Day 6…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 6This is party day…so short post…Do you burn your fingers when pressing seams open? NOT ANYMORE!!!

Day 6…Finger stiletto….or hot finger…this has many uses…I use it on my finger to aide in opening my seams when using the STRIP STICK  and ironing my seams open…especially on my little quilts.  With the STEAM STATION it throws a ton of steam and it can burn fingers easily…so this little gadget helps tremendously…BOLD items were on last years NEEDFUL THINGS. See December 2013 and 2012 posts on side bar to view previous needful things…finger stiletto

There are a couple of different brands on the market, but this is the one I think is the most versatile…Here is Madeline’s VIDEO as to other way to use this in appliqué and paper piecing with starch…Her site is old and having issues like OURS was…so we can understand that…To order the Finger Stiletto click HERE  they are on sale for Regular $10 on sale for $8.00.

Comment for today to win…You working on your Christmas Cards?

Fact: Nick writes ours out…He probably is nervous I wouldn’t get to it…he may be right?



160 responses to “Day 6…Needful Things…”

  1. ckcowl Avatar

    Every year ( normally) Thanksgiving weekend hubby & I sit at the dining room table with a stack of cards, stamps, return address labels, pens and the Christmas card list which is typed up with everyone’s name & address. This year he was in the hospital the week of Thanksgiving, then my mom was in the hospital the next week, so we were a bit ( late) but last Sunday we did sit down after breakfast and get them done. Then, we even did some decorating…. On a roll!
    Almost done & ready. I have a couple gifts to get wrapped yet, ( on my to do list today) and a table runner to finish…. It’s 9° this morning, seems like a good day to finish up 🙂

  2. Jakey Avatar

    Wow, you’re either up really eatly or getting to bed reslly late! I’m up really late myself. Some last minute shopping, i don’t know how you accomplish all that you do! Simply amazing! I’ve actually never heard of this gadget, which is pretty surprising, and thank you for all the videos. That’s pretty neat that Nick does the christmas cards, I tip my hat to him. Have fun at your christmas party!! Jakey

  3. Barbara Avatar

    The finger stiletto is a great tool. I use mine all the time and wouldn’t be without it. My Christmas cards are all finished and in the mail. I needed to be better organised this year as our family have all arrived from overseas. We are very lucky to have everyone together. Christmas will be a very special week long celebration for us.

  4. Brenda Peplinskie Avatar
    Brenda Peplinskie

    Right after we decorate the tree, the first day of December that falls in a weekend, I decorate the house and then sit down at my kitchen table and write out all my Christmas cards, which I purchase when they’re on sale after the last Christmas. I love pulling them out because I’ve forgotten which ones I purchased all those months ago.

  5. Jane Avatar

    I am going to write out our Christmas cards today and tomorrow. I always want to do a letter, but never gets done. I still think it is fun to do because of all the beautiful cards there are to send. I also enjoy receiving. Have a great party.

  6. Christi Pike Avatar
    Christi Pike

    My husband might be nervous I am not sending ours out too! I ordered our cards from Shutterfly this year, but they did not turn out like I had planned so we have no cards 🙁

  7. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    This tool looks great. I’m starting to make some small quilts with small pieces so this would be helpful. As for the christmas cards…..I am sending them out today! Have fun at your party!

  8. Joni Avatar

    Haha I cheat. But in the very best way
    I have my daughters come & bring the grandkids dressed to the hilt- everyone say Cheese as couple of pictures & on to the Walmart 1 hr sight Merry Christmas Happy New Year! Love from us Done easy as pie!!!

  9. Carole F Avatar
    Carole F

    I write this as I am recovering from two burned fingers…….which are very important……especially at this time of year. I mostly get my burns from trying to tack down those teeny-tiny pieces of my art quilt. Who knew????

  10. Christine Brown Avatar
    Christine Brown

    Slowly, very slowly working on the cards!!

  11. Carol Avatar

    My Christmas cards are very funny this year, they have no pre written message but the art is done by my son, a children’s illustrator. The series is called Yule Lads, based on Icelandic folklore … elf like lads who steal sausages, lick spoons, peek in windows, and in general, do mischievous little tricks. It’s his response to the, what he considers obnoxious, Elf on the Shelf! So he just sent me two boxes and Sunday’s tasks include cards and cookies!
    Love any tool that prevents a burn and that one looks very clever! If I win I will make sure I hide it from those naughty Yule Lads!

