Day 5…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 5Day 5…Beam n Read…Do you always seem to need extra light?  I do especially when I am traveling or need to stitch someplace other then at home where my STELLA lives…I use this wonderful light that sends a beam of LED light exactly where I need it…It works awesome in hotels for stitching…you all know I spend a lot of time on the road…This light is light on my neck…the adjustable strap is soft elastic that doesn’t bother me, being around my neck.  It is small easy to store (in my padded zip pouch I keep in with my stitching) but the impact is BIG… It folds flat and when you need it to turn on you flip it up…I thought my batteries were wore out…after I turned it on…no light…forgot you have to flip up the light for it to turn on…I don’t use the magnifier as shown…but maybe some of you would like that option.  Beam N Read is on our site reg. $29.99…on sale for $24..Click HERE if you NEED one of these too!

Time is flying on these NEEDFUL THINGS… If you could have any ONE thing for Christmas…I mean anything…what would it be.  Comment to win a light!




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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

212 thoughts on “Day 5…Needful Things…

  1. If I’m not thinking of quilting things, I’d choose to be celebrating the holidays with my family back east. Quilting wise – and this is waving a magic wand – I’d have an assistant who would take my ideas and then organize all the fabrics and supplies I’d need for each project in one place so all I’d have to do was cut, sew, and quilt. If she/he wanted to cook, that would be fine, too. Thanks for asking. It’s always fun to imagine and dream.

  2. If I could have anything, I’d like a real sewing studio. My main sewing room is my laundry room/pantry. I have my fabric stash in there, my big freezer, and any bulk grocery items that need someplace to be stored. I’d love to have a nice studio where I could have lots of shelving for my stash, an ironing station, my sewing machine and embroidery machine set up at one time on a nice, big sewing table. And maybe even a quilt or two displayed on the wall. Oh and even a design wall!! I love your light! I think it would be great for sewing in the car.

    1. I’m with you! My quilting is done on the kitchen peninsula, and fabrics I intend to use are on the fold-out table in the living room. A room devoted entirely to my quilting…that would be an amazing gift!

  3. I am so grateful for the blessed life I am privileged to have. I would love more time and the ability to use it to its utmost efficiency.

    Light for stitching is oh so essential. I read somewhere that beginning at age 40 you need 50% more task light.

  4. The one thing I would like is more time to do my stitching. I love my Beam n Read when doing my stitching.

  5. If I could have any One thing for Christmas it would be a home closer to my family with a large, dedicated quilting studio. I would love one of these lights too 🙂

  6. If you are speaking of tangible items, I feel grateful that there is nothing that I truly want or need. I wish it were possible to go back in time and once again spend the holidays with love ones that are no longer with us.

  7. If I could have one thing for Christmas, it would be better health for my hubby of 32 years. We planned to retire this year but he is facing serious health issues, so our plans are on hold. He has always been my biggest quilting fan. Would love to try one of these lights to help my handwork. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. I can relate Aggiequilter. My husband I have been married for 34 years and he has suffered from a chronic illness for over 24 of those years. I wish better health ahead for your husband.

  8. If I could have anything I would want a new home. Complete with a awesome craft room of course. And a couple of guest houses on the property so my children can be there for as long as they like. Might as well dream big 🙂

  9. What I really want for Christmas is for my five children to all make it home safely! That and maybe a light box lol!!

  10. My eyes have started to “go” slightly and it’s getting harder to see details with sewing. That light would really help me out with sewing many of your patterns! Thank you for a chance to win:)

  11. I do not really “need” anything for Christmas as I feel I am truly blessed. If I could have anything though, it would be a new house. We are preparing to list our house for sale in the spring with hopes that we can sell and purchase something newer.

  12. If I could have any one thing from your list of needful items, it would be todays featured light. So often I am working where a little extra light would make a huge difference in my ability to see properly….

  13. I have a few things, gut they are beyond what I can ever get. I’m healthy, being a cancer survivor that alone is a biggie. I have my family within a hours drive so I’m happy.

  14. I would love to be the type off person that only needs a few hours of sleep a night! Just think of all the things you could get done instead of sleeping the whole night away! Since I am a night person, that light would sure come in handy when I’m up bumbling around the house.

  15. I would like a quilting machine. I can envision myself whipping through the pile of finished tops that I have.

  16. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas, it would be for Peace throughout our world. Then after that, I would like a maid and cook so I could spend as much time as I wanted quilting.

