Which Jessica?

Here is the   Holz you want to friend to be part of the SBOW group… Sorry there were a few of them out there…


3 responses to “Which Jessica?”

  1. Linda Hartsock Avatar
    Linda Hartsock

    Not sure what you are asking me, Jessica not my post. Sorry, just placed an order, but otherwise not from me. Linda Hartsock

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  2. Elizabeth (Betsy) Holt Avatar
    Elizabeth (Betsy) Holt

    I’m signed up for the SBOW and I signed up on Facebook… but I don’t know how to add friends… So can you please give me a hint….

    Thanks Betsy

  3. Cherie Avatar

    I’m trying to find Jessica holz on the Facebook to be part of the process with sbom I’ve looked and looked and only two Jessica holz is coming up and both have no pic of pg stuff with her name I’m not real good with computer skills learn and just join Facebook just to participate with you sbom so can you let me know where I can get some help with this don’t want to miss out

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