  12. Jackie Avatar

    Wow all these new items, I have never used. Excited to try!

  13. Sandy D. Avatar
    Sandy D.

    I thought I had them all sent but got one from friends that I had forgot.this notion is a must have.

  14. maureen Avatar

    I”d love to try this finger stiletto ! and yes I’m still working on my cards. I send out about a hundred each year and I always vow to start working on them earlier in December but it never really happens 🙂

  15. Ellen Sharp Avatar
    Ellen Sharp

    That looks quite interesting! I haven’t addressed a single card! Possibly this weekend! I have a few gifts to mail tomorrow, will go to the PO early!! Thanks again!

  16. Cindy Avatar

    What a nifty notion. We have cut down on Christmas card sending.

  17. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    We mailed our cards yesterday. Husband helps. And yes – I burn my fingers on steam all the time. This will be on my list as soon as I get time to get over to Primitive Gatherings.

  18. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Awesome that Nick helps! Never heard of this tool so it has now been added to my list – thanks Lisa and the video was great.
    xo Redhead

  19. Beverly Lawlet Avatar
    Beverly Lawlet

    My cards are done and out early this year! That is unusual for me! Thinking of you and your family this Christmas . Good luck with your new shop in sunny California !

  20. Rebecca Avatar

    Hubby does the Christmas cards here too! It is very nice not having to have it on my to-do list.

  21. Michelle Avatar

    It’s great that you have help with your Christmas cards. I never saw this tool it’s nice that you had a video included in your post.

  22. Mary Schreiner Avatar
    Mary Schreiner

    My cards are done and in the mail! It’s disappointing how few people send Christmas cards now, Sign of the times, I guess. This little stiletto looks very interesting and quite useful. I think I need this in my stocking.

  23. Robbi Buckles Avatar
    Robbi Buckles

    Mine are already sent! In the past, I sent them out the day after Thanksgiving… That was before I got bit by the quilting bug! Now I am lucky to get them out before the big day!

  24. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    Only send a few and they are out!

  25. Pam Avatar

    I am working on my Christmas cards and thankful for all my friends and family

  26. lbosma Avatar

    Christmas cards are done. Group effort here too! Guess these hubbies know we would get distracted by holiday projects.

  27. Susan Avatar

    We only send a few cards and they have gone out already. I’ve never heard of a finger stiletto but can’t count the times I’ve burned my fingers with steam!

  28. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    My cards are done and gone. I write them out but every year I think I’m ordering pre-printed cards next year! But, of course it never happens. Reading your “needful things” post every morning has become one of my favorite things this time of year. Thanks for doing this!

  29. Theresa K Avatar
    Theresa K

    Christmas cards have been mailed. There is something about receiving cards I find nostalgic that the person who sent it was thinking about you.

  30. Angela Avatar

    Working on them as we speak…..I’m running late this year.

  31. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I could totally use one of these stiletto’s. Thanks so much for sharing. Cards are all done and sent. Lots coming back. It’s great to hear what everyone has been up to all year.

  32. Kim F. Avatar
    Kim F.

    Always have the best intention of getting them out early…haven’t started yet. Hey it is only the 19th!

  33. Nancy Y Avatar
    Nancy Y

    Finished my cards last week, phew! It was hard getting the gang together for a photo. Just have those last few to send out that I forgot about.

  34. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Yes, will definitely be getting one.

  35. annita Avatar

    What a great little pressing tool. I do paper piecing and use the fabric folding pen by Clover. This would be super for little block piecing so I wouldn’t have to go to the iron all the time. My hubby said, “Don’t worry about the cards, have fun with the kids, let’s watch movies, go view the Christmas lights, and whatever else we want to do.” Like tonight we received free tickets to the ballet/orchestra in LaCrosse. I’ll send only to my closest friends and it’ll be after Christmas.

  36. Maureen Avatar

    Christmas cards are mailed. We love receiving cards in the mail each year!

  37. De De Avatar
    De De

    I have never seen something like that. All my time browsing your wonderful store, and others. Where have I been?

  38. Kay B Avatar
    Kay B

    Molasses Cookie update: second batch turned out wonderful. Thanks for the recipe Lisa. No Christmas cards here. That’s one tradition I’ve dropped. With social media staying in touch is a weekly thing.

