Day 7…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 7

Thanks for all the laughs yesterday, there were some funny, funny comments!!…and even for those of you who had nothing for me…thats fine too…just commenting and wanting to win a ruler was good enough for me…we sold lots of rulers yesterday…maybe Santa will be EXTRA good to us on Christmas Day!!

Day 7’s NEEDFUL things is again something I didn’t think I NEEDED….wrong…after laying patches out and having this happen again and again…I’m giving in..snoman gatherings 2

I can’t keep it from happening…I am using 9 light fabrics…this SHOULD NOT happen…but it does…from now on I am pinning my pairs when I stitch with numbered pins…nqpinsno more screwing up…and ripping!!! or not ripping because I’m tired of ripping…I can live with this below,snowman gatherings 2 with them kitty corner…but this was not supposed to happen either…





Now I know some of you are going to say…who cares…and that’s fine…who cares…but when I take the TIME  to lay them out so this does not happen…I do care…

Succumbing to pining with numbered pins when it matters is going to be the way to go from now on…I will still use my fine pins for seams, these are not intended to replace them…The numbered pins are for organization which will work on stitching squares together… stitching blocks together, numbering rows and probably a bunch more uses that some of you who already own them can tell us about…but I’m using them from now on…Here are the details:

130 Straight Pins Numbered 1-20. Each pin is approx. 2″ in length.
Pins come in a convenient doubled sided plastic case approx. 5″ x 5″, with divided sections holding the numbered pins
Reverse side of pin head is blank which you can mark with a permanent marker if you      need numbers higher than 20
Perfect for organizing your quilt blocks & rows

So convenient for taking to class, demonstrations, etc. Makes a great gift.

Pins are $29.95 and for this event they will be $24!  Shop HERE if your tired of  fabrics finding a way to be together when stitching?

I’m having a Christmas party for our family and “mutual” friends tomorrow night…an “ugly ornament” contest and this year some “live” entertainment…I’m not making ALL the appetizers this year…I’ve asked everyone to share one…I feel a little bad about this, but I know I couldn’t have pulled it off with all the extra things going on…so I took the easy way out this year!!! Jake, Amy and Al have been setting up the warehouse and I gave them some special projects to do…I will take some pics and share them after…

To win some Numbered Pins…comment and tell me what is your favorite thing about the holidays…be honest…If its when everyone goes home…then say so!!! NO… just kidding…I know everyone like spending time with their families…but do you like to bake cookies?…do you like to shop?  Do you like to wrap?  I want something specific…an easy comment for today…see you tomorrow- LB


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  1. My favorite time of the holidays is watching christmas movies together and go for a long, cold walk with the family (reverse these LOL) food tastes so much better after having been outside!!

  2. I love shopping at Christmas and all year! I finished my shopping and wrapping in November and already have a start on 2015 Christmas gifts. Hopefully no one gains any weight in the next year or these presents will need to be re gifted!

  3. We have collected antique Christmas ornaments over 20 years. The Best part of Christmas is when the tree is decorated We put on 1000 ornaments. (Taking it down is another story. lol)

  4. I like buying special gifts for my family and seeing them enjoy them-especially my grandchildren !

  5. omg, I do this ALL the time – carefully lay out, arrange, rearrange until its perfect, go to sew and its all messed up. So frustrating! I definitely need these.

    My favourite things about the holidays is spending time with my family, decorating (esp. with Christmas quilts) and watching all the old Christmas shows!

  6. I love music and I enjoy going in my sewing room, putting on some Christmas music while I make gifts. This year I’m making fleece vest for the grand kids out of their favorite character fabric.

  7. I LOVE Christmas music (except that “song” called grandma got run over by a reindeer-shudder!) & I like have 2 weeks off from work-lets me have FREE sewing/stitching time!

  8. Its hard to choose a ( favorite) thing when you just Love everything about it! I love the classic Christmas shows, hubby & I still watch Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, along with Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, 2 or 3 different versions of Christmas Carol… All of them. I love the decorations, the * goodies*…
    Watching my granddaughters opening their gifts from us on Christmas Eve…
    But I think the Very Best is ( playing Santa) for a family who does not know who we are, who is not expecting anything. My hubby & I each year choose 1 or 2 families who are ( struggling) to make ends meet, work, do the best they can to keep a roof over their heads , heat & food but simply do not have anything extra. We ( play Santa) with special gifts for the kids, a few surprises for the parent (s) too so everyone has something to open Christmas morning and a gift card so the parents can also go (buy) a few things themselves. Maybe they need some warm cloths, boots, mittens or maybe there is just a really special something that was really, really wanted. We wrap everything with ( from Santa) tags and deliver the gifts to their door at night, so they are surprised when they open their door in the morning- no idea, when, who, how…. We see pictures on Facebook, or hear from other people about it all later without ( leaving clues) That is what makes it all The Best!

  9. I actually do like wrapping gifts! Immediate family members each get their own wrapping paper so I don’t have to do tags, so for example my oldest son is an illustrator and his paper is always Snoopy as he has always loved Charles Schultz’ work. My other son is a printmaker and last year his paper was Charlie Harper’s cardinals. Couldn’t find anything that good this year but like the woman who shops all year, I am in the market for next year’s paper all year long! Everyone else, sisters, nieces, nephews etc. get nice paper too, they coordinate, so the gift pile looks like part of the decorating under the tree! The rest of the decorating is a little bit country with mother nature’s bounty thrown in, lots of greenery and berries and pine ones and nuts. LOVE the pins, sick of sticky notes falling off and guessing!

    1. My favorite thing is shopping for the family and then being with family and seeing them open their presents. I also just love my Christmas trees, love just sitting and looking at all the ornaments!!

  10. My favorite part of the holidays is shopping for the perfect stocking stuffers. My kids love getting stockings even as adults. Last year I made new stockings (8 of them)! Everyone was surprised and loved them. I fill them with fun and useful items….who doesn’t need a new toothbrush or a roll or duck tape? I love that Christmas is a time when we can all be together.

  11. My favorite moment is when my daughter’s family arrives from out of town. They drive all day on Christmas and arrive in time for evening dinner. The boys are still in Chistmas pj’s. My other daughter’s family comes at the same time from here in town. We all eat dinner, and then it is time for presents with all ten of us. Love the idea of the numbered pins!

  12. I like the special treats that are only made for the holidays and sharing them at family gatherings while playing board games.

  13. I love looking at my lit Christmas trees. Our main 12′ real tree has little white lights on it which just seems to calm me when I look at it. Our 7′ artificial makes me melancholy because its lit with the large multi-colored C-7 lights like we had growing up as kids back home. And our 4′ vintage aluminum with the rotating color wheel still amazes me how the tree’s color appears to change thanks to the wheel. Even now, once each year I have to lay on the floor under the tree to look upwards into the tree like I did as a kid. I still find it magical….just takes me longer to get up!

  14. I love just about everything Christmas. But my favorite thing is Christmas Day when our whole family gathers at our house-the love and laughter fills my heart to the brim.

  15. What I love most is pulling out all my tree decorations! I haven’t seen them in months and it’s so fun to see them all again!

  16. My favorite Christmas event is when I say Ole Ole knowing time is done! Then a heavy sigh and time to sit back and enjoy! The pins would speed up that process and prevent some stress. Unfinished gifts will go into a pile for next year!

  17. We only get every other Christmas with our youngest son and his family and this year both sons will be in our home after many years of being estranged. It has been a prayer request of mine for many years, at least 15, that there would be some restoration of relationships. it is about to happen this year. We are enjoying all the church progams more this year.

  18. My favorite time of the holidays is when all my family comes home for Christmas morning breakfast and open there stockings as soon as they arrive, we eat open gifts and play games and just have a great day with the family. Looking forward to using the new pins, there are so many products out there that I don’t know about.
    Thanks Lisa!

