Day 4…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 4Day 4…TWEEZERS-now this NEEDFUL things was recently given to me as a gift, Thanks Jakey!…Martelli_Tweezers-300 I recently have finished some wool appliqué projects that have some tiny pieces…these tweezers tremendously aided in moving around, tucking and placing those appliqué pieces just right.  One of my friends says she cannot do tiny wool appliqué…she states:  “My fingers are like sausages…they can’t work with those tiny appliqués”…Well…this is just what is needed.  A stiletto is fine for moving…but sometimes you need to lift one shape to tuck under another and that is why I love the tweezer…It is also handy for picking out those threads from ripped seams, when the rubber thingy doesn’t pull them out..look at how sharp those points are!!!……now this tweezer is very reasonably priced at $8.50…on Sale for $6.80. Click HERE if you NEED to order one for yourself…IMG_1436IMG_1437
and I love the black..It so sleek and sexy and feels good in your hands.  I also have made this little nifty 3 compartment carrier for my 5″ DOVO SCISSORS, by tweezers and my NEEDLE THREADER for peele cotton.  Now Everythings is nice and handy…I will have a pattern for this carrier in an up coming- book about WOOL!  Hopefully it will be out for Spring Market.IMG_1433IMG_1435 2


I will be adding the Tweezer to my class supply lists as it is a handy tool…especially if we have sausage fingers…lol…For a chance to win this lovely tweezer tell me who your 3 favorite quilt pattern/fabric designers are?  Do you pay attention to that or not? If someone asked you right now what quilt you are piecing or wool project your are stitching would you be able to tell them?

I’m a little tired from the party last night…so will post about that tomorrow… here is a peek at my “ugly ornament”…made in the last 5 minutes before leaving for the party…IMG_1401I found an old kitchen sponge under the sink…wacked it off with my rotary cutter and inserted the “trunk” which gave it a nice modern feel…and then added some perle cotton for a hanger…I know we are all busy running around doing Christmas stuff…have a great day.

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  1. Christine S. Avatar
    Christine S.

    Ha! Am I the first to comment? Designer number 1: You! of course!! My daughter and I are making a beautiful winterquilt right now with your snowman gatherings line. She is only 12, but she’s made some lovely stitchery;s for the quilt. I was just ordering new fabric, when this post came online 😉
    I pay attention to designers; it’s always great what you all come up with!!
    We also like Joanna Figuarera (fig tree quilts); australian designers like Susan Smith and many more.
    Love your ‘ugly ornament’ LOL

  2. ckcowl Avatar

    My 3 favorite designers– heck ya I pay attention! How else would I find more from them? :). You! Since my Backyard Gathering quilt I’ve been an avid fan. Missie Carpenter, another one doing fun stuff with wool. And Karen K. Stone. I love paper piecing so, Karen is a favorite. Over the years I have ( fallen in love) with many…. It is hard to only name 3 . right off the top of my head I can probably add at least a dozen more to the list of Favorites. But, I do check You & Missie first when looking for inspiration and a new project.
    Those tweezers would definitely be handy!

  3. Mary Ann Avatar

    Yes, I definitely pay attention to designers. You would be on the top of the list. There isn’t anything I don’t like! Because I love repros, I would put Judie Rothermel on the list, along with patterns by Carol Hopkins. Love many of the Australian designers. Currently have Mrs. Billings Coverlet as a WIP. There are so many talented designers today, but I always go back to my favorites.

  4. John Scibran Avatar
    John Scibran

    My three favorites right now is of course you, Buttermilk Basin & Lynette Anderson. I think the look of the design is more important than the designer. If the picture catches my eye, I’ll get it. Right now I’m working on your Warm Winter Blessings wall hanging. My local quilt shop and local wool shop are collaborating on this as a block of the month. Just got month 4 of the 6 months to work on for the holidays.

  5. Dawn Avatar

    It is hard to come up with three favorite designers, but you are surely on the list. Also, Jinny Better and Edyta Sitar. Thank you for the chance to win the tweezers, they look so handy!

  6. Holly M. Avatar
    Holly M.

    Love that pink sponge ornament Lisa! Very clever of you. Made me smile. . . . . Yes, I do pay attention to designers and follow what they are doing. My favorites are you (of course), Edyta Sitar, Kim Diehl and Pam Buda. And, even though they are no longer in production, I love Thimbleberries fabrics and continue to collect them. Hope you and your DH has a good time at the party!

  7. Mary Avatar

    I don’t know the names of the designers but once I see a pattern I like, it’s usually from one of them. I do like your designs for wool and also the applique patterns. I like a mixture of things and have found myself looking at more modern designs perhaps from Freshly Pieced and recently I ‘ve looked at more of Bonnie Hunter designs. I do like your carrier for the scissors, threader, etc.

  8. Jamie Avatar

    You are definitely at the top of the list , but I also love Kim Diehll and Terri Degenkolb. Those tweezers look really cool. Thanks.

  9. lenorew1 Avatar

    I follow several designers on FB or via their blogs. You are definitely one, I also follow Bonnie Hunter and Kim Diehl . Currently I am working on you 10th Anniversary stitch along and Bonnie’s Grand Illusion Mystery. I am also doing Kim’s Simple What Nots. Paying attention is important to me. It’s my best source of information since I live in a rural part of northern MI. BTW, love the looks of those tweezers,

  10. Terri Avatar

    Well I hope you won the contest, cuz ugly it is!!! Lol… A+++ for creativity though. It is hard sometimes to get past the photo on the pattern because of the fabrics used and many times if it weren’t for a shop sample I wouldn’t buy it. In my stash of patterns I guess the top 3 would be yours, Jo Morton and Carol Hopkins and Kim Diehl… AND… there are so many talented designers it is hard to narrow. I tend to gravitate to reproduction fabrics. Working on your Anniversary stitch along at the moment. Thanks for

  11. Sheila Avatar

    You would be at the top of the list and I also love many others , thanks for the chance .

  12. Pat Morrow Avatar
    Pat Morrow

    My favorite designers are Kim Diehl, Jo Morton and yourself for you fantastic wool patterns. If I could add a 4th, it would be Maraha McCloskey for her feathered stars.

  13. Brenda Peplinskie Avatar
    Brenda Peplinskie

    Of course, you are one of my top three, and I just finished my version of your Homestead quilt. I also love Edyta Sitar and Kim Diehl …. and of course Lori Smith.

  14. Vickie Avatar

    Lisa, You of course would top the list! I also love anything from Edyta at Laundry Basket, Buttermilk Basin,Mary Ann at Red Crinoline, Ooops that’s more than 3. Face it I have an addiction and I’m proud of it! Best of luck with the new store and you are in my thoughts and prayers as we start a new year. Vickie

  15. Gina Avatar

    You! Kathy Schmitz and Buttermilk Basin. I love the ugly Christmas ornament, too funny!

  16. carol n Avatar
    carol n

    You, Judy Niemeyer and Edyta Sitar are my favs! I have not done any wool applique yet, just started with cotton. But I have started a wool stash for when I get better, and have more time, I think I want time for Christmas!

  17. sue singer Avatar
    sue singer

    My 3 favorite designers are you, Norma Whaley, and Sue Sparg . Hope I win

  18. Kary Heck Avatar
    Kary Heck

    You, Pat Sloan and Bonnie Hunter. All different but wonderful.