  39. Barbara Avatar

    We only send a few cards which are done. This tool looks great. Will put on my list.

  40. bjday68 Avatar

    The last of 125 cards are going in the mail today! Had to get more stamps or they would have gone out yesterday.

  41. Marilyn Avatar

    thank heaven for nick. Pass him around Lisa.

  42. Terri Avatar

    Hopefully…. “Today” I will get my Christmas cards done! Behind as usual. Am intrigued with the Stilleto as I am always burning the fingertips. Going to check it out!

  43. Carol Schallock Avatar
    Carol Schallock

    Bill does all our Christmas letter writing. I add the enhancements and addresses, we work together to get them in the envelopes.

  44. laura b Avatar
    laura b

    Cards went out beginning of month
    Each year I swear I won’t do it as it is waste of time and money but hubby has fit, so off they go in the mail. I used to make my own cards but lot of work for people to throw out.

  45. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    Done and in the mail last week.

  46. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I always have good intentions to get them done early. This year it may not happen at all.

  47. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Good morning Lisa & gang! I’m hoping to get a family picture taken this weekend as we are celebrating Christmas at our daughter’s new house in Waunakee, WI. Can’t wait to see everyone. Will be sending out cards next week! One year I just didn’t get it done and waited until Easter, after our second grandchild was born, and sent out cards then! Whatever works. Have a fun party.

  48. Donna A Avatar
    Donna A

    I have one card left to write. I never send a card with just a signature – always a hand written note – and not a ‘Christmas letter’ either! It’s gotta be a real greeting to let people know I care enough to send one.

  49. Kris Kayser Avatar
    Kris Kayser

    I make all our Christmas cards using Stampin Up products each year. I love getting cards in the mail, so I want to make others happy by sending cards out. I also take the time to hand address the envelopes for a more personal touch. I have not seen a finger stiletto before so this is new to me.

  50. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    This looks so useful, I love mini quilts and steam with my wool so this tool great. My husband makes hand tooled stilettos, but sometimes you need it to be shorter , and this seems to become an extension of your finger. I think Wayne would have liked this to hold the string on our Christmas packages, instead I would get the call to ‘loan a finger”. Cards are on the table… for a week now. I will probably get them done in the car as we travel to the family Christmas gathering in a day or two.

  51. Laurie kelley Avatar
    Laurie kelley

    Have the finger stiletto and lov it!!

  52. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I’m into making my own Christmas cards. I’ve made them all, but still need to get them sent out. The tool looks like a ” needful thing” to add to my collection.

  53. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    You keep coming up with things I’ve not seen and might need! I love doing small quilts and this does look useful…

  54. Marcia Avatar

    I wrote all my Christmas cards yesterday. Feels so good to get them in the mail! Have a wonderful time at your party.

  55. lakegirl2 Avatar

    I watched the video, and the stiletto looks like one that will be very useful. Thank you for sharing your talent 🙂

  56. Janet Avatar

    That is really neat I do think I have ever seen one of these before……jmh

  57. Michelle Devitt Avatar
    Michelle Devitt

    The older I get the more my fingers don’t work I may have to try this. My dear husband writes our cards too so that leaves me more time to sew.

  58. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    Love this idea! Pick me.😄🎅🎄💗
    My cards are ordered but not addressed. Hoping to get them out BEFORE Christmas this year. Last year they got mailed in January! Better late than pregnant, right??

  59. Jeanine Avatar

    My husband also does our Christmas letter. He knows I would never get it done. One year we sent it out in July and said it was 6 months late or early. How ever you wanted to look at it. The stiletto is a great tool. I just took a class from Madeline in October and bought one then. I love it! Have a great party! Merry Christmas!

  60. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    In the past my cards have already been mailed. Not sure what happened this year but I don’t even have them bought yet. So the question is will I rush to the store and get this done. You go Nick!

  61. Lorene Holbrook Avatar
    Lorene Holbrook

    I had to let something go, and that was cards! So we dont sebd them. I love getting them though

  62. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    Yup…hubby does ours too! Hey we are too busy quilting!! haha Thanks for the chance!