  19. I read in earlier post that you to be a grandma next year. I think my favorite thing this year has been the wonder on my 3 year old grandsons face when we go somewhere and he sees the decorations. He will be holding my hand and say “oh Mimi! They decorated”. Priceless.

  20. I see I’m not the only one who manages to piece blocks in the”wrong” order. These pins would save some time in checking and re-checking my blocks. My most favorite thing about christmas is having family together, christmas music and holiday movies. Least favorite is the commercialism of the season and shopping for gifts in the crowded stores! I think everyone should have to make gifts for christmas….oh, wait, thats what I do!

  21. I must say I like to decorate especially with all my “Woolies”! Just the perfect time of year for them.

  22. I love Christmas when my family can be together, whenever that may be. Our daughter is in the Foreign Service often serving overseas. We have learned over the years that it is not “the day” but when we can be together.

  23. My favorite attending Christmas Eve Service at our church to celebrate the birth of our Lord and giving thanks, baking cookies, decorating the house, a quiet evening with all the lights out except the Christmas tree and the joy I feel when my daughter (who lives in New York) can come home for the holidays.

  24. I’d love to have these! I think they’d also be great for applique, when there’s an order to applying the pieces. Also, I could assign each of my kids a number then go through the house stabbing the numbered pins into all their crap that they leave laying about! “Find your number and pick up your crap!”

  25. I love watching my kids and grandkids open their gifts. The little ones don’t care what they get… they love everything which is so nice.

  26. Ahh … Christmas love it all, but most of all I love the reactions. I spend all year listening to each and every one of our four daughters and their spouses for just the perfect Christmas gift. I have to write it down of course or I’d forget! At Christmas I love the looks of surprise, the squeals of laughter, and the words of gratefulness when they open their gifts. Perhaps this year I will buy myself numbered pins. This morning is the first I’ve heard of them, and I thought WOW, I’m not the only one who is best friends with the Jack the ripper when it comes to laying out and sewing together squares! Oh my, I’ve even tried laying them out and waiting until the next day to sew them, just to give myself a fresh look and ta-da I still end up with 2 the same sewn together. Grr. Merry Christmas!

  27. The most special thing about Christmas to me is Christmas morning. We open stockings first, have a special breakfast, then my husband reads the Christmas story from the Bible, and we open gifts. Then we have a relaxing day playing games, putting together new items, enjoying each other. I also love going out to see lights and just spending more time with family. AND then I really love the week after Christmas. It is quiet, no more shopping, and I usually get to SEW!!!

  28. I love the whole dinner, gifts and having family near of course, but my favorite time is when I put my handmade ornaments on my tree. I still have ones from my girls who are 31 and 37. Ones my friends have made for me. I relive each memory when I hang them in my tree. I love it. The tree is the last thing I take down.

  29. I love everything about Christmas, but I’d have to say that my favorite part is baking cookies with my daughter … and now my grands. Even though I’m beyond exhausted by the end of the day, it’s worth it … just being together, laughing and sharing … it just doesn’t get any better than that as far as I’m concerned. 😉

  30. I would have to say the music, once a year you hear Xmas music and I really enjoy it and of course the tv show Rudolph.

  31. I like to make things for people and I get the biggest kick out of creating a gift for someone who is both surprised and appreciative, just a little something that makes their day. I’ve really made time for creativity this season and it is helping me through a difficult year.

  32. my favorite thing is seeing Christmas thru the eyes of my grandchildren. There is so much joy and wonder in them! With 8 grands we run the gamut of emotions…the bitter sweetness of the 17 year olds last Christmas home before college to the happiness that our 2 y/o granddaughter, who has juvenile arthritis, has managed to not have a flair up this year. Take the love you felt for your own children and multiply it by a million, that’s a grandma’s love! Christmas brings them all to a head!

  33. My favorite part of the holidays is when my younger son comes home from Arkansas. My other two children live close enough to visit regularly, but we only see Patrick on these special days.

  34. I like watching the old holiday classics. It has to be live. Not a recording. Takes me back to my Childhood.

  35. My favorite time of the holiday is to spend it with my boys and new DIL! I’m leaving for Florida on Sunday they live in the Miami area. I can’t wait. Happy 2015!

  36. I like the actual making of the personal gift(s) and thinking about how that person might use it/place it in their home, etc, and praying over it that the recipient be blessed.

  37. I like everything about Christmas – the decorating, the shopping, the wrapping, baking day with the girls and grandkids. I just wish I had more time to do it. It seems anymore that it is here and gone in a flash. And I know what you mean about putting all that time into arranging your blocks and then to sew then together wrong. Frustrating!!!! These pins would definitely solve that problem.

  38. Watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel while I’m sewing. I also have a plate of cookies/candy to give me some energy.

  39. One of my favorites is Christmas lights and music. Of course I love spending time with my family and having time off from work to enjoy the holidays with them.

  40. I guess I am an organization nut! I make lists of gifts for everyone…scour for bargains, plan the shopping route. I then plan when to wrap….bake etc. But I must say, my favorite time, is when I can just sit down with a little eggnog(maybe spiked) and just breath and know it is all done and ready for my family!

  41. I love using my Snowman Christmas dishes (Debbie Mumm) Lisa, your snowmen from Snowman Gatherings would make cute dishes 🙂 Enjoy the party. I’m headed to a party this morning with my new knitting friends. Merry Christmas, Love you!

  42. I like to be able to give a small gift I have made. This year mini red and white quilt block ornaments. Paper pieced, 2 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch.

  43. I used a friend’s numbered pins a few years ago and found them to be very useful, must get some of my own.
    Hate to be a Scrooge, however you said to be honest, so my favorite part of the holidays is when they are over.

  44. I enjoy buying kid gifts and donating to toys for tots. I also adopt a child from our local county head start program and fill their wish list. Gives me a great feeling knowing I helped to make a child’s Christmas happy. This year I even made doll clothes for a doll I bought on clearance in July for the Head start program. On Christmas Day I try to imagine the joy of the children who are receiving the gifts who wouldn’t have otherwise received them. By the what, congrats on becoming a grandma. There is nothing like it!

  45. It’s a toss up between putting the diet on hold and eating some goodies that I wouldn’t ordinarily eat and having a glass of wine more than once a week if there are parties!!!!

  46. Getting together with my family to eat. Of course the food is good, (potluck) but the real joy is the family. We mostly live in this rural community and see each other almost every day, but breaking bread together with them is a blessing.

  47. I love to hibernate in my studio. First thing of the season I print off a sign for my door that says “Santa’s Workshop”. That’s the signal to my family to stay out! (should use it all year….) . Then I so enjoy every spare minute making the pillowcases and binding the quilts and making the stocking for the new daughter or son-in law. Such a peaceful time for me. I know I’ll have to go out eventually and join the shopping throng and do the baking and all but it’s so relaxing for me with my music and my projects for the ones I love during the time I am able to spend there.

  48. I am putting these on my list! And yes, I love to wrap gifts, too! The Christmas tree is my favorite thing, loaded with ornaments made by and with my now 13-year-old son, my greatest gift of all (fertility issues). When he was really little, he would get so excited about the tree…”is this MY Christmas?! Looky at my Christmas!” I would leave the lights on and let him sleep under the tree surrounded by presents and I would stay on the couch, gazing at his little angel face while he slept. I used to love to do the same thing when I was little.

  49. Besides spending time with family, my favorite thing is to decorate the tree and reminisce about the ornaments, where they came from and who gave or made them.

  50. I love making gifts for my friends/family. And second, I love the time that I have away from work just to relax and do whatever – AND, I’m loving the little snowflakes that are falling across this screen as I am typing!! Thanks!

