Colfax with a border…

I just HAVE to share Gretchens quilt with you…I have edited her email to me…she is entering it in a show and needs permission, so I took all of that out…This is probably the BEST thing that someone has added to one of my designs and it is made from my fabric also….I love the border…thought I’d share it with you…Enjoy this beauty!!!! Notice the piping in the binding….so nice…I hope you win Gretchen!!!LB

—–​Hello Lisa
I met you last summer at AQS in Grand Rapids. I bought your kit for Colfax County the year before but decided for my bed I wanted some borders.

so I was purchasing some additional fabric from you last summer. I finally have the quilt finished and have attached a picture.

I hope you enjoy how I added the borders.

I have fabric left and plan to make pillow shams

thank you for your time. I love your items
Gretchen fullP1010845


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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 31and Jake 30 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

32 thoughts on “Colfax with a border…

  1. This is beautiful! I hope you win too! Is there a way you could share that border, it’s great!!

  2. This is just beautiful -such lovely additions – your attention to detail is admirable!! Best of luck!
    Thanks, Lisa for sharing with us!

  3. It’s a gorgeous quilt! But I don’t understand why the maker needs permission to enter it in a show. I thought you only needed permission when you were selling the end product.

  4. How to “turn the corner” on a pieced border is often challenging – Gretchen’s “solution” is perfect for this quilt! Well done!

  5. I Made that quilt and love it. The added borders are beautiful and ambitious. I felt the quilt was quite time consuming for me but love it. Good Job to Gretchen.

  6. Oh wow. I LOVE it. I definately would have this in my house and to me that is the definition of a good design. Beautiful. What’s the pattern and fo you sell it?

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