12 Days of Needful Things…Day 12.


12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 12

Well it’s the first day of our 12 day countdown to Christmas…I am always so excited to be able to introduce or showcase why these products are MUST haves for our quilting obsessions.  Please remember to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this item!

I have to admit I have my favorite quilting items…and one of them are Olfa mats and rotary cutters, which we happen to use exclusively in our wholesale kitting department at Primitive Gatherings…There are so many inferior cutters out there and I get to see/use the when I’m teaching.  I love my 60mm Olfa cutter but today I am introducing what I believe is genius!!! A folding mat!  Here are some photos. 2680_-1440513941300images This is the answer for bringing your mat to class or retreats…

When we go to classes that require a mat its always awkward…their big and clunky…They do not like extreme heat or cold and nasty things like permanent warping and breakage happen when they are left in our cars.  We don’t mean to neglect them but life happens and something the results are bad.  Trust me I know…I’ve had it happen to my nice mats…but…Now Olfa has come up with a folding mat in two sizes…11″x17″ and 17″x24″. They are only half that size when transporting them.  They slip nicely into my sewing machine totes side panel or the small one even fits into my plastic project tote. Like I said Genius!!!

When unfolded you do not see the curved seam at all!!!  Now these mats are not cheap..they come with a nice price attached to them, they are worth it but we all cannot afford a $70 mat especially if you are just going to save it for classes/retreats…but we are going to ease this a little by offering the small one for $39.99 reg. $49.99 and the large one for $55.99 reg. 69.99   Save even more if you buy both at 89.99!!! CLICK HERE

I hope you find these mats something you could see as being very useful, and to help you keep that large mat at home and safe from permanent damage…

Remember to leave a comment and you may be notified on Christmas Day that you have won one of these amazing mats!!! If you would like us to HOLD your order until the end or until we hear from you please enter HOLD on your comment section of your order…If you do not say to hold we will ship them asap.  Please allow us time to get these out to you…we don’t know we are going to sell 5 or 50 and may need to re-order from our suppliers…Thanks for your understanding…

Now today it is cookie baking(made the dough last night) and house decorating day!!

If you have not made your Christmas cut-out cookies yet…I swear I have the best recipe ever!  Back when I was worLisa Bongeanking swing shift in the paper mill one of the guys bought in the best ever cut out cookie I have ever tasted…They were soft and fluffy and the frosting was amazing!!! He said his 90 year old neighbor had made them..I said you HAVE to visit her and beg for the recipe.  I love  homemade sweets and these cookies were amazing!  So here’s the recipe I have perfected over the years…you can THANK me later…Star Cut-Out Cookies   Click the link for a printable recipe

PS…They are not the prettiest, but the taste is A-Mazing….I can’t wait to feed Jace one of Grandma’s cookies!!!

My Best…LB


139 responses to “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 12.”

  1. Tammy Avatar

    You are my absolute favorite designer and quilter in the world! Love your website and love love love the Black Friday special you always do! Thanks so much! These mats look amazing! I may have to point my husband to this site to buy me these for xmas! Unless of course I win them!!!

  2. Sharon Sabins Avatar
    Sharon Sabins

    Wow the Olaf mat that can be folded in half is ingenious ….so much nicer for taking to a retreat or a fun day at quilting club.

  3. Kathy h Avatar
    Kathy h

    Thanks for the recipe. I wanted to try something new this year. I am glad to see a review of those mats. I have seen them in a magazine and wondered if the rotary cutter would get stuck in the fold. Sounds like hey work great.

  4. Lori Morton Avatar
    Lori Morton

    Thanks for sharing your Recipe! Grangirlie & I are making cookies this next Saturday…& we will try these too!


  5. Pam Binns Avatar

    I haven’t made cookies at Christmas for a few years, but this recipe may change my mind. Thanks also for the review of the folding mats.

  6. Janet B. Avatar
    Janet B.

    These look like they will come in really handy. Lisa you always have great product.