  51. I love decorating our Christmas tree. We buy ornaments on every trip we take and have some that have special meanings for certain times in our lives. It’s just a fun trip down memory lane each year when we put all the ornaments on. Love this time of year!

  52. I love decorating my home and making special gifts for friends ! I also love to attend candle light service on Christmas Eve and remember my parents. On another note I would love these pins because numbering with paper or tape just is messy. Merry Christmas and give yourself a big hug from your friends in IL

  53. I”m into smaller projects this year. Wool ornies are being gifted to many of my family members and friends! Thanks for your great patterns and inspiration!

  54. I love everything about Christmas…family, entertaining, beautiful lights and candles, baking and just being around family and friends. I especially love a lighted Christmas tree in the evenings…Christmas was my Dad’s favorite time of the year and since he passed away at Christmas time several years ago, I am just now getting back to enjoying the Christmas season again. It’s a wonderful time of the year and with grandkids it really helps me “get back” into the season again.

  55. I love to crank up the Christmas music and bake! I bake lots of pretty little cookies and share them with friends!

  56. I love to unpack my most favorite Christmas decorations. Our stockings from childhood, the Advent Calendar I made our daughter that taught her to read with years of little saved notes, all the priceless handmade ornaments, and my husbands Patriotic Tree. We’ll be adding new favorites this year now that DD is in the Navy. Merry Christmas!

  57. Time. I am a teacher and feel that I go like crazy from September until May. Christmas break is the first time I feel that I can take a break and do something for me. What I usually do is find time to sew something for me!

  58. I love to put on Christmas music as I unpack the decorations for the tree and recall memories of former Christmases, where the ornaments came from (former students, my kids and grand kids, some homemade-love them all), and enjoy the hodgepodge collection we’ve acquired over the years. Then I unpack my holiday and winter quilts and toppers to scatter around. I love to sit quietly with my coffee in the early morning solitude with the tree lights on. And I also love making gifts or ornaments and beginning new holiday projects, knowing they may not be completed until next year. :). Congratulations on “going to be a grandma”! It is the indescribably amazing!

  59. I love pulling out all my Christmas decorations – especially my Christmas quilts and wall hangings!

  60. The pins like they are right up my alley. My OCD loves to count things. I have always loved everything about Christmas, but the last 3 years have been hard to get through. I know how you feel about wanting to do it all for a party. It’s ok. You will get to try some new recipes.

  61. I love it all. Decorating, baking, wrapping, but especially watching the joy and anticipation in my Grandchildren’s eyes. I love my decorations so much that they are not taken down until after the Super Bowl, just a crazy thing that happened about 6 years ago and now I get to enjoy everything a bit longer.

  62. My favorite part would be cooking for my family. There is so much love that goes into cooking and I hope they feel it when they eat my meals. Cynthia

  63. I love having time off to spend with family, and stitch! This is the only time of the year were work slows do long enough to catch me breath…you can tell I’m not in retail!

  64. Last year I would probably have been boring and said food, fellowship and beautiful decorated houses, but this year we are like you-we welcomed our FIRST GREAT GRAND BABY Wesley who lives in MN in Feb! I will tell you that feeling that I carry all the time since his birth in my heart is pure JOY!!!!! Wait and see! 🙂 Have a very merry and especially Blessed Christmas.

  65. On Christmas when all the gifts are opened and the kids are happily playing, we go into the kitchen and make lefse. He rolls and I fry. We are able to reflect on God’s goodness to us, kiss and make out alittle, and just enjoy each other.

  66. I love all Christmas, but my favorite is the tree(s) (as one goes up in almost every room in my home) I love the warmth it gives my home and soul and I love getting together with family and friends.
    I can see where those pins would come in handy….hate when I sew a row together wrong. grrr

  67. I love to make my now “world famous” cookies, Jeweled Pyramids. Go out and buy the Dec. issue of Cook’s Country magazine: I was a finalist in their cookie contest! The only difference is I dip the top and the bottom in caramel and nuts! My mom made these cookies ever since I was a little girl, and now my grown up kids and grandkids all request them! Congrats on becoming a Grandmother, Lisa! It’s the best ever!

  68. Love, love, love, surprising my family with a handmade quilt and displaying my collection of Christmas quilts around the house! With a 2year old grandaughter, this year is especially fun seeing the wonder and delight in those innocent eyes!!!

  69. Actually, it is kinda cool when it all quiets down and hubby and I can have a glass of wine and review how excited kids and grandkids are. I just finished shopping and wrapping last night – exhausted but feel great that that portion has come together. Now to get some cookies baked and grocery list. This year is going to be heartfelt as my sister who is 13 years older than I passed last month. So her kids will be coming (they are adults) for dinner this year with my family – it will be a great blessing to have them.

  70. Okay, a little Scrooge, I do love the grandkids coming and opening the presents on xmas eve, but honestly, the very best is when all the work and wrapping is done and the 26th is here, and I can retreat to my sewing room and just sew!

  71. I love most everything about the season! The tree, wrapping packages, quiet dinners with old friends but most of all the music. All the carols I have loved from childhood and the silly songs the kids sing over and over, it’s brings the joy into the small moments too. These pins look wonderful!

  72. I love when my family is gathered most, but I love when my preschool students perform their Nativity play. They look so sweet in their costumes and they take their jobs very seriously. I also love the looks on their faces when Santa makes a surprise visit!

  73. One of my favorite things is when my girlfriend comes over and we bake from early morning to night. We only see each other this one time a year so we catch up on everything. Lots of talking and laughing going on.

  74. I LOVE giving away things that I have stitched all year long…gives me the best feeling! Having said THAT…I want to see it displayed when i visit their homes…and if it isn’t I stop giving my handwork to them and buy them something instead. Too much time and money goes into these projects to be kept in a cupboard or given to the Goodwill! Thanks for the chance to win your give away! *YES, I will use it!! haha

  75. We moved to a small town and since I love to bake and stitch I give a lot of little gifts this time of year. Seeing people smile and getting a big hug and heartfelt thank you and Merry Christmas just makes my holiday.

  76. I have those pins and love them. I purchased them at a quilt show, thru good marketing by the seller. I am surprised how often I use them and would not be without them now.

    Getting together with my family is priceless, we all at sometime before Xmas get together and watch White Christmas, I love it!

  77. The best part is the excitement our four granddaughters have when they ask to come over and help make cookies and bars for Christmas. They are two sets of twin girls-all sisters!! And when I say “of course”, they just get antsy and want to be here NOW!!! And do we bake up a storm!! They make the season so much fun!!! Thanks Kortnie, Tayler, Maddie, and Kennie!!

  78. The best part of Christmas is when my son gets home for the holidays! He lives in Europe and usually only gets here for the holidays so it is a very special time for us.

  79. This is our first Christmas with 2 grandchildren – so my favorite thing will be seeing the smiles on their faces when they open their gifts, as well as seeing which will be each boy’s favorite:)

  80. I love most everything about Christmas, but especially the shopping! I love shopping, trying to find that perfect gift. But my husband is difficult to buy for, and even our children have a hard rime. We all manage to buy him something, but it has gotten to be a joke between us as he takes stuff back. So every year when we buy him something, we say, oh I bet he takes this back, even tho we think its a great gift!

  81. My favorite time of the holidays is when I do my shopping for charity. I allow extra time and buy what is “just right” even if it takes a couple of extra stops.
    These numbered pins! What a great idea, and it should help with the organization part of the blocks.

  82. As a little girl, my favorite thing to do was to find my wrapped presents, gently unwrap them, see what was in the box and then rewrap them. It took my mother a long time to realize what was happening. As an adult, I love to shop for special gifts.