  63. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    This tool looks great and I am definitely going to buy it. I currently use a two pronged tool for freezer paper applique, but I think this one would work much better. How do you find all of these great tools? Thank you so much for doing the “research” for us and making our quilting go much easier and faster. Our Christmas cards are done, out and not as many as we used to send. We used to send over 100 cards and we are now down to only around thirty. I think most people are cutting back on cards (mainly due to the postage fees) but I still like to send out a few. Hope Nick gets all of yours done for you. You have the “perfect” hubby… 🙂

  64. Alice Avatar

    What a great gadget. I use it for needlepoint but had never thought about using it in my sewing. Thanks for the excellent tip yet again!

  65. Sandy pierson Avatar
    Sandy pierson

    Our cards went out Dec 1st (for once LOL)

  66. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    First of all, relax and have fun at your party! You richly deserve some down time—- good job, Nick, for doing the Christmas cards. I sign ours wth little notes for each, Charlie seals (YUCK) them, puts return labels and stamps. It’s a family affair! The stiletto looks very interesting!

  67. Lizzie Avatar

    My cards have been cut way back……MoMA cards to my dearest friends and family. I have never seen this tool before….looks great!

  68. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I have about half of my cards in the mail. The rest of my list is getting electronic cards for Christmas. Those will be sent this weekend.

  69. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Yes. I did get my cards out on Monday but realized I forget a couple of people, so those will go out today. I hope they get it by Dec. 24th. I also burn my fingers which is very annoying. That gadget sounds like it would come in handy. Thanks.

  70. Sherree Givens Avatar
    Sherree Givens

    I like this little tool a lot. The video was nice too thank you for the link.
    This year is first time I didn’t send out Christmas Cards to the entire family. Most years I did the cards.

  71. Nancy Avatar

    Oh… I didn’t know there was such a thingie for the finger! I sent out the last card to Germany yesterday. Stopped at the post office for the stamp and oh my gosh…stamps have been square/rectangular since the beginning. This Christmas stamp to Europe was ROUND. So cool!

  72. Marlene LeMay Mason Avatar
    Marlene LeMay Mason

    I have used the finger stiletto for many years. I purchased mine originally for needlepoint but have used it for tucking bits of yarn, fabric, etc. in doing all kinds of crafts. Have not used it in applique because I have been staying away from cotton applique because it frustrates me as I am not good at the needleturn method. I may give it a whirl now after watching the video but for sure I will use it when I’m ironing – GREAT TIP! Thanks and I hope you have a great Christmas Party and a vacation that allows you the time you need to adjust to life as it is and savor life as it was. (I think many of us have walked in your path and understand where you’re at.) Merry Christmas to you and Nick. Thanks for being you – we are blessed.

  73. Linda A Avatar
    Linda A

    Cards are done! Yippee!
    The stiletto sounds like a great idea. Sure don’t like those burnt fingers.
    Have a fun party.

  74. Cindy Avatar

    Special cards go to people I don’t see very often. Mass mailing isn’t on my list, because I see most everyone on a regular basis.

  75. Catherine Spanish Avatar
    Catherine Spanish

    I admire that your husband would do the Christmas cards. My brother-in-law does them also and writes a brief but sentimental letter. My cards are mailed, but I don’t send out very many anymore… Just out of towners whom I don’t get to see that often. But, I sure love receiving them!

  76. Lisa Avatar

    This tool is new to me. I did watch to video to see it in use for applique. Pretty nifty gadget.
    I make my Christmas cards each year, so they are finally done, but now need to be addressed and sent.
    Like you, my husband does help with cards.

  77. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    We aren’t doing Christmas cards this year which doesn’t seem fair because I really love receiving them!

  78. sandy L Avatar
    sandy L

    No cards this year, too busy sewing for Christmas.

  79. Sheila Avatar

    Didnt do too many cards this year, trying to do little things in person instead. Bet this stiletto would really keep me from burning my fingers but with my luck I would get an itch and forget I have it on and be like in the movie “Christmas Story” and instead of shooting my eye out I would poke it out, ha, ha! Merry Christmas!

  80. Cecilia Avatar

    Yes, I always seem to burn my fingers! This would be great to have. I will be adding this to my wish list. Thanks!

