Day 2…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 2Day 2…T-shirts…Now I know that this is NOT technically something you NEED…but I ran out of new NEEDFUL THINGS so I came up with a costume for us to wear while we are happily stitching with a bunch of NEW really NEEDFUL THINGS… We have two different options for T-shirts…the first is: My Soul is Fed with my Needle & Thread…then the second..for all of you woolies: My Soul is Fed with my Wool, Needle & Thread…Then we have 2 size options…Ladies S-2XL for $20 and Mens XL-4XL…for $25…The SPECIAL  til the end of the year is buy 2 get $5 off!  This way you can order 1 of each option!  We will take the $5 off when we process your order, it will not happen in the cart…Shirts are printed double sided…with the Primitive Gatherings on the back…the wool ones have a sheep the other a spools of thread on the PG side…These shirts are super soft and are just wonderful…but they run a little small. So buy a size larger than you would normally wear.  The womens are what I call a slim fit.  If you know me…and about what size I am….I am wearing the ladies 2XL..I can wear the XL but then you see every lump and bump I may have at the time…The ladies come in Black, Lt. grey, purple and aqua…

Wool, Needle & Thread
Wool, Needle & Thread
Needle & Thread
Needle & Thread

The mens come in Red and Dk Grey…sorry…but Mens sizes don’t come in very many pretty colors…:(

Wool, Needle & Thread
Wool, Needle & Thread
Needle & Thread
Needle & Thread

Now another problem I may have with these is…I have no idea what you are going to like or IF you are going to like them at all and want to order them!!! or what size…so we have all sizes and colors in stock but not a ton of them….so if 50 of you all order the aqua M…I will have to re-order them…so I am hoping you like them…and will wait about 10 days for us to get the sizes needed if we run out and then get them shipped out to you…They are the same company that our last shirts were from…so if you have one…tell everyone how great they are!!!  Click HERE to order a T-shirt!

If you would like to WIN your T-shirt…comment with what size and color you would want if you were buying one!  If you happen to win and you have purchased one we will NOT send you two…yours will be FREE!!!

PS Nick does not read my posts…




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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

139 thoughts on “Day 2…Needful Things…

  1. I don’t own any kind of “quilting” tshirt. This will be something fun to wear. I ordered Large in aqua. Also a color out of my comfort zone!

  2. Good morning! I would love the grey “My soul ….” in a size M. I usually steer clear of these kind of T-shirts but would love one of yours! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  3. Wow, neat shirts. I love the gray one. The aqua is stunning, but I think the gray would be a go-to top. 🙂 size L. I am not able to order anything at this time, since I’ve been unemployed since November 10….being unemployed for the holidays sucks! This is the second time. I have to make a career change to avoid this situation. 2015 the year of changes! Anyhow,
    I love the Tee’s. 🙂

  4. It’s hard to decide which color I like the best, but I think the gray with the Aqua printing would be my first choice. Probably a size XL if they run small and I like the one that includes wool. I just discovered your site during the Primitive Christmas hop and I really like it. Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas!

  5. Disappointed the men don’t come in more colors, but the grey looks real nice and probably a 2XL would work for me. I like both designs as I stitch with cotton and also create using wool applique.

  6. What do you mean? You ran out of needful things? T-shirts are needful (at least in the summer). I would want the one that might be some sort of red, in size medium.

  7. Grey with aqua, the wooly one, and I’m pushing it when I say size large….it will not fit yet but here’s the thing….I’ve changed my diet to be totally paleo and have lost 30+ pounds. I have added 15 hours a week at the gym (yoga, barre, Women on Weights, cycling) and have lost lots of inches. This is all in quest of good health as my bones are pathetic and I currently don’t actually have what you would call a “shape” (think amoeba at the moment!) but I am going to get there! So my optimist tells me, “somedayy you will walk into an AQS show and find Primitive Gatherings and say “here I am, sporting my lovely optimists’ shirt AND ITS TOO BIG I NEED A SMALL!”

  8. I think a t-shirt would be the perfect Christmas gift to myself. A black or aqua in 2XL would be just right.

  9. Hi Lisa, as the saying goes….go big or go home. I would like a men’s dark gray “wool” one in sixe 3x. If its too large I can alter it to fit cuz I know my way around a needle and thread;-)

  10. Love the purple t-shirt, size XL I don’t own a quilting t-shirt so it would be fun to win one!!

  11. Purple, XL. Lisa I just received the 2014 mug and it’s the best! I like it so much it my have to become my gift to me each year, so make it a yearly thing! Merry Christmas to you and yours from Canada.

  12. I love the soft Agra color in the 2xl (womens) either style. This would be great to wear when I hopefully take one of your classes this next year! Christmas blessings this year, Lisa. Your very special angel is watching over you!

