Let’s talk about Anchor Point…

Lakeside Gatherings has hit my quilt shop as well as all the other quilt shops who have purchased it from MODA Fabrics. We will be showing the quilts from this line for the first time at the AQS show in Albuquerque NM and Ontario CA this week and next respectively…we will also carry pre-cuts and kits…. The half yards and fat quarters will be at a special show prices for both shows…but I really would like to share a little about this line…

Lakeside Gatherings was designed in honor of my son Lance…his love of water, our Lakehouse and his Jet ski….so you know it is VERY special for me… In memory of Lance we placed a VERY large anchor at the point of the entrance to our channel. This was no small miracle how we got this….over a 1000lb anchor to rest on a perfectly flat spot on the point…
Nick went to pick it up and realized it was way too huge to lift on a trailer and came home to inform me it wasn’t going to happen….this was not acceptable for me…so I thought about it for a few minutes and the answer was clear as day…We had scheduled a jet ski lift to be installed in a couple of weeks so I asked him to call them and see if they could go pick it up…place it on their barge and bring it along and place it for us when they did the lift… Nick was a little leary about what they were going to say…but they said sure “no problem”…they actually thought it was “very cool” and were glad to help and wanted nothing extra for doing it! It was craned in and sat exactly level, like it was meant to be…
Why the anchor?…To me…the anchor represents HOPE, the hope that I will someday be reunited with Lance, my first born…..here is a photo of Lance’s anchor at sundown…

Now back to the quilts…
I designed three sizes of Anchor Point…104″,60″ & 24″… I wanted the big quilt for my bed at the Lakehouse …eventually…after it is no longer needed to sell kits, patterns. The piecing of the base star of the quilt is super easy…just like making one big block. For the big quilt I used the grey primitive muslin in the line for the appliquéd by machine anchor. Thanks to Carole who prepped and invisible machine appliquéd the anchor while I worked on piecing the borders. The 60″ and 24″ quilts have wool appliqués for the anchors in my quilts but they could easily be cotton as well.

I sent the 104 to Linda, http://www.thequiltedpineapple.com for quilting. Linda especially likes wide open spaces, which AP does have lots of. Words cannot describe what Linda did with this simple quilt and is no short of amazing. My only request was for her to put our names “in the quilting”. I will let the pictures speak…in the center of the anchor there is something very unexpected, but very special and I am so glad for this women’s creativity, which no doubt is a gift from God himself.






Linda also quilted the mini version….


IMG_4101.JPG this little quilt is also perfect for me to hang in my studio, a reminder again of a special place and person now gone, but never forgotten and dearly missed.

The lap quilt 60″… Can hang on a wall, or be a recliner snuggly for any fisherman who knows how important an anchor really is! The AP60 was quilted by Vegas Val Krueger…. Val’s quilting is perfect for this quilt, she is the fastest draw (quilter)in the west. I can send her two quilts on Tuesday…she gets them on Wednesday and she has them to me by Friday with overnight shipping???? Don’t know how she does it…I would just have it loaded and she would be taking it off! Look at the mariners compass in the four corners, a wonderfully executed quilt…I am so lucky to have both these quilters! I hope you are inspired and ready to piece your own anchor point!lisabongean.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/img_4575.jpg”>2015/01/img_4575.jpg


The boys in the channel…obviously before the anchor was placed.

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  1. Muriel Avatar

    WOW! You are an amazing MOM!

  2. REDD Avatar

    Lisa, this is your most heart-felt post ever. I wonder how many actually saw Lance’s name in the quilting?

  3. bjday68 Avatar

    Lisa, I love your new fabric and how the anchor honors hope to be reunited with your son. I too lost my son five years ago in December. Prayer for you and your family. I want to make your anchor quilt.

  4. aquiltinglady Avatar

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story with us. The anchor is so beautiful, especially with the setting sun as it’s back drop. My heart aches and breaks for you and your family. Lance is not far from you, he’s just right over on the otherside. ♥ The quilt and the line are even more beautiful than before. Take Care. xoxo

  5. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Wow!! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Paula Avatar

    Lisa, this is so special!!! The anchor thought, the delivery of the anchor and the set up and then the quilts…….this is a God thing. Just wonderful! God is with you in this. Paula in KY

  7. wendy held Avatar
    wendy held

    What an awesome tribute to your son!!!