  81. Sheila Avatar

    This looks like a great little gadget especially since I have burned my fingers with the steam before . I have all but one Christmas card sent , I usually make fabric postcards and I am officially out of those so it was a good year 🙂

  82. Veronica Avatar

    While I love getting Holiday greetings in the mail, and in person, I never seem to be able to find the large amount of time I need to do my cards so I find myself avoiding it. Some years I do okay, some I’m late, and some, like this year, I just don’t get to it.
    I have several stilettos that I love to use, different ones for different purposes, but avoiding the steam on an iron while doing intricate pressing is critical. Thank you for offering this Needful thing.
    Enjoy your great party.

  83. Kathy Y Avatar
    Kathy Y

    what a great idea–I’ll have to order one. My cards are done and in the mail so only thing left on the list is baking.

    1. Shirley Avatar

      One item I need, I like your posts this year so useful and of course we all need more tools. Used to send out a lot of cards, not so much anymore. Miss that part of Christmas

  84. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    I think I may need to invest in one of these. I’ve burned my fingers countless times especially when working with tiny pieces.

  85. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    Have mine done already! I usually am pretty late in getting them sent, but got inspired to sit down and do them last week.

  86. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    I’ve never seen this little tool–looks like a winner! I got all my cards done on Sunday and feel so good having that checked off my todo list!

  87. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    I love the stiletto! I have used a pin for this, but i like that it fits on your finger. I liove this list, every year. We can’t possibly know what is new, and you do a great job finding these things. Thanks!

  88. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    This is a genius idea!!! I think I NEED this! Lol

  89. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    OMG !! Where as this been. Lol

  90. Rose Avatar

    Nifty tool and great video. Over the years, I have cut down on sending out Christmas cards, however, the few I do send are already in the mail.

  91. Wendy Avatar

    WOW I haven’t seen this gadget before. It would come in handy.

  92. robinttttt Avatar

    This year the cards for my employee were done and sent first. Then I sent 75% of my family and friend cards. I made sure to send a card for my new grandson to celebrate his first Christmas. I don’t know if I will send the last 25%. So many people have stopped sending cards. With everything else to do I sometimes consider doing the same.

  93. Cindy D Avatar
    Cindy D

    Christmas cards are done and mailed. Yea! have to say I didn’t send out as many this year. Postage is so high!! This little gadget could sure come in handy using it like you described. Would love to try it out!

  94. Judith Avatar

    Still procrastinating about cards. Still decorating house. Still finishing stitched gifts! It will come down to the wire! Ho, ho, ho.

  95. Mary colley Avatar
    Mary colley

    This year my husband has health problems and my time is spent helping him so I don’t plan to send cards but do plan to phone some and may resort to e-mail for others.
    This tool seems very interesting. I watched the video and think it looks great for appliqué. I also like your idea for using it to protect you finger when ironing. Have you tried the silicone finger cot which also protects your finger?

  96. Pam U Avatar
    Pam U

    I can already vision how many things I could use this item for! I stopped sending cards out about 10 years ago. All the people I want to wish a Merry Christmas are in my life and I will see over the holiday season. I’m a tree hugger so the waste of paper to send out cards just doesn’t sit well with me…I like verbal wishes!!!!

  97. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    I’m really late this year sending out cards. That tool looks interesting.

  98. Dawn Avatar

    I make my Christmas cards and only send out a few, but every one needs a letter to be enclosed. I sent mine out early enough to get to their destination by Christmas this year. P.S. That is not always the case!
    Thanks for the chance to win this great tool!

  99. Lisa D Avatar
    Lisa D

    I’ve never seen these before. Will def watch the video when we stop traveling today. Thanks again for all your tips. Can’t wait to visit the new store!

  100. Susan Kroll Avatar
    Susan Kroll

    I love gadgets and will have to get one of these. I have not sent out cards for the last few years, but I did this year including a family picture with kids and grandkids! My husband would never send a Christmas card. Kudos to Nick.

  101. Amanda Avatar

    That is so cool! I have ironed my finger so many times!! I am breaking tradition this year, we just took our first family trip ever, a week in Florida and one of the things that I did not get done before leaving was ordering cards. I do them every year to all our friends and family-its a big deal to my husband that they have to be done. This year, rather than doing a rush job now, I think I am going to wait until Jan. or Feb. and send out a post holiday card. I really like to write a personal note on them and this will give me time. Plus, its nice not to be one of the 9 cards that arrived that day!

