12 Days of Needful Things…Day 11!

12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 11

Wow…there were lots of comments yesterday!!! I was decorating the house and my phone was constant little jingle every time someone posted a comment…so I’m glad there are so many of you reading the blog!!!

Couple of things…The cookie recipe is very moist…place the finished dough in a couple of big hunks and wrap in plastic wrap and chill..when your ready to roll them out…flour the surface, flour the pin, flour your hands and roll into a big ball to roll out…this is working more flour into the dough …it not a normal dough to start…that is why I think they are so good…

We also noticed the site was not letting you order the mats sometimes…saying it was no longer available or sold out…this is NOT the case…you can order up until Dec 31 on ALL items. So if you wanted to order the mats and couldn’t here is the link again OLFA MAT

Please read the whole post…some of you will ask questions and the answer is in the post!  So if we do not answer you..read the post.  I know we all only like to look at the pictures and all this text is…blah blah blah…I’ll make sure to have lots of pictures!!!

Also your comment may not show up right away…I have to approve some of them from time to time…I don’t know why this is…it might be a spam control thing..but I check my computer several times a day, unless I’m on some kind of mission.

I will post the Ginger Cookie recipe again…

Remember the HOLD option on every order if you want to accumulate and help us order  ahead if we need to by the time this ends and we have to ship them to you.

IMG_5676[1] (1)


Do you know what a pinbowl is? It’s a 4″ metal bowl with a huge magnet on the bottom of it!!! Of coarse we can make them in many…many colors!!! Now I use them for my pins obviously…and they work awesome with our binding clips as well, and even a bobbin holder if you want an assortment of them!  These are also the perfect gift for your quilting friends birthdays and whatever you need a gift for..this bowl and a set of shiny new fine pins or the cool multicolored binding clips are perfect!IMG_5684[1]IMG_5678[1] (1)IMG_5681[1] (1)

My son, Jake is making them at the warehouse when he has any spare moments…IMG_3973 copyHe made 40 of them for the girls at the Home for the Holidays retreat in CA about a week ago and they all loved them!!! We also sold a bunch of them at both stores during the Primitive Christmas event…I know we didn’t tell anyone online because we weren’t organized before Primitive Christmas so we decided to save it for this promotion!!!  IMG_3974 copyNow I know you see a couple more colors here in this picture of Jake’s work station, but we have to limit to the 10 colors for now and we can add more later…Jake sands, primes and paints each bowl…he then adds the dots…so each pinbowl is handcrafted by hand just for our wonderful quilters!!!  I have them everywhere…but please note: If you have a computerized machine…please keep it a safe distance away from the machine…I think you could possibly mess up your computer if they are kept by the machine…Don’t keep it there…there are plenty of other places where the pin bowls can live…by the ironing board, by the cutting table when your pinning big borders…and so on..I don’t have to worry as my JUKI is not computerized…but better to be safe than sorry…I don’t want you to mess up those expensive machines…

Now the price is $15 for one…$25 if you order 2 and $12.50 for any more thereafter…now the price will be not be right in your cart if you order more than one…but we will change it manually when we process to $12.50 per bowl, no worries…because you may want three different colors it will not compute 3 for $37.50…so bear with this please.  Order your PINBOWLS here!

Jake is Jace’s (“little man”) Daddy…I love it when I get to watch Jace when Mommy has to help out where she used to work…Friday “little man” hung out all day with us at the studio…See how he was helpIMG_4612ing with the quilt we were building?  Then some of Jace’s Christmas present came while he was there so we thought we should make sure he liked them before we gave them to him…He loved his new Teepee! IMG_4610I will  not show you any more as I might have to save some to share later…

I know the days will fly by now that is is 12 days of needful things…this always makes the time fly!!! Time to cut out a new quilt!!! LB

151 responses to “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 11!”

  1. Mary B Avatar
    Mary B

    Oh he is so cute. Grandchildren our such a Blessing. How bout those Packers.

  2. Kay Brand Avatar
    Kay Brand

    The bowls are so cute, much nicer than the all metal one I have from the man store. They are also great if you have to work on your machine. The magnet holds all those little screws and parts you don’t want to lose.

  3. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    Lisa – thanks for your 12 days of needful things. I learn a lot about some new products that I have not seen before and it’s nice to know that people find them useful and not a waste of hard earned money. Love the pin bowls and may have to add that on to my list of things that I need! Your grandson is precious and I see a future employee at your shop. Your training him well to love fabric!😄

  4. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    I am a rug hooker. This magnetic bowl can help keep track of my scissors while it holds my snippets (waste).

  5. jackie Avatar

    So cute, now to pick a color!