  7. Peggy Thoreson Avatar
    Peggy Thoreson

    How cool is the folding mat…I have a small quilting space and it will be perfect!nn

  8. Linda Davis Avatar
    Linda Davis

    I have been watching these mats but the cost made them out of my reach. Thanks for the sale.

  9. Kathy Avatar

    The foldable mats look amazing! I completely agree with your comments about Olfa products. My future DIL is starting to quilt and I gave her the same advice. Thanks!

  10. Kim Fernald Avatar
    Kim Fernald

    I wasn’t going to do sugar cookies this year but now I will because I’m dying to try your recipe! I have the large Olfa folding mat and I love it! I might need to order the small one too though 🙂

  11. Candee Avatar

    I’ve been curious if these mats really would lay flat. Thank you for the info & your recipe. I’ll be giving it a try!

  12. kcanute Avatar

    I would love to have these awesome mats to use for my retreats! Awesome new invention!

  13. Janan Avatar

    I bet these cookies are really tasty! I want to try to make them. Last year I bought some nice stainless cookie cutter shapes after Christmas on sale. So I think I will try out your recipe. Usually these old recipes from days long ago are the best! I will let you know how they turn out!

  14. Vi Kroeger Avatar
    Vi Kroeger

    Wow!! A folding cutting mat!! Whoever would have dreamed this was possible. This not only is wonderful for “travel” but should be easier to store. Wonderful idea!

  15. Darcy Avatar

    I love Olfa mats and am excited about this new product. Thank you for the chance to win.

  16. neena simmons Avatar
    neena simmons

    nice cutting board

  17. Claire Avatar

    I am always amazed at the wonderful new inventions they come up with. What a good idea to have one that fits in the project box. Thanks for the recipe and we’d love to see a picture of Jace when you feed him that first cookie. Merry Christmas!

  18. Nancy Martin Avatar
    Nancy Martin

    Cool mat. Would love to have one!

  19. Lizzie Heggem Avatar
    Lizzie Heggem

    Thanks for your info on the folding mats…..I knew about them but don’t know anyone who has used one so your review is very helpful. I’m not retreating for a year but when I do again I will really consider these mats! I love all your knowledge on needful things and look forward to this year’s posts!!

  20. JoyceLM Avatar

    That mat look amazing. Thanks for the recipe & the chance to win.

  21. Tina Avatar

    My mouth was watering when I saw your yummy cookie recipe and it’s already been sent to my printer! And the Olfa Mat!! What a great idea to make a folding mat!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  22. Cheryl Gaines Avatar
    Cheryl Gaines

    Wow, I love the idea of a bigger mat using up half the space. Also can’t wait to make your shape cookies. Thanks for the recipe .

  23. Kay Brand Avatar
    Kay Brand

    Love olfa mats and cutters.this is a great idea. Thanks for the recipe, you have the best recipes. My family loved the Molasses cookie last year. I make your sugared pecan recipe that is in Primitive Christmas every year. We have a pecan tree. Thanks for all you share, have a Merry Christmas !

  24. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    This sounds great. So glad someone thought of that. Thinking I might need one of those. But first I need to go help the husband feed hay to the cows. A half a day project, if we don’t get stuck. Hard to get any quilting done when you are your husbands helper. But so blessed to have my husband to help. Will be married 50 years on the 29th. All I ever wanted was a cowboy, now I want one who answers his cell phone. 🙂

  25. Carol Avatar

    Thank you for A mazing mat recommendation and cookie recipe.

  26. Susan Buntz Avatar
    Susan Buntz

    What a fabulous idea! I wish I had thot of it! Thinking of the larger one.

  27. Sharon Avatar

    This folding mat sounds awesome. I love your falling snow!

  28. Heather Kosbab Avatar
    Heather Kosbab

    Thanks for that sugar cookie recipe, I have spent years looking for the best sugar cookie! I will be trying this one for sure. And that folding mat looks amazing.

  29. Meme Avatar

    Love the folded mat idea, great idea for traveling. Thanks for the added bonus, the cookie recipe,

  30. Margaret Johnson Avatar
    Margaret Johnson

    I love Olfa mats! Really like the idea of folding mats for classes!