  8. Lori R. Loff Avatar
    Lori R. Loff

    Oh my……… What a great remembrance.

    Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com lisabongean posted: “Lakeside Gatherings has hit my quilt shop as well as all the other quilt shops who have purchased it from MODA Fabrics. We will be showing the quilts from this line for the first time at the AQS show in Albuquerque NM and Ontario CA this week and next res”

  9. Janet O. Avatar

    Wow, what a gorgeous shot of the anchor. And what a special tribute to your son to have that reminder, and the fabric line and quilts, too.
    Linda works magic! Can’t ever say enough good about how she enhances a design–and to work in Lance’s name–beautiful!
    I know you and Lance will be reunited one day. It is all about family!

  10. Charli Thompson Avatar
    Charli Thompson

    A dear friend, recently ordained minister, asked me to make a set of vestments. I’m including an Anchor Cross, appliquéd on a circle of map fabric,
    on the back of her shawl. Your anchor is a true tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Charlotte Avatar

    What a wonderful tribute to your son. It took some searching but I finally did find his name in the anchor. So very special. The anchor on the point reminded me of a cross also so not only “Hope” but “Faith” also.

  12. Carrie Avatar

    Lisa, Thank you for sharing your touching tribute of Lance! The sunset picture of the Anchor is awesome! It truly is a picture of “Hope” and Love! Your quilt is amazing, right down to the last detail! God Bless You and your family as you share this deeply personal fabric line and quilts!

  13. LeAnn Keenan Avatar

    Really beautiful — both the quilts and the tribute.

  14. Gina Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the back story, it makes the fabric and quilts all that much more special. I love that you got that anchor where you wanted it, it is a beautiful honor and reminder of your dear son.

  15. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    I love Lakeside Gatherings and already have a bundle in my hot little hands! Linda really did a wonderful job of making a special quilt even more meaningful. Thank you for sharing the story behind the quilt–so moving. And also thanks SO much for the charm packs I received this week from the Twelve Days of Christmas drawing–your generosity is amazing!

  16. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    Your new fabric line, quilts and Linda’s quilting are all beautiful but more beautiful is the Anchor in Lance’s memory. What a fitting tribute to your son. The picture of the anchor in the setting sun is beautiful. I am so glad you were able to get it to where you wanted to have it. I am sure he is looking down on it and you with love. Thanks for sharing the Anchor’s story with us. connie

  17. treadlemusic Avatar

    Such a poignant post! The anchor is perfect….the location-awesome!

  18. krismichk9 Avatar

    I have tears in my eyes with this amazing story. Love it when quilts also have a story behind them. thank you for sharing

  19. Becky Avatar

    Lisa, thank you for sharing. I too have tears in my eyes–such a beautiful expression of your love for your son. He will live on in your heart and many others I am sure.

  20. kshackabq Avatar

    Wow, Lisa. That’s so special. Thank you for sharing so openly with us. So sorry I will miss you here in Abq.

  21. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    We share in your joy, your triumphs and in your pain Lisa. Please find comfort – You are very dear to so many.

  22. Lorraine Isaac Avatar
    Lorraine Isaac

    What beautiful quilting, and what a touching tribute, the anchor standing there is breathtaking, Lorraine

  23. Marlene Clark Avatar
    Marlene Clark

    Thank you for sharing your Anchor of Hope with all of us. The line of fabric is beautiful. The Quilts are breathtaking! Both the quilt piecing and quilting! All are great memory pieces from the heart. God be with you!

  24. Phyllis Avatar

    A very special blogpost, with beautiful thoughts and beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    I have loved watching this line develop on your blog and Linda’s. I have only been a follower for about a year, so I assumed the anchor was always at your Lake House. What a perfect, sweet tribute. Thank you so much for sharing this story. When I see an anchor, it reminds me of the mariner’s term ( I think) “SAFE HOME”, which just adds to the meaning. The fabric line is beautiful, especially the wovens. I can’t wait to do one of these projects, and see them in person next week. And I can’t wait to be in your class at Road to CA Monday morning! Thank you again for sharing something so precious.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lissa…. SAFE HOME…I love that…thanks for sharing that with me…would be a great name for another quilt…so much meaning…

  26. Anna Avatar

    well…I’ve had my first cry of the day. I am good with this because crying cleanses the soul 🙂 Love the anchor quilt and now have it on my list. My mother had a heart attack 3 years ago in a sailboat race at the age of 81…defininatly a roll model in many ways. The quilting is also exquiste. hugs to you…the quilt is perfect.