  19. Kathy Avatar

    I do pay attention to designers and prefer the ones who create traditional-looking patterns, preferably in repro or prim fabrics. So that would be you (of course), Pam Buda and Kim Diehl.

  20. Karen Gibson Avatar
    Karen Gibson

    I always have a wool project going. And it’s always one of yours. Especially during baseball season. It’s how I can justify sitting and watching baseball every night. (“I’m working on my wool project– don’t need to sit at my machine tonight” I justify). I also gravitate towards Edyta fabrics and designs. Most anything reproduction. Recently Aboriginals have struck a cord with me– their story for the designs, the color and movement. On a recent trip to CA for annual girlfriend week, I found lots. My friend & I bought a fun piece that we are calling our challenge fabric. We each got some and need to make the other something with it. We can add up to 3 other fabrics. Reveal is on Opening Day 2015. Fun. I think this makes 4 but I also love the color tones in Lynette Anderson’s fabric lines. You didn’t ask for a complete list of obsessions, right?
    Thanks for a great blog filled with plenty of inspiration and a glimpse into the busy life of a wonderful designer who keeps ya all stitching!

  21. Barbara Avatar

    You are my favorite. My other two favorite designers are Norma Whaley and Kim Diehl.

  22. SheilaS Avatar

    Can I name four? I would name in no particular order: Jo Morton, Carol Hopkins, the quilts they make at Country Sampler and yours. I tend to be a more traditional or primitive quilter and those designers seem to meet my requirements for making nifty quilts! I really like those tweezers (you have shown some interesting needful things this week) and I LOVE that wool scissor holder and now I can’t wait to see the wool book when it comes out. I also want you to know that I am thinking about you at this time.

  23. Darlene D'Eon Avatar
    Darlene D’Eon

    Great little keeper. I’m always looking for something to maneuver small pieces with. My three favs are, Lisa Bongean, Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. And yes, I most always know who’s pattern I’m doing.

  24. Kathleen King Avatar
    Kathleen King

    I can’t wait to hear how you did at the party with your ugly ornament cause it sure is ugly. LOL. I do pay attention to designers, you are right up there on my list. I also like Minick and Simpson as well as Mary Sorensen and many others. There are so many wonderfully talented designers! Love the tweezers and the carrier you made for it.

  25. Rose Avatar

    I needed those tweezers yesterday when I was ripping out some FMQ because I had tucked under part of the backing while sewing. Another life lesson learned, always check that your backing is out of the way. Love the three compartment carrier for all of those nifty tools. You would have to be my favorite designer and I have followed you for many years now. In fact, you are the one that convinced me to purchase a Juki and I have never been sorry, LOVE my Juki! I am also a big fan of Stacy from Buttermilk Basin and Pam Buda. I have made plans to meet all three of you in February, 2016 for the Sun and Stitches Needlework Cruise, just hope I haven’t jinxed anything by talking about it too soon. What an imaginative and ugly ornament, it is almost cute.

  26. jangezon Avatar

    Love the tweezers, good not just for sausage fingers, but old fingers that sometimes well not cooperate like they use to. Way to go on the sponge..nice pattern choice, all of mine are plain green!

  27. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    You are my favorite wool designer. Are there other designers out there? (Lol) More than 9 out of 10 times the wool items I am drawn to turn out to be your designs.

  28. Maureen Avatar

    Of course you are a favorite designer along with Crabapple Hill and Jo Morton. I love your sponge ornament!

  29. Sharon hollingsworth Avatar
    Sharon hollingsworth

    Love the tweezers, hard to narrow to three because I love sewing to much. Kim Diehl, Eydta Sitar, and drumroll pleaseeeeee…… Lisa Bongean!!!!!!

  30. Karen Avatar

    My favorite designers are of course you Lisa, Laundry Basket, and Buttermilk Basin. The tweezers look like something that would be very helpful for my sausage fingers.

  31. Laurel H Avatar
    Laurel H

    Lisa Bongean
    Minick & Simpson
    Anything Batik

  32. Janet Avatar

    Only 3? Judy Rothemel, Lisa Bongean (of course!), Minick & Simpson … Paula Barnes, Piece O Cake, Kathy Schmitz. I probably have about 20 more favorites, too!
    These tweezers look nifty.

  33. Lisa Avatar

    I have a friend who uses tweezers like this for card-making tasks and they would have been useful to me as I made my cards this year. Quilting is my first passion though, and the first three designers that come to my mind are your designs, Edyta Sitar and Joanne Figueroa. Those are the three sites I check for what is new after market times. I have others that i like, but those are my top three.

  34. Janan Avatar

    My favorite three designers are: #1 Lisa Bongean – I love wool too! #2 FigTree Quilts – I love the colors of coral, therefore I love the fabrics! #3 Edyta Sitar – I love her techniques and blends fabs with batiks!
    And I have lots of others too!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  35. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    Yep–that is one ugly ornament! My favorite pattern designers are Jo Morton, Blackbird Designs and you, of course! I can’t wait to see the new book–eek!

  36. Janice Avatar

    Paula Barnes, Gretchen Gibbons, and you design things that always speak to me. I do pay attention to designers because some can write good patterns and some can design but cannot write a pattern that doesn’t add hours to the project simply because of poorly written instructions.

  37. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    For wool designers, I love yours, for scrappy, it’s gotta be Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville and Judy Niemeyer for paper piecing. Thanks so much for sharing

  38. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    I love your ugly ornament – makes me laugh! I could have used those tweeezers when I was prepping those SBOW blocks! Favorite designers…you, Kim Diehl, and Heart to Hand – I’m making her Merry Christmas quilt right now – love that quilt.

  39. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    Jo Morton, Kim Diehl, you And Carol Hopkins. Sorry, but I can’t list just 3!

  40. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    There are a lot of wonderful designers out there and its hard to choose but I love your designs, Jan Patek designs and Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm. Thanks for another needful thing.

  41. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    My three favorite pattern/fabric designers are you ( I currently have several things in the works that you designed), Kim Diehl and Pat Bravo. Your ugly ornament is just too funny and rather clever! I don’t have sausage fingers but the tweezers look like they have pin point accuracy and would aid in any task that involves small pieces. I love your wool tool tote, also. And where did you get your perle cotton threader? I’ve never seen one of those before.

  42. Betsy Avatar

    There are no quilt shops locally any longer, so yes, I follow designers on their blogs or facebook. Favorite designers…it’s hard to limit it to 3…..I’d say Lisa Bongean (yeah, you!!), Stacy West, and Edyta Sitar. Next 3, in case you’re interested, Norma Whaley, Jan Patek, and Kim Diel. I have a long list of projects and kits from all you talented ladies on my to do list. I’d better get stitching!!!!

  43. Diane Avatar

    It is hard to narrow it down to three! I like Jo Morton, Carol Hopkins & your designs of course. I have several projects I’ve started but yet to complete. I did manage to finish a snowman pillow by Norma Whaley this week though.

  44. Ann Avatar

    So many designers, so little time! I love Primitive Gatherings designs and I have done several projects from Edyta Sitar/ Laundry Basket Quilts. As far as a third favorite, I am not sure, but I have equal numbers of Penny Haran and Lynn Roddy Brown books. Right now, I have Gretchen Gibbons new quilt, Enchanted Garden, on my design table, and half of the applique blocks are ready to applique. The Primitive Gatherings Spring Crazy Patch table topper is in my to-go bag (for the waiting room when mom has appointments, and the plane.) And a fall design of my own, with curvy log cabin pumpkins and wool applique, is by the couch where I sew in the evenings. My sewing machine project is a flying geese quilt using that paper, whatever it is called, and it is nearly done!
    The tweezers look amazing…for many purposes, including emphasizing my need to be left alone to sew!!!

