Are you ready for some quilty fun!!!!


Well here we go again…This is the fourth year we are going to be promoting 12 needful things all quilters need to have…If you have been a regular you know I am not a gadget person…I do not think we NEED everything that is marketed in the quilting world…I do look for things that are exceptional and make quilting easier or more enjoyable and sometimes it is HARD for me to come up with 12 new items every year…So with that in mind, I want to invite you to The 12 days of Needful Things… counting down to Christmas…

I know the way we shop has changed…we now have which is amazing…however, it is going to put a lot of business, OUT OF BUSINESS….the only way a shop like ours survives is because we are creative and produce some of our own products….some of the items on the 12 days you may find a few dollars cheeper on Amazon…we cannot compete with 57% off..thats less than what we pay for most of these items.  We HOPE you can respect the time we put into these kind of promotions, information and that you will reward US with your shopping dollars, instead of Amazon… A couple things to keep in mind…you may win your item as we give away these items with the promotion!!! We have FREE shipping with $100 order and $5.99 for under 100$ and under $10 is $3.99.  So shipping shouldn’t be an issue…

When you buy from Primitive Gatherings you are supporting a Family business that is a REAL quilt shop…we make all the quilts we offer as kits…You can road trip to WI or CA and walk in our doors which are full of inspiration!!! We can help you when you call and don’t understand the directions…in 2016 we will have a full time Customer service person taking care of just those things…we are committed to bringing you the best shopping and quilting experience possible.  Remember to support those little business that you cannot live without!!!

Now back to our event…we are going to give away something everyday of these posts and you could be a LUCKY winner…All of the items I am bringing you are going to be on SALE on our website til the end of 2015. If you wish to order these products please keep in mind you probably will NOT get them before Christmas…this is not meant for that…Think of it as something you can buy with YOUR Christmas money…this is for YOU or your quilting buddies…and we really don’t need them to be under the tree…we all like presents at various times…Now if you want to wait and place one order at the end of the 12 days that is fine…if you wish to place an order and want us to save them and add them together at the end this is fine too, as long as you state in your comment section to HOLD.  We will wait until then end to ship all your items…This actually helps us to know if we need to order more or if the quantities we have are sufficient. But if we receive your order and it doesn’t say to HOLD we will process it as soon as possible. I also do not have any idea if we are going to sell 5, 50 or 500 of something…so please- we ask for understanding and patience in getting your items to you…we WANT you to get them asap…because we want you to be happy and we want to sell them to you so we can keep this business going!!! It is nice to be supported when we take the time and effort to bring you these wonderful things…

I want to say in advance that I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season and you enjoy it with those you LOVE the most…I also want to thank my CA customers who have supported the Shop in Murrieta…many thought I was crazy to open a brick and mortar store in today’s world…you proved them wrong, you WILL come in to the quilt shop!!!  While it isn’t easy, the customers and new employees make it all worth the trouble for me running across the country almost every month!  Now we have to keep spreading the word and continue to be committed to each other, that is what matters in life…

All orders will be shipped from the WI location.  The CA location will be in-store only..

Hope you enjoy the next 12 days as well as your own countdown to Christmas traditions!

The countdown start tomorrow 8am CST.

17 responses to “Are you ready for some quilty fun!!!!”

  1. laurab in ga Avatar

    Can’t wait!

  2. Sharon Sabins Avatar
    Sharon Sabins

    I felt so privileged to take a wool mat class this summer with you as the teacher. Cousins is a great quilt shop in Michigan and it was a blast staying at the farmhouse and attending your trunk show. I love love love Primitive Gatherings and the success of the shop is because of all your hard work and brilliant ideas. When I read your blog and articles like the 12 days of Christmas, your enthusiasm and excitement are very evident. You deserve a big hug and I personally would like to wish you the merriest Christmas and bless you from the bottom of my heart. You go, girl…….

  3. Sandie French Avatar
    Sandie French

    In anticipation! Thanks for all the awesome inspiration!

  4. VickiT Avatar

    Sounds like fun again this year.

  5. Sandie French Avatar
    Sandie French

    P.S. Think you may ever come to Southern Orgeon to teach?

  6. Meredith Avatar

    I really enjoy supporting quilt shops like yours, online only as I live in Australia, but always have a happy shopping experience with you! With very best wishes for the festive season, and all good wishes for 2016!

  7. MeMe Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful staff. Primitive Gatherings always goes above and beyond and I am so grateful for each of you. Let the fun begin🎄🎄

  8. Mary Andra Avatar

    Wishing all of us a fabulous 12 days. Thank you Lisa and your staff.

  9. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    *****Biting nails**** ………..Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Susan Avatar

    Very well said. But Amazon is not always cheaper.

  11. Sallie Avatar

    Hi Lisa
    So looking forward to this – met you for the first time at Houston this year – hung around your stand like a ” groupie” – love love love your stuff!! Sallieann Harrison UK

  12. Jakey Avatar

    Thanks for another 12 days Lisa! Stacey – no nail biting 🙂

  13. Carol Avatar

    Can’t wait!!

  14. pdroberts Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am very excited to see the next 12 days of Christmas. Lisa you have been a wonderful inspiration to me. I appreciate all you hard work to bring delightful projects to me and my fellow stitchers. Thank you very much. P

  15. Jan calvert Avatar
    Jan calvert

    I love seeing all the neat gadgets!!

  16. Mary Bolton Avatar
    Mary Bolton

    Love the recommendations for new and interesting gadgets and cookie recipes! Thanks

  17. Tammy Avatar

    This is always such a fun time of year at your shop!

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