  13. Too funny….he doesn’t read your posts…Inside joke! I have two of your shirts because the first one ran small, but I liked it so much I had to get myself a bigger one. Who knows, someday I might lose weight 🙂

  14. Oh, I think T-shirts are “needful.” I wear them all year around…under a flannel shirt in the winter and of course always in the summer with jeans. If you wear a 2 XL, the shirts must run a little small…If I am lucky enough to win, I would like one in a size 2XL and I love pastels but any color would be awesome. Thanks again.

  15. I don’t have a quilting T-shirt and it would be wonderful to win one. I like the aqua in a size M. Hope I win.

  16. I would love the gray so when I wipe my chocolate fingers on it to protect the quilt I’m working on – it won’t show! Great idea. I would order a 2x ladies with just the needle and thread wording. I plan to order after Christmas, I hope you still have them.

  17. Hi, I would love the Needle & thread in XL, darker blue! If I don’t win, I’ll see whats left after the first of the year, and payday!

  18. Love to advertise local businesses. Shopping local is such a show of suppor for the small businesses that made this country (not that Internet support doesn’t count as technology changes all of our lives). Sent me a blue size XL and everyone will know where I shop.

  19. Well! That “Joann” I talked to yesterday at PG gave me bum info. Wonder if the Juke will be the final day of Needful Things?

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  20. Sure, t-shirts can be needful things! If I had a needful t-shirt it would have to be size L. Can’t wait to see what we need tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

  21. I would order the black or purple one in a 2X. My husband doesn’t read my Facebook or posts either….I think it’s a guy thing!!

  22. I will be ordering Black 2 XL…..probably of both! It would be great to win one.! Thanks so much for the opportunity !!

  23. I would love to have one in mens size large for my hubby, any color will do. He once drove me three hours just to visit your shop one day and then home again. He’s a great guy! Oh, and for me a women’s medium would do! Thanks

  24. Great idea….AND needful!! If I were to win, I would enjoy a medium (Wool) purple Tee. Thanks Lisa for all your work with the Needful things… My shopping list has started! 😃🎄

  25. I have ordered a dark grey, xl. Either logo works for me. I also love the light grey. It was hard to chose! Can’t wait to get it.

  26. My soul is fed with my needle and thread! Purple , like you, ladies 2xl! Thanks Lisa! I’m sneaking this comment in at work so gotta run!

  27. I’d love to win a blue 2XL tshirt, and I would have been surprised if Nick had read your posts. He will never know what he missed. LOL.

  28. My soul is fed with needle and thread in purple 2xl is my favorite. I would be happy with any color in a 2xl, would be awesome to wear this when teaching. Men’s would be ok too, not sure anyone would be able to tell the difference.

  29. Since you are wearing a 2xl…. I think I would need a men’s 2xl in the red….love wool one! Thanks again for a chance to win! Nick doesn’t know what he’s missing by not reading your posts…..

  30. I think a t-shirt from your shop is a pretty needful thing.The women’s grey, size XL with the wool saying on it would be a nice present for Christmas. Thanks

  31. If I win I want a surprise of either saying in Aqua or Black. Ladies Large or Mens Small

    These Tee Shirts are the coolist ones I’ve seen in a long time.

  32. Clothing is always needful! I would love to win a 2xl, wool, needle & thread, any color…surprise me! I chuckled when I read your P.S. post. lol

  33. Merry Christmas Lisa, and I loved the sizing comment. For years my husband Barry would buy me Tshirts in a small or med size, cause he’d look at them and think I was that size! I also would need the 2xl if I was gifted with one of these neat shirts. Barry now wears glasses and doesn’t buy me shirts in tiny sizes!
    I have loved your stories, thanks.

  34. I love the new shirts. I would love to win the woolie shirt! I would wear a ladies XL and grey or black would be great. I am loving the needful things list!

  35. I am ordering one, but if I win, I would wear a men’s 2x in the red, either saying would be delightful!
    Visiting your shop again is on my bucket list. Originally from Appleton. Thanks!

  36. I love these new shirts, snugly to wear while stitching and they are so cute. I would love to win a women’s woolie XL in either grey or black. I am loving the list of needful things. This is my first year and so much fun!

  37. Love the new shirts with the wool, needle, and thread saying. I would need a XL. I can’t decide if I like the grey or the aqua best. They both look great.

  38. I love these, Lisa! I wanted an 2x, but you only had xl available, So that’s what I ordered. Oh well, I can drop some weight or my lumps and bumps will show… they come and go and then they come back again. Hey, I’m an emotional girl..It’s a roller coaster ride, like everything else in life. Thanks for everything! You are an amazing little lady! Xoxo
    Symantha T.

  39. I would like a small tee in purple or aqua …….. without the wool since I do other applique as well. I would love to surprise my hand work group by wearing this tee when we meet.

