Teaching in Bloomington IN

I just want to thank all my students for 3 awesome days in IN. We had a little weather issue with some students not being unable to get out of KY…I felt bad for them… But here are a few pics from Saturday’s class…









A special thanks to those who were with me for ALL three days! I had a blast…

10 responses to “Teaching in Bloomington IN”

  1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Looks like everyone is having a load of fun… Sad about those who had to miss due to weather!

  2. Mary Andra Avatar

    Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Marilyn Avatar

    Looks like they are all having a great time. Any class with Lisa, is a great time.

  4. aquiltinglady Avatar

    We had a wonderful time and learned so much! You’re an awesome teacher! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Xoxo

  5. Jane pitt Avatar
    Jane pitt

    So glad you were here! And your booth with the vendors was beautiful!

  6. missi wiseman Avatar
    missi wiseman

    This was awesome can’t wait to do another class.. Thank you so much Lisa

  7. Ethelann Wood Avatar
    Ethelann Wood

    Oh gosh, how pretty all their colors are. They looked like they had so much fun and so much accomplished. Glad you had fun too.

  8. Cindy Miller Avatar
    Cindy Miller

    Amazing days of learning and fun! Lisa, you are the best teacher! Thank you for time well spent and all the great tips for better efficiency and quality. Hope to see you again soon! Best Regards, Cindy Miller


  9. Janet O. Avatar

    I feel really bad for those that couldn’t make it. You are such a great teacher–and so much fun.
    What is the project they are making? I love the look of the blocks, pieced and applique.

  10. Lynne Avatar

    Looks like a cute pattern is it available

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