24 thoughts on “for all the cool Grandmas…

  1. That’s so funny! Does not only happen with quilts. I made an heirloom first communion dress for my granddaughter last year. The day she wore it, she asked several of her friends if their grandmothers made their dresses too and was appalled when they said “no”-that their mothers bought their dresses. I have to tell you I felt so good when she told me about that. It was worth all of those hours I spent sewing rows of lace, etc to make that dress myself. And that certainly applies to quilts we make too.

  2. Couldn’t be a more perfect statement and of course the look on his face is priceless !!!!!!

    Congratulations Grandma!

    A BIG HUG!


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  3. I made my first grandson two real quilts; then my daughter made him one of those blankets that you just tie together; guess which one is his official “blankie?” And its not grandma’s quilts!

  4. My youngest grand baby even took a break from opening her gifts to take a rest on her new quilt after she opened it at Christmas. Makes my heart melt!!

  5. When I first heard I was going to be a grandmother, I thought I had to make a quilt. My first quilt 17 years ago and 8 more grandchildren. It was started and a hundred quilts later. A joyful passion!

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