  17. I don’t have much but I have more than others, I am truly blessed in so many ways, my children, memories of their late father, my faith in our Lord, a job, home. But what I really do need is more time so I’d could travel more to see my daughter who lives in New York and of course time to quilt. I have many hand sewing projects to finish and I bet this light would help! Love to have one.
    Thanks for all you bring to the quilting community.

  18. If I could have any one thing besides the Miss America responses, which we all want … World Peace, an end to cancer, no more war, etc. …..Well, the inanimate object I would choose is a long arm machine! And if that’s too much, Santa, how about Lisa’s favorite Juki? Oh, and a studio with decent lighting … I sew in the basement and it’s pretty dim. But I’d really go for the cancer cure, if wishes came true.

  19. I have most of what I need, I am fortunate. If I wanted to add something to my want list, I want a new machine, and hopefully can get the one I want in early 2015. Stella lights are awesome, I don’t have this one, I see where it would be a huge advantage for me with my “older eyes”. I have found, brighter is better.

  20. If I could have anything I wished for it would be to have all of my boys home with their families but in reality I know that isn’t possible but we can always wish right .

  21. I would love to have to spend more time with my grands, and provide some extra cash for a little extra fun for the people I love and a few quilt/stitching retreats for me wouldn’t hurt either ; ). I have been saying I need more light for my hand work. I was thinking of a “headlight”, this may be even better and looks comfortable.

  22. Oh my have I been looking for this light! We are traveling more and getting enough light is a challenge. Going on my list of must haves.

  23. I think that light is a great solution to stitching, even during the day, when you are stitching same color thread as your base item.

    The one thing that I would love to see is peace in America and then in the world. Being realistic…I guess the most wanted “thing” would be a professionally planned sewing room.

  24. I can’t wait to try it! i have something else which goes around my neck and doesn’t work at all. The light isn’t strong enough. it’s hard to stitch when the light stinks. Vicky

  25. That task light is such a great idea and would definitely be of use for me! I/we have been mightily blessed and look forward to Christmas with family. I pray for the time and energy to complete all the ideas that continually swirl in my head!!!!! LOL!

  26. my wish would be to travel a couple of provinces west to visit my son, while travelling it would be nice if I won the light. Merry Christmas

  27. Light looks wonderful especially for travel BUT I am wondering about the pouch/bag you use to put your stitching in! LOL I am using a plastic zip bag for embroidery and one for hand applique; looking for an option for my wool and wondering if there is a better option than the plastic ones. Maybe that will be “Needful” thing for tomorrow.
    Wishing wonderful and great things for grandkids and our 2 little great – granddaughters!! Love those little girlies!

  28. Oooo….I love and need this light! Going to have to order. I got my Christmas gift last night…my sailor son came home on leave for Christmas! One happy mama here!

  29. I would love to have a brand new home with a big quilting studio that includes a new computerized Gammill longarm. Nothing wrong with dreaming big.

  30. My one wish for Christmas is for a kitchen and bathroom remodel. Stuck in a 1970’s time warp here! LOL

  31. No more homeless animals? No more homeless people? World peace? A sewing room that fit everything rather than being spread between 2 rooms, one hall pantry and the garage?

  32. Sounds like a great solution for us older quilters. Good light becomes more important as I am aging. Hate to admit that. Lol. But often the light just isn’t good enough for hand stitching. Another good product that I have never seen. That’s why “needful things” is so “needful” to everyone. Thanks for taking the time to post all this great info.

  33. I do not need anything. I wish for a happy healthy 2015, for my family. The light looks very nice, I can also see where it would come in handy for knitting also.

  34. If I could have anything for Christmas, it would be for my youngest son to meet someone and have a wife and family like my other two kids!

  35. I would love to have my mother back. I miss her so much. Christmas was her favorite time of the year and she brought so much joy to our lives. Christmas has not been the same since her passing-maybe I’ll decorate my tree next year. It’s up, but no decorations. Pretty anyway. On a brighter note, I bought the original Beam and Read when it first came out years ago. It only had a tiny bulb which did not put out much light. This newer version looks great with the LED lights. I think those would help tremendously. Would love to give it a try.

