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Hi All..

Well today is my day to post in the wonderful Christmas Joy Blog Hop!! Stacy is an AWESOME host and we all love that she does this every year…
I have been CRAZY busy and can’t wait till me life slows down a bit!!! So on to the HOP!

I want share with you a recipe…now I know that rice krispies aren’t really elegant…but  I have to start making things that I made for my kids growing up…now that I’m a Grandma.   I think this recipe is something they would enjoy anytime of the year…You could put red/green sprinkles on the melted chocolate for Christmas time…(I don’t care for sprinkles so none for me)…But I did however make this recipe this last weekend for the biggest kid I know…He will be taking them hunting this weekend…He is so excited because he has one of those fancy cameras that record any movements in his field…WELL….there’s a few Bullwinkles running around and it’s got him all worked up…Here is an actual photo of the rollup…ok..maybe if I didn’t put the whole bag of chips in it wouldn’t have mushed out…I would only put the chocolate on the first 3/4 of it as it rolls and spreads as you roll it…and I want to say that making this was super easy and VERY good!


IMG_4275lisa bongean recipeNow for the real reason you are here…the needle and thread stuff…

This year I did a bunch of ornies with the “tree” theme…so for you, I did an old fashioned light bulb with a tree on it! I also want to let you in on a little secret…In May 2016 I will be having a new MODA Fabric line and book called Christmas Gatherings…where you will find lots of quilts and wooly things! Can you believe I have been working on this since summer?There will be some more “bulb” ornies included in the book too to complete a whole set of 8 bulb ornies!lisa bongean


TREE LIGHT BULB 2 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ finished

Supplies needed:

4 1/2″x 6 1/2″” red wool                   #8 O775 Valdani Thread

2″ x 3″ holly wool                               #12 O540 Valdani Thread

1 1/4″ x 2 1/2″grey wool                    #8 O512  Valdani Thread

1″ x 1″ gold wool                                  #8 O154 Valdani Thread

1/2″ x 3″ brown wool                           #12 P12 Valdani Thread

other threads needed: 3SF O178 and various colored #8 threads for ornaments on the tree

fusible web, # 24 and #22 chenille needles.


Trace shapes onto fusible web. Cut out just outside of drawn lines. Remove paper and place fusible onto correct wools. Make sure you have enough red wool left to use as the backing…so in other words stay close to the edge.  Iron and cut out shapes on the drawn lines. Do not remove paper from the back of the bulb shape. Remove paper from all the other appliques. Place appliqués onto bulb. Iron with lots of steam always keeping the iron moving at all times. Save bottom for later.

Remove paper backing off of the bulb and stitch appliques and embellishments, using the threads indicated. If the thread indicated says 3SF you are only to use one strand of the 3 stranded floss. Use the #24 needle for the #12 wt. and 3SF threads, use the #22 for the #8 wt. threads.  Cross stitch the branches and trunk.  Stitch a long stitch for the ornament hangers and then place French or colonial knots on the the end of all the hangers.  Stitch the top star just like you would draw one with 5 long stitches.

When stitching is complete, remove paper off the back of the bottom.  Place the stitched bulb onto the remaining red wool. Insert the bottom of the bulb under the bottom edge of the bulb . Iron bulb with lots of steam, again always keeping the iron moving. Cut away the red wool using the bulb as a guide. Blanket-stitch the edge of the bulb, and change to the grey thread when stitching the bottom.  Stem stitch 2 lines on the bottom of the bulb.

Stitch a hanger in the top of the bulb and it is ready to be hung on the tree! Below is the tracing layout for the Tree Light Bulb.

Ornie Layout Sheets

I hope you come to visit Primitive Gatherings online, or in person at one of our two locations WI or CA.  Starting this Thursday-Saturday we have lots of fun going on with our Primitive Christmas!  With lots of new free patterns and a kit for a free wool pincushion for a min. $25 purchase!  Come get yours starting after Midnight on Wednesday, which is technically Thursday!!! lol!  If you can go to the shop we have cookies and door prizes along with make and takes! Normal shop hours…Make & Takes 10-1pm.  Will be doing a full blog post tomorrow with pictures!!!

Here are the other designers in the HOP if you want to go back and see what they have all done, lots on nice things for you to make for Christmas yet this year…Stacy is tomorrow and  that is the end of the HOP!
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Nov 17th * Primitive Gatherings
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All for now…thanks for visiting my blog…make sure to sign up for my blog post on the right hand side of this blog post!  You won’t want to miss out…I have lots of things planned for December too!!!

My Best,

Lisa Bongean



17 responses to “Christmas Joy Blog Hop!!!”

  1. Quilter Kim Avatar
    Quilter Kim

    Looks great LIsa, I am going to try this recipe this weekend. Love the ornament and can’t wait for the Christmas Gatherings book. As usual, you have outdone yourself. Thanks for all your wonderful designs and hope to see you at the shop this Saturday.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I will be there at least until 2pm! see you soon!

  2. Jackie Avatar

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern and recipe!

  3. Sharon Avatar

    Lisa…Where do you find time to create? You are one busy lady! Looking forward to the cruise, in Feb.!

  4. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    Hi Lisa, love the bulb ornament! Thanks for sharing. I am really excited about the new Christmas Gatherings book. I use a lot of Snowmen Gatherings in my home all winter long. I also love Lakeside Gatherings, well let’s face it I just love “Gathering” to sew with you! Sure wish I could get to the shop but I will be watching for pics online! Thanks again, ethelann

  5. Janet O. Avatar

    Very clever ornie. Thanks for the pattern!
    Wow, another book so soon? How do you do it? I’m just grateful that you share your never-ending talent with us. Thanks again!

  6. aquiltinglady Avatar

    Hi Lisa! Thank you for the yummy recipe and pattern! The Rice Crispy Roll Up looks as scrumptious as the wool pennies it’s sitting on and the little ornament is sooo cute. Can’t wait for the new book and fabric..exciting! Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Sandi H. Avatar

    Very sweet design Lisa, thank you.
    Unfortunately I live too far away to go to either of your shops so online will be my way to visit. Have a lovely tome and maybe I’ll get to come one year.

  8. Peggy Voorhees Avatar
    Peggy Voorhees

    where is project from Bits n Pieces by Joan from 11-16?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You will need to speak with Bits n Pieces by Joan about where her project is. Thank you jessica

    2. Meredith Avatar

      If you type in Blog Hop in the search bar on Joan’s website it takes you to her very cute project.

  9. Mary wahlenmaier Avatar
    Mary wahlenmaier

    Thanks for the recipe and ornament pattern, love your stuff! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. Meredith Avatar

    Lisa, thank you so much! This ornie is just gorgeous, will bee making it today, and am so looking forward to your new Christmas book, you are so creative! I love all things Christmas, and especially your designs; I have to content myself with online visits as I live in Australia.

  11. sallyqiad Avatar

    thanks for the ornie! Delighted to hear there’s new Christmas group coming in May. When will Songbird Gatherings be at your store in CA (or elsewhere for that matter!) Can’t wait!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Songbird Gatherings Does not arrive in stores until February. Thank you jessica

  12. jean Avatar

    love LOVE your penny rug, under the beginning. is that in one of your books, or do you have a free pattern?

  13. Candee Avatar

    Thank you for this great bulb ornie! Love it!

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