  31. Delores Avatar

    I love these cutting boards. Great idea. I think I need them. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the cookie recipe.

  32. Amy Avatar

    That is a great invention! What will they think of next! I, too, have ruined a cutting board accidentally…😕
    PS…looking forward to baking the cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Carolyn kimble Avatar
      Carolyn kimble

      I love Olfa products! What a great idea for classes and this will fit nicely in our camper!

  33. Linda A. Avatar
    Linda A.

    I love my Olfa mat and cutter! What a great idea to be able to fold them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. Patti Pitzer Avatar
    Patti Pitzer

    What a great idea…thank you! I always make the same butter cookie recipe but I think I’ll try yours this year

  35. Claudia Litton Avatar
    Claudia Litton

    The folding mat would be perfect for my RV. The cookies sound yummy.

  36. Sharon Avatar

    This folding mat would be awesome! I love your falling snow too!

  37. Nancy Lyman Avatar
    Nancy Lyman

    Love the idea of the traveling mat. Thanks for the recipe. I have to go get some buttermilk!

  38. Carolyn kimble Avatar
    Carolyn kimble

    I love Olfa products! What a great idea for traveling to class and will fit nicely in our camper

  39. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    Nice cutting Board Hope To Purchase One! Love The Cookie Recipe! Thank You!!

  40. Robbi Buckles Avatar
    Robbi Buckles

    Thanks for the review and the great price! These would be perfect for taking to classes! I think I will make your sugar cookies for our quilters group cookie exchange. We all love your patterns… Now your cookies!

  41. Lizzie Avatar

    Love the review on that mat…..will have to try it. Yummy cookies!

  42. birdlooker Avatar

    Love the idea of the traveling mat. Thanks for the recipe. I have to go get some buttermilk.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I know…I always have to go get the buttermilk too!!!

  43. Julie Avatar

    What a neat idea for the mats. I haven’t seen that before. Can’t wait to try the recipe for the cookies . Thanks

  44. Sharon M. Avatar
    Sharon M.

    I have been wanting to see how these work. Thanks for the close up view of the seam. And thanks for the early Christmas discount. Love your countdown!!!

  45. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    I’ve been debating on these so now you’ve got me sold. Happy Day 1.

  46. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    Glad to know these mats work. Seems like a really good item to add to our “tools”.

  47. Mary Schreiner Avatar
    Mary Schreiner

    This is genius! I have a very small sewing area and these mats would be perfect. Thanks for the review. Happy holidays!!

  48. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    That would be awesome for a class or retreat!! I’ll be trying out the cookies today they look amazing!!

  49. Carolyn kimble Avatar
    Carolyn kimble

    What a great idea !!! I would love this for our camper.

  50. Dora Avatar

    Wow those mats look amazing, thanks for showing them to us!

  51. Diane Giampaolo Avatar
    Diane Giampaolo

    Great idea for the Mars. I can’t believe no one thought of it before

  52. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    Thanks so much for the cookie recipe, the old ones are still the best. Love the idea of a folding mat. It isn’t ever easy taking one to class and the existing small ones are too small or not of good quality. These are a great size for most projects and the portability is wonderful. Thanks for the great start of the countdown.

  53. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    I learned to coddle my cutting mats long ago, the hard way. It’s a challenge here in the hot Central Valley of California. The folding mat is a clever idea.
    Buttermilk is a magic ingredient. I look forward to trying your recipe next week during Winter break from school. Grandchildren just learning to cook bring fun fun fun to baking. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karen Sikes Avatar
      Karen Sikes

      What a unique idea, a folding may. I think Back to all the years of struggling to carry a mat on retreats. Thanks for the recipe.

  54. Janet Chrzanowski Avatar
    Janet Chrzanowski

    Love the mat and will be making the cookies, too.

  55. Trisha Balding Avatar
    Trisha Balding

    The folding may is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it & the cookie recipe!

  56. Mary E. Booth Avatar
    Mary E. Booth

    A folding mat!!! Would make it a breeze to take to classes, vacation ( if you don’t plan to relax by the pool), or retreats.