  45. Jill D Avatar
    Jill D

    Your ornament is indeed ugly but very clever! For wool designers of course; it is you Lisa, for hand applique it is Kim Diehl, for hand embroidery Buttermilk Basin, and reproductions Jo Morton. Thanks.

  46. Brenda Avatar

    Very creative ugly ornament! I’m kind of all over the place with designers, but if you looked at my stash and pattern collection you would find the most from: Primitive Gatherings, Bonnie and Camille, Fig Tree and Jan Patek.

  47. Rebecca Avatar

    Hmmm…… You, Sue Spargo and Judy Niemeyer. In no particular order as a disclaimer. I make myself laugh!

  48. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    For over the last year I’ve been making projects from Jo Morton, Edyta Siter & you. (Sunflower Gatherings is not done yet but getting there . Made a few gifts recently using the patterns.) I wouldn’t say I have a favorite size although most of my projects are large wall hangings. Scrap projects have always been my first choice!

  49. Jane Avatar

    I have 3 favorite designers, Edyta Sitar, Kim Diehl, you Lisa. Edyta and you have gotten me started with applique. I love it. Edyta also got me started with mixing batiks with reproduction fabric.
    I am working on an applique border from a feather star quilt of Edytas and finishing up two projects from Primitive Gatherings, the strawberry table mat from Summer Gatherings and Sewing machine mat from Primitive as well. I am doing the one with jars and flowers.
    I think these tweezers will be a GREAT addition. I too feel like sausage fingers sometimes.

  50. Susan J Avatar
    Susan J

    3 favorite designers-well, 1st would have to be you, since my sewing room looks like a mini PG-love your wool designs. Minick and Simpson would have to be # 2, love Laurie’s pieced and appliqué. # 3 would be Betsy Chutchian, love her patterns and books. Bet you partied hardy last night, good for you!

  51. Jan Avatar

    My 3 favorite designers, Lisa Bonjean (sometimes I wish I was you!), Joanna Figueroa, and Di Ford. Quite an eclectic grouping, but I have projects going with all of your designs. I’m working on a Christmas mat from PG–for next year’s decorating! Merry Christmas!

  52. Chris Avatar

    My current projects in the works are by YOU, Kim Diehl and Lori Smith. Altho Lori Smith’s patterns are often for cotton fabrics, I always do them in wool. Thanks for your wonderful motivating blog!

  53. Marlene LeMay Mason Avatar

    Love the ugly ornament because it can be used again as a sponge when you take it off the tree. You have repurposed and all those green lovers gotta love that!
    Favorite desigers: I’m all over the map on this. If I like the design and its not complicated – I buy it. I recently have purchased a Di Ford book with lots of her designs in it, however, I’m not really into fussy cutting and lots of her stuff is fussy cut. Every pattern I have purchased from you has been doable for me so of course you would be on that list. Edyta Sitar is another one I like but some of her patterns are too putsy for me.
    Hope you had fun at the party and you can use today to decompress.

    1. Marlene LeMay Mason Avatar

      Forgot to say…I have a tweezer like that, it came with my serger….however….I purchased this one because it has the non-slip grip. Thanks – another good tip for wool applique lovers!

  54. Wendy Hembree Avatar
    Wendy Hembree

    How cool are those tweezers!!!! My favourite designers are : The Brown Hare, Lisa Bongean, and Laurie Lausen from the Wooly Red Rug 🙂

  55. Janet Avatar

    Looks like my needful things shopping list just got longer! Jmh

  56. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    My three favorite designers are you, buttermilk basin, and red button- I guess I love Midwestern designers!

  57. Linda A Avatar
    Linda A

    I really do not pay attention to the designer. Perhaps I should start! I just like what I like. However, I do have a lot of your patterns!
    What an interesting ornament.
    Great looking tweezers and I love the case with a place for everything. No more searching!

  58. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    My favorite designers are you first, Buttermilk Basin (Stacy) and Red Crennalin Quilts (Paula Barnes). I used to do lots of cotton appliqué now I love wool. But I still need to do some pieced quilts now and then!

  59. Patty Fowl Avatar
    Patty Fowl

    My favorite wool designer is the very talented Lisa Bonjean (currently working on PG’s Sunflower runner… yes, I am bit off in my seasons!). My favorite cotton designers are Joanna Figueroa (Fig Tree Designs… finishing up one of her quilts currently), Gerri Robinson (Planted Seeds Designs), and Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie’s Quilts) and anything paper pieced (Jacqueline de Jonghe, Judy Niemeyer).

  60. Alice Avatar

    Those tweezers look fantastic! I have their rotary cutter which I really like so I am confident they are wonderful! Just 3??? My favs are LB, of course! Edyta Sitar, Minnick and Simpson and Kim Diehl. I just couldn’t leave one off my list. I am working on 3 projects, so I can definitely answer. An Asian inspired gift for my niece who went to Japan, scrappy blocks into rows, and one fabulous wool table runner you guys kitted from a Kim Diehl book.

  61. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    My favorite designer is a very talented lady who I had the pleasure of meeting this past summer in Grand Rapids. Her name is Lisa Bongean and I am in awe of her creative talent. Next on the list would be Minnick and Simpson followed by Kansas Troubles’ Lynne Hagmeier. ( Seriously, you are 1, 2 and 3 on my list)

  62. Nancy Avatar

    Oh boy… trying to narrow it down. The top woolie girl is… Lisa Bongean (do you know her? LOL) and I also like those little Bareroots patterns, and Heart to Hand. But I have to add one more not woolie… Edyta Sitar. I love her combinations of batiks and repros. Right now I’m working on PHD’s (projects half done) and it’s the border #3 of your My Favorite Things quilt.

  63. Sharon Tseu Avatar
    Sharon Tseu

    it’s hard to narrow the field to only three, but there are several I follow on their blogs and on fb. You, Lisa, are probably top of that list. I’m working on your 10th Anniversary SAL (both colorways), and finishing up the summer block of the week. Right along with you on the top has got to be Judy Neimeyer. Have taken two classes from her in the last couple years, and am presently working on her Christmas Celebrations tree skirt in her new fabric line. Several come to mind right after that…I supposed Kim Diehl, and Edyta Sitar would almost be a tie for third!

  64. Mary Colley Avatar
    Mary Colley

    As for fabric designers, I really don’t have a favorite. If I like the fabric I buy it regardless of the designer. I do have favorite pattern designers, you are one, Kim Dehll is another and I also like Edyta Sitar

    I do not have these tweezers but I do have a pair I use. I find them helpful for getting out little pieces of paper that are left after paper piecing or using thankless.

  65. Linda Smith Avatar
    Linda Smith

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! I am addicted to your patterns and wools. I have 3 of your projects going right now – one for me and 2 for Dru. Sue Garman applique is another passion. I also enjoy Jo Morton fabrics and patterns. I have a life long project on my design wall calling out to ‘finish me’! It is a Jan Krentz Hunter Star. I need to lock myself in my studio and figure out how to finish it. It seemed so easy with her guiding me!