  83. I’m a cookie baker and love to get everything out on the counter and start mixing. The kids know when it’s cookie time and always come for samples. We eat the ugly ones first!

  84. I like the wrapping presents and baking. But my favorite most of all is singing in our church choir at Christmas Eve Mass. I enjoy having our kids at Mass to listen to us sing our hearts out. We have a great group of choir members of all ages and we have a lot of fun together during our weekly practices!

  85. Seeing my grandkids faces as they experience Santa’s visit; it’s getting a chance to relive Christmas like it was when our kids were little…sigh, how time flies!

  86. My family (mom) never put a effort into Christmas! So of course I have to make sure everything is as perfect as I can make it! I make sure we have things for dinner that everyone likes even to the point of 2 meats.
    I love when my 3 grand babies come to open their gifts! I aim to please!!!
    I am totally exhausted when everyone finally leaves but I know it’s a fun filled day for everyone!!

  87. I really like going to a Christmas concert or two. I also like to make gifts, this year it is sweater mittens.

  88. What a great idea! So many times, I have ripped stuff out and resorted to masking tape!
    Thanks Lisa!

  89. I really enjoy putting up the Christmas tree and looking at the all ornaments that have been collected throughout my life and from so many different places. I also really like looking at all the lights on the houses as I drive by.

  90. This year I am a grandma- so it will be a special Christmas with our new grandson. HA! I get to go buy toys again!

  91. I love shopping for my granddaughters. It always includes something sewing related or crafty. It just brings the kid out of me. I always enjoyed receiving a stitchery gift. I have some of the numbered pins and absolutely love using them. They make it so easy to keep things in order.

  92. My favorite thing about the holidays is taking the time to think of the beautiful baby that was born on Dec25th and how lucky I am to have known HIM.

  93. I love Christmas when everyone is feeling fine……we have had some rough dark Decembers in the last few years. So far so good this year! I love to bake cut out sugar cookies, with icing and hang them on the real Christmas tree for the grandkids to take one from the tree and eat it when they arrive at Grandma’s house! Walking with the dogs in the new fallen snow in the woods is a wonderful Christmas activity too!! I love when we can give our kids one “bigger” gift and we were surprised this year by my parents with a “BIG” gift:) Quilting with Christmas fabric is super fun this time of year !!!

  94. My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas Eve “come & go” communion service at our church because it is an annual event still shared with my 85 year old Mama. The church is quiet except for softly played Christmas music, & lit only with candles. People come in, sit for as long as they like- enjoying the atmosphere, the music, the quiet, their companion’s company; remembering, praying, expressing thanks, grieving, rejoicing, feeling His spirit… When ready, they go to the altar & are served communion, & stay there until they are ready to leave the church, or return to their seats for more time of reflection, praise, or simple enjoyment of the moment. It is a truly lovely experience. And a wonderful way to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

  95. I love going out to the woods and cutting down our tree, after our daughter has checked everyone of them first!

  96. A quilting friend uses the numbered pins all the time, never heard of them until last March. I have messed up so many layouts which causes me to once again, spend time with Jack!
    What is special about Christmas to me is my little tree. We leave it on almost 24/7 and I love seeing it from the outside at night! We put it in our sunroom which has windows on 3 sides so it just glimmers!

  97. I really enjoy baking the cookies, putting them on pretty vintage plates I’ve acquired inexpensively, and off they go to neighbors and friends.

  98. this year we used the brown paper packages theme, I have wanted to forever. I should say my husband does all the wrapping . They look so great! So simple and beautiful. I get to enjoy the baking from my Daughter in law. She takes cheese cakes to new levels. Your needful things for today is something I really need. I spend too much time “sewing” . It would be great to have a little extra help keeping things in order. I like the extra pins that let you number over the pre -numbered pins.

    1. I will be having a new favorite for Christmas which is enjoying my Grandaughter, she turns 2 this holiday and is into everything which I think will make a most enjoyable Christmas. Buying her presents has been allot of fun this year too!
      I must say I like the idea of the numbered pins, solves the same issue I run into trying to keep blocks organized, I usually end up using allot zip lock baggies!

  99. My favorite thing is shopping all the bargains–for myself! Sorry!
    It’s also nice to get together with family!

  100. A special thing is having my excited grandchildren burst through the door so happy to be spending the day at Grandma;s house with their all of their cousins. It makes all of the time spent preparing well worth it.

  101. I love the decorations at Christmastime….not only my own, but the ones in the stores when shopping also. They make me fell like a kid and that is a wonderful feeling. I have my trees lit up all day every day and this year am leaving my porch tree up til March. It has just glass birds and pinecones on it, so nothing indicating just Christmas.

  102. My favorite thing is coming up with a bad gift for my SIL! This year she will get a calendar – each month with a terrible picture of her or other family members! Lol! Good thing she has a great sense of humor!

  103. My favorite thing happened just last night, while sewing!! 😉 I was listening to my Christmas music, and an OLD song comes on, from an OLD “record”, that was one of my Mom’s favorites (my Mom passed away when I was 13). My favorite thing is the memories those songs bring to mind, and then sending an audio text of that song to my brothers! 🙂 Memories…..

  104. I love seeing all the Christmas lights up in my neighborhood. Most displays are quite tacky, but I love them and all the time that went into the set up.

  105. Dear Lisa, my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine that your ache will ever go away. Focus on the fact that you’re needed by many, your loved ones that surround you and a whole world of quilting and stitching enthusiasts who look to you for inspiration and guidance. Your business acumen and artistry are exceptional; the gifts you share are countless and oh, so appreciated. We love ya to bits. Take care this season.

  106. My favorite things about Christmas is that it IS Christmas!!!! I love it all! I start decorating the moment everyone leaves from Thanksgiving dinner. I start planning parties and menus in October. I start playing Christmas music in my quilt studio in September! I watch Christmas movies starting in October. I hand make Christmas gifts for all of my quilting buddies every year. I bake and make hundreds of cookies and candies and I give them away to neighbors, delivery people, my hair dresser, nail tech. etc. etc. And I don’t take any decorations down until the middle of January!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  107. I NEED to try these pins…. I love kicking off the Christmad season shopping at your Open House…. Things for me and then on to buying for those I love the most. My grandsons fill shoe boxes every year for Franklin Graham’s Samaritans Purse and we love spending this time together. Jake (16 year old) has big feet and we use his shoeboxes, they hold a lot! Christmas Eve at our church surrounded by family, Christmad Day at my daughter’s, celebrating Jesus’ birthday……. Nothing sweeter!

  108. I love the music, that people are happy and greet you with smiles on their faces, having the family party (this wekend!) with brothers, sisters, neices and nephews, daughter and and son-in-law and our annual cookie swap! And most importantly, the reason for the season…..

  109. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with family and friends. I have such a good time at Christmas – even if it’s only hubby and me – baking and candy making brings back fond memories of when I was a little kid in Little Chute. I also love snow – but don’t get too much here. I’m kind of sad that I’m so far from my family but we’re close in spirit!

  110. When I saw these pins…I called my husband over and immediately sent him the link!!! One of my best parts of Christmas is our church’s Christmas Eve service. At the end, the pastors light their candle from the communion table, the ushers pass it to the first person in each row and everyone passes the light while lighting their own candle. The lights get turned off and we sing, “Silent Night,” a cappella. So beautiful! I do love the baking too. Thanks for the pins giveaway and Merry Christmas. I know you miss your boy and an extra measure of blessings for you and your family.

  111. Food. I like when I have the family cooking traditions of past favorite dishes from family no longer here. It is never as good as they made the dish but I try and the memories are good. They share in my heart as I sit with Christmas lights, music, laughter with family and it is Christmas and it is love. It is a good time. I am blessed to have these special family.

