips before. I can relate to the hand and “elbow” letting me know that I have overextended using these two precious parts of my body. I have used pins and stabbed myself. I have used my daughter’s hair clips and have seen that others use small office paper clips. I wanted to try this also. How sturdy are the clips as they are plastic and I have a constant breakage with plastic.

  117. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    Uggggghhhhh, I just bought a small pack of red ones earlier this fall, LOVE the pink ones, as I’m a 10 yr breast cancer survivor!! They are pretty darn handy when binding!! Love them

  118. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    Stop painting! Save your hands and shoulders for quilting. I’ve used the hair clips for years, I would love to move up to the Wonder Clips. Thanks.

  119. Lisa Avatar

    I had been using the hairclip style when binding for a few years and didn’t really see the need for a yet another notion, but I got the Wonder Clips for a discount and they are so easy to use. I have the small pack and just move them around the quilt as I bind. They are useful for many things, but for binding they are the best!

  120. Lynn Avatar

    I have been using the hair clips for several years but wouldn’t mind trying these. I do have arthritis but never really thought about them helping with arthritis. Thanks for the tip.

  121. Laura Nagy Avatar
    Laura Nagy

    Have used these for a few years. I find one or two does the trick for binding. I just keep scooting them along as I stitch.

  122. Meme Avatar

    I love the Wonder clips. You can never have too many, they are great for more than just binding. Lisa, you never cease to amaze me. You out do the Energize Bunny any day of the week. Thanks.

  123. Carole F Avatar
    Carole F

    When I created my last art quilt, it was just large enough that it had to be rolled to get it under the opening of the machine. What a conundrum! I ended up rolling it and pinning it which was far less than perfect. I think these clips would be a perfect solution. I agree with the previous comment. Unfortunately, as life goes on, you need to make choices as to what you do with your “instruments”……In your case….your fingers, hands and shoulders. Stop the painting. Continue the creating and making!!!

  124. Patti J Avatar
    Patti J

    Hi Lisa, I love these! I have the 50 pack and it still isn’t enough. I use them for everything. I clip together strip sets or a stack of blocks or I even clip it to my design wall with a note to myself. There are really so many uses for them. And of course, they are awesome for binding.

  125. Melanie Avatar

    I used to use the hair type clips, then two years ago, a friend gave us (our retreat group) a starter pack for Christmas. We all have since bought more and even the larger ones, which work great for holdin pieces of blocks together (instead of pinning, and jabbing) and even blocks for rows as you sew. They are great and a wonderful tool!

  126. Karen Avatar

    I love these clips. I started using them on bindings and now I have used them on many projects. I use them with my knitting, seaming pieces together. Good to use when making bags and holding together lots of layers. I would not be without them!

  127. Elaine Sell Avatar
    Elaine Sell

    I use some mini, doll clothespins I found at a dollar store. They work perfect, are small and easily stored! Plus side was also the price!

  128. Ann Avatar

    When the last of my ‘barrette clips’ popped at the weld, I broke down and bought these. They are a wonder…I can measure and clip at the same time so my bindings are always balanced front and back! And the corners are smooth enough that the thread doesn’t hang up if it gets looped the wrong way…just slides off. I use them many other ways, as well…you could never have too many!


    I definitely use these clips! I use them to bind quilts and to hold hexies while I baste them. They are a great tool!

  130. Lynne Sowerby Avatar
    Lynne Sowerby

    I love these clips and use them all the time, found my husband sneeking
    a few out for his workshop projects.

  131. Donna Avatar

    I have some but have not used them. Guess I will give them a try today while binding my quilt,

  132. Alice Avatar

    I love these little clips, especially the pink ones!

  133. Mary Pasewark Avatar
    Mary Pasewark

    I love these little clips. They make bindings go so much faster! I’ve also used them to hold my collar together for warmth when it is extra drafty in my sewing room ( my machine is close to a window)! Very fashionable.

  134. mary Avatar

    I have 10 and use them a lot, I have hand arthritis too. I lik . The comment someonecleft about using them on hexies. I hope you really aren’t up at 4 a.m. , the time your message posted here.

  135. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Bummer, another thing happening as I approach sixty! Thanks for the heads up.

  136. Brenda Avatar

    My favorite part of the quilting process is to attach the binding. My two little bichons love it, too. I don’t know why but they like to get in my lap and lie on the quilt in the process. I like using these clips because I don’t need to use pins – no more poking myself or the dogs.