  66. Meme Avatar

    Very excited about your Wool book. My favorite designers are Lisa Bongean, Kim Diehl and Edyta Sitar. Y
    Hope your ornament won, very clever and original!!!’

  67. laura b Avatar
    laura b

    Love love love your designs, classes, ideas and fabric. I just keep buying. Have cupboards full of your projects, waiting to be done . Maybe when I retire. Lol. Also love Kim Diehl and Editya sitar. You can always pick out their designs and fabrics. Have also had pleasure of taking their classes. My life has been truly quilt blessed

  68. carol Avatar

    I probably just go with what I like and often that means I am relating to these same designers that are mentioned here. The actual design is the most important to me. I have not used tweezers before. the Ugly ornament isn’t that ugly.

  69. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Lisa Bongean, Edyta Sitar, Jo Morton. Always new and interesting ideas and patterns. I also use tweezers for holding the fabric while stitching curved pieces together. Much less pinning.

  70. jean westfall Avatar
    jean westfall

    cant wait for the scissor pattern you lisa are my favorite designer other than that i dont pay attention to names

  71. Beverly Schueneman Avatar
    Beverly Schueneman

    I like Kay MacKenzie. Also Jan Patek, I am quilting her right now. And Lisa, I am new to you, but will make the pattern you sent after the blog hop. That was fun.

  72. Lizzie Avatar

    I do pay attention to designers! But, mostly to patterns I would love to make…..which are all over the board. Lisa, your designs are so beautiful! I LOVE books so of course I have a plethora of quilting books and am always looking for new ones for my collection so I can’t wait to see your new one on WOOLl:)!!

  73. Lynne Sowerby Avatar
    Lynne Sowerby

    Lisa you are number one, I love anything wool itis so fun to work with. Next would be Kim Diehl and Maggie Bonanomi. I am working on Settlers Pride with all of your Valdani threads, those tweezers would really come in handy when I take things apart. You are my favorite booth in Houston and would love to visit your shop someday..

  74. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    I love the little tweezers and the adorable wool case. With this kit and the stiletto, surgical procedures are possible. For designers, Lisa of course, and all of the previously mentioned, but I want to add my friend Judy Hasheider in Sauk City, WI and the recently retired Mary and Connie from Country Threads in Garner Iowa.
    The ugly ornament is hilarious! I’m considering an entire tree.

  75. Cecilia Avatar

    Terry Atkinson and Julie Herman.

  76. Carol Avatar

    OK, so your ugly ornament, until you pointed out the trunk (?)… I thought it was a moldy piece of pizza ornament! Ha, not that pizza in general has time to get moldy! Secondly, and to the point , my three fav fabric/pattern designers are you, of course, Edyta Sitar, and Bonnie Hunter – you have to use all the Primitive Gatherings and Laundry Basket Scraps! Those little tweezers look so, so handy for people whose hands aren’t as cooperative as they used to be. Will definitely order unless I’m a winner…well, then I will order for my sister! I’m giving her my pincushion from the Thanksgiving freebies so she can experience wool work!

  77. Sheila Avatar

    Geez Lisa if you arent the number one designer listed on these comments then something is wrong and now you have me salivating for that little wool pattern for the tweezer I need to buy. Have made a number of your wool scissor holders from your other pattern for gifts. The other two designers are Stacy West and Kim Diehl.

  78. Sherree Givens Avatar
    Sherree Givens

    Those tweezers are nifty. I love the sharp points on them
    My favorite designer right now is you Lisa. I just love your style and how you put wool and fabric together. Your designs just seem magical to me.

  79. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    You, of course, are one of my favorite designers, Kim Diehl and Jan Patek. There are so many talented designers out there, it’s hard to pick just 3. I love whimsy and scrappy. Boy, that was a really ugly ornament. Ha! The tweezers look great and would be a welcome addition to my sewing basket. Have a great day. I have really enjoyed the Needful Things-so much fun. Looking forward to your new wool book.

  80. Catherine Spanish Avatar
    Catherine Spanish

    That was almost a hard question at first as I had a rush of designers flash through my head. There are so many gifted and talented designers. Lisa, I love everything you do! So when I think of quilt pattern/fabric designers… My top three are Lisa Bongean, Minick & Simpson (counts as 1), and Kim Diehl! Thanks ladies!

  81. Leslie Avatar

    I really don’t pay attention to pattern designers….I go by how cute the quilt or project is. I know pictures usually don’t do the project justice…so if I even, a little bit, like the project I know I will really love it done in person. I can see soooo many uses for those tweezers! I love them! My current project I’m working is my own pattern….I’m taking the plunge!

  82. Nancy Terhaar Avatar
    Nancy Terhaar

    I’m currently working on your Gardening Gatherings quilt, dark flannel background. In fact, I’m enlarging it by three blocks and just designed and made Block 13: Trillium and Pussywillows. When I finish, and things are calmer for you, I’ll send you a pic of the quilt. Five years ago I made your quilt with horizontal strips of plaid homespun with big appliqué sunflowers superimposed for my friend’s 60’s birthday. She loves it. So you are numero uno in my book. Lori Smith and Pat Sloan are at the top of my list, too. My favorite quilts have a combination of piecing and appliqué, and wool for appliqué is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for your inspiration and funny stuff, too. That ornament would look good out on a tree in a blizzard.

  83. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Easy question! 1. Lisa Bongean 2. Norma Whaley 3. Buttermilk Basingstoke

  84. DebbieY Avatar

    Lisa, your ideas are such an inspiration to me, I am going to try my hand at wool applique and I would have never thought of this. I can’t wait to start.

    1. DebbieY Avatar

      I forgot to add my favorite designers, you would be number one, I love laundry basket quilts and fig tree. Most Moda designers are on my list.

  85. Dee Avatar

    Lisa from Primative Gatherings
    Kim Diehl
    Edyta Sitar

    I love these designers as they combine piecing and applique’, and best of all, so love the quilting community they are willing to share with us and give back. I’ve learned so much from you three. It also helps that you have a sense of humor. Thank you ladies!

  86. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    I just started working on my How Does Your Garden Grow BOM. I am way behind, like 4 months.

  87. Diane Avatar

    The tweezers look very handy. I hope to give them a try. You’re definitely my number one designer for both patterns and fabric. My second and third favs would be Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. As for what I’m working on….LOL, what part of the day and what day of the week? I’ve always got a project in my purse that I work on during lunch breaks at work. Currently that is Redwork Snowman Quilt by Wellington House Designs. I’m doing it in blues with Snowman Gathering fabrics for sashing and borders. I have a block from Wool Garden by Waltzing with Bears in my desk at work in case I forget or finish the project in my purse. I always have my english paper piecing project ready to take on the go. It’s a 6 pointed star project using Snowman Gatherings fabric. I don’t really have a pattern for this one. I’m kind of winging it on my own. This will be in my purse again once I’m finished with the redwork squares for the Redwork Snowman Quilt. As you might have guessed, I don’t get a lot of time to sew at home! I am a mother of 3. I work outside the home and I follow 2 of my high school daughters to many sporting events. I find working on projects on the go and in short time blocks very therapeutic and I love how so many of your designs are not only gorgeous but the majority of them are very mobile. I look forward to your pattern for the case for scissors, tweezers and threader. Again something that would be handy on the road.