  112. Numbered pins – awesome! I don’t have to fight with pinning post its to figure out what gets attached to what! I love watching the faces of our friends and family as they visit through the holiday season as they come in and our greeted by the winter wonderland of white twinkling lights on trees and garlands throughout our home. Each room is theme decorated! It’s a beautiful time of the year!

  113. LOL, I have never thought I needed these either…oh well! I love baking, the tree decirating but hate the take down and clean up!

  114. So frustrating when this happens…and like you said, when you lay them out so no fabrics touch a same fabric and it still happens?? I’m stumped most of the time how it got that way! hmmm…hard to pick one favorite thing about Christmas…but probably making handmade gifts would rank way at the top. I love to receive handmade things, and I hope the recipients of gifts I make feel the same! thanks for a chance to win those great pins!

  115. Wow! So many beautiful comments which I relate to… But, a special time for me is Christmas Eve, when everyone has gone to bed. We’ve been to church, had some celebration with relatives, the table is set for brunch, the stockings are filled, everyone has gone to bed, and I am cherishing a few moments of solitude with the light off…but for Christmas lights… And I reflect on all my family and the anticipation and excitement of my children and grandchildren in the morning. And, I am so blessed and thankful for my life.

  116. The music. I’ve always loved playing and listening to Christmas music. This year its especially fun as my 2-year-old granddaughter has been singing Christmas songs for me.

    1. I enjoy knitting and stitching presents for family and special friends. It is relaxing and I’m doing something I love to do and I feel it’s a special gift. It reminds me of my grandmother who did the same thing for us. I was fortunate to have her for 47 years, she lived for 98 years.

  117. The pins are a great idea….I marked flat flower head pins with numbers with a sharpie but sometimes wears off. These pins would be great!
    At Christmas time with all the hustle and bustle I try to sit back and reflect on the reason for the season! The coming of my Lord and Savior!

  118. My favorite memory of Christmas was taking our 3 granddaughters to the dollar store so they could shop for mom and dad, such clever gifts they came up with. This tradition continued into their high school days. Also love the Christmas movies, watched White Christmas with good friends two nights ago. I love Christmas!

  119. My favorite thing is making Christmas presents for gifts. I start really early and try to find useful items to make for special people. This year I made microwave bowls, like a padded bowl shape to set a bowl in. You set the glass or plastic bowl in it, put it in the microwave, and take it out when it is done. No more burning your fingers or using hot pads. I also made a lot of mug rugs for people–sets of them–for gifts. I think a handmade gift is nice to get as it shows the person that you put a lot of effort into it.

  120. I enjoy baking at this time of year and then sharing with friends. One of the best things I make is chocolate dipped bourbon balls (and I’m not a drinker-go figure) and everyone looks forward to getting them. Our Christmas is usually quiet as our only child lives in Chicago and with the weather so unpredictable at this time of year we have decided to not get together at Christmas but to do so at a different time. It is almost like a Christmas gift to not have to prepare a big special Christmas dinner. In my husband’s family they always had porcupine meat balls before going to church on Christmas eve and we follow that tradition. Our Christmas eve service is also a special time during the season.

  121. My favorite part is watching someone else clean up the mess in the kitchen when the food’s been eaten or the wrapping paper mess after gift opening. It’s probably the ONLY time I’ve sat for any length of time that day and I can finish a hot cup of coffee. 🙂

  122. Happy Holidays everyone! I enjoy choosing Christmas cards, but I do not like addressing them. I enjoy choosing gifts, but not wrapping them. Does anyone relate??

  123. Right now I am enjoying the baking and candy making. Then I will package it up for family and friends so it wont be tempting me to eat it all.

  124. I love the decorating but not the taking down and packing everything back up. The house looks so empty after the holidays.

  125. My favorite part of Christmas is the coming of the Savior, the carols and hymns and services with the church decorated so beautifully. Remembering past Christmases is special, too.

  126. My favorite part of Christmas is when you really hit a home run with a gift you chose for someone. At the end of the day on Christmas we host an open house for friends and extended family. Everyone comes and goes very casually. It is like a celebration of the end of all the preparations and it is a lot of fun.

  127. My favorite part is when everyone arrives and we are all under one roof….to wake up Christmas morning. I like Christmas morning. 🙂

  128. My favorite thing I s the anticipation….making bread, cookies, sticky buns, and wondering who will get what. Thinking about the reaction for the gift that I thought would be perfect, and like my daughter-in-law, couldn’t wait and bought it herself the week before. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. And I really like when I amwellahead of schedule, not usual, but this year is a first in 38 years of marriage! And it’s really a treat to have grandchildren to share the memories with. Brings back the kid in me again.

  129. My favorite time is when my daughter, her husband and two adult granddaughters arrive and find their stockings. It’s still as much fun as when the granddaughters were little.

  130. Memories………children’s faces……snow falling……family……peacefulness……hugs…….and more hugs!

  131. I drag my feet getting the Christmas stuff out. Decorating the tree feels like a chore, but once it’s done I really enjoy seeing it all lit up. I enjoy taking everything down, packing it away, and having the living room feel nice and clean. Fresh start to a new year.

  132. Though cooking the Christmas meal is a lot of work I like the satisfaction of making everyone at the table happy with the food and just enjoying each other’s company. Christmas is about being together.

  133. I enjoy knitting and stitching presents for family and special friends. It reminds me of my grandmother who did the same thing for us. I was fortunate to have her in my life for 47 years, she lived to be 98 years old.l

  134. I love taking out all the special ornaments from years past and decorating the tree. All the twinkly lights make these dark days cheerful. Great idea about the numbered pins. I have been using numbers on masking tape which is a big pain. I am glad to see the container with separate sections for each number so there is no looking around and poking your finger trying to find the right number. Love seeing that new snowman fabric, too.

  135. I enjoy making the Christmas cookies that my mother made every Christmas and her mother before her. Eating them is on the list too!

  136. Sitting up late at night in the silence looking at the lights on my Christmas tree reflecting on all the nice things that have happened in my life over the past year. As to the pins what a great idea, sure beats my pining a post it note on mine.

  137. I love decorating for Christmas. I have a collection of Santa’s and when I take them out of the boxes I talk to them and wake them up for the Christmas season. I love that!

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  138. I enjoy knitting and stitching presents for family and special friends. My grandmother did the same for us. I was fortunate to have her for 47 years, she lived for 98 years.

    Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ lisabongean posted: ” Thanks for all the laughs yesterday, there were some funny, funny comments!!…and even for those of you who had nothing for me…thats fine too…just commenting and wanting to win a ruler was good enough for me…we sold lots of rulers yesterday…maybe Santa”

  139. I LOVE decorating my home. It takes three days but I enjoy unpacking all the memories – things that I have made or friends have made for me or finding the perfect decoration at a craft show or store. I decorate immediately after Thanksgiving and enjoy the results the entire season.

  140. My favorite part of Christmas is putting up all the ornaments I have the years past. I remember making many with my mom, grandmas, aunts, etc. It is wonderful thinking of all of them and the great memories I have of our times together!

  141. After all the hassle of decorating the tree (we are all short on time) I enjoy sitting in a dark living room with the tree lite, it lights up the whole room. It makes the hassle worth it.

  142. I love to shop for very strange and funny stocking stuffers. To watch their faces Xmas morning opening them. Now my children are adults and they too look for unusual stocking stuffers. My grandchildren are in for a few giggles this year.

  143. My favorite part of Christmas is putting all the decorations out and pondering over their history – some going back to favorite relatives now gone and handling the “primitive” ornaments made by my kids who are now in their 40’s. Once done I sit back and enjoy.


