I’m taking over….

(Singing)Last night in Paducah… tonight in Mackinaw City… tomorrow I’ll be miles from here, ain’t nothin for nothin for me…. Sweet gypsy highway, won’t you let me chase my dream, cause she has a sewing machine to take her there and it’s something to see something to see…..Lord she was born with a needle and thread in her hand, livin a life few could understand, sometimes it gets so confusin that I don’t know where I am, but I always know who I am…… I’m the husband of a Moda designer!!!!( Taken and modified from… I’m with the band…Little Big Town)
Hello everyone, my name is Nick and I’m the husband(lover) of Moda designer Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and I’m taking over her Blog so sit back and enjoy a little story of what it’s like to be married to Lisa prior to Market time!!!
If you enjoy eating alone, going to bed by yourself, watching TV with just the dogs, then this is the life for you, all the while you have to understand that it’s Market time. Lisa and I have been married for 17 years, which means 34 markets so trust me, I get it. For Lisa, market starts the day after the last market ends. She is constantly designing new things which is awesome, however……… HAS ANYONE SEEN MY WIFE???????
Every once in awhile I will make dinner for my wife, ya know, try to be nice cause she is busy. Well, I call Lisa at 5 and tell her that dinner will be ready in 20 minutes……. At 5:20 I will call her again…….At 5:40 once more….. At 6, screw it, I’m eating by myself.
Have you ever gotten ” The Look “???? Well let me tell ya, it’s a common occurrence for this guy. Sometimes I bug Lisa just to get a little laugh out of it but shhhhh, please don’t tell her that…. We will just keep that between us.
Design,design,design…… Sew,sew,sew…… ” HOLY BALLS, MODA JUST SHIPPED MY NEW FABRIC LINE AND IT JUST CAME IN!!!!!!!! photo-3Hey Moda, thanks for that, now I’m never gonna see my wife. Looks like peanut butter and jelly again this month. I must really love my wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being part of the Moda family, but there are times that everyone sees her more than I do.  I help out in weird ways…like setting up a clothes line in her studio to dry all that fabric once it has been starched!photo-2
Hashtag show me the Moda……. How bout Hashtag show me my wife!!!!! Spring market is two weeks away, how ever will my wife handle these weeks? Well, first she has to go to workshop/event in Michigan, then come home and finish all of her new samples that she’s been working on constantly, after that she will have to decide how our booth will be displayed, then hair and nails, answer the thousands of emails she receives, pack her clothes and we will head to Market. Oh yeah, kiss me on the cheek goodnight.
All kidding aside, my wife Lisa loves what she does. She is an amazing mom and new grandmother. photo-4She handles the two shops and all the employees all the while putting up with me. Lisa works her ass- off there’s no doubt about that. She’s an inspiration to many, but a hero to just one…… Me. ( please don’t tell her that either!)
Yeah it’s a crazy life we have, one filled with many ups and downs. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Yeah we work together, but we are never together. So……. If any of you have seen my wife, let her know dinner will be ready in 20 minutes….Nick Bongean


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

72 thoughts on “I’m taking over….

  1. Hello Nick! Your wife is pretty amazing and I love the work she does! Have you ever considered signing up for all her lectures or classes? You would not have to call her for dinner that way! LOL

  2. Nick – you are too funny!! Glad you are pitching in on the blog. Your comments will keep us in stitches! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hang in there Nick.


  3. Nick, I think you missed your calling…best blog I’ve read on here…don’t tell your wife that…..I know she’s never home but I absolutely love everything she does and the shop is awesome…patterns..fabric..love it.

  4. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry- you are amazing too Nick!! what a great couple you are.
    Great blog- you did miss your calling!

  5. You are obviously a wonderful blogger and an even greater husband. You have an amazing wife. You are both so lucky. Really enjoy your article today 🙂

  6. Great blog entry – you should take it over more. You and Lisa are a match made in Moda Heaven! Love everything your wive does and it’s great to know she has you. Loved seeing you in Paducah.

  7. You have to be one special man to have one special woman. Love your version of the song, laughed so hard. Nice meeting you in Paducah and on the drive home I remembered I wanted the new rulers…oh well there’s always online.

  8. And you are her hero ,too,I am sure! Lisa is truly an amazing designer and woman! And you can tell her that! Great blog, Nick!

  9. Oh I see she is at the Grand Hotel in my home State!!!! How wonderful! Hang in there!

  10. Nick, love your clothes line. I have one just like it (even the same color), but my IS outside.

    1. Great blog, Nick. You are two very special people and I love what you do. Hang in there!

  11. Hahahahahahahhaaa Great job Nick. I hope to see her in July so if you don’t see her by then I’ll let her know dinner’s been ready for quite some time. Congrats on baby and you’re amazing too. It takes a special husband to support and do what Lisa does. (which I don’t know how anyone can find her- she’s got more energy than anyone I know).