  57. Nancy Jessop Avatar
    Nancy Jessop

    I’d love to win one or both of these mats!!!

  58. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    That is genius. I have a small car and once I was bringing my mat to a class and had folded my back seats up and laid the mat behind it. The seat fell back down and punched a big hole right in the center of the mat. I’m going to recommend this to my local quilt shop. Thanks so much.

  59. Marcy Peterson Avatar
    Marcy Peterson

    Wow, 2 treats in one day, a great folding mat and Christmas cookies too, getting the ingredients ready now.

  60. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    What a great idea. I always cringe when a class requires bringing a mat because they can be so challenging to transport.

  61. Kathy Avatar

    Why didn’t I think of that!? I’d love to win the folding Ilfa mat!

  62. Betsy Avatar

    Neat mat! Yes, it would be so nice to use to take to classes or retreat! The cookies look tasty!

  63. DeDe Avatar

    What a great idea!

  64. Marlene Avatar

    Genius! Carrying mats has always been so hard – this would be a great way to do it. blessings, marlene

  65. Sharon Avatar

    What a great idea! Thank you for the cookie recipe, I’ll be trying it out for sure 😊

  66. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I just saw one at a quilt retreat yesterday. What a great idea!

  67. Catherine Spanish Avatar
    Catherine Spanish

    I have been anxiously awaiting for your 12 Days of Christmas sale. I am in need of a new cutting mat and I so appreciate how thoroughly you share information on notions… And everything! Thanks also for your cookie recipe. Sugar cookies are our family favorite also, and I am making your recipe this year!

  68. Carol Avatar

    Just as you say, I am one of hundreds of quilters who has inadvertently left my travel mat in the car…and it WAS BIG AND BULKY so how did I miss it in the emptying process after class? Who knows, but it did crack up into nice disposable chunks, so tossing it out was convenient, yet pricey! A foldable mat? Genius!

  69. Karen Avatar

    Lisa, do not know how u do it all
    U r amazing. This mat looks awesome.

  70. Quilting Tangent Avatar
    Quilting Tangent

    Great mat, save space, wonderful idea.

  71. Lily Pinarello Avatar
    Lily Pinarello

    My first time joining twelve Days of Christmas with you! so excited! Thanks.

  72. muttmomkay at gmail dot com Avatar

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! Love you and your blog…

  73. Carole Avatar

    awesome product from an equally awesome lady!

  74. Edna Ire Avatar

    ~Olfa mats are the greatest~ this one looks amazing and so does your cookie recipe.

  75. Karen Weiderman Avatar
    Karen Weiderman

    Life is good….cookies and quilting!

  76. Cheryl Avatar

    Sure beats folding fabric three times to get it on your travel mat!

  77. Wendy hembree Avatar
    Wendy hembree

    What a great product you are sharing with us to make quilting easier, fun! Thank you.looking forward to this event!

  78. Mary B Avatar
    Mary B

    There Beautiful. Thanks for the give away.
    You our truly Blessed

  79. Terry Avatar

    Love this mat. Have asked for one for Christmas!

  80. ChristineS. Avatar

    Wow! This is something I’ve not seen before! Sure would love to win one!
    Happy holidays everyone!

  81. Sherry Bosker Avatar
    Sherry Bosker

    Looking forward to seeing your favorite needful things. Your cookie recipe is just like my grandmother’s. Such great memories of decorating cookies with her!

  82. Judy Hunsberger Avatar
    Judy Hunsberger

    Your shop and the designs you create are the best. This folding mat looks like something I would use quite often. I love the idea that it folds and is easy to take to a retreat or other sewing event.

  83. Carol Caraccia Avatar
    Carol Caraccia

    What a great idea! Thank you for the savings and chance to win a new mat! Merry Christmas to you Lisa and your family! Thanks for sharing your cookie recipe too.

  84. Jean Hefflinger Avatar
    Jean Hefflinger

    The mats look pretty awesome!

  85. Caroline Avatar

    Love the mats. I’m baking now and sent by husband for the buttermilk!!