  102. Susan Avatar

    My Christmas cards, few as they are, were all done and in the mail on Wednesday! Yay! I’ve received many fewer this year, so either everyone is late or I’m off the list. LOL

  103. Sandy Avatar

    Looks like a nice tool. Would love to win it. Sent out my cards the day after Thanksgiving since I moved and needed to get my new address out there. The cards received have all been mailed to my new home!

  104. Patricia Avatar

    I have this amazing tool! Works for all itsy bitsy sewing tasks … Like zippers … Points on things … Corners on small quilt bindings not to mention appliqué

    As for the Christmas cards .. That’s a work in progress and for those that remain .. Not perfect but there is always the electronic version. sigh.

    Merry Christmas. You brighten our lives


  105. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    What a handy dandy little tool! Her video almost makes me want to do some freezer paper applique…almost. I can see where it would come in handy for pressing and preserving fingertips. It’s going on the list.

    I’d say I’m more than half done with Christmas cards, try to do a few every day.

  106. Holly M. Avatar
    Holly M.

    Wow! Last year I tried my first freezer paper applique project and I sure wish I would have had this cool tool! Didn’t even know it existed. Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa, and for the video. Kudos to Nick for doing the Christmas cards!!! No coal in your stocking this year Nick!! : ) I’m off to the store . . . I’m in need of this needful thing . . . .

  107. Leanne Avatar

    The stiletto worked amazing on freezer paper applique! I can see how that would save your fingers when ironing….putting this on my Christmas list. Christmas are all done and sent out last weekend…for some reason I got them in the mail much earlier than usual.

  108. Brenda Peplinskie Avatar
    Brenda Peplinskie

    As soon as I finish decorating the tree and the house, I sit down and write all of my Christmas cards. That is a really unique tool – hope I win it!!

  109. Loris Mills Avatar

    Funny 🙂 My DH is working on our Christmas cards…he knows it’s the only way to get them out!
    Thank you so much for the video link. I have a trolley needle but hadn’t been able to figure out how to make it useful. This video was definitely ‘needful’! Thank you and Peace to you this Christmas!

  110. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I don’t do Christmas cards. About 20 years ago I bought a bunch filled them out but never got them mailed out. I never ever tried again!

  111. Christine S. Avatar
    Christine S.

    I should be writing christmas cards by now, but with our eldest daughter turning 16 years old, tomorrow, I’ll probably start coming sunday 😉

  112. Dianek Avatar

    This is a new tool for me. I look forward to not burning my fingers anymore. My cards are out. Since we live away from our extended families, I like to be sure that we send the latest photo of the grandkids.

  113. Janet O. Avatar

    Ha ha!! Just had my cards printed yesterday and was up until 2 a.m. getting them all addressed. Will be running to town soon to mail them. Wish Nick would come do mine–if I didn’t do them DH would not care. They just wouldn’t happen. : )

  114. Helen G. Avatar
    Helen G.

    Wow! A husband actually helping with Christmas cards! How rare is that. You are blessed with a good man aren’t you? Mine got mailed last Thursday. Early for me too! Love the stilletto. Probably come in handy for stitching too! Thanks for the chance! God bless you!

  115. Kathy Baker Avatar
    Kathy Baker

    Got our cards mailed last week, my husband helped by going to the post office to get Christmas stamps, but doesn’t like to sign his name or write short messages. I’ll take whatever help I can get. Thanks for all the great “needful” ideas again this year. The stiletto looks interesting. I have yet to master the freezer paper applique method!

  116. Betty Avatar

    Hmm Left the Christmas card writing/address/sending up to the hubs this year. I think it was a very short list. Now about that stiletto–sounds like a great tool and I have had many burned fingers.

  117. Debby Hillstead Avatar

    I need a Nick.. I don’t do cards but if I had a Nick to do them, I might!

  118. Linda H. Avatar
    Linda H.

    I just did our cards today; we do fewer every year. That’s all right with me! I’ve burned myself a few times so this little gadget will come in handy.

  119. Linda Avatar

    I took my card to the post office this morning. I didn’t send any last year and I’m afraid I might have been dropped from a few lists. : ( I love getting cards and the printed letters that so many dislike. Oh, and the photos!