  88. Patti Gagliardi Avatar
    Patti Gagliardi

    Since I only work in wool, my favorite designers are Maggie Bonanomi, buttermilk basin, and of course, YOU!!!!
    Love your supply pouch and can’t wait for your wool book!!!
    Blessings, Patti

    1. Shirley Avatar

      Lisa, Buttermilk and recently discovered Kathy Schmitz, I especially like your fabric one of my favorites.

  89. A michalik Avatar

    Lisa bongean, buttermilk basin, and edyta sitar

  90. Janet O. Avatar

    LOVE the ugly ornament idea. How did you come up with that?!? *LOL*
    I consider my fingers in the sausage category. They don’t taper nicely, so thimbles that fit are a rarity. The tweezers would be great!
    Three favorite designers based on my pattern supply and the quilts I currently have in the works, would be Lisa Bongean (why is that name familiar?), Kim Diehl, and Pam Buda, with Bonnie Hunter being a close 4th.

  91. Wendy Avatar

    The tweezers look like a nifty tool to have on hand. There are so many awesome designers like yourself, to name a few Kim Diehl, Stacy West and Cheri Payne. I’m working on the snowmen faces by Threads That Bind pattern.

  92. Christine Brown Avatar
    Christine Brown

    Working on the binding on my Sweet Brier, Kim Deihl quilt. Waiting to get back my Edyta Star farmhouse quilt from the quilter and also working on three of yours, Lisa Bongean, of Primitive Gatherings-10th anniversary, Scrappy Penny Candle Mat (2) and Winter Candle Table Mat!! There are my favorites!

  93. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    Whew–that’s a lot of questions for a short comment! My favorite designers change somewhat over time, but right now, I love Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill, Sandy Gervais of Pieces of My Heart and of course, you, Lisa. I somewhat pay attention to the designer when choosing a pattern, but right often I will choose a pattern regardless of the designer, esp. if it is a design I really love. I am just getting into modern quilt designers and patterns, too, and that is a whole other area of interest. Yes, I can usually tell someone what I am working on, although it’s usually 2 or 3 projects at once, so sometimes I have to stop and think. I just finished a couple of wool Christmas coasters, which surprisingly took me a long time to stitch.

  94. lbosma Avatar

    Lisa your ornament is so ugly it’s cute! My favorite designers are you Lisa Bongean Primitive Gatherings, Anne Sutton Bunny Hill Designs and me. I do try to pay attention to designers. We are the best advertisement for each other.

  95. Lisa D Avatar
    Lisa D

    Oh no….lets see…I love YOU of course and am currently making your Primitive Garden quilt. Kim 1st appliqué quilt that got me hooked…and P3Designs, am also making Happy Trails and an additional center block from that pattern for a custom quilt. Love the tweezers and lately I have been telling myself I need a pair to get ahold of tiny things my fingers just can’t (also have short fingernails) so I really need a pair of those! And the holder…perfect for my home kit. My travel items I keep on a lanyard around my neck so I don’t drop or loose them in those miniature spaces you are allowed on airplanes these days. Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas!!

  96. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    My three $favorite designers are you, You, and YOU! I love everything you do and you are by far my favorite! I also LOVE the holder you made for the tools!

  97. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    Well, that would have to be you, Patti Hellenbrand of Village Creek, and Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.

  98. Anne Manly Avatar
    Anne Manly

    At the moment my favorite designers are the ones I’m actually working “with/on” – Edyta Sitar, French General and Buttermilk Basin – oh and also Blackbird Designs. I have more than a few of yours Lisa that are waiting patiently in the wings – I hate to have too many UFO’s waiting because I really do love the finishing work and then being able to use it myself or share it with a friend. Thanks always for your inspiration – you help us all in our own creativity!

  99. robinttttt Avatar

    My favorite designers are Lisa Bongean !!! Kim Diehl and Sue Spargo. I love the list of “Needful Things”.

  100. Theresa K Avatar
    Theresa K

    Yourself of course! I also like Jo Morton and Kim Diehl. Thank you for th e wonderful inspiration!

  101. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Well, I don’t pay a lot of attention to different designers. I know I love all gatherings and can pick them out without even looking at the name. Right now I’m still working on SBW it’s turning out to be BOM or two . Lol

  102. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Lisa Bongean of course, you do such great stuff, Jo Morton and Kin Diehl.

  103. Laurie kelley Avatar
    Laurie kelley

    You, Jo Morton and Kim Diehl, looks like a lot of other people agree! Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas lisa, it’s been a blast reading all your posts and everyone’s answers!!

  104. Karen G Avatar
    Karen G

    Top two picks are easy! You and Edyta Sitar from Laundry Baskets. You can look around my sewing room for evidence of that! Finished, works in progress, waiting to be started….mostly from you and Edyta. The talent and creativity is nothing short of amazing! Also love Buttermilk Basin and Jo Morton. So many beautiful projects, just wish I had more time.

  105. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    Looks like a great tool, can’t wait for the new book and the caddy pattern. I love your designs, Buttermilk Basin is a favorite also and I am getting to know some new people through the recent on line shop hop. I love that all of the teachers, quilters , and designers are so generous and anxious to share there knowledge!

  106. Dolores R Avatar
    Dolores R

    It’s hard to comment on only 3, love Paula Barnes, Barbara Brackman, Lynne Hagmeier, Kim Diehl, Pam Buda and you of course, Lisa Bonegan. This list can go on and on. Thanks for the chance to win these tweezers. Your holder is so cute.

  107. sandy L Avatar
    sandy L

    I am just starting to realize who’s designs I am drawn to and I must say my top three are Lisa Bongean,( That being you ha ha), Kim Diehl and Buttermilk Basin. I love Primitive anything.

  108. Glynis Ballard Avatar
    Glynis Ballard

    My top three are you, Cheryl Wall and Norma Whaley.

  109. Barbara Black Avatar

    Favorite designers are Sue Garman, Lori Smith, and Bonnie Hunter. Love those tweezers! Thanks for the chance!

  110. Jilleen Bodwin Avatar
    Jilleen Bodwin

    The majority of patterns/books/kits that I always buy are by Lisa Bongean! I can honestly say everything that I purchase is from the Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop. Other designers that I admire include the Threads that Bind and Kindred Spirits.

  111. Jilleen Bodwin Avatar
    Jilleen Bodwin

    To be truthful, almost all of the patterns/books/kits that I have purchased over the last few years have been by Lisa Bonjean! Definitely everything that I’ve purchased the last five years have been exclusively from Primitive Gatherings. Other quilt designers that I’ve admired in the past include Kindred Spirits, Threads That Bind.

  112. Janice S Avatar
    Janice S

    You are definitely at the top of my list. I love your designs and how you use color. (Can’t wait for Road to California to see what’s new.) My Red Door Designs has wonderful quilt patterns and Fig Tree & Co. has lovely fresh fabrics and designs. Thanks for asking this question. I see in the replies several designers I’m not familiar with and will have to look up.

  113. Cindy M Avatar
    Cindy M

    My favorite three are Tula Pink, A QUilters Dream, and Lisa. Your creative “juices” and fantastic personality are untouchable. You always take the time to chat-we caught up with you at the Madison, WI, expo. We were like your next door neighbor…continue to be you!! And we love your designs!!

  114. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    There are so many designers that I adore…..YOU, Jan Patek and Pam Buda to name a few! I can keep going! I was just thinking last night that I need to get some tweezers….these look to be just the right ones. Merry Christmas!

