It’s so fun to be here in CA!

I love being here at the new shop…I love to see what has happened in the in just less than 2 months, since I was here last…I love what they have done..I love the quilts starting to hang from the ceiling…I love the fabric shelves being full of fabric! I love seeing the CA customers who are so excited that we actually built a shop in CA!

But best of all…I love seeing my students bring in their projects…I love the shine in their eyes and the smiles on their faces that this stitching brings them…there is nothing like this feeling when you know you  have taught someone something they will do probably for the rest of their lives…Lori, a new friend and student from the Road to California class stopped in yesterday with her Mom and her class project…all it needs is the binding and it was fabulous!
IMG_2633Then there nothing like “old friends” too…I wish I could have gone to lunch with these two yesterday…Joyce and Rhonda…Geoffs Mom and Farmhouse Threads pattern companies…nice to see you again…Come see their patterns at the shop!!! Busy day coming up…two classes and getting ready for the Big Grand Opening!!!IMG_2634


10 responses to “It’s so fun to be here in CA!”

  1. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Looking at the photos you’ve taken, the shop looks great. Good luck with the grand opening. I would have loved to be there.

  2. Mary Andra Avatar

    Lisa, My sisters and I are so excited for you and your family on opening another spectacular quilt/wool shop. Congratulations to all of us as we also share in the excitement of another Primative Gatherings. Hi to Nick too.

  3. Carole Avatar

    Congratulations on your new store opening. California will love it!

  4. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    We Snowbirders will be flying south for the winter come January!! Can’t wait to stop off and visit again!! :o))

  5. Dixie Heer Avatar
    Dixie Heer

    You know what I love to see? It is seeing you so happy Lisa. I haven’t seen you so happy as I have this past
    year. I’ve been to your booths at Road to CA and Long Beach for several years and have bought on line many times, but you were never as happy as you have been lately. Congratulations to one of the most talented women I have ever seen. Keep up the wonderful work. You deserve to be happy.

  6. Caren Avatar

    Wow, Lori did a beautiful job and the shop looks awesome!!!!

  7. Dorothy Avatar

    so happy you are now also, in California…..I am so glad….as I really love your designs and do as many ( plus some) that I can….I am in Joshua Tree….so plan on a road trip soon….Congratulations.!!!!!

  8. Helen LeBrett Avatar
    Helen LeBrett

    Lori’s quilt it gorgeous!! And I wish I lived closer to the shop, but then again, my pocketbook is grateful that I don’t!! 😀

  9. Andrea Parks Avatar
    Andrea Parks

    Snellville, Ga would be thrilled if you opened a shop here, too!!

  10. Rosemary Younce Avatar
    Rosemary Younce

    Love what I have seen online in you CA store – way to go
    Maybe I can make it to the CA store easier than WI store
    Keep up the good work!

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