Women’s 2XL

I’m sorry ladies but there was a boo boo…in the shopping carts….we DO have women’s 2Xl’s in all the women’s colors…If you need to change your order….please email the shop and let them know…put this title in the subject line: Womens 2XL     and we will change your orders.  Sorry about this…and thanks Symantha for letting us know there were to 2XL’s on the site!photo-31

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  1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thanks Lisa, I just ordered on the website before seeing this post, I ordered XL but I wrote it in the comments section I would like 2XL I’m pretty sure Jess will see it… Thanks again for the awesome things you offer, especially T-shirts in my favorite colors. Outside of work I pretty much live in my T-Shirts and Jeans!!! See you in January!!!

  2. aquiltinglady Avatar

    Thank you very much. My email has been sent. So happy I will be able to hide my muffin top! 🙂

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