  27. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    Oh, Lisa, what a wonderful tribute to Lance, your precious son. The picture of the anchor with the sunset behind it is beautiful and brought me to tears. You should enlarge that picture and hang it in your studio- I’m sure it would bring you comfort. I pray that God will continue to bless you and give you peace. Pam

  28. Margs Primitive Quilts Avatar

    The anchor against the sunset is awesome! What a wonderful tribute to your precious son. May God grant you peace. I LoVe the fabric line and pattern. The quilting is absolutely gorgeous. Every detail has been done to perfection. It’s so nice to see that a quilter has taken special care to make the quilt ” talk” that’s what it did for me.
    I have never seen such amazing quilting. Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes sharing helps another more than you know.
    Hugs Marg.

  29. Margaret Avatar

    Lisa, my thoughts and prayers are with you. The anchor is perfect and looks so wonderful with the setting sun. The quilts are awesome and made from your heart. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Mary Jo Jones Avatar
    Mary Jo Jones

    You are amazing Lisa! I love how you have honored your son and his memory….the anchor is perfect. Your fabric is outstanding…and I will think of your story every time I use it or see it.

  31. Janan Avatar

    This must have been very hard for you to post this. The anchor is “awesome” to say the least. I see the cross in that anchor too, and a lot of love. What a beautiful dedication.
    This fabric line is a tremendous honor to Lance. I will be remebering you in my prayers.

  32. Cindy Avatar

    Touched my heart…God Bless!!

  33. KK Schmidt Avatar
    KK Schmidt

    Brings recollection of the Christian song ‘The Anchor Holds’, written by Lawrence Chewning who had also lost a child. Singing it brought him God’s comfort, encouragement and hope. May seeing your anchor and warm quilt bring you the same.

  34. LoriD Avatar

    What an amazing story, quilt and anchor. Linda did an outstanding and special quilting for this one.

  35. Janet Avatar

    What a fabulous tribute to Luke! It is gorgeous….I have my own Luke…very special young men……

  36. Janet Avatar

    Ps….I’m ready to put my borders on my SBOW….sunflowers….it’s gorgeous…..wish I could figure out how to send you a pic! Lol

  37. Donna Avatar

    Hi Lisa

    I just stumbled on your blog through another blog which I believe was Bonnie Hunter.
    I love your anchor quilt! The story behind it, so much to think about. I’m sorry about your son Lance. The anchor and it’s placement is absolutely amazing.

    I hope to get to your Wisconsin store soon. We are over on Lake Michigan near Manitowoc. Wisconsin weather can be so dicey in the winter so maybe in the Spring. Our quilt guild in Sheboygan has splinter groups called clubs. Our club of 10-20 gals likes to take field trips a couple times a year and visit a few shops, lunch etc. your shop was mentioned as a destination so we may be coming in April or May.

    Congrats on your CA store opening! I had no idea. I see your booth at the big shows and always buy something.

    Hope you get a little moment to stitch something today.

  38. Kathy Bruckner Avatar
    Kathy Bruckner

    This quilt is a beautiful memorial to your son Lance and the quilting is stunning. Would you mind telling us whether you use a program like EQ7 in your design work and if not how you go about designing.
    Thank you.

  39. Sharon Sabins Avatar
    Sharon Sabins

    Lisa, I met you at the class you held in Michigan this last summer, near Cousins quilt shop. All I felt from you was your love of quilting and your family. You shared with a few of us about the loss of your son. I did not know about the anchor until I was reading about your new home and you mentioned it. I went back and read about the anchor you placed in his memory. The picture says it all. I get goose pimples just thinking about it. I don’t know how anyone copes with that kind of loss but it tells me how strong your faith in God is by your actions and words. I’m happy for you and Nick to be able to build the house of your dreams. You have worked hard to be where you are and those who say cruel things, are only jealous and shallow. You rock woman……

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