Link for machine…and the correct price..

Good thing we are not Walmart and I would have had to give you the machine for $8.99…lol…It’s been a hectic season for all of us…(don’t worry Judi) we all make boo boos…none of us are perfect!!!..Thanks Stacey for letting us know about it…and here is the link for the machine  click HERE...its not showing up in the 12 days category…now that I woke Judi up she is trying to figure that out too.  Hope you are all ready for the festivities! I still have a few small things to do…

12 Days of Christmas 1

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6 thoughts on “Link for machine…and the correct price..

  1. Oh how I would live to have a Juki but I would have no room for it right now. I may have to search out a dealer one of these days to test drive one. Merry Christmas! It’s been fun learning about all of your needful things.

  2. love, Love, LOVE the Juki. I had one as my mid-arm quilting machine, but sold it when I bought the Gammill — BAD decision. I wish I would have kept it. This would be at the top of the list of my needful things. It’s a great machine!

  3. GREAT machine…..I love mine. Set up an auxiliary sewing space in family room just to be able to have/use it

  4. Just bought Harriet Carpanini’s Fusion Handiquilter Longarm. Don’t think I could justify another machine to the hubby although I’d give my eye teeth for this one. Was trying to figure out how to sneak it in, but I know he would notice, lol.. It’s not like hiding a new pair of shoes…I do that all the time! Guess I will just have to wait. Thank you for the fun and the 12 days of Christmas. You are awesome and I’m so thankful to have found you in. Paducah!
    Peace, Love and Hope
    Symantha T. 💜🐶🎄

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