  6. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Awesome that you can see your Grandson while at work sometimes. The bowls are so cheerful!

  7. Jane Avatar

    Oh he is so adorable….what a fun workday!

  8. Mary Avatar

    Grandkids are just the best! I’m lucky to have mine close by, too. I love the pin bowls. So much cuter than the ones I’m using now. How wonderful that you and your son can help each other out like this!

  9. Valerie Geib Avatar
    Valerie Geib

    I love the bowls! So cute! I can’t wait to go to a retreat with the CA store! I love it. I have introduced several friends to it by taking a little road trip to get there. I just got my Moda, row by row book with your pattern in it Lisa, and I love it. Jace is a cutie! Love the photos!

  10. gaillacey Avatar

    The pin bowls are so cute, but Jace is much, much cuter. I will be ordering one or two of the pin bowls. Love it that your family (son) is making them. I’m a small business supporter also.

  11. Traci Rickert Avatar
    Traci Rickert

    The magnetic bowls are adorable! What a great little helper you have!!

  12. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    Love the bowls and will have to get some! Aren’t grandkids the best?

  13. Delores Avatar

    Jace is so cute. Don’t you just love Grandkids? The bowls are nice and I hope you have my color.

  14. Terri Avatar

    Being a Grandma is one of the best things in life!

  15. Kathy Y Avatar
    Kathy Y

    What a great idea and they are so colorful they won’t get lost. Love the pictures of Jace too.

  16. Nancy Avatar

    That ORANGE BOWL is the one! Looks like Jace is a good helper putting your rows together!!

  17. Kathy Avatar

    Cute little pin bowls! Adorable little grandson! I look forward to this list every year. Thanks

  18. Linda A. Avatar
    Linda A.

    Love the pin bowls! Great colors.

  19. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    Love the magnetic bowls. So many fun uses!

  20. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Those pin bowls look great. Love that they are handcrafted. Aren’t grandchildren the BEST! I take every chance I get to be with mine.

  21. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    Sweet little boy, darling bowls 🙂 Isn’t being a grandparent grand???

  22. Brenda Avatar

    I love the bowls. They look so much nicer than the metal ones. Your grandson is a cutie! Love the teepee.

  23. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    I saw those at the shop during the Christmas event in CA. I had my hands on one and put it back. Bad, bad, bad. I hope Jace continues to make those little gems. Thank you.

  24. Heather Kosbab Avatar
    Heather Kosbab

    Oh my goodness, I love that aqua pi bowl. Aqua and polka dots, my favorite!

  25. sewwritecreations Avatar

    Those bowls look handy to have around! Might have to watch out for sticky husband fingers tho – I can just imagine finding a set out in the barn….holding screws & such! Cute little guy, what a good helper! Best to get ’em started young, eh?

  26. DeDe Avatar

    I bought one of these after thanksgiving. Love it!

  27. Mary Jo Spina Avatar
    Mary Jo Spina

    Love the polka dot bowls! I have a plain metal one but it’s definitely not as cute as these.

  28. Marcia Connor Avatar
    Marcia Connor

    Love the bowls–great uplift.

  29. birdlooker Avatar

    Love the bowls. Love that Jake makes them!

  30. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    The bowls are great addition to needful things, my little grand daughter had a tent like that and she loved it. Can’t wait until tomorrows post.

  31. Claire Avatar

    Glad to see Jace is getting a feel for fabric at an early age! Love the quilt he is helping with. Maybe he will have to paint a special bowl for his grandma!

  32. sandy Lowery Avatar
    sandy Lowery

    The bowls would be very handy in the sewing room. love the colours.

  33. Kathy Avatar

    Love the bowls! My grandkids love the teepee that my kids played in years ago.

  34. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    Adorable little man in that teepee! As far as the pin bowls, I think I LOVE the orange one surprisingly!

  35. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    The Little Man is S CUTE!! I also like the bowls, but I really like the snowfall on this site!!

  36. my3kitties Avatar

    What a great idea of the pin dishes…I always seam to find pins everywhere!

  37. Rose Avatar

    Kay Brand had the best idea of using the bowls to hold screws and bolts from my Juki when I am changing feet.
    I have my eye on the aqua bowl with polka dots. Tell your son he is talented like his mother!

  38. ethelann wood Avatar
    ethelann wood

    I love the in bowl. Bright and cheerful! Gosh that Holiday gathering must have been amazing Little man is getting so big!

  39. Sharon Avatar

    These pin bowls are adorable!

  40. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    The bowls are so cute,just like your grandson. They are a great idea.