  36. I would love this light to help me finish a 15 year needlepoint project I started in 1999. It’s black on black and it’s for a friend. Sure hope we are both still around when I finish it, lol

  37. That looks perfect for me. I always need extra light for my stitching ! Lisa, thanks for doing the Needful list again this year, I always learn about products that would be helpful in my quilting and crafting.
    What I would love to have for Christmas is getting my left eye sight back. I had an eye stroke back in June of this year and then developed a macular hole too. I will have the mac. hole surgery in Jan.2015, so hopefully it will be a late Christmas present !!!

  38. I would love to have a new sewing machine with all the bells and whistles for my love of quilting. Thanks for sharing all your needful things they all would be great to have.

  39. I have all I need and want…I know that I am so blessed. If anything….hmmmmm….to continue to grow I my faith…

  40. I would love for my family to be able to go back at least 4 years. Then my husband would still be alive and my Mom would be 100 percent.

  41. There is no material thing that I need as I am blesses with what I have. The one thing that I would like for Christmas is for my children to be happy and healthy in life and for my son to continue to stay on the right path in life.

  42. My wish would be for all of my siblings and our kids and grandkids to be able to be together again for xmas, like we were in Mom and Dad were still alive. Those xmas memories fill my heart each Xmas. But since we can’t go back a little world peace would be nice. Or a light to see me stitching at night!

  43. If I could have one thing it would be retirement, and the gift of time. Life is about spending time with loved ones, and life seems busy all the time. Thank you for your postings and generous heart.

  44. I have a Beam and Read and CANNOT live without it!!!! I use it for stitching, reading and taking the dog out for her last piddle! :o) I use it SEVERAL times a day…and often wear it around my neck like jewelry! If you don’t own one then order it NOW…this is the cheapest price that I have ever seen! No I am not getting paid to say all this! This product is the BEST!!
    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Beam n Read New Year!

  45. I have everything I need and cannot think of anything I want… maybe continued good health for me and my family

  46. To have my daughter home this year for Christmas. She is in the military and it has been three years since she has been able to be home with us for Christmas. I am off work over the Christmas break for two weeks and when she does get home we spend the time watching Christmas movies and drinking wine. Hopefully next year!

  47. If I could have anything, it would be the talent of Linda H., so I could have my Words to Live By and Sunflower Gatherings quilted as beautifully as yours!

  48. I would wish for another sewing machine. I only have one and it was in the shop and boy did I miss it!!

  49. I feel so blessed in my life-health, a beautiful family, all the creature comforts I want. So, I guess the one thing I would like is for everyone’s Christmas dream to come true. Merry Christmas, Lisa.

  50. I am blessed right now with everything calm so I am happy! If I could have a loft quilting studio built above our garage ……it would be amazing. That’s a dream because realistically it would be more space to keep clean and organized and I would still need more “awake” time to do all the things I dream up! Your light looks fantastic!!

  51. I would like a get away to a warmer climate, fly all my family members in a private charter, all meals cooked, cleaning magically done, and plenty of time to relax and enjoy in the laughter and good times with family. Peace on the earth would be nice too.

  52. My eyes are needing a light and a magnifying glass, especially for the hand sewing, which I love to do!

  53. I would wish for my kids to be successful and happy in the New Year. That light looks like a good thing for eyes that get tired or for stitching in the recliner away from the good light.

  54. I have many material things that need replacing, but most of all I would like peace and happiness in my family. This light would be awesome too, since I need good lighting with all my eye issues.

  55. I have so much more than I need, there isn’t much to wish for. I pray our country would get turned around and on the right track again!

  56. my most needful thing is time….to sew to my hearts content and of course clean up my sewing room. Sewing has been like therapy for me since my parents passed away. I found primitive garherings at the same time and the patterns, kits and BOM’s have been a joy to work on. I’m so excited to hear you will be opening a shop in California! It will mean my favorite destination is close enough to visit for a day! Thank you for thinking of us out here. Wishing you lots of love and happiness in the new year.-D

  57. Great item! When I saw you using this at The Gathering I knew I had to have one! I will get more stitching done with this! Christmas time is family time! Best wishes for the New Year.

  58. If I could have at least one thing, it would be that my husband get well.
    I already have this light and it is very helpful.

  59. It has happened Christmas with my brother after 40 years apart, now if I could have my kids and grandkids be a part of it also. Am truly blessed to have so many friends , they have become our family. I would love to visit Primitive Gatherings and a light would be nice also.

  60. After seeing this Beam n Read light I would have to say that is one item I would like because the older I get, I realize I can never have enough light for my stitching and quilting needs!

