Utah Quilt Fest!!!

I am so enjoying myself with everyone here in Layton UT!  I have taught 2 classes so far and spoke at a lunch lecture…I am one of 4 national teachers here along with Marsha McCloskey, Karen Kay Buckley and Cynthia England…all phenomenal quilters/teachers…I love their lunch lectures so far and learning more about them…I wish I could take some classes!!!! If you live near here you have to come next year!!!

Today I took a few pics during class…both classes so far were awesome!!! Wonderful Ladies all willing to learn all my secrets!FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 3IMG_3744 2IMG_3742 3IMG_3743 2

Everyone is all fused down and ready to stitch!!! Did anyone recognize Janet here???? Do you read her blog? http://roguequilter.blogspot.com

Janet brought me her mini of my APQ Stitch along quilt.  These blocks are 3″!!! It was so awesome to see it in person as well as Black Little Buds!!!I WANT THEM BOTH!!!  I want Janet to enter this little quilt in Paducah!!! Go to her blog and comment that it deserves to be there…Those little white squares are 1/4″!
FullSizeRender 4

Just wanted to say HI to all the new quilters who joined the blog today!!! Hopefully I will remember to take some pics tomorrow and Saturday of classes and share them…and yes, Nick…only two more days and I’m coming home…

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  1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Looks like everybody’s getting a lot finished and wow those mini quilts are amazing 1/4 inch squares!!! Glad you’re having fun

  2. Cindy Shope Avatar
    Cindy Shope

    Coming to take your class on Saturday, can’t wait.

  3. Marianne Stana Avatar
    Marianne Stana

    Taking a class from Lisa is in my bucket list!!

  4. joannerod51 Avatar


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    From:”Lisa Bongean’s Weblog” Date:Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 11:45 PM Subject:[New post] Utah Quilt Fest!!!

    lisabongean posted: “I am so enjoying myself with everyone here in Layton UT!  I have taught 2 classes so far and spoke at a lunch lecture…I am one of 4 national teachers here along with Marsha McCluskey, Karen Kay Buckley and Cynthia England…all phenomenal quilters/teach”

  5. Patricia ingalls Avatar
    Patricia ingalls

    Wish I was there.

  6. Mary Andra Avatar

    Every class you teach is fabulous as well as your patterns. I can’t wait to take another class. Enjoy your weekend. Hi to Nick.

  7. Jackie Avatar

    Is anyone else not able to get to Janet’s blog? When I click on the link it says that there is no such blog….

    1. Peggy Voorhees Avatar
      Peggy Voorhees

      I also couldn’t get on blog as no such blog exists.

    2. Cindy Shope Avatar
      Cindy Shope

      I can’t either

  8. Marcy Peterson Avatar

    Took your class the 1st day and it was wonderful. thanks for being a great teacher and thanks to the Utah quilt Guild for having a great show.

  9. gayleburton Avatar

    I wandered through your classroom for a few minutes on Thursday so I could say hi to Janet and see everyone’s projects – such a great group of gals working on a great project!

    1. gayleburton Avatar

      P.S. Here’s a link to her blog: http://roguequilter.blogspot.com/

  10. Rose Bullen Avatar
    Rose Bullen

    Oh that all looks like such fun. Love those trees and the crescent moon. Hope I can find one of your retreats to attend!

  11. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, your class looks wonderful. So nice to see everyone stitching and to hear you’re having fun! I missed signing up for your stitchers gatherings class while you were in CA recently, and I’m bummed I’ll miss you in WI in Dec… when you’ll be in CA, Lol. Maybe I’ll see you at Road in Jan. 😊 BTW how about some pics of your grand baby? Keep stitchin! Hugs, Jakey

  12. Janet O. Avatar

    Nice try, Lisa. : )
    Luckily, since my blog name is misspelled, the link has not worked and I have not been hounded to comply.
    Loved class, and having the chance to work under your tutelage again. You are the best teacher out there, you know. I’m practicing my stem stitch, but I’m still not sure I am doing it correctly. I’m such a remedial student.

  13. Lois Chabalowski Avatar
    Lois Chabalowski

    I tried to register for the rogue quilt we from the link.
    Got a reply that it doesn’t exist.
    Just a FYI so it can be remedied.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Lois Chabalowski Avatar
    Lois Chabalowski

    I tried to do the rogue quilter blogs and got a message that it doesn’t exist.
    Just FYI so that it can be fixed
    Thanks in advance

  15. Joyce Bouy Avatar
    Joyce Bouy

    Your class has me hooked on wool. Still practicing stitches. Can not wait to do another project.

  16. Cindy Shope Avatar
    Cindy Shope

    I took your class on Saturday and loooooooved it. Hope to be able to take more classes from you.

  17. Ruth Abid Avatar
    Ruth Abid

    I see me!!! Loved your class Thursday….I’ve got one scene done plus the snowmen!!! I love it! I’m ready to order scissors and want to be sure I order the same Dovos you had in class…can you help me figure out which ones they are??? Also need thread and a ruler .. I think I’ve got the bug!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The 5″ Dovo Scissors would be the best ones to use for wool appliqué. Please call the Shop and the ladies there would be happy to help you with all your other questions. thank you 920-722-7233

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