  115. mary Avatar

    I am working on your stitchalong and love your stuff. I also like Kim Diehl, Jo Morton,and Country Threads. For modern I like Bonnie and Camille. I am a nuse and we use tweezers like that a lot!

  116. DaisyS Avatar

    You would top my list! Yoko Saito and LeAnne Beasley patterns and designs. Fabrics by Me and My Sister and Pat Sloan. Currently working on SBOW Sunflower quilt. All the blocks are fused and currently stitching them. Splurged on the Valdani thread kit and what a difference that makes! So enjoyable.

    Posts like these and blog hops are so fun because it introduces us to new designers and fabrics. Also fun to follow blogs after market to see what is new! Love the tweezers and your ornament is the best!

  117. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    OH my gosh! I use tweezers all the time, and I’m always looking for a better pair. Those look like the best!
    My 3 favorite designers? Only 3? Lisa Bongean, Weeks Ringle, and P3 Designs.

  118. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    My 3 favourite designers would be you on the top of my list, followed by Kim Diehl and Stacy fom Buttermilk Basin.

  119. Kris Kayser Avatar
    Kris Kayser

    I’m really enjoying the 12 days of Christmas! I love to see the products that you have used and are good ones to have on hand. I do pay attention to designers and there are many good ones. My favorites are you…of course, Buttermilk Basin and Kim Diehl. Thanks for the chance to win the tweezers!

  120. Deb Gepfer Avatar
    Deb Gepfer

    My three favorite quilt designers are: YOU :-), Norma Whaley, and Jan Patek. Love the tweezers!

  121. Lee Bowers Avatar
    Lee Bowers

    Well, I have to say I am old old old school.. My favorite design team is Country Threads. They have been around forever and recently retired. I subscribed to the Goat Gazette and felt like I had actually been to the shop in a chicken koop. They had a couple lines of fabric and I still have a few snippets in my stash. Lisa you are the bomb and I love your wool designs. I guess my allegiance has switched to Primitive Gatherings. Would love to win the tweezers. Thanks and happy holidays. Blessings, Lee

  122. Michelle Devitt Avatar
    Michelle Devitt

    Of course number 1 is you then Buttermilk Basin and Crabapple hill. I think I have one of these tools already but I will be checking around today. Merry Christmas Lisa

  123. Dianek Avatar

    A new wool book – what a great idea! I can’t wait. I do gravitate toward certain designers. My list is pretty long but if I go by the number of projects in waiting you would beat them all, followed by Jan Patek and Cheri Payne. You know how it is, never enough time in a day. Those tweezers will come in handy.

  124. Mary Avatar

    Three of my favorites: Lisa Bongean, Minnick and Simpson, and Bonnie Hunter. Those tweezers look so handy – I think I’ll order one for me and one for a friend. We both have sausage fingers!

  125. Carol huelsman Avatar
    Carol huelsman

    My favorite designers are you, Kim diel and buttermilk basin.

  126. Cindy Avatar

    These tweezers would be a great asset. I don’t have favorites. I do like your designs. I just can’t do them in wool as I am allergic to it.

  127. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    Well it’s hard to pick just 3, but you’d be at the top of my list followed by Buttermilk Basin and Jeanne Horton of Country Sampler. I recently dusted off the punch needle though, and The Old Tattered Flag has a lot of good patterns. Those tweezers look great, just the thing for my gnarly arthritic fingers! I’ve been hoping for some time you’d publish a book about your wool techniques…that’s very welcome news!! By the way, that sponge ornament is pure genius…you’ll be getting requests for a pattern before the day’s out!

  128. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    Of course you are my #1, favorite designer!!! Followed by, Buttermilk Basin, & The Woolen Needle. I do have huge hands, therefore, with big fingers, I do use my regular tweezers, so these look amazing, & I love your little scissors, tweezer, needle threader holder, it is so cute, & practical!!! Can’t wait for your new book!!

  129. Barbara Avatar

    It is so hard to choose just 3 favourite designers. At present I am working on projects designed by Jeni Gaston, Edyta Sitar and yourself. I wouldn’t be without my tweezers. They are an essential tool for me when I am doing wool appliqué.

  130. Kerri V Avatar
    Kerri V

    I love how sharp the points look on those tweezers. yeah. I’m currently working on a Jo Morton miniature quilt. My current 3 favorite designers are Jo Morton, Edyta Sitar and the wonderful Lisa Bongean!

  131. Loris Mills Avatar

    Hope you one the prize for your ornament 🙂
    I love the ladies from Country Threads, Sarah Sporrer and Farmhouse Threads, Rhonda McCray. I don’t always pay attention to who designed what though…just go for what I like. And at the moment, I have about 4 things I’m working on but I can tell you what is highest on the priority…a quilt for my sister 🙂
    Merry Christmas! Your scissor and tool holder looks wonderful!

  132. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    Would love a pair of these tweezers and my favorite designers are You, Lynda Hall and Jan Patek. Keep up the great work you are awesome!!!

  133. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I like the looks of those tweezers I’ve tried using some of my others that are straight and don’t care for the results. Normally I don’t at first pay attention to designers, if I see it and like it I look and normally it’s one I recognize! My Top 3: YOU (all things wool and quilts) … Jo Morton…. and the lady who got me started (way back in the 80’s) Eleanor Burns and for fabric MODA mostly. Loved the idea of “ugly ornament”….

  134. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Tweezers are so handy for wool….I’ve used them in the past but this pair looks so much better with the pointed tips. I really enjoy the wool patterns from you Lisa :-). I also like Kim Deihl’s books (I have 3 of them), and Stacy from Buttermilk Basin has great small projects. Thanks for the opportunity for the tweezers….they would come in handy!

  135. Toni Arnold Avatar
    Toni Arnold

    The tweezers look like a versatile tool. I follow designers’ blogs for inspiration. My faves are you, Heather Peterson and Jo Morton. I also like some of the ideas coming in the modern quilt world. Variety is the spice etc.

  136. Judith Avatar

    Fig tree, Thimble blossoms, and you! However, if there is a strawberry in the mix, I will always go that way! These tweezers looks awesome. I would love some for my machine embroidery.

  137. Carol Schallock Avatar
    Carol Schallock

    I haven’t worked with the tweezers before, am anxious to start. Not only are you my favorite designer but I like the gals from Woolen Needle and Lily Ann Stitches. By the way I made your molasses cookies and they are very good!

  138. Sue kraft Avatar
    Sue kraft

    At the top of my list of favorites are you (of course!), Jeni from Woolen Willow Designs, Edyta Sitar and Kim Diehl. I’m always open to to new ideas and designs but keep coming back to the four of you. You never disappoint!

  139. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    My favorites would be Kim Diehl, Sue Spargo and of course, you. And I’m not just saying that. I love your style and designs!

  140. Martha C. Avatar
    Martha C.

    I do pay attention to designers. My favorites are Lisa Bongean, Allison Harris @ Cluck Cluck Sew & Tula Pink for modern fabrics

  141. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    Oh, these tweezers would be great…I too have sausage fingers but mine have arthritis too, so it’s very hard to work with small pieces of wool. My three fav designers are Lisa Bongean (of course), Kim Diehl and Edyta Sitar. I have projects from all three of you that are waiting to be done. Wool, however, always seems to take precedence.