  144. It’s hard to say what I like best, but probably decorating the house. I have a log home and the quilts and lodge-like decorating makes it so warm and cozy. The only bad thing, (it’s a good thing too), is that I spend a lot of time in my sewing room while my husband is enjoying the decorating, while watching TV, next to the fire. I tell him, it’s decorated just for him (ha,ha).

  145. My favourite thing during the holidays is giving everyone in my family ( I have a small family) and friends a homemade ornament. Every year I make a different one and they just love them.

  146. Decorating two trees and every flat surface with vintage ornaments and Santas is my favorite part of Christmans

  147. I always loved and enjoyed wrapping gifts. Unfortunately, we don’t really exchange presents anymore due to financial problems.

  148. This year is kind of a re-birth to the homemade gifts. I used to make a lot of gifts (treats or crafty) and my family looked forward to them but because of some of life’s tragedies I had stopped. I began quilting in January and have found that inspiration again. My favorite part of Christmas this year is being able to see the smiles on my family’s faces when they open something made made just for them from my heart. It’s a “healing” thing!

  149. I love to drive around looking at decorations. We have several local homes that go all out and even sync their lights to music. Christmas is the only time I also want it to snow. Nothing like going to church while it is snowing

  150. I love listening to Chrismas music while working on projects. I do not like to bake cookies but love making caramel popcorn for family and friends. Those pins are a great idea.

  151. My favorite thing is pretty much about when it’s all over. It feels too much like pressure to me even though I enjoy some of the sights, etc. However, yesterday my elderly neighbors gave us the fudge they make every year and I’ve got to say it’s always a treat 🙂

  152. Love the pins! I love to decorate my home. I have a lot of family memories tied with many of my decorations. 😍

  153. I would say my favorite thing about the holidays is the giiving to family and people that are in need. Just to see their expressions of joy to receive a present they had hoped for!

  154. My favorite thing is shopping and wrapping. I do enjoy the hunt of finding a thoughtful gift for the people on my list, and I try not to spend too much money in the process. I also like the wrapping part. I stick with gold, red and green wrap and tie my own bows with wired ribbon (from Costo – great price for lots of ribbon). Love to see the tree lit at night with all the packages tucked under it.

  155. I love shopping for something that the recipient will love. It feels so good to give a gift that someone loves.

  156. These pins look like they would be a real time saver. With them I would not have to keep checking and double checking that I have the pieces in the correct order.
    My favorite tradition in Christmas eve. We go to church and then come home and sit in the living room with all the candles burning and fire in the fireplace. We started a tradition when they were little that we get to open one gift xmas eve. It is always pajamas or lounge wear. We still do this… open our one gift, change into our comfy new pj’s and then sit and visit. We share some good wine, treats, and great company. Love it.

  157. My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family and secondly, just sitting in my house all decorated and enjoying the tree, the lights, candles lit, and maybe a glass of wine or two:)

  158. Looking forward this Christmas spending it with our first grand child (a baby girl) as she celebrates her first Christmas. Being a grandparent is the best

  159. Christmas Eve evening is my favorite time. By then if I’m lucky all gifts are done, under tree, food prepped for Christmas Day dinner, then I can relax. I also LOVE Christmas movies.

  160. I think my favorite thing about the holidays is going to our single adult sons home to celebrate. So much fun knowing your kids as grown ups!

  161. My favorite thing about the holidays is Thanksgiving. Does that count? I like it best when we gather and eat and think about our blessings – before the “hustle and bustle” begins. Even the grandchildren take a turn to say what they are thankful for.

  162. Christmas morning gathered around the tree as a family watching my family opening gifts. I enjoy it so much my husband has to tell me to open my gifts too. 🙂 <3

  163. I like to use something different each year as a centerpiece for my small tinsel tree. This year was my dad’s cradle which is 86 years old. It turned out great. Lots of lights, little angel wings with feathers, little feathery Hootie owls. Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family and staff!!

  164. Hi Lisa, my most favorite thing about the holidays is giving that special gift that makes a person’s face light up. The big smile and eyes sparkling… that does it for me. I also love decorating, baking cookies, sending cards, wrapping gifts, stuffing stockings, visiting loved ones… the whole 9 yards! Love the idea of the ugly ornament.. funny! Gotta get me some of tjose pins! I coulld’ve used them on my current project… instead I have torn pieces of numbeed paper pinned to the columns, which tend to fly away when I need to lay it out for a cross ck. Have fun at your party!!! Hugs, Jakey Ps. I like the idea of others bringing appetizers too… allows for more variety and possible neew recipes!!

    1. Oh, I have one more to share… I love at nighttime to sit quietly with only the christmas tree lights on, and let my thoughts wander. I also miss taking walks at night in Ohio with the snow falling softly and lights burning bright in windows… so peaceful. Jakey

  165. My favourite thing about the holidays is getting up on these dark December days and having my Christmas tree all lit up. It puts me in a happy mood to start my day.
    What a great idea with the numbered pins, why does it take so long for someone to come up with these ideas?

  166. My favorite part of the holidays is whatever i am doing at the time! Whether it’s having found the perfect gift, creating a special wrapping job, decorating the house, baking, or watching all those holiday movies and specials – all such lovely parts that make up a warm and wonderful holiday season.

  167. My favorite thing about the holidays is when all the family is together, and we are talking about things that happened from our childhoods or from my children’s childhoods. It’s funny how different people remember the same event so differently!!! It usually causes someone to laugh so hard they can’t speak and have tears running down their face (usually me)!

  168. My favorite thing is the 12 days of Christmas exchange my sister and my niece do each year, we each make 12 ornaments (sometimes one or two are store bought, if we run out of time!) for each other, so we make 3 of everything, and open one each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. We live a long way apart and don’t get together at Christmas so it’s a special way of staying connected. We each now have an extra tree just for our swapped ornaments!

  169. I have had the same thing happen to me! I agonize over placement and when I finally get it right and start piecing the blocks together there is always one or two that get turned on the way to the machine!

    My favorite part of Christmas is watching through the eyes of a child.

  170. My favorite thing – your “Twelve Days of Christmas” of course! I enjoy the warmth of even a small amount of Christmas decorating, the heat and glow from the wood stove, some tasty treats, and sharing it all with family and friends.

    It is beyond me how theses pieced blocks can end up with the same ones next to each other even with such careful planning of where they should go! An ah-ha moment with the numbered pins are in order perhaps!

  171. My favorite things: Going out in the woods with my hubby, tromping all over and discovering the “perfect” tree, cutting it down, getting it up and decorated with our collection of lights & ornaments . . . some of which are more than 50 years old; getting together with a group of young women to bake and decorate cookies for the residents at our local convalescent home; Christmas carols; being surrounded by friends and family we love and, most importantly, reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and thanking our Heavenly Father for the most treasured gift of all . . . the gift of His Son, Jesus!

  172. I enjoy all my kids home for Christmas, but will be really missing my daughter this year as her and her husband and family are in France studying for his MBA. Love the pictures we get to see of all the places they visit, but this one thing I enjoy of them being here will have to wait until next year!!

  173. Now where were those pins when I was making my rag quilt and the rows got all screwed up???

    I love the anticipation of the holidays and listening to the Christmas music while I bake, wrap and sew.

  174. I love watching those old movies…The Bishop’s Wife, Miracle on 34th St., It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol(has to be the one with Alistair Sim!)…with my husband, by the fireplace with just the tree lights on. I also love watching little kids who still believe in Santa opening gifts. I love driving around our little town looking at all the Christmas lights, preferably during a light snow. I love that people are a little nicer to each other during the Holidays. Congrats on your impending Grandma status, you’ll be a great one!