  41. Carole Avatar

    What an ingenious idea. Love the whimsy and brightness and usefulness. The talent in your family keeps on giving.

  42. Joyce Scribner Avatar
    Joyce Scribner

    I LOVE the polka dots!! I will be ordering several of these cute bowls.

  43. Stacy Avatar

    Those pin bowls are adorable and perfect for so many things! What a great gift idea. Thanks Lisa!

  44. Lisa LK Avatar
    Lisa LK

    Wow, go Jake! That’s a lot of work! Thanks for the little view of what goes on behind the scene.

  45. Linda Avatar

    A big thank you to Jake…for creating such a wonderful “tool”…and to Lisa for gifting it at the retreat!

  46. aquiltinglady Avatar

    Well, I definitely need one or two of these! Loved seeing Jake with paint brush in hand and Jace in his tee pee.. Too cute!!!

  47. Judy Hunsberger Avatar
    Judy Hunsberger


  48. beckyrab Avatar

    Wow!!! Love these bowls! Love the idea that they are hand-painted ! Have a fabulous Monday!!!!

  49. Cheryl Rasb Avatar
    Cheryl Rasb

    I need six weeks of these! One for every room and in the house. I just purchased a long arm quilting machine and these are must for preventing those nasty spills right in the middle of pinning on your quilt

  50. Melodee Avatar

    I ordered a mat and put HOLD on my order, today I get a message that my order has updated to processing, not sure what that means exactly.

  51. Pam Miller Avatar
    Pam Miller

    Love the polka dot bowls. Not only cute to look at, but so useful. Very innovative. Jace has really grown-and is so cute! I also love the snow falling on the screen. We don’t get snow where I live.

  52. Sarah Stiebner Avatar
    Sarah Stiebner

    So very cute!

  53. lmbenson Avatar

    Kind of confused. When did the 12 needful things start? How many have there been? I have tried looking back past the 11th and I don’t see anything but it says day 11 and day 12?

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  54. Mary Schreiner Avatar
    Mary Schreiner

    What a great idea! Love those little pin bowls.

  55. Therese Hoehn Avatar
    Therese Hoehn

    The pin bowls are so cute!

  56. Joan Avatar

    How cute can they be? Love the colorful colors. I am trying to think of places I might need one. Baby is adorable and so at that cuddly age………….spoil all you can now as our “baby” is now ll. Not sure where the time went.

  57. suejean1 Avatar

    Wow. Great job Jake. Those are some fancy looking pin holders. Jace is so cute. Awesome that you get to see him often.

  58. Joan Avatar

    Thanks for the ginger cookie recipe and we also call our grandson “little Man” and as I said above he is ll. Wonder f he will be little man when he is 30?

  59. Rebecca H Avatar
    Rebecca H

    The bowls are so cute and colorful.. love them

  60. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    So stinkin cute, Jace and the pin bowls! Going to order now!

  61. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    I agree with Fran…..Jace and the pin bowls are both sinkin cute!!!

  62. Karen Sikes Avatar
    Karen Sikes

    Love the pin holder!!! Aren’t grandchildren wonderful!

  63. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    The pin bowls are so bright and cheery – love them. Your grandson is so precious and I bet he’s a hit at the store.

  64. Mary. Ann Avatar

    The pin bowls are so pretty. Jace is such a cutie. I remember those days when the grandchildren were small. Such fun days.

  65. Rebecca Avatar

    We made the perfect trade!!😘

  66. usairdoll Avatar

    Your grandson is so cute! Love the bowls! I’d love to have one in every color ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  67. Glenda Burris Avatar
    Glenda Burris

    Love these bowls! Choosing a color will be hard. I was thinking they would be pretty on a dresser for ear rings.

  68. Brenda Y Avatar
    Brenda Y

    LOVE THE BOWLS,not sure if just one will be enough.

  69. newlou Avatar

    Love these little bowls! Super handy!

  70. Pam Knight Avatar
    Pam Knight

    I think these are great! I just go my 80 year old mother into quilting and I think she would love one too. I am a huge supporter of small family businesses, as I am part of one myself here in Michigan. Can’t believe how big your grandson is getting. Thanks for the wonderful products.

  71. Jackie Avatar

    Wow!! Such cute bowls! How does one ever decide on a color?!?!

  72. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    Those magnetic pin bowls are adorable…I could drop it and not have pins all over the floor! Jace is pretty adorable too, and only Grandma would let you try out your presents before Christmas!!!

  73. Diana Kiehl Avatar
    Diana Kiehl

    Your magnetic pin bowls are so cute and so is your little man! Loved the teepee idea. I’d love to find one for my great nephew.