  142. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    I am to new to quilting to have any favorite designers. I am enjoying all the processes as I go.

  143. Vicki h Avatar
    Vicki h

    The tweezers look great. I don’t really pay attention to designers.

  144. Diane Ziegler Avatar
    Diane Ziegler

    YES!!! Lisa Bongean, Lisa Bongean and Lisa Bongean!! I am working on your SBOW right now and I love it! I love working with wool and especially your patterns. I’ve got at least 5 kits ready when I’m done with this. (If I HAD to pick others I’d pick Sue Spargo and Joann Mulally).

  145. Colleen Avatar

    My fav 3 – Cheri Payne, Stacy from Buttermilk Basin, and you! I think I have more kits from your shop than pretty much anyone on the planet, lol. And those tweezers…. I want them for my unruly eyebrows too! A little dangerous though, but I like living life on the edge!

  146. Michelle Avatar

    I never thought to use a tweezers but I could see how they would love. Lisa Bongean and Kim Diehl.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Sorry they would “help” . Tweezers would help

  147. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    You are my fav designer. I have been to quite a few shows and also to shops across the country. If I’m at a show and you have a booth that is where I spend most of my cash. I love Edyta Sitar and Kim Diehl. These tweezers are so neat. A must have. They would make a great gift also.

  148. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    Lisa Bongean, of course, Edita Sitar, and Crabapple Hill embroidery designs. Currently doing the snow globe embroidery patterns…….fun to do this time of the year. My new PG kit and patterns I ordered on thanksgiving had to go to my hubby sight unseen! I’ll get to see them in three more days!

  149. Joleen Avatar

    Tweezers are a must have for any quilter! I love the size of this pair. Hmmm….. 3 designers ? When I look around my sewing room I see kits, fabric, books and patterns mostly from Primitive Gatherings, Jo Morton and Kim Diehl, so there you have it, they must be my ‘go-to’ designers!! Thanks for inspiring me always….

  150. suejean1 Avatar

    A new book on wool sounds like something for us all to look forward to. I do pay attention to designers and have a number that I love everything they create. For pattern design my 3 favorites are you, Norma Whaley, and Pat Wys. For fabric design my 3 favorites are Primitive Gatherings, Jo Morton, and Judie Rothermel. There are so many more that I like though, Jan Patek, Buttermilk Basin, Anne Sutton, Kaffe Fassett.

  151. Cathy Cady Avatar
    Cathy Cady

    The tweezers sound amazing! My favorite designers are you, Jo Morton and Lynn Hagamier with Kansas Troubles. Merry Christmas!

  152. Peggy Simpson Avatar
    Peggy Simpson

    I usually go with what “grabs” me as I shop stores, blogs, magazines, etc. Wool and primitives are my favorite, so Lisa Bongean and Jan Patek are in 1st and 2nd place. Edyta Sitar inspires with gorgeous color combinations and batiks. As far as what I am working on right now, I only know that I have one from each of my three favorite designers plus many more UFO’s.

  153. Muriel Avatar

    FAV designers:
    LB of course especially for woolie stuff!
    JoAnn of Fig Tree Quilts
    Old fav is Robyn Pandolph from years ago!
    Like to keep an open mind for anyone’s work that may catch my eye! Right now trying to finish a Henry Glass reindeer quilt for our cabin in western NY…red and white from 2013 soo cute😊

  154. Linda Avatar

    My three favorite designers besides you, Lisa are Maggie Bonanomi, Jo Morton, and Jan Speed of A Piece of Work.

  155. Jackie Avatar

    Lisa you are one of my favorite designers along with Kim Diehl. I have done some of your designs and have so many to catch up on, I don’t really have a favorite, I love them all. This will be such a useful tool. Thanks

  156. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    Ummmmm…. Favorite designers?? Lisa Bonjean, has anyone heard of her? Seriously Lisa, you are heads above the others for my taste…. Jo Morton and Kim Dielhl are good, too. I am hand quilting one of your old SBOW and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tweezers would be a welcome addition because of my twisted fingers! Your ornament was REALLY ugly, Lisa, but very creative!

  157. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    my 3 favorite designers: you, Lynne Hagmeier and Kim Diehl – just don’t have enough time to do all the projects that I lwould love to do- you are so creative- like the sponge tree – have a great holiday

  158. Lana Avatar

    You, Lisa are #1—Miss Stacy of Buttermilk Basin Design—Kim Diehl. I could go on —-Love the tweezers

  159. Leanne Avatar

    My favorite designers…Lisa Bongean ( I’m sure you’ve heard of her) Kim Diehl and Maggie Bonanomi. Right now I working on a block of the month How Does Your Garden Grow by Norma Whaley. The tweezers are a fantastic idea! I could have used them for so many projects…another thing to add to my list. I’ll be waiting for that Wool BooK 🙂

  160. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    I found it very difficult to choose 3. Then I thought about who I would choose to take classes from. That was easy-you Lisa, Ruth McDowell and Carrie Nelson.
    Love the tweezers and all the other needful things.

  161. Coleen P Avatar
    Coleen P

    My three favorite designers!! Of course Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings! Stacey West of Buttermilk Basin and Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles. Love the twelve needful things. Thanks for taking the time to blog it.

  162. Bev F. Avatar
    Bev F.

    It is hard to choose just three! I love your designs and also Kim Diehl and Edyta Sitar. The tweezer looks handy, and your scissors case looks like another “needful thing” – I would love to make one.

  163. Cheryl Avatar

    My three favorite designers–#1 is you, #2 Jo Morton and #3 is Stacey of Buttermilk Basin.

  164. lynnrodby Avatar

    My very favorite wool person is Lisa Bongean of primitive gatherings.
    For appliqué and machine quilting it’s Sue Garman
    For appliqué outside of the USA its Di Ford and Michele Hill. Lynn

  165. Connie Thompson Avatar
    Connie Thompson

    Favorite designers: (1) Lisa Bongean (2) Jeannie from Country Sampler, Spring Green and (3) Judy Hasheider

  166. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    You, Norma Whalley and Kim Diehl…man, there are so many good one…I could go on…and on…and on…and on!

  167. Veronica Avatar

    I love to work with: 1- anything Primitive Gatherings (patterns, fabrics, -am enjoying my Warm Winter Blessings this winter 🙂 , am working on your 10th anniversary stitch-along, & have several projects I’ve ordered that I can’t wait to begin);
    2- anything wool (again, Primitive Gatherings, Wooden Spool Designs, Jeni Gaston’s A Life of Plenty,) and
    3- anything scrappy (your churn dash blocks, nine patch blocks, Bonnie Hunter)
    I’ve never used a tweezer for wool work but it is certainly something I’d love to try.
    I am enjoying your Needful Things ideas. Thank you.

  168. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    Carrie Nelson, Kim Diehl and last but not least you, Lisa Bongean. I could have a list of at least 10! But the 3 listed I probably have made more of their patterns than most others. I do love all the wool projects of yours that I’ve done, even the quilts. Keep up the good work.

  169. Cindy Avatar

    Lisa, you are numbers 1,2 and 3. I really haven’t made time for sewing lately, but my favorite to check on daily is your designs and wool. Your staff is very helpful always! 🙂

  170. Paula Avatar

    Certainly you are high on the list–evidence would be me checking your blog for an update each morning. I also like Maggie Bonanomi, Stacy West and Maria Barton

  171. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    Love the tweezers and the case you made!