  120. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    I finished my cards late last night and they go out today. I love getting cards from friends and family that we don’t see very often. My husband and I are both retired, so receiving and sending cards helps us to keep in touch with those we love and miss seeing. The stiletto looks like a must-have notion. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  121. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thankfully I don’t have a large Christmas card list any more so I’m pretty much finished, just have to do the ones for my co-workers so I can hand them out Monday. YAY Nick on writing out your cards! This is a cute lil gadget… I too use a lot of steam and have burnt my fingers so I just may have to give it a try! 🙂

  122. Lianne Avatar

    I love birds, barns, and trees. When I watched the video, all I could think about is the song by Seals and Croft……the verse, hummingbird won’t fly away, fly away….. I use a stylus for preparing my appliqué. This tool would be awesome to use. Lianne

  123. Mary Clemens Avatar
    Mary Clemens

    This looks like a needful thing for sure! I hadn’t heard of these before. Christmas cards are actually done and in the mail – first time in 3 years I’ve had a chance to get some sent out. Hope you have a great celebration today.

  124. herkyhawk Avatar

    just finished them yesterday. the cards that is. I’ve never heard of this gadget but it looks handy, I do like the ironing sticks, got those last year. Have fun at your party. Loved the pallet tree on IG.

  125. Toni Arnold Avatar
    Toni Arnold

    I havae most of my cards mailed but will probably get some I feel I should reciprocate, so, round 2, or is it 3?

  126. Debbie Y Avatar
    Debbie Y

    My cards are done, and mailed. Never seen this item, I burn myself all the time from the stream in my iron. Going to order, I am not lucky when it comes to winning things.

  127. Jean Gerretsen Avatar
    Jean Gerretsen

    My husband makes out the majority of our cards, I get my few out a day or so later than him. We were really late with ours this year though, usually have them out a couple weeks earlier than we did this year.

  128. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    We don’t write Christmas cards, but my husband just wrote an e-mail with our updates and sent that out this week with some photos. I do love receiving them and would like to mail out letters on of these years.

  129. Martha C. Avatar
    Martha C.

    Every year I am going to start early, get a good picture of the grandkids, have great cards made up ! Yesterday, I took the pile of already received cards, and signed and addressed regular cards (no picture) to all who had sent to me. So much for my good intention for fancy cards. My husband has no clue we even send them, let alone, help write them!

  130. Karen Avatar

    This tool looks very interesting, I am tired of burnt fingers. Christmas cards are not started, hoping to get them done this weekend😃

  131. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I have not seen this before. Watched the video and what a great idea. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I have been sending Thanksgiving cards for a few years.

  132. BevF Avatar

    I have not seen this finger stiletto before, it looks very handy. No more burned fingers! I just got our family photos printed today. We had a daughter get married last year, so needed to get our new family photo out. My husband usually writes our family letter, which he has finished. So now to get it all in the mail, hopefully in the next two days! We love receiving cards and letters from our family and friends.

  133. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    Hi Lisa – I gave up the battle a couple of years ago trying to get Christmas cards out in the mail before Christmas – too many other obligations that always seem to end up taking priority. However, I have been sending out New Year’s cards to a few folks that I always try to remember – so for them the holiday season keeps on giving…….

  134. Deb Gepfer Avatar
    Deb Gepfer

    I would love to try this! My cards are finished and have been mailed.

  135. DaisyS Avatar

    Wow! Everything you have shown us has been great! Can’t wait to try them. Cards are done and have a few more gifts to wrap. Want to get that done so I can get a few stitchin’ minutes in!!! Have a great party!!!

  136. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Interesting notion….may come in handy!!
    Time flies by too fast this time of year….no cards sent yet 😔….maybe I’ll celebrate the ‘New Year’ with my cards!

  137. donnalevesque Avatar

    I’ve seen these but never tried one… I just may have to.

  138. Sue kraft Avatar
    Sue kraft

    I love it when I see something I don’t have or don’t know about. That is the case today. Might have to add that to the wish list.

  139. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I just mailed my cards today on my lunch break! I send about 80 and I make them by hand, so it is quite an accomplishment to have them completed and mailed. 🙂

  140. Marcia McLaughlin Avatar
    Marcia McLaughlin

    No Christmas cards. We send Valentine love letters.

  141. Brenda Avatar

    Haven’t done cards in a couple years Just couldn’t seem to get them out on time so I let that one go. I miss getting them though. Might have to revive that tradition.