  61. I don’t need anything but I would love if a group of elves would magically appear and organize my sewing room! Things are out of control! LOL!

  62. I wish for more time with my two Grandchildren and a job for my husband, who lost his job 15 months ago at age 60. You will love bring a Grandma! The travel light looks great.

  63. Most of all I would wish for my children to have a great future and healthy future. This has been a very challenging year for my oldest daughter and I want her to be healthy and leave this year behind.

  64. My wish is for time with my 85 year old mom in Ohio, my siblings and their families, along with my husband and grown children. It happens once a year, a crazy blessed time! I would enjoy getting the light, as These eyes are not what they used to be! 🙂

  65. At 53 yrs, and I do alot of handwork, I would soo appreciate a portable light like this when travelling and at home. Hats off to Primitive Gatherings cheerful giveaways!

  66. My first wish would be a magic wand to wave and stop all the hatred in the world. Next would be the magic of an assistant to cut out all the pieces for my latest projects. I’ve tried to train my dear sweet hubby, but it isn’t working. He does have his own seam ripper though, to take apart old woolen clothing for me! 🙂

  67. There is nothing I really need, I guess. I would like to have someone who makes me feel the same way music makes me feel ……… and, of course, world peace.

  68. What I would want for Christmas is to just feel normal again after going through breast cancer treatments all year. But I am lucky to be alive and have this wonderful hobby of quilting. I think that light would be very helpful because when I go to friends houses there never seems to be enough light. Thanks.

  69. Good Health both physical and mental for some family members but for me a pair of Dovos scissors! Really dont need anything special but being content and happy

  70. The fondest desire of my heart is for all 5 of my children, 12 grandkids = all 24 of us;.to be together. Since we have 2 sons in the Army and we live in 4 different states, we haven’t all been together for 4 years.

  71. A new house at our lake property without having to deal with construction and contractors!! Just wiggle my nose and it would be done. Of course it would include the perfect quilt studio overlooking the water – boy am I dreaming!!

  72. I wish everyone in the world could be safe, warm and well fed. I have one of these lights and it is fabulous. You can even do your stitching when the power is out! It is nice and small and fits in your purse. Great product!

  73. If I could have anything for Christmas I would want my mom to be able to live on her own and not a nursing home. I’d love that light. Seems like I need lots of light to stitch lately. Bet this would help!

  74. If I could have anything for Christmas it would be the white Porsche 993 that I saw downtown LA yesterday. They were only made from 1995-1998 and are very expensive but such a beautiful car! I know……this has nothing to do with sewing…..sorry!

  75. I am very, very lucky. I am retired and pretty much have everything I “need” with the exception of two things…my Mom and Dad. My Mom passed away when I was very young and my Dad joined her seven years ago this month. December is always a very hard month for me and I would give anything to have both of my parents again. I missed having my Mom around for so many things…my childhood years, college years, marriage, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am blessed with two beautiful children and their families and I would have liked my Mom to know all of them.

  76. A new Juki sewing machine would be nice. Seriously, I do not need anything, but would like for my niece and nephew (who are like my own) to have a happy and healthy future as they mature into adults.

  77. Would love to have all my family here at our house for Christmas. I moved away from CA to LA retiring to the area where my husband grew up. We have a wonderful life here and this is where I learned to quilt and have made some wonderful friends. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, just miss the family get togethers during holiday times.

  78. A long arm quilting machine would be nice! I would give up all of my quilting treasures to have had more time with my daughter who lost her brave battle to cancer two years ago this month.

  79. Lisa, you know how blessed my family is….. After my grandson’s freak accident he is happy, healthy and enjoying life.. God answered our pleas and we are so thankful. I would ask that other families have the joy ours has this year to celebrate the birth of our Savior. …….. The light would be great, by the way!

  80. Lisa, I love this light and cant wait to have one. I am also SEW EXCITED to have a store on the West Coast. cn’t wait for my next trip South to visit…

  81. My grandson is in the Navy and coming home from Japan for a two week visit all I want is safe travel home and back and all of us together again.

  82. There are many heartfelt wishes I could state, but on the top of my practical list is Alpaca socks! Thanks Lisa, for your hard work and fun posts!

  83. These lights are wonderful. I would like this for reading at night. And, trust me, someday you will need the magnification!

  84. I would love a dedicated sewing room, with a place for everything, lots of light and a long arm quilting machine. Big dreams, but if you don’t dream it can’t happen. This light would be amazing, as I get older I need all the light I can get!

