After the parties over….Primitive Christmas!

Wow…I think I may be almost back to normal…if there is such a thing for me…I am still thinking about the Primitive Christmas event and how AWESOME is was…

I have a few more pics to share from that Saturday at the shop…I had so much fun, but I want to show you exactly How much…

I talked one of the the ladies husbands into making the ornie with us!!! Tom was such a good sport! I think he knew just to give in and do what I wanted because as I was not letting him go without making one of these cute trees!  I wanted to prove that we could just take someone who has never done this and show everyone they can!!!  IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4411 IMG_4412
IMG_4413I also want to show you some tree VARIATIONS…The left is made from the Primitive Wool Charm Pack (4 trees from this pack)…the next two from the Christmas wool Charm pack(2 big trees and one small tree…used only 3 of each size instead of 5 for the small one) and the third from scraps…which we have lots of wool scrap bags available which would make a ton of trees.  I hope you enjoy(ed)making these ornies!!!  Click on links for fast track to these products if you want to make the variations too.

If you did not purchase during our Primitive Christmas Event November 19-22, the pattern for these trees will be available in our NEW book that will be out in April of 2016.  We are working on getting that up on our site so that you will be able to order, and be the first on your block to receive it once it comes in.

Jess said they think they should have all the orders out by Friday…but if your waiting for a mug those will come later, but your regular order will ship before….and the mug separately when they come in.

I am starting to think about my own Christmas at home…tree decorating tonight!!  LB

14 responses to “After the parties over….Primitive Christmas!”

  1. Carolyn Boutilier Avatar
    Carolyn Boutilier

    I love making these little trees. I have made 8 of them, white, green, blue and a pink one. I put some glue on the edges and sprinkled glitter on these edges. thank you for sending the pattern.

  2. pdroberts Avatar

    What fun those little trees are, I have made eight, two of which are from my purple stash of wool. Thank you for the wonderful idea. They are addicting. I will try the multicolored ones today. I do so love Christmas. I love to use wool in my creations. I am really anxious to get my mug. Hope it comes soon. P

  3. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    These are sew cute. I am so glad that you get to decorate your tree. It’s nice to be home and cozy.

  4. Mary Andra Avatar

    They are all fabulous.

  5. Melanie Dreike Avatar
    Melanie Dreike

    These trees are so cute, I could not make your open house could you send me the instructions. So cute!

    Thanks, Melanie

  6. Kim Avatar

    The trees are cute. I had ordered mine and received them. Not enough hours in my day right now to do them so I am living through these pictures.

  7. Cheryl Avatar

    Sorry, I am slow today. How do I order this pattern and kit?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The pattern was given away during our Primitive
      Christmas event….now it will be in my book that comes out in April!!! So hopefully you can get them then and be ready of next year!!!

  8. Cheryl Avatar

    Sorry, I am a little slow today. How do I order this pattern and kit.

  9. Cheryl Avatar

    Sorry, I am a little slow today. How do I order this pattern and kit.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      If you did not ordering during our Primitive Christmas Event, the Kits and patterns will be in Spring 2016 when Lisa’s new book comes out. Thank you jessica

  10. Triah Avatar

    Loved the Cali event Lisa, had a fun time and will look forward to future events! Thanks so much

  11. Gladys Avatar

    Love these and the many colors! What mug? I must have missed seeing that! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

  12. Debbie Frantz Avatar
    Debbie Frantz

    How do I get pattern for the fabric trees

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