  86. Leanne Avatar

    Your right those folding mats would make carrying them along sooo much easier! The perfect tool! Thanks for the cookie recipe…cutout cookies are still my favorite to make and always a favorite in my family ❤️

  87. Cheryl Warstler Avatar
    Cheryl Warstler

    The mat looks great .. .I only use olfa, so know that Lisa knows what she is talking about

  88. Jakey Avatar

    I have to admit I’m s bit skepticle though intrigued by the concept, as I too have warped my mats. So I’m gonna give it some thought. No the Sugar Cookie Recipe, that’s awesome!!!! Thank you! Thank you! I love favorite recipes and what a lovely story behind it. Hugs, Jakey

  89. Sarah Stiebner Avatar
    Sarah Stiebner

    Amazing idea!

  90. Diana Avatar

    Love these mats!

  91. Liz Sevy Avatar

    These are great! I bought a “turntable” cutting mat for traveling in my RV, but this would be a better solution.

  92. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I have been wondering about these foldable mats and now I know not to be afraid to try them! I have been holding off on replacing some of mine, they are getting bad! Thanks Lisa!

  93. Joyce Scribner Avatar
    Joyce Scribner

    I just might have to try out one of these mats!! Also, I love the recipe!!

  94. Leta privette Avatar
    Leta privette

    I have made cookie recipe, but it looks like cake batter more than cookie dough.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Leta It is pretty moist…but you have to chill it…then when you roll it out you will be adding more flour to it…as needed

  95. Katherine Avatar

    OMG — this is a genius idea! Surprised no one thought of fthis before!

  96. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    Amazing what people invent! This may is a great idea!!

  97. Sharon Cervenka Avatar
    Sharon Cervenka

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a mat. I have seen them and wondered about the curvy crease.
    I appreciate the cookie recipe as I believe I can make them gluten free with subbing the flour. Hugs!

  98. Carleen Avatar

    Ingenious! Thanks for the sale! And thanks for sharing the cookie recipe, too.

  99. RuthB Avatar

    I love this folding mat! Genius! Trying to juggle a large mat, tote, machine bag and purse is a bit much for most of us. New product to me and I think its great!

  100. Fran Avatar

    This folding mat looks great. This is the first I’ve seen it. I spent all day today with my kids and grandkids at our annual baking day! Thanks for all your gorgeous projects. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  101. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    The mat would be awesome! And I am going to give these cookies a try. Thanks Lisa.

  102. Brenda Jeffets Avatar
    Brenda Jeffets

    What an ingenious idea!

  103. karenzamin Avatar

    Love Love Love the mat! I also love the little snowflakes on your site. Just noticed they blow in different directions depending on where my mouse scampers off to! So cute!

  104. Kristy Avatar

    Leave it to OLFA….they make the best quilting projects!!! OK gotta run and make sure I have everything I need for those sugar cookies……they look delicious. But now I am curious. Are all of your stars the same size……or do you make mini stars, just like your mini quilts?

  105. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Fabulous product and please take a picture of Jace eating one of grandmas cookies.

  106. Tammy Whaley Avatar

    Neat idea of the folded cutting mats, makes traveling with them a snap! Missing making cookies this year myself…yours looks yummy! Tammy

    1. Janelle Parker Avatar
      Janelle Parker

      Your right…Olfa is the best. I like their little spinning mat for the wool projects I do. I have not seen the folding ones. Clever! Janelle

  107. Jo Anne Hawks Avatar
    Jo Anne Hawks

    Those Olfa folding cutting mats are fantastic.

  108. Dayna Avatar

    Would love one of those mats. Sometimes I like to bring some things out to the dining room to cut and it would make a nice one for doing that as I could fold it up and store it with ease.

  109. Alicia Cesario Avatar

    What a great mat as I don’t always need a full sized one in my quilting space! I’m putting this on my wish list!

  110. newlou Avatar

    What a great mat to have especially in my small quilting space. Don’t always need a full sized one.

