One of the things I truly believe in is supporting others, helping them…encouraging them …I want to see people be successful, and to follow their hearts and dreams…I know few people are working in their dream job…but when you know someone who is… its so fun to be around them…to see the sparkle in their eyes and the excitement in their voice…

One of those people who I have had the pleasure of knowing for sometime now is Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin. From early in my quilt and sewing life I have always admired her designs and have stitched many of them myself…Her patterns are top sellers in our quilt shop.  But most of all I know the kind of person Stacy is…a fun loving, hard working, family focused, dedicated cat lover and let me tell your this women knows how to throw an event!!!Every detail is addressed, everything is amazingly breathtaking and inspiring! You feel so much love in what she creates…you want to touch it all, have it all and feel connected to this authentic vintage vibe that is from days past…

Stacy has been selected in Martha Steward’s AMERICAN MADE contest.  I know some of you don’t pay attention to designers and who’s pattern you are currently making but I will bet you, you have some of Stacy’s Buttermilk Basin patterns in that collection of yours…I am asking you to help me support Stacy and vote for her… the link below here brings you to the site…Click on American Made…she is on the 6th page…Please sign up and vote for her…she really deserves it…I know she has given so much to our stitching community…Lets give a little back to her and take a few minutes to vote for her..You can vote up to 6x a day…I’m sure once a day would be appreciated but 6 would be over the top awesome if you can!!!

Stacy is a stitching/quilting ROCKSTAR…lets make sure our quilting sister is represented!!!

My best….LB

New link…VOTE


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  1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Well said Lisa, I know I’ve purchased some of her patterns from you (as kits)! LOL I know what you mean by not always paying attention to who the designer is… I found another one I have from “Backyard Quilts” guess I’ve loved your stuff longer than I realized… Hope all is going well with the house build! Hugs Liz

  2. Kay B Avatar
    Kay B

    Stacy is one of the most generous designers . She has a free wool design every month. Each Friday she gives away stuff on her blog. She host blog hops for us to enjoy. She is a winner in my book and worth my time to vote for her. Time for us to give back to her.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      thanks Kay…I agree it takes lots of work to give away FREE things…

  3. pdroberts Avatar

    Dear Lisa, that was a very gracious note about Stacy West. I do love her designs and hope she wins the American Made Design contest. But you are one of my favorites too. I have been for quite awhile because I too have several BackYard designs. How cool is that? I met you at one of the Cincy shows a few years ago and you signed my Summer Gathering book. I love it, Thank you for all your beautiful creations. Also thank you
    for supporting a fellow designer. You are the best. P

  4. suejean1 Avatar

    You are awesome Lisa. Great to see a stitching rock star support another.

  5. Vickie Devore Avatar
    Vickie Devore

    I’ve clicked 3 or so times, but keep getting a “whoops” page not found. ?????

  6. Sharyn Avatar

    Not only do I admire and love all of Stacey’s designs and have stitched many many of them, but I love how you promote and stick up for your fellow artist and friend! Just another example of what wonderful ladies you both are!!

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