  12. How about a picture of the Nick. Yes, you had me in stitches too! You are a great guy Nick. Hang in there

  13. Nick, Best blog ever! Thank you for sharing Lisa with us!!! I see Lake time in your very near future. Enjoy Spring Market. Can’t wait to see the pics of your booth and of course all Lisa’s new designs.

  14. Loved your blog Nick!!! Both of you are amazing people and she is lucky to have you to support her through her adventures. All of us appreciate her work and you too. Quilt market will be over soon and you will have a goal to spend time together at the lake. I am the wife of a farmer who too knows how it is to be able to have time with my husband this time of year. Once our farm work is done we will take our 5-wheel some where and have time together camping and fishing. You are one lucky man to have a wife so special and I’m lucky to have a man that is so special to me. Keep up the great blog posts.

  15. You and Lisa are a great team Nick. I know she is very thankful to have such a fun, understanding, helpful partner. Hope you get to go to Mackinaw Island with her. Wish I could go to that one.

  16. Off to market she goes…but I suspect if you keep posting photos with you holding that adorable grandbaby…she will start arriving home more often…a person has got to do what a persons gotta do, lol

  17. The message comes through the humor–Lisa works amazingly hard–you do, too. And you love, support, and miss your wife! Great post!! : )

  18. Great job Nick. It’s the fact that you are a team that helps it all work. I read your post to my hubby and he understood completely. Lisa and I share the same birthday, not year…lol, so I truly understand what drives her. Hugs to both of you. I’ll see you at Spring Market.

  19. Great job Nick. I am sure Lisa could not do it all without you and her wonderful family. Just think, soon she will have the baby working booths, and going to shows. It is a wonderrful family affair, and she is a great gal. Cant wait for cruise time next year. Keep up the good work. Her ideas and designs inspire all of us.

  20. Thanks for all you sacrifice Nick. Because of both your sacrifices, I get to enjoy stitching some beautiful table mats and quilts. When ever time allows you just kidnap Lisa and go to the lake house. My husband lets me keep the ironing board and all the other stuff that goes with quilting in the living room where his tv is, so that we can be together he does have to turn the tv up pretty loud when I am using my machine. I am happy he just like being with me. I guess what I am getting at is, love and appreciate you both so very much and all that you give to us.

  21. Maybe she is in that lost truck that the potato growers in Idaho are looking for?? Giggles giggles….

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  22. Dear Nick, how come I don’t feel really sorry for you? While my husband was working I never got to see him either. I had to do all the things myself and so do many, many women. Now the role has changed in your family. At least one husband can see how we women feel most of the time. No, sincerely, your wife is amazing and I can perfectly well understand you. I loved to read your post and be assured of my empathy.

  23. Nick, you have to post more often, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing Lisa with the rest of us, she’s so talented & creative yet a down-to-earth teacher and all around nice person to boot. All she does would be a lot harder without a supportive husband like you backing her up and doing stuff like installing a clothesline in her studio. Sounds like you were made for each other!

  24. Nick, my husband knows your pain well! I’m retired now and we have time together but through all those years I never forgot I couldn’t do it all, be it all, & have it all without him. He was and still is my hero. He made me look good. I’ve always heard behind every power house is a lonely person and It’s true. I’m/ we all are thankful to you because we are so spoiled my her talent. God Bless you for helping her make it all happen! Krissy B.

  25. Thanks, Nick! Great job! I look forward to seeing more of your entries! Tell Lisa that Dru is AWESOME! Luke is too! We had a great time in the CA store this weekend. Dru opened early, brought fabulous treats, even did a special request on Sunday! She put up with us touching and and drooling over everthing in the store. Great crew in California!!!! Looking forward to seeing the new projects. Lisa does a fabulous job of fabric designing and her kits are top notch. Thanks, Nick, for your contribution and sacrifice so she can produce such high quality products. Flying Geese Quilters Guild in Irvine loves Primitive Gathering!!!

  26. Nick, Lisa and family, You are all one in a million. We love what each of you do to make Primitive Gatherings the best place to shop — in person or online! Continue eating those P&Js so we can see the fruits of your labors. Love the new fabrics!

  27. You’re not alone Nick. My husband has the same problems. Since I’ve learned to quilt, I’ve forgotten how to clean house, do laundry and cook. He’s wonderful, just as you are to support us in our craft. Beautiful grand baby!

  28. Nick, you are too funny!! I am taking a class with your wife in Hershey this summer and I can’t wait!! Hang in there I’m sure Lisa will show up for dinner soon😊

  29. You are both amazing! She is lucky to have you since you are so supportive of her passion for what she does and she’s just perfect at all of it. I just love both of you! Thank you for all that you do!

  30. You are my most favorite people. I can’t wait to see you all … spend some time together. Both of you work very, very hard and I know it’s hard at times to carve out some time together. Cherish the time you do get together – make it count. Love you guys so much!