  85. My continued good health. That leads to everything else that’s important in my life. Of course this little light sure would be very nice as well!

  86. So beyond the things that we all want and can’t control (world peace, end to hunger, great education for all) I selfishly would like one more bedroom added to my house. My children and grandchildren seem to like to come to Mimi’s house. But we are so crowded when we all are home. It’s fun to fantasize the design of an addition.
    Thank you for the chances to win the needful things.

  87. I’m redoing my comment as it used an invalid email address and I didn’t notice it until after I hit enter. I’d love to have a grandchild, and an A-1 long arm. The light looks great!

  88. While not possible, I would love to spend an hour with my mom. She passed away in June and so this Christmas I am so thankful for her and all of her inspiration in my life. She taught me to sew and encouraged me in all of my creating. Thank you for the opportunity to win this task light. I do have a hard time hand sewing at night. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  89. I would love one day with my brother who has been dead over 43 years. He was 18 and I was 19 when he was killed. He was my best friend too. Other than that, I am truly blessed!

  90. If we’re dreaming big here, I would really love a nice long trip touring Europe. But I’m pretty happy with the blessings I’ve received already this year!

  91. The one thing I would want is to have all of my kids, grands, and greats together for a huge time!! That hasn’t happened since 08! Wish It could! Family means the most! And, if I had a number two wish, it would be time in 2015 to finish all those UFOs in my sewing room! Thanks!

  92. Perfect for traveling with family! When they are telling me to turn off the lights and I have just one more stitch… Lol. Would love to have my parents travel up for Christmas, but the weather is always to iffy…

    1. I would need the light and magnifier or I wouldn’t be able to see to stitch. What a blessing they are.

  93. I am truly blessed with a brand newly remodeled kitchen, so I guess I already got what I really wanted. Hope your Christmas dreams come true.

  94. To live close to my daughter! 1000 miles is just to far. After that, retirement and space to put a long arm machine to just play with!

  95. I would like a reliable available handyman on call to repair all the things around the house the way I would like them fixed! I would also like to try this light….I need the magnifier too.

  96. My Dad & Grandmother are passed on, so I would love to have just one more Christmas with them. Miss them lots. Most importantly I have 3 beautiful little grandsons and my kids are healthy, my husband & I happy and we be all together on Christmas. Love the little light. Some nights my eyes are a bit tired and even though the light at my chair is great this would be very helpful.

  97. This is the easiest answer to give. One more family Christmas with the 2 children and other loved ones that are no longer with us.

  98. Good price on that light Lisa. One gift I would truly appreciate is a better sewing machine for quilting. Merry Christmas

  99. It might be a silly thing, but the one thing I’d really like is someone to come in and clean house for me so that I don’t feel so guilty about sewing when there is house work to do.

  100. I want the energy and courage to help my husband fight his Alzheimers , and while I am wishing, I wish for a cure for this horrible disease.

  101. We have lost our two sons at early ages and to have them for one Christmas with our daughter and her family would be a joy.

  102. If I could have anything it would be full recovery from my concussion. At least I can stitch! Though not for too long. So excited for your new store. Wish I lived in Southern California. Guess I will have to try and visit my sister as I live in Northern California. Thanks for these posts. I look forward to them each day. K-

  103. Yes my light never seems bright enough so I might just have to give this a try. Thank you for doing these posts, it’s really helpful for those of us who are new to the quilting/stitching world.

  104. What I want for Christmas looks like it is going to happen…all of our family will be home to celebrate together.

  105. More time to do more quilting of my own! The light looks like something I really could use a lot for English Paper Piecing! Thanks for the giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  106. The one thing I would want for Christmas is for all of my 5 children and their families to come home. I know it will never happen as they all live all over the country. So my real wish is for them to have love, joy, and peace…and wishes that we could be together.

  107. This looks like just the thing for me. I have tried Ott free standing lights and they don’t seem to work for me. Having this one around my neck might just direct the light where i need it most.

  108. World Peace and Good Health to All! People to be Kind to One Other!

    The light looks great. I was just thinking about a light for stitching and possibly reading when there is not a good light source around. Maybe this will do the trick for both! Thanks!

    1. Just wondering…the advertisement picture shows the 6 LED light, but the inset picture of it being worn shows the 3 LED light. This is on the website. Do you know how many LEDs the light you sell is?