  74. Cecilia Avatar

    Cute bowls, the one I have is plain silver. Thanks for sharing pictures of your little man, he is adorable.

  75. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    Those bowls will brighten up any sewing room!!! Love all the colors!! Your “little man” is so cute!!!

  76. Nicole Avatar

    I love spending time with my granddaughter. It’s truly the best. Gotta have some of those bowls. Thank you.

  77. Sharon Heirholzer Avatar
    Sharon Heirholzer

    How cool are those, not to mention the little guy! He’s getting so big already~~~

  78. Cherie Avatar

    Couldn’t decide on just one pin bowl as the colors are so pretty. So I ordered three. I’ve ordered both days of needful things, can’t wait to see what else I may need!

  79. Connie R. Spalding Avatar

    Awesome little bowls. You have so many talented family members and Jace is looking like he’s on his way to stardom too!

  80. herkyhawk Avatar

    my old magnetic pin magnet is sold old and ugly, will be nice to spruce things up with a new one! Little man is adorable!

  81. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    What a little sweetheart your grandson is. The magnetic pin bowls are a wonderful idea.

  82. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    Love that the bowls are Polk a dot pattern. Very cute. That grandson of yours is a cutie patootie too! It is great being g a grandma, isn’t it?

  83. Nancy O'Neil Avatar
    Nancy O’Neil

    Pin bowls. Such a good idea :). The little guy is such a little cutie!! My grandson is just over 18 months and such a joy!!!!

  84. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    Too much cuteness-grandson and pin owls!

  85. Susan Avatar

    Love those pin bowls!! I need one to put on my longarm!

  86. Connie Avatar

    Cutest little polka dot bowls, I want one

  87. Carol Caraccia Avatar
    Carol Caraccia

    I love that these are handcrafted and polka-dot!! I don’t think Jase could be any cuter!!

  88. DIN Avatar

    Love the bowls! Now to pick colors.

  89. Mandy Avatar

    How sweet is that face!

  90. emilyjoy180 Avatar

    Look at that sweet face!

  91. Paula Lambert Avatar
    Paula Lambert

    Love the pinbowls…..Only question is how many to order!! Your grandson is a little cutie!

  92. Sharon M. Avatar
    Sharon M.

    So lucky to have a talented son and a darling grandson. The magnetic bowls are darling.

  93. Karla Avatar

    The bowls are super cute!

  94. Barbara F. Avatar
    Barbara F.

    What a great notion! Love all the fun colors and that they’re handmade. :o)

  95. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    These are pretty cute. I love the colors and the polkadots! Now which color should I choose????

  96. Dawn Avatar

    Grandbaby is adorable and so are the little bowls

  97. Anne Thate Avatar
    Anne Thate

    These look like somethings I need😀

  98. Janet G Avatar
    Janet G

    Love the pin bowls and the fact that they are hand made.. Your son is very talented, just like his mom!! Jace is such a cutie. Enjoy every moment that you can with him. Before long he will be all grown up just like my three wonderful granddaughters.

  99. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    I love the homemade little bowls. So cute. Your grandson is adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  100. Tammy Avatar

    Love the pin bowls and love the fact that they are handmade by your son! What a great idea!!

  101. robinttttt Avatar

    I love the magnetic bowls your son is making. The polka dots and colors . . . Love it. Your grandson in the teepee too. Did you make the teepee?

  102. Cheryl Avatar

    Your “little Man” is adorable. He will have many happy hours in his new tepee. The homemade bowls are a fantastic idea. Love the colors and polka dots.

  103. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    Magnetic bowls are awesome! I never thought about spray painting one, what a c ute Idea!

  104. Kristine Dauth Avatar
    Kristine Dauth

    I just LOVE the pin bowls but deciding which colors are my favorite will be difficult. Jace is such a cutie! What fun to have the grands learning your trade at an early age.

  105. Katherine Avatar

    Fun pin bowls! And what an adorable”little man!” Christmas is even better with grand babies around!

  106. Carolyn kimble Avatar
    Carolyn kimble

    I love the bowls they are good for Pins and a lot of other sewing items don’t you just love grand babies!

  107. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    Little Jace’s first Christmas. So cute. – Jake – awesome job on the magnetic pinkeepers. never thought about using for bobbins. great idea. So although i already have a few I need some more – 🙂
    they are awesome

  108. Cheryl Baker Avatar
    Cheryl Baker

    Love the pin bowls! Thank you for sharing a picture of your cute grandson!

  109. Joyce Weese Avatar

    I saw those little pin bowls last weekend when I visited your shop. What a great idea! I had such a good time looking at all your patterns, your fabrics, and all the nifty gadgets. The little clothes pins are so handy. I wanted to buy one of everything, but I had to hold back after I started adding up my total purchase! Your grandson is so cute. He will be so much fun at Christmas. Enjoy….they grow up so fast.