  137. Mary Andra Avatar

    I love the clips. I use them for binding and holding my hexies together while I sew them. I use three 50 pks. Pink of course. I am loving your needful posts. Congratulations on new shop. I’ll be visiting for sure.

  138. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    I love these clips!! I used the hair clips for many years but these are SO much better and yes, kinder to my arthritic hands. I make Little Dresses for Africa and these clips work so well to hold the bias binding in place when you’re sewing it around the armholes to make the ties. They had me at hello!!

  139. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I never used them until this year. I always held the binding down with my left thumb and stitched with my right hand. I did try the hair clips but the don’t stay on.. I seem to have put these clips in a “safe” place and now I can’t find them, LOL! Would love to have another pack of 10… Anxiously awaiting the opening of the new store!

  140. Linda Kramer Avatar
    Linda Kramer

    Gosh I guess I really needs or try these. My hands hurt when I bind also, but never thought a binding clip would help. Definitely going to take advantage of the sale. Thanks for the tip!

  141. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    I haven’t used them but have heard many praises about them, so maybe it’s time. I have been using plastic electrical clips but sometimes they are very bulky. Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Sad, sad state of affairs, I only have the hair clip binding clips.

  143. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    Genius idea! I have never used them but I would love to try them. I have three quilts waiting to be bound. Thanks for the tip Lisa!

  144. Debbie T Avatar
    Debbie T

    I have never used any clip, just my fingers. Maybe I should give them a try. Thanks for the info.

  145. Janice Simmons Avatar
    Janice Simmons

    Oh boy! The joys of aging. I haven’t tried that type of clip, but I love how they look. I have used those snappy hair clips for a long, long time. But, I just might have to switch over.

  146. Janet O. Avatar

    Like you, I questioned the need for these when they first came out. I had just barely started using the hair clips at that point and thought they were amazing, compared to the pinning I had been doing. Then I used a gift card to buy a 10 pack “just to see”. I think I have around 70 clips now and I clip as far as they will go when I bind.
    Like your first commenter, I find they do not hold mini binding as securely as I need them to. I stick with pins when sewing down really narrow bindings.

  147. Debbie Avatar

    Here is another ring for your phone! Good luck with preparing your new shop! How exciting!!!! I currently use straight pins and pin a section at a time when sewing on the “by hand” part. Clips sound a lot quicker – will be ordering!
    Thanks for the suggestion!!! Have a lovely day!

  148. Barbara Jenson Avatar
    Barbara Jenson

    I love these not just for binding; they are like paperclips for fabric. Small pieces gather together and clip. I haven’t tried the big ones yet but they might be nifty with wool.

  149. Barbara F. Avatar
    Barbara F.

    Jingle Jingle — Love those little Wonder Clips! They really work well.

  150. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    I have a small package of them and really like them! They are great for binding. BUT what I REALLY want to know is, WHEN is the new shop opening?! We SNOWBIRDERS want to know!! If it’s this winter I will be chartering a bus full of quilter ‘chicks’ heading to Murrieta from the Palm Springs area! Yeehaw! Bring it on!! SEW exciting!!

  151. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I love these clips! I use them when making bags where you can’t use pins because it’s too thick and making leather doll shoes too! I only bought the ten pack but could use more!!

  152. Phyllis Avatar

    I still use hair clips, especially to hold the corners down. My hands are beginning to hurt after a stitching binge and the clips make the binding job easier.

  153. Shirley Avatar

    Another cool item, anything to help in the quilting process, thanks Lisa

  154. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    Much like you Lisa, I’ve always thought that’s something I probably don’t need. I do however, have RA and it has affected my hands. I find I can’t piece or bind for nearly as long as I used to. Your post is making me re-think these clips. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  155. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    If you don’t have them you’ll definately want them. They are totally a NEEDFUL item. I’ve used pins, I’ve used the “hair clip things” and these are truly the best. They don’t unclip, they’re easy to pinch open and move………I no longer have to fight with my binding. Plus I’ve bought the big package and used as little gifts for my stitching friends. I have quite a few but at this price Lisa, I think I need more! I don’t have the pink ones. Just sayin’
    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new store. hugs

  156. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    Yes, they are needful, and the more you have, the more you need–plus they are pretty cute!