  175. Every year at Christmas my daughter and I go out to a tea. That is my favorite thing because I only see her a few times a year since she lives far away. Plus we just sit and talk and eat and try new teas.

  176. My favorite part is Christmas Day- When the gifts are unwrapped, all is done – although the house now looks like a tornado came through. And at that point it doesn’t matter to me. We hang out in our Jammies all day – napping, watching movies and just having a peaceful day. My husband loves to cook so he makes dinner. Love it!

  177. You sound a lot like me. I’ve always been the one to want to do it all myself and then start feeling bad if I have to ask for help. Boy has my mindset changed on that as I’ve gotten older and health problems hit me. Now if I have to chase my family for help and tackle them, I’m gonna do it. LOL I am very blessed to have an amazing husband who has stood by me since we met in 2000 while I have prepared my bigger meals and he’s learned how I do things. He can now pretty much do it himself if need be and a few years he did have to as I’d just gotten out of the hospital before Christmas. If asked this question of my favorite thing 10 yrs ago I would have said being in the kitchen cooking all the dishes my family loves and always asks me to make if they’re coming home. Now, it still is the same, but with some help, but it’s more now changing to my favorite thing of watching our Grandchildren being so excited about being here and opening their presents and then watching them all play with what we got them.

  178. My most favorite thing at the holidays is being with those I love. My family means more to me than anything. And to be with them on the day that we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ better than any other.

  179. I enjoy the tree, lights and decorations but l really love coming home early Christmas afternoon from my husbands family dinner to an empty house. Turn on the lights, brew some tea, settle into my favorite chair and ponder. My Christmas is full of “Christmas past”, ghosts and spirits that fill that couple of quiet hours Christmas day. For that reason we NEVER have Christmas dinner at our house.
    I’m a Southern Californian who is extremely excited about your new store coming in 2015!
    Merry Christmas, may your “spirits” be loving and joyful, Sally

  180. Those look like a good idea. Thanks for the chance to win some. My favorite thing is probably Christmas Eve, or might be late Christmas Day. Everything is done, everyone has eaten, and I have time to sit alone and reflect on the meaning of the day, the family time together, and how good my life is in general.

  181. My most favorite thing for the holidays is to know that my shopping is over with! Then my lovely family arrives from out of town and I sit, chat, drink lattes and eat as many treats as I can possible fill up on. Merry Christmas Lisa. Again, you do so much and I appreciate you. Your schedule is a doozy. I used to live in Cincinnati and see that you will be teaching there this year. Will you ever come to Tennesse? Please? I can wait to 2020 if need be. 🙂 Merry Christmas.

  182. Congrats Grandma. Pins are going to be a must have, I have something similar with alphabet rings for my knitting. I will not be pinning sticky notes any more. One of my favorite times of year is Christmas. I make candy, I was not blessed with kids of my own but I have lots of nieces and nephews that I spoiled. They all learned to make candy with me and now I spend about 3 weeks making candy. I make so many different types because everyone has a favorite. My nephews were my big helpers, they are grown and living to far away now. I had my great niece help me one weekend this year, so that was fun. I love delivering all the candy and saying hi to everyone. I go through about 60 lbs of sugar lots of butter, I make toffee, peanut brittle, 3 types of fudge, divinity, rocky road, peanut butter balls and chocolate covered almonds. I am forgetting one or two. My Grandma was a fabulous cook she made candy with us when I was younger. Thank you to all the grandma’s out there who pass on traditions. My house always smells so gooood. Merry Christmas everyone.

  183. I love seeing our older grandchildren helping the 2 younger ones. I always make the most delicious cinnamon rolls in the world, and we have hot chocolate, breakfast casserole, and cinnamon rolls ! Yum. It keeps us from jumping into packages and most of the time we read the story of Jesus birth before all the excitement starts. You will adore being a grandma-I’m GG q-Nana – gramma it all makes your heart sing for joy. There is nothing better! I am looking forward to more time to get my piecing done in the New Year. You make it easy and fun for me to keep busy. Still on 2013 BOW. I keep up and then the 600 and some 1/2 square triangles are added. Mine are all finished, just need to sew together for the border. At night I work on hand work and nothing I love better than a wool appliqué project. Merry Christmas and wishes for blessings for the New Year!! Hug that little one- it is true that they grow up too fast.

  184. I look forward to spending time with my kids and sister who comes in town for Christmas. I love after dinner, we all sit around, have some holiday cheer and just talk. I ask for the phones to be left in the kitchen and we just enjoy each others company. Sometimes we watch a good movie and some take a nap! I love family!

  185. The music. There is something about Christmas music that is calming. I could probably listen to it all year long!

  186. My favorite thing about Christmas is having our family and friends over on Christmas eve and Christmas day eating, drinking, laughing and playing games…so much fun! Second favorite is after everyone goes home on Christmas eve, the house is cleaned up, everyone is in bed sleeping, the Christmas tree lights are the only lights that are on, I put the presents around the tree. I sit with an old fashion in hand and I admire our tree…peace and quiet.

  187. I watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. I look forward to it each year. Kids and grandkids arrive the evening of the 26th and our Christmas morning with them is the next morning, the 27th. When I finally crawl into bed on the night of the 26th after playing games with family all evening and anticipating the gathering in the morning around the Christmas tree to open presents, I’m sure that I hear the reindeer hooves on my roof as I drift off to sleep knowing now that I finally have everything done!

  188. My favorite part of Christmas is watching cheesy Christmas movies, spending time off with my husband & furkids, and having time to sew of course!

  189. My favorite part of Christmas is making the Italian Christmas cookies and pizzelles we always made with my Dad growing up. My sons all have pizzelle irons and also make them in honor of my wonderful Italian Father who is no longer with us!

  190. I love Christmas–the decorations, the foods which are only prepared and served during the holidays, the beautiful candle light Christmas Eve service at church, playing Secret Santa,

  191. While wrapping and baking and making eggnog, we take a break from beautiful Christmas music and listen to my favorite thing about Christmas Eve: the Robert Shaw Chorale’s Irish Folk Songs. It takes me back to growing up, mince pie and my wonderful parents. Still missing them. . .

  192. My favorite Christmas tradition is the extended family gathering at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve after the children’s church service. Then we go home to watch A Christmas Carol, the version with George C Scott, and drink “smoking bishop”. I don’t care for the drink but it’s become a tradition.

  193. Looking up at the stars up in the sky after Christmas Eve service, looking for the brightest star!

  194. I like to bake for my 3 grandchildren ‘s family birthday parties. They are 4 days apart from each other starting the 13th Dec.

  195. I love opening the gifts on Christmas morning and the surprised looks on everyones face when they open my funny gift to them. This year it’s a onsie leopard print pajamas with a drop seat for my hubby, hot pink purse with fuzzy trim for my daughter and a hat with bunny ears for my son. I love to hear the laughter!

  196. I like to see the excitement of a gift opened that I made that was not on their Christmas list. That’s better than any store bought gift. Didn’t know the numbered pins existed. Good idea!

  197. Numbered pins! Now that’s what I needed when I was working on the Bargello quilt with all those sections, rows and shades of color. My tags of paper kept getting loose. Great idea.

  198. Forgot to say my favorite part of Christmas. I love picking family members up at the airport. Everything about the drive there, waiting for the flight. Watching the monitor for updates. And the magic moment when you first spot your loved one in the crowd and rush to them for happy hugs all around

  199. Good idea!!! I could use these. My favorite thing is decorating the tree and remembering all the special times with each ornament ; we always look for a new one when we travel.

  200. My favorite thing is the sound of the house after everyone is gone to bed Christmas Eve. I lay awake and listen to the expectant silence. Knowing everything is ready for Santa to arrive and wondering about the reactions of the little ones. It’s all about the little ones, grandchildren now!