  111. Pam Miller Avatar
    Pam Miller

    What an interesting looking mat. I love Olfa products-they’re tops! Gotta try that cookie recipe-looks like it makes alot of cookies. Pam

  112. Cathy Jackson Avatar

    Our modern day quilting tools are absolutely amazing! I wonder if you could leave it folded and run a rotary cutter along the wavy edge to get a wavy cut. Not sure if that would cut the mat or not and not sure what to do with the wavy edge, but you never know! Definitely a fabulous new tool!

    Cathy ♥

  113. Diane Schwarz Avatar
    Diane Schwarz

    What a great idea!!!! I have always found it difficult to find the right spot for my big green one. Best of holidays to all.

  114. Sharon Nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon Nejedlo

    it’s about time!

  115. Susie Avatar

    I’ve been looking at the mat for awhile – great price and must try the cookies even though my waistline says no!

  116. Connie Avatar

    Really don’t need another mat, but will have to check these out. Love frosted cookies, will have to check those out, also!

  117. suejean1 Avatar

    This would be a wonderful Christmas present. My mats are so beat up! It would be nice to have one that folds neatly for classes and still works well. Thank you for doing the 12 days of Christmas for us again this year Lisa. Love to get your posts.

  118. Jane Avatar

    Why couldn’t I think of this…. Great idea, just Love it!!

  119. Paula Boxrud Avatar
    Paula Boxrud

    Wow what a great product!

  120. Gayle Avatar

    The mat looks great … but I want the cookies! A whole LOT of cookies!!!!! Thank you for your generosity.

  121. Gretchen e Avatar
    Gretchen e

    Thanks for the discount these mats are the perfect thing!

  122. Cindy A. Avatar

    I was wondering how on earth those mats could fold in half. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Also, thanks so much for the cookie recipe. Cookies are my favorite sweet to indulge in, so you can bank on the fact that these will be made before much more time passes.

  123. Glenda Burris Avatar
    Glenda Burris

    I love these mats. I make sugar cookies through out the year , just change cookie cutters and icing colors. They are to good to just make at the Holidays.

  124. Hooked on Quilting Avatar

    I was wondering how on earth those mats could fold in half. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Also, thanks so much for the cookie recipe. Cookies are my favorite sweet to indulge in, so you can bank on the fact that these will be made before much more time passes.

  125. Janet O. Avatar

    Smart cookie that designed that mat.
    Wish I could try your cookie recipe. This is my first Christmas since my celiac diagnosis and I am having withdrawal from all of the baking I used to do!

  126. Alisa Avatar

    Thank you for the wonderful mat recommendation and cookie recipe. Planning on trying this one.

  127. robinttttt Avatar

    What a clever idea, a folding mat, and so convenient to take to a retreat. Thank you for continuing the 12 needful things and for opening a store in California. What a beautiful quilt shop!

  128. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    For anyone on the fence about buying one of these mats I bought the smaller one while taking a class from Lisa in San Diego and I can attest it’s “da Bomb”… I keep it in my sewing kit bag and use it all the time!!! Now as to the sugar cookies I’m baking a batch first thing this weekend, a good sugar cookie is one of my all time favorites! Thanks Lisa for EVERYTHING you do, and for PG-CA (thanks to Luke too)!!! I’m happy to drive the 70 miles to my very favorite quilt shop!!!

  129. Linda Avatar

    What a great idea I will be buying on of these mats. And going to try the cookie recipe sugar cookie are my granddaughters favorite.

  130. risanotlisa Avatar

    Thanks for the cookie recipe and for getting me all excited about two favorite things, sewing and Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  131. herkyhawk Avatar

    I love a good sugar cookie. I saw those mats at the quilt show, but am glad to hear a personal testimony on how they actually work. I was worried about feeling a ridge on the seam.

  132. Sarah Avatar

    Can’t wait to try the cookie recipe. My kids and I will start them tomorrow, bake on Tuesday. Thanks for sharing!

  133. Betty Avatar

    wonderful idea, folding mats. will try the cookies soon.

  134. Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Thank you for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it. I love the folding mat idea. I love when you recommend something because I know it works!

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