  31. Nick, Lisa is pretty amazing and she always tells us that you are too. You both work very hard to make your business a success and I truly think you compliment each other in doing so. You are very lucky to be married to her and I think she is very lucky to be married to you. Please continue the work you both do for all of us and also,
    please write on Lisa’s blog more often…it was fun to read.

  32. Oh Nick… Lisa couldn’t do what we all love the fruits of, if she didn’t have a hubby like you with that great sense of humor. Do you iron those starched strips too? 🙂 I too have had a great fella for a loooong number of years. He keeps telling me to buy all the fabric I want. One day tho he pondered whether the fabric stash room would fall into the garage below. Wool doesn’t weigh as much as cotton yardage, does it? hehe
    Looking forward to more insights from your view!

  33. Nick, I love you. I teach quilting classes and am on the run a lot. I just read your blog to my husband and we both had a good laugh. Thanks for all you do. Mary in Ohio

  34. Hi, Nick, great blog. Gives everyone the husband view. How about the boys view?!! Haha. Seriously have been to shop twice and loved every minute of it. And shows, don’t know how many. Keep your shin up and keep up the great job. (Oh, at least the Yankees will be on TV!!)

  35. Hang in there, Nick! Great post :o) Was just in the Menasha Shop on Friday… looks great and your employees are awesome and friendly! Had a great time and bought lots of goodies. Just know that what you guys do does not go unappreciated!

  36. Nice hearing from you, Nick…….the great other half!! Just know….Lisa could not do all she does were it not for your support. Creativity flows endlessly and interruptions are like a bump in the road that might make her lose track of her objective. Thank you for everything you do to keep her on track. I love ALL her goodies……fabric and patterns and rulers. Keep it up……..feel the love.

  37. Nick, Great post! THANK YOU so much for sharing Lisa with us… it’s nice to know a bit more about you! I have to agree with you Lisa is pretty darn AWESOME (you can tell her I said that LOL) I know I’m not the only one to think that but I’ll say she probably doesn’t realize just how she touches those she comes in contact with (me especially). Remember not everyone gets to be the movie star, but the movie wouldn’t get made without the production crew!

  38. Nick: loved your post!! Made me smile and giggle!! And you must be a gem and we can tell that you DO love your wife alot!! Thanks for supporting her so we can enjoy what she designs!!! Keep your chin up: in three weeks it will all be over (well, sort of!) And your grandbaby is sooo cute!!! Can you go hold him when you can’t get Lisa’s attention?!!! 🙂

  39. It’s awesome that you stand behind her the way that you do. Lisa is truly a talented person and I am so glad to have my house filled with her designs! Ya’ll make one hell-of-a-team! You need to blog a little more. Great humor!

  40. Great post, Nick. Sounds like you’re a prince!! Thanks for your understanding about us crazy quilters, and how much we love Lisa and her designs.

  41. I so enjoyed reading this. Your relationship sounds like there is never a dull moment; and to have a new grandchild to love….life just doesn’t get much better than that! Am sure she appreciates all of your patience. We adore what she has to offer us for sure!

  42. What a treat to hear from you Nick! Just so you know, your hard work, support, and kindness at the numerous quilt shows/events Is noticed and appreciated!! Thank you for sharing your wife, Lisa, with all of us! 😊

  43. Great post and great when you have a supporting man along for the ride. What if you started quilting?

  44. Great post, you made me smile, new baby is beautiful, like grandma. Remember it takes two!!! You are blessed to have each other. Thanks for sharing from the lady in Iowa who smiles each time she uses the beautiful wool you shared after the tornado. God bless you.

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  45. How fun to see the behind the scene view. And nice to know how much love and laughter in the Moda family. Especially thanks for sharing Lisa with us all!

  46. Nick, Thank you for allowing Lisa to do the awesome job that she does. Without your help and support she could not do all the fun and creative stuff that makes it a great life (for us and you).

  47. What Fun!….Hurray for Moda and Lisa….letting us know your side of the story……We love you all…..!

  48. Nick, great job on your blog. I’m sure she appreciates all your support. Did you check for her under all those bolts of fabric?

  49. Great job of taking over!!! It is so wonderful to see you working together! Waht a beautiful grandbaby😊

  50. Thanks for logging, and giving Lisa more time to do what she does! because we love what she does! My husband and I work together too, so I know that it takes a level of commitment to your marriage and each other unlike any other. Good to see another couple that loves what they do, and does it together!

  51. Great Post Nick ~ Thanks for sharing Lisa with all of us ~ we so love everything she does!!!
    You all at Primitive Gatherings do a wonderful job and I so Love coming to your shop and finding that special something!!! Adorable Grandbaby!!! Hey Lisa ~ dinner is in 20 Min.!!!
    Hang in there Nick!
    Blessings to All

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