  142. Pat Jordan Avatar
    Pat Jordan

    Nick is your true “backup and partner” as well he should be! God blessed you both!!!!

  143. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    Only do a few, mostly for close friends

  144. carol Avatar

    Yes, I have finished my Christmas Cards. I made several mistakes–wrong names, forgot a couple of family, even forgot a child. I certainly need to slow down when I address cards. I was sad when I did my cards as so many that were in my address book are no longer here. I remember my Mom saying this once when she was doing cards.

  145. Peggy Simpson Avatar
    Peggy Simpson

    I use a regular stiletto and get tired of searching for it every time I put it down. This little finger stiletto looks like it will be easier to keep track of. 🙂 Several cards are delivered and the rest will go out Monday. I don’t enjoy doing them but love to get them.

  146. Linda Baker Avatar
    Linda Baker

    Have sent 2 cards but want to work on sending more tomorrow. We became first time grandparents on th 4th of D+ec. so now I’m telling the world. Emily is beautiful!!!

  147. Cheryl Avatar

    Christmas cards are done but still have to wrap gifts and shop for the Christmas dinner.

  148. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    We did no cards this year. Just ran out of steam. Going to call the people who we received cards from and catch up on the phone.

  149. Patti Avatar

    Not able to send cards this year. I should really make them out in the summer when I have more time and then I will be ahead of the game, right? Interesting product which I am going to consider purchasing.

  150. Coleen P Avatar
    Coleen P

    This looks awesome. I think this would be such a good solution to burned fingers and looks so easy to use. Thanks for more good info, Lisa !!

  151. Marie Avatar

    Mine are all finished and sent out. I detest Christmas letters that qualify for “who can brag the biggest”, so always add a personal note to each person/family. On the receiving end, If I am actually someone important to the sender, i think I rate something more than a photo sheet of all the places they visited during the year with not even one word to personalize it enough to see they even know who i am. Mass produced letters are tossed away unread, but I love reading a letter or note written by someone who actually knows i am on the other end. (Okay, okay i will jump down off of my soap-box, but you did ask:>)

  152. Julie Deering Avatar
    Julie Deering

    This looks like a tool I will have to purchase. As far as Christmas cards go I do have them mailed. Did not get any sent last year and felt really bad!

  153. Connie Thompson Avatar
    Connie Thompson

    I made ours out around Thanksgiving and then mailed a couple weeks later….I love getting them, so feel it is important to send as well

  154. Claire Avatar

    The cards are done. They were really beautiful this year. I love to collect and save ones that have good motifs for using in wool applique. I save cute gift tags for the same reason. Lots of inspiration there. I have seen the plastic stilettos but not the metal one. Great idea for ironing those tiny pieces. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  155. Mary Avatar

    I actually mailed mine out this past week, probably the earliest ever. I’m usually down to a day or two before Christmas. I’ve always done a photo one with my kids, and now with their spouses and kids. They always grumble, but my friends and relatives say they always look forward to getting my card. That’s wonderful your husband helps. Mine does the licking and sticking of the envelopes.

  156. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    Didn’t get any sent this year. I plan on doing a facebook family picture while visiting my daughter and grandkids this weekend! So many tempting tools to try one a new project after the Holidays!

  157. Kerri V Avatar
    Kerri V

    I always have big plans to make cards but they never quite all get done. Thankfully I have store bought back up so I can get them done and in the mail by monday

  158. Barb Onken Avatar
    Barb Onken

    Most are sent just a couple left. That’s funny- my two daughters did mine while they were living at home- high school ages. It made them nervous that I didn’t get sending them until the last minute. I loved that they did it!

  159. Ann Avatar

    As a matter of fact, we are working on our special cards today! My husband’s two best friends live in cities (where we lived when we met them) and have both said they want to see him working on the tractor. So, today we are staging a Christmas photo for our card with hubby out of his suit and wearing a wifebeater, carhart overalls and a red plaid ear flap hat, sitting on the tractor, plowing snow. We just had dinner with one of his friends last night in NYC and there is no snow there, but we live high in the Adirondacks and have plenty. Our other friend lives in Buffalo, so the snow won’t impress him but the image certainly will.
    Our local friends get store bought cards, because they didn’t know we used to be civilized! I don’t usually send them until a couple of days before…probably don’t arrive until after the holidays, but it is the way I have always done it.

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