  109. Very cool light, thinking of getting one, even though I like my fasionable headlamp, lol. One can never have too many gadgets! Plus the way I misplace things these days, I need 2-3 for backup!!

    1. I found the one gift question difficult, probably because I don’t like limitations, lol. So I decided to sleep on it. I suppose it would be for good health and happiness for all. Tho that may be streching the one gift part. Illness of any kind is like a thief that comes in and steels something precious from you. On a lighter fantasmical note… the mind swirls with fun ideas, lol… a house, or a beagle puppy for Vincent, or a gammil, lol, or a studio, or win the million dollar jackpot hahaha. Anything’s possible.

  110. Just one thing? Too hard. If you are talking objects like tools, I would love an endless supply of SAS2. I love all the little tools I have but they always will be there. The SAS2 has to be replenished. I would love the guarantee that I will live long enough to make all the quilts that are in my head, plus all the kits and patterns I have in my sewing room. Pure fantasy — I know!

  111. What would I want for Christmas – my wish would be that I could have one more day or better yet many moreyears with my grandson, Bryant, who left this world at the young age of 19 (way before his time). My other wish would be that my husband could be cured of his metastatic cancer. This is not how we planned our retirement, we barely started this journey.
    Why would I like the light, it is the answer to my hand stitching needs. I am reminded of the lyrics to a song that came to my mind when the light was mentioned as a needful thing. “Go light your candle, run to the darkness, seek out the homeless, confused and torn, light your candle, go light Your World”. This candle would light my world of quilting.

  112. I am very blessed to have a beautiful home and everything I need plus good health. I’m content but it sure would be nice to have a cook. I’m not fond of cooking. The light seems like a great thing to have and would be really nice for reading.

  113. I was just saying to my sister if there was one thing I could have (or most important is to do), is to be able to pay (anonymously) for presents for some families in need. I do as much as I can but I know there are so many out there that need help.

  114. I have the original version of this light with the single little bulb, might be time to get a new one. My wish for Chtistmas is to live long enough to finish all my PG kits and SBOW’s…I really have a lot of them! LOL!!

  115. To be able to spend another Christmas at Disney World with my family while we are all healthy to enjoy it.

  116. Wow – do I need one of these!! I can only think of the MANY times in the last year I’ve needed
    more light for reading or stitching!!

  117. I feel so blessed already but my biggest wish is for my mom to have fewer aches from her arthritis, and better heart health for my mother-in-law.
    I agree on the needed extra light, especially as my eyes get older. 🙂

  118. I am so blessed with many things. I would really love to have our daughter and son-in-law come for Christmas so the whole family could be together.

  119. Well, if we are talking ANYTHING….then I would have to say I would like to have good health to be able to enjoy all the other things in life. Merry Christmas Lisa, Kristy

  120. I really need this light, I love all my led lights in the house, but still need some kind of light close up.

  121. The one thing I would want would be to have all my children live close. We won’t see one daughter and son-in-law this Christmas along with their 4 adorable boys because they are so far. 🙁 The “things” I really want are not things. That said, the light does look interesting, and I’d love to try it. I’ve tried two different ones, and would love to try this one, but I must draw the line at buying another–unless I knew it would reeeeeeeally help me.

  122. Hi Lisa, the one thing I would like I already have – i just arrived at my daughter’s house and got to hug and kiss my sweet little grandson…..nothing could be better!

  123. The light is brilliant!! Thanks for sharing!! Happiness around the Holidays is all that is needed. 😊

  124. I am thankful for everything I have, but I would love to have more time for sewing and stitching. The light looks like it would be very helpful.

  125. Undistracted time with the family-no phones, TV, electronic games, etc. Just face to face time!

  126. The Beam N Read looks cool. If I could could get my wish for Christmas it would be a set of artist oil paints and some painting supplies like a palette knife, some brushes and canvases. That would be awesome.

  127. Oh, hey, if I could have ANYTHING, I’d get Santa to bring me an Innova longarm! Not the one with a computer, but a really nice one, nevertheless. Thanks for the chance to win a light. The strap on mine is messed up and it doesn’t work very well.

  128. My heart’s desire would be one more Christmas with my beautiful daughter. I have a quilter’s brain, but a mother’s heart. Since she passed, Christmas has lost a special part of its joy. If I can’t have one more Christmas I’d take five minutes to hug her and tell her how much I love her.