  40. Lisa, my husband doesn’t even open emails…lol! If I win a purple large would cover my sugar bumps and lumps! Thank you for all your surprises each day!

  41. Great shirts. On my email I sign off with “My soul is fed with needle and thread, my body with chocolate. I love the acqua and purple color, size XL .

  42. I would love to wear the Woolie t shirt in either red or purple and size L. I love wearing bright colours.

  43. Oh I like the sheep on the women’s t-shirts. What a fun idea for a needful thing! Large, Gray, Womens

  44. I would so enjoy wearing and happy to talk about a gray wool stitch’n tee, ladies size large!

  45. I love the shirts! Cute as anything. Thanks for the chance to win one. I would order the Gray or the Black and go with the 2XL, like you. I don’t like fitted t-shirts. I need room! LOL

  46. Love the t-shirts. I would like a large gray one, wool, needle and thread.. Oh that Nick! I thought for sure he read all your posts.

  47. If you are a Woolie what is better than a “woolie” shirt size l in purple please! Will be sorry to see these Needful Things end.

  48. Love my quilty teeshirts. It makes packing sooooo easy when I go to retreats, as I do not enjoy thinking about what to wear. 🙂 I plan to order a black L “wool” teeshirt so that would be my choice if I win. Thank you. Teeshirts ARE Needful things – at least for me.

  49. Love all the shirts but if I had to choose it would be the needle and thread gray in 2XL.
    Thank you for the chance!

  50. Love the shirts. You really are hilarious! Your posts are always fun to read. Purple women’s large would be the one for me. Either saying is fine. Thanks so much for taking the time to write these 12 needful posts. Have a great day- K-

  51. I really love your t-shirts. I plan to order the men’s dark grey XXL. I like to be comfortable when I sew. Thank you for all your needful things.

  52. I love the T-shirts! I prefer to wear men’s t-shirts because they fit my lumps and bumps better. 🙂 I think the men’s XL wool (I really like the sheep) in red would be perfect! Thank you for sharing all your needful things….I sure have found some things that I need!

  53. I love these, but if you are a ladies 2xl, I would need a mens grey xl. I like either design. I want to say thank you so much for these post. I enjoy them every year and look forward during this busy time to take a minute for myself and read them, Merry Christmas to you and all the PG family.

  54. if I won I would not be too particular on the colour but would need a 2x as well, hate that back fat showing…lol.

  55. How fun! Just love your needful things list! Size M in black. Wool saying, but either saying is great with me. Thank You! My best to you and yours this holiday season!

  56. If I won I would like the gray in a 2XL. I’m with you, I don’t want to see all the lumps and bumps. Love the shirts.

  57. Thanks for the chance to win a T-shirt. I’d choose the purple shirt with “Needle and Thread” in Large. Merry Christmas to all at Primitive Gatherings.

  58. These are my FAVORITE T-shirts!!! They are soooo soft and comfortable. I am always tickled when soneone asks me where I got them or if I work for PG. I get to smile and watch their face light up as we share stories about how much we love PG designs and products. I have a Ladies Large in Purple & Turquoise, and will definately order more, and still love my previous year’s T’s. I have to admit I didn’t even notice the lamb on the back of the wool one until this post, Lol. Jakey

  59. They all look great. IF, I win, black 2XL please, or the grey would be fine too. I do regular quilts and wool , so either of those too.

  60. If you happen to draw my name I would love to have the purple needle and thread one in ladies extra large. I hate to see the last day coming of all this fun.

  61. I LOVE THE GRAY. The red is also super. I would be safer going with a M. Dryers are ready hard on Tshirts.

  62. What lovely tee-shirts. I have never had a quilting one. If I had one I would go for the black or grey large one.

  63. I love to sleep in loose fitting T’s. XL should be perfect for me in red , purple or aqua with either saying. Sorry to see the list of needful things come to an end but it does mean that it is time to order some new “toys” and get back into the sewing room.

  64. I think I’d like the men’s gray Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop shirt in a large please. Thanks so much for the chance to win it! Merry Christmas! :0)

  65. I would love this shirt in purple or gray, size 2XL in the wool style. These are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. These shirts are great fun. It’s hard to pick a color – I’d probably go with the grey with aqua lettering in a large – with my soul being fed by wool, needle and thread. Hmmmm – maybe St. Nick should put coal in Nick’s stocking for not reading your blog posts. LOL! Merry Christmas – these needful thing posts have been great fun!

  67. I have always loved the saying, but with wool added it truly is my anthem. If I get a little cranky I know it’s time to sit and stitch a bit. It truly soothes my soul. I would love a women’s 2X black or gray. I first began following you when you did needful things in 2013. I feel like you have shared so much with us and taught us about so much more than quilting or stitching. Merry Christmas to all of us!

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