CA shop opening today!

Our store hours are 10-5 all week days…we will stay open on Wednesday til 6:30… Sat 10-4pm

We will post normal stores hours soon after we have time to throughly think them through…

We are super excited about the opening today but we ask for your patience while we all learn our new jobs and equipment.

The store looks good and you will see we have some empty shelves just waiting for our fabric shipments to come in!!! We are trying to build this shop to be one of the best CA has ever seen but it doesn’t happen in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to seeing many if you in our new location… Also keep in mind we are running these two stores independently, as they may carry different inventories… The CA store will have its own website. We will try to workout the gift card situation if you have purchased them from the WI location, but we ask that you not use them this week as we work through our new POS system..
We thank you for all the excitement, encouragement and support through this next adventure…
In pieces…
Lisa and the Primitive Gatherings Staff

From this to this in a week



47 responses to “CA shop opening today!”

  1. bfreeman56 Avatar


  2. Angel Avatar

    Congratulations and best of luck!

  3. Susan Knaack Avatar
    Susan Knaack

    Congratulations Lisa, even way back when, you were a “Natural Quilter”. To see you sail into your dreams is amazing!

  4. Marlene Avatar

    I am a Southern Californian. I’m very excited that you’re opening a store here. The shop looks enticing! I will try and visit soon. Good luck with t
    he new location.

  5. aquiltinglady Avatar

    So beautiful! Congratulations sweet girl 🙂

  6. Diane Avatar

    Congratulations ! I am so happy for you and wish you lots of great times in your new shop. Just wish I lived closer to see it in person but if I ever get out to the west coast, I will be sure to stop by. 😊

  7. Mary Marge Avatar
    Mary Marge

    It looks fantastic! I’m so happy (and proud!) for you! Way to go …

  8. debi loud Avatar

    It looks so yummy and wonderful!!!!! Next open one in north Florida please!!!!!! Good luck!!!!! debi L

  9. Marcia Avatar

    The new store looks wonderful! I would love to visit it. Can you please share the address?

  10. Kim Avatar

    Congratulations on this new journey and stepping out and going for your dreams. I am looking forward to visiting the store and shopping. Had a great time stopping by your booth at Road2CA and shopping and saying hello. It was fun watching you do the needle punch. I have my kit and will be doing that soon.

  11. Janet O. Avatar

    My eyes have already filled several bags. Maybe it is a good thing for me that your shop is not nearby, but I would LOVE to be there. Congrats and have a truly Grand Opening!

  12. Glynis Ballard Avatar
    Glynis Ballard

    Congratulations on your new store, wishing you much success in your new venture. Wish I could be there to see the opening today.

  13. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart


  14. Mary Andra Avatar

    Congratulations to everyone. This is so very exciting and the shop looks spectacular!!!!!

  15. Mary Andra Avatar

    P S When things settle down…. will we be able to order wholesale from this new location.

  16. Ethelann Wood Avatar
    Ethelann Wood

    Congratulations! There store looks amazing. The bright wools really caught my eye. Enjoy the opening ,then take a nap!!!

  17. Ethelann Wood Avatar
    Ethelann Wood

    PS, I would love the flip flops pattern. Nice to see some “beach y” and nauticals.

  18. Sharon Butvilas Avatar
    Sharon Butvilas

    The store looks amazing and many days of dedicated work done by all. It looks amazing.
    I will be in San Diego this July and want to visit your store. May i have the actual street address & phone number of store in Murietta. Thank you

  19. pdroberts Avatar

    Your shop looks great, now we need on in mid-Ohio.

  20. Denise Avatar

    Awesome. So glad I had the opportunity to participate in this new adventure.

  21. Kristi Avatar

    So I don’t have to search older posts, could you, please, tell me what the address of your new store in S. California is? I live in Oregon and might be able to visit this store! Thanks!

  22. Marlene Avatar

    WOW!!! How fabulous. You and your group ROCK!!! Wish I could come and see it in person.

  23. Judy Dimmick Avatar
    Judy Dimmick

    Congratulations. I hope to visit soon,

    Judy Dimmick

  24. Veronica Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  25. Anna Avatar

    Congratulations!! California is so lucky!!!

  26. Linda Avatar

    Amazing!! Wishing you nothing be success in your new venture. Upstate NY would love to have you here

  27. Avatar

    Your shop is absolutely gorgeous and I love it!!!! I can’t wait to come and purchase some wool kits!!! You have done an outstanding job and I really love the look. So fresh and contemporary. I look forward to a visit within the next couple of weeks. Did you get in on the San Diego Cruisin’ Quilters run for 2015? Perhaps it isn’t too late – check into it – a great way to let all the California quilter’s know a “new shops in town”. Wishing you much success – take care and have a wonderful, safe and blessed day!!!!

    Debra Broyles ;o)

  28. Mary Colley Avatar
    Mary Colley

    looks great

  29. Judith miller Avatar
    Judith miller

    Wish I lived in California . Good job. Judith miller

  30. Bernice Avatar

    Congratulations!! Although I live in Canada, I will be in your new store next week—can hardly wait to see it. For those asking, Google gave me the address & phone number. Can you tell that I’m excited??

  31. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    All the best to you and your team in CA!!

  32. Molly Case Avatar
    Molly Case

    Can you please post location of California shop!

  33. Margi Avatar

    I cant wait to visit the new store…..I didn’t see a address for California
    So excited for you

  34. Cheryl W. Avatar
    Cheryl W.

    It is so beautiful…I can’t wait to come up on wednesday and see it. Best of luck to you with the new shop!!

  35. elizabeth wynn Avatar
    elizabeth wynn

    Wish I lived closer, Congratulations looks amazing

  36. Carol Avatar

    Looks fab! Congratulations!

  37. DaisyS Avatar

    The photo of the wool just makes you want to jump in there and get some! So excited for you (and me since this store is closer Wisconsin. I hope to make the trip some day). Can’t believe all you have done in such a short time! Congratulations!!!!!

  38. MARY WALLER Avatar

    Welcome to California! I am looking forward to visiting your shop. Pictures look great

  39. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    So happy for you Lisa and all the Primitive Gatherings SoCal staff!!! Visiting your store has been on my bucket list along with Paducah and now I get to check this off my list of course there will be tons of checks next to PG on my list!!! Well at least PG SoCal, I still want to visit the Menasha store! There’s a lot of employees there who make my online ordering happen and I’d love to personally thank them!

  40. Valerie Avatar

    What a grand event, another Primitive Gatherings Shop. You are an inspiration to many. Congratulations !!! Sending best wishes your way.

  41. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    Congratulations! Looks great!

  42. quiltfru Avatar

    What a lot of work! But beautifully done!

  43. Dianne Avatar

    Where in California is the new store?

  44. Brenda Kowalski Avatar
    Brenda Kowalski

    Wow what a transformation – Congratulations on opening your new shop. How exciting. Best wishes to you and your staff.

  45. Flip Flop Lamps

    CA shop opening today! | Lisa Bongean’s Weblog

  46. Sally Murray Avatar

    Will there be a website for the new store? Can’t wait to get over there. We are thinking of picking up a ‘get away’ place near Murrieta since I drive down for a couple of days every month.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We are working on it!!!

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