  172. Gloria Avatar

    That is one ugly ornament but so clever!! I would never have thought of using a kitchen sponge! My favorite designers are Kim Diehl, Paula Barnes and of course, anything you design, Lisa! I like the little tool holder/case. Haven’t used tweezers before but looks like a useful tool.

  173. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    My favorite designers shift and change as I discover new fabrics, techniques, and projects. I do pay attention to who designs what, and I can always tell you who designed the projects I am working on (and those I have merely started and sit languishing).

  174. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    Hi Lisa – There are so many wonderful designers of fabrics and patterns – i tend to keep all my options open but I do love your wool work and I am a fan of Jenny Doan and her tutorials. Thank you for sharing a pic of your scissors/tweezer holder – very cute – looking forward to the pattern.

  175. Charlotte Avatar

    I love your wool patterns. For small quilts, which are another favorite of mine, I would choose Jo Morton and Tara Lynne Darr plus Cheri Payne.


  176. Mary Clemens Avatar
    Mary Clemens

    I’m a big believer that the key to success is having the right tool when you need it. These tweezers fall into that category for sure! Hmmm – favorite designers – there are so many I love. Your designs brought me over to the wool side. Love the look of applique – don’t have the patience for needleturn with cotton – thus wool and me – a match made in heaven. I’m on an Edyta Sitar kick this year. Love Crabapple Hills stitching designs, the whimsy of Nancy Halvorsen’s designs, the traditional look of Jo Morton and Paula Barnes. Each speak to me in different ways. Love your ugly ornament. Too funny!

  177. Kay B Avatar
    Kay B

    I do follow pattern and fabric designers. Some of my favorites are you of course, Edyta Sitar, Kim Diehl, and Bonnie Hunter. I’m not spending as much on fabric as I once did. I have built up a nice stash. I like to say a quilt shop has got to make me want to spend my money. Primitive Gatherings does a great job of doing that. I alway visit your booths at the shows near me and follow PG on Facebook and you on your blog.

  178. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    You are definitely on the list along with Edyta Sitar and fig tree quilts. But there are lots of awesome designers out there and I’m happy to do my part to support them all!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  179. zaneyonequilts Avatar

    My favorite pattern designers are Lisa Bonjean, Karen Lampe and Jan Patek. For fabric designing, I really like Lynn Hagemeier of Kansas Troubles. I can walk into a fabric store and pick them out immediately. However this year I have made several quilts from fabric designed by Lisa Bonjean. Absolutely love your patterns and fabric. I have finished 31 UFOs and 14 new quilt projects in 2014 so far.

  180. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    It’s hard to pick only 3 favorite quilt/fabric designers. Besides you I would also pick Edyta Sitar and Norma Whaley. Your featured tweezers seem awesome to have for multipurposes in quilting and sewing. Would love to win them!

  181. Jakey Avatar

    OMG, lol, I’m so glad you like them. I felt bad that I hadn’t wrapped them but I knew TSA would stop me, and they did haha. We quilters are such suspicious characters!
    3 of my favorite designers (tough to stop at 3)… Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, Jan Patek, Gerry Kimmel, and Linda Brannock formerly of Red Wagon, and Renee Nannerman of Need’l Love.
    Side note, I use the App “Book Crawler” to log and keep track of my favorite artists books. Gonna see if I can modify it to use for my thread too. Hugs, Jakey

  182. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I would have to say…..Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings, Kaari Meng/French General and Edyta Sitar/Laundry
    Basket Quilts. Those tweezers are something else!

  183. Kristy Wilkinson Avatar
    Kristy Wilkinson

    Your designs are always so beautiful. Love your sense of color and overall design. Lori Holt for her always challenging piecing and Bonnie Hunter who stretches my mind with her color sense. Love those tweezers! They would have been helpful for the gingerbread men’s candy canes from the Buttermilk Basin blog hop. The case is really cool too. Thanks so much. K-

  184. Katherine Avatar

    I have two favorites that I can think of right now…you and Kim Diehl. What a wonderful little scissors, tweezer holder. Looking forward to the pattern!

  185. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    i love your stuff, Buttermilk Basin, Anne Sutton and Crabapple Hill.

  186. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    You!, Sandy Gervais and Jo Morton.
    What a cute little holder. How exciting a wool book!

  187. michele Avatar

    wow.– that is an ugly ornament. Surprised that I would find anything you create ugly, but I do. Guess that you excel at whatever you do!

  188. Julie Deering Avatar
    Julie Deering

    You are my favorite and then Jo Morton!

  189. Patti Avatar

    My favorite designers are you, Jo Morton and Kim Diehl. Love the tweezers.

  190. Jill Avatar

    Great tweezers……..That is a hard one to pick 3 favorite designers. I love Sue Garman’s patterns. I am constantly inspired by Barbara Brackman. Love Bonnie Hunter for her scrappy why of life. I could go on, but will stop at three.

  191. Barb Onken Avatar
    Barb Onken

    My first favorite designer was Debbie Mumm, have to include her because she was going strong when I first started quilting. You are now top of the list and Kim Diehl.
    Those little tweezers look like a must have.

  192. Lu Calkins Avatar
    Lu Calkins

    To stop at 3 is pretty tough…
    Lisa Bongean, Edyta Sitar, Terry Atkinson and Kim Diehl are at the top of my list.
    I can see how you could sure use the tweezer for placing small berries, etc. I also think they would work great if you were adding any beads for embellishment on ornaments or something like that too. Yup, add them to the list.

  193. Sandy Avatar

    I don’t usually pay attention to designers unless something really grabs…you, Crabapple Hill and Debbie Mumm would be on my list. Love those tweezers…I just use my sausages with a lot of trouble at time!!!

  194. Marie Avatar

    Sue Garman (Friends of Baltimore)
    Pearl Pereira’s P3 (Blatimore Autumn)
    Jan Patek

  195. Lorrie McD. Avatar
    Lorrie McD.

    When I first started quilting, Debbie Mumm was my favourite, but as I now prefer working with wool appliques, You are my favourite. I enjoy Buttermilk Basin and Lynette Anderson, but I don’t make very many of their patterns by comparison. Those tweezers look great!

  196. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    My three favorites are of course you, Primitive Gatherings, Buttermilk Basin, and My Red Door designs. Thanks for the post today. I never thought to use tweezers to help place and tuck small appliqué pieces. Thanks,
    Karen M

  197. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    Love the idea of these little tweezers. I think I need a pair. My favorite designers are Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs; Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings (that be you!!) and Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs. I love doing wool, embroidery and quilting, and you all three fit those areas to a “T”. Thanks for the opportunity to win again.

  198. Beth Avatar

    Lisa you are so funny, it is you, you, and you as our 3 favorite designers! Honestly and truly from all our hearts, you are the best. I know you didn’t ask this question just to hear that answer and are truly interested to hear about others that we like so hears my list. I also like Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts, Kim Diehl, Teri Christopherson/Black Mountain Quilts, Heather Mulder Petersen/Anka’s Treasures, Kathleen Tracy,and Emily Hardwig/Red Button Quilt Co. Ok, So I can’t count. If it weren’t for all the wonderful and diverse designers out there the quilting world wouldn’t be as much fun as it is today! Love the tweezers,by the way. Did I mention Lynette Jensen/Thimbleberries?

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