  129. My wish for Christmas is just to have more time to “be”. Time to spend with family, sew, read, even clean my house and stay on top of bills and paperwork. The past few years have been very busy with work and it’s time to rebalance.

  130. The one thing I would want for Christmas is the energy I had…..due to my health issues……I don’t accomplish like I did, but I am so grateful… many people are dealing with so much more… eyesight is greatly compromised which is one of the issues…so I think one of those lights is something I need to order….it would help! I am so lucky to have my children, husband and fulfilling work, as well as tremendous friends…..if my health can ever improve – there is nothing else I could ever ask for. Merry almost Christmas!

  131. The one thing I want for Christmas is a new liver for my sister….she is on the transplant list. I have heard good things about the Beam n Read light and think it would come in very handy. Merry Christmas!

  132. Health and happiness for all my family and friends. We are all so caught up in “stuff”, I think we forget that being happy is not about stuff, it is about each other. Happy Holidats!

  133. I can’t think of a thing I really need but I guess if I could have anything I would like a longarm to quilt my pieced tops. I have a short bed system thats pretty old. I too search for perfec light. This light iis now on my wish list.

  134. I have been disappointed many times to realize that I could not stitch away from home due to poor light. So this light is on my list to order after Christmas along with a few other things from your site.
    I feel very blessed. I received any early present this year and now have a new long arm in my basement. That had been on my list for a while. And, oh, if only I could get that extra day of the week!

  135. I live in a log cabin, off-grid. I generate my own electricity with stream engines and solar panels. Light is always an issue! I have great task lighting in my sewing area, but I love to hand sew in the living room in the evening…next to the fire for warmth. I don’t have a great task lamp or even good overhead lighting in that room…we are working on replacing recessed lighting in the cathedral ceiling with something more efficient and useful…but that is hard to find. So for Christmas, I have asked Santa for help with this! And this little beauty would be a great start!!!! Merry Christmas!

  136. I am very thankful for my family to all be close and wish that the family unit was coming back to being a new fad thing

  137. I am blessed to have a dedicated room for sewing. I even have a walk in closet to store my fabric. My wish for Christmas is motivation….I am such a slug I keep putting off getting it set up and organized. Just writing about it makes me want it even more. There ! I confessed! The light would be great my eyesight is not what it used to be…..old plumbing, old bones and a forgetful brain! Life is good. Lee

  138. If I could have one thing…. I can tell you this only because I know my daughter does not read this blog. If I could have one thing it would be for her to tell me she is pregnant. They have been trying for a long time and I know it would make them so happy.

  139. I’m adding this light to my Christmas list…you can never have too much light when stitching. The thing I would want most would be a ranch home in the country with my own sewing room.

  140. If I could have one thing for Christmas it would be to have someone pay off my debts. This light looks like it would be perfect to use when I’m camping and doing my hand stitching.

  141. If I could have one thing for Christmas it would be more time. Especially more time with Family. Being in retail and the tough business this year we are “required” to stay in town, no vac. and available 24×7. I miss the old days where things were simpler. Church Christmas Eve candlelight service, lots of carols, great choir music, grandparents coming over to watch us open presents (there weren’t many) but you were happy with what little we got. It was that TIME with loved ones, the hugs and the laughter. that made it special. They are all gone now (Grandparents and now Mom this year).

    So, time for new traditions, but the struggle now is the time.

    Love the light idea, haven’t seen this one before. I LOVE lots of light when I’m working on my stitching.

    Happy Holidays!

  142. After visiting our local Humane Society yesterday, I would wish for Christmas for every dog and cat to find a happy, good home for the Holidays. My husband and I over the past years have donated to the shelter instead of buying each other gifts. Some wonderful sole matches your donation in the month of December. Two of our best fuzzy children have came from the pound and we Love them so much. Dogs just make you smile.
    Karen M

  143. This light looks fantastic. I will have to check it out. I travel a bit, and the poor lighting on the airplane makes handwork very difficult – even with the help of reading glasses. Merry Christmas!

  144. Any one thing for Christmas – that is challenging – we are so very blessed in more ways than we deserve. I enjoy making memories with my family and pray that we can be a blessing to others.

  145. I love my beam n read light and I could use another one for travel so I am not misplacing it and wasting time looking for it. LOL. One thing to wish for is hard, one would think it is so easy. Selfishly I wish I could just have a month to work on projects and not have to worry about work, cooking and other chores.

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