Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

I am in Indiana a day early (storm today) to teach at the famous IHQS…. I will be teaching 3 days and can’t wait to meet my new students who will fall in love with wool applique! … I do have a surprise….Nick will be vending, Thursday-Saturday, while I’m teaching and he has a famous sidekick helping him… Linda from thequiltedpineapple will be in our booth… And look what she has brought to sell! Her magical templates! Come visit and shop with us!!!!

Linda…. Packaging her QP templates … They will work on long arm and domestic machines…so everyone who quilts will need these templates or buy them for your favorite long-arm quilter!…

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  1. Ann E. Avatar
    Ann E.

    How exciting! I hope you have a great time. Lisa, will Linda’s templates work for hand quilting as well? Second question: I would love, love, love to take a class from you in Paducah some day. My mom and I go every year. Is that a possibility? Pretty please….

  2. Joan Hetzel Avatar
    Joan Hetzel

    Can Linda’s templates be used on a regular sewing machine? If so, I would be interested in getting a set.

    Thanks for your blog…..find it interesting!


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    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes… Domestic and regular are the same… Sorry I wasn’t clearer.

  3. Kim Avatar

    I am so excited. I just ordered my set at Linda’s site recently. Here is another question for you Lisa. What tools do you like to mark your quilts with? I know this is a loaded question, there are so many opinions out there. I seem to come to you, I trust and value your opinion so much. Love my stripology ruler I purchased on the 12 days of xmas. I cut out my pennies in the cabin quilt pieces out last weekend. Wow what a difference with that ruler and I sized all my fat quarters before hand. I have anther question regarding pennies. Do you like to stitch one layer at a time or do you go through all the layers of the pennies at once? Hope that makes sense.

  4. Andrea Parks Avatar
    Andrea Parks

    You sure managed to get the Snellville, Georgia community hooked!

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Please bring some of Linda’s templates to Lancaster if possible.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Good call!!! Will do!

  6. bitsidoodl Avatar

    I hope some day you will teach at Houston quilt Festival!!

    Marian Nickerson


  7. Robin in WV Avatar
    Robin in WV

    Any chance she would be interested in joining you at the Quilt Show at Hershey where you will be teaching and vending. Would love to see her and purchase her templates😊!!

  8. DianeWyte Avatar

    oh, Lisa – What are you teaching with the wool applique classes? Would love to know since I can’t be there in person!!! And I COULD use my coupon to get one! :)-

  9. Mary Andra Avatar

    Wishing the three if you as well as your students a great time.

  10. donnalevesque Avatar

    Linda needs to come to CA store and do a class there with them….I would love to see them in action!

  11. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Happy Selling!!! Be careful, I know you, Nick and Linda are used to all the snow but I hear another big storm is headed that way! Hurry back to SoCal!!!

  12. Janet O. Avatar

    What a treat it would be to meet up with you and Nick, along with the talented Linda Hrcka!

  13. aquiltinglady Avatar

    Can’t wait for our class on Saturday and looking forward to checking out the quilted pineapple templates. Lord knows I need them! 😋 Have a safe trip!
    Symantha T.

  14. treadlemusic Avatar

    I dream of those rulers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Beth Avatar

    Linda, you won’t be able to package those templates fast enough now that they are on Lisa’s blog! Good luck!(how can I help?)

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