  201. These pins look VERY INTERESTING. My favorite part of Christmas is watching my precious granddaughter, Emma, open her presents and listening to all of her funny comments. You are going to love being a grandparent. Grandchildren bring so much joy and laughter to your life. They can lift your spirits when you feel down and out. I am so happy for you, Lisa. Prepare to be amazed.

  202. My favorite part is listening to Christas/Holiday music. It puts me in a joyous mood (eating frosted sugar cookies helps as well)!

    1. Favorite part is spending time with my wonderful family (and watching all those Christmas movies). I’m forever doing the same thing with scrappy fabrics, no matter how careful I try to be–maybe these pins are just the thing!

  203. Hi Lisa – The Christmas holiday is filled with many favorites – I enjoy spending time with my daughters and catching up on all the news and goings on – but most of all I’m so excited to see my grandson again – it’s been a couple of months! He is 18 mos old and is just learning how to speak clearly. You will so love being a grandmother – so happy to hear your good news!

  204. My favorite thing about the holidays is that I get to see my family members…..most of them. I really miss them the rest of the time! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway. Love those pins!

  205. May sound silly, but my favorite was when I would open my stocking on Christmas morning. My Mom
    would always make the “surprises” inside special. They were unique and thoughtful. I miss this.
    But anyway, wishing you and your family a “Merry Merry Christmas” !

  206. My favorite thing about Christmas is decorating the house and remembering all the past christmas’s as I acquired all the special decorations, who gave them to me or who likes them best. My second favorite thing is making gifts for my sisters who appreciate the love I put into their gifts.

  207. I love the smell of the fresh trees… always brings back the memories of my childhood Christmases!!!

  208. My favorite thing about the holidays is being in touch with old and forgotten friends and family with cards and calls. Also remembering who made me all my ornaments and decorations as I put them out and remember my friends.

  209. Going to a local church sitting in their parking lot watching the light show to Christmas music. It is so relaxing after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

  210. Christmas morning with my husband and daughters. We take all morning opening presents, eating brunch in-between. It’s so relaxing. Love my family.

  211. There are soooooo many things I love about Christmas. Deciding what new Christmas albums to add to my music collection, putting our our Dickens Village and my Jim Shore Santas, baking Christmas cookies and sharing them with family and friends, watching Christmas movies – the old classics and even the new cheesy ones on cable. LOL! The best part of Christmas is and always will be finding that perfect gift – the anticipation of waiting to give it to them – watching them open it and the pure joy from the pleasure they take in it. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma next year. I have two grandsons, 2 years old, almost 1 and grandbaby #3 on the way. They bring so much joy and light to our lives!

  212. Christmas Eve service at church and the family getting together after for dinner. Time to talk and relaxed after the hectic days leading up to Christmas

  213. The best part of the holiday season for me, is that people are kinder and more giving to each other. I wish this gift would last each day of the year!

  214. The best part of the holiday for me is seeing the happiness in my grandkids faces when they are opening their presents Christmas day.

  215. My favorite thing is being with my grand daughter and watching her excitement. So much fun being a grandma and having another chance of experiencing the magic of the season through a little ones eyes again. And….I get to spoil her rotten!

  216. These pins are GREAT! I have a set and love giving them. Plus, the lady who thought of these is super nice!

  217. My favorite is giving….I enjoy finding gifts for family and friends and giving them….I don’t necessarily need to get gifts back…just get a warm fuzzy when giving. I also enjoy decorated cut out cookies….my fav!!
    Happy Holidays 🎄⛄️🍷
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  218. Today my favorite thing about Christmas is homemade Toffee. But the very best thing is my kids coming home and my family being all together!

  219. My favorite thing is attending Mass. I also like making Chtistmas cookies and wrapping packages. I don’t like shopping so you shop and I’ll wrap.

  220. I think my favourite part is the lights and decorations around the neighbourhood. It’s so pretty to walk around the streets.

  221. Every year my daughters and two grandsons turn my kitchen into a cookie dough mess. Over the years I have watched them play, eat and throw the cookie dough…lol! They are a little older and still make a mess, but they tend to the oven, set timer, and order pizza for dinner. My house is the land of yes, so I’m told! Love the new and old traditions that come from fun! My favorite cookie dough mess 🙂

  222. What I love about the Holidays are the extra days of to hang around home and do some sewing! Full-time working mom of two little ones may there just me a few moments of peace and quiet on earth!

  223. One of my favorite things is when I have finished shopping and know I have the perfect gift for people on my list, it gives you a great feeling of a job well done. And let’s face it, buying a gift for some people is a tough job.

  224. I’ve had the privilege of living for 57+ years! My favorite thing is celebrating the miraculous birth of Jesus my Savior–in my heart. Next favorite is hanging my collection of quilts, dolls, candles, etc. After that I love to make homemade candies and share that craft with a friend. People love getting homemade goodies. Sorry more than one…

  225. My favorite thing is Christmas Eve service….followed by Christmas music, softly falling snow, and family time.

  226. These pins look fabulous! No more pinned on sticky notes with numbers and row numbers on them! 🙂 One of my favorite parts of Christmas is taking down the tree. As I carefully pack away each ornament (some of them have been on my tree for 40 years) I remember when and where that ornament came from…nice time for reflection. And then I can get on with putting the house back together and bring out my sewing machine again!!

  227. In all honesty my favorite part of Christmas is the time I get to spend with my sisters and my Mom , I don’t often get that chance so it is extra special to share a meal together . Thanks for the chance to win those pins , they look fabulous !

  228. I have 2 favorites – can’t say only 1. 1st, my favorite is TIME spent with family and friends in a festive setting with Christmas music playing. 2nd is finding the perfect gift for someone on my list!

  229. My favourite thing is having all of my five children room – whether we celebrate on the 25th or the 27th like this year! But really, I love it all!!!

  230. I think my favorite part of the holidays is the break in normal activity (hubby and I both off from work) and reading the letters from faraway friends and family, that often come in Christmas cards. I just like that last few weeks of the year to regroup and reflect. These pins are another thing I think are pretty cool but have never seen!

  231. No Christmas season is complete without watching “Its a Wonderful Life”. The numbered pins…excellent idea!

  232. I am guide that I’m not the only one that 9 patch does it flipping on .
    I like to bake from my Grandmother Kipp cookbook she die a year before I was born and by cooking her Christmas cookies her rocks (her version of fruit cake cookies ) I feel that she here with us .I hope that you have a Marry Christmas

  233. These would be much handier than what I do now–attach “chains” of safety pins to the upper corner of my blocks. The number of pins in the chain tells me where the block goes. Lol. I NEED these !!

  234. Our Christmas celebration has changed dramatically since the kids flew the nest. Our daughter does not come home because she hates flying over the holidays. She works with horses, so she has a chance to give others time off and she has a little extra jingle when the holidays are over….how many people can say that!
    Our son is in a film conservatory, and vacation time is time to shoot for his annual thesis film…this year his Senior thesis. He will arrive mid-day Christmas Eve and have to leave Christmas Day. The three of us will cook, drink wine, laugh and watch indie films all evening.
    What makes it Christmas is the ornaments my husband brought them from NY when they were quite little, the sound and light ornaments. One is Santa’s workshop where one elf endlessly pounds a tiny hammer while another saws with a tiny hand saw. The other is animals on skis, going round and round over snowy moguls surrounding a tiny Christmas tree. They chop and whir away in the background and make us all happy with the memories of Christmas past.

  235. My favorite thing about the holidays is getting a few days off of work. With these pins I wouldn’t have to use post it notes pinned on my rows anymore. Perfect!

  236. The best part of Christmas is being with family. I love to bake cookies with my niece too.
    Thanks, Karen M

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