  110. Sandy Avatar

    I love these bowls, I look forward your needful things.

  111. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Love the pin bowls, but I also really love the teepee. Neat grandson idea. Maybe grama needs to shop

  112. Pat Briggeman Avatar
    Pat Briggeman

    Love the pin bowls Thanks for the ideas of ways to use for more than just pins

  113. JoyceLM Avatar

    Love the teepee. I could use one of those at work (the little guy too). Thanks.

  114. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    What an awesome Tepee for little man now be honest did you get in there with him??? I would! Love the ideas of the bowls too! Yay on you’re going to post the Ginger cookie recipe again, I’m clueless as to where I saved it 🙂

  115. Kathryn Casavant Avatar
    Kathryn Casavant

    I like the yellow bowls! They are bright and sunny!

  116. Karen Avatar

    The pin bowls are great…….but that little Jace is ADORABLE! !! How do you work when he’s around??!!

  117. Karren M Avatar
    Karren M

    Love the pin bowls — going to have a really hard time deciding which colors I want. And I’d love to find a tepee like that for my little guys to play in — how fun is that?!!

  118. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    I love fun things in my sewing studio……these magnetic bowls are fabulous. Your grandson is too cute for words. Thank you for sharing:)

  119. Joyce Weese Avatar

    I saw these little pin bowls last weekend while shopping at your shop. What a clever idea. They would make great gifts!

  120. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    What a GREAT feature for a quilter to have. No more lost pins because the power field in the bowl will keep all one’s pins together! The variety of colors would go with any decor. I must have this needful!

  121. Linda Avatar

    Love these bowls! No more lost pins for my hubby to step on.

  122. SAndy K Avatar
    SAndy K

    Your little man is too cute. Love the tepee.

  123. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I have six ‘little men’ in my life, what a blessing they all are. The bowls are so colorful.

  124. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    It’s obvious the son has his mother’s creative gift. Aren’t grandkids the best? Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    LIsa I think we need to make some quilted tepees!

  126. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I just posted my comment about these cute little bowls on the wrong day! Anyway, nice going Jace’s dad!

  127. Joni M. Avatar
    Joni M.

    Love the pin bowls!

  128. Bob Springer Avatar

    Love the cute little pin bowls. They will bring a bright spot to any sewing area, and wonderful that they are hand-made by Jake!

  129. Pam Avatar

    I love this idea!!! I am always find pins everywhere in my sewing room!!! Would love one of these.

  130. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    Love everything about this post, love the pics of Jace at work with you guys, makes your first post about small business even more meaningful. What a very special treat for you!

  131. Trisha Balding Avatar
    Trisha Balding

    Cute bowls & cute grandson!

  132. Steph M. Avatar
    Steph M.

    These are so cool…..great gifts! I like that they are hand painted in your own shop!

  133. Betsy Avatar

    Cute pin bowls! I like that they ar large enough for wonder clips! Love the teepee!

  134. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    Little Man is so cute! The pin bowls are pretty cute too!

  135. Kristy W. Avatar
    Kristy W.

    Oh are these cute! Love all the colors. How special that they are hand painted by your son. What a cutie in his teepee. We have one for our 10 year old and he loves his! Thanks for all of the creativity you share with us. It really is amazing to have connection to someone as talented as you. K-

  136. Janet Avatar

    Love those bowls – i want them all!

  137. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    I have a couple plain magnetic bowls and love them, but they sure aren’t as cute as these!!

  138. Holly Avatar

    Cutest way yet to corral your pins! 💕👍👏

  139. Jill Avatar

    There are great little bowls for your pins, fun too.

  140. Barb Avatar

    Cute bowls…and love the teepee.

  141. MoeWest Avatar

    I love the polka dots and bright colours of your magnetic pin bowls!

  142. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    I am so lucky to have one of Jake’s hand painted bowls…thanks again Jake!! Jace is so adorable Lisa!!

  143. Judy Zoll Avatar
    Judy Zoll

    As cute as the bowls are, that grandson wins the cuteness award hands down!

  144. Alisa Avatar

    Your grandson is adorable. The pin bowls will be very useful.

  145. Teresa Avatar

    Oh one of the blue pin bowls would make my day—Kentucky Wildcats blue. I DO bleed blue!! LOL

  146. Janan Avatar

    Love the cute pin bowls. Of course the orange one is my favorite!

  147. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Looks like Jace is great help! Love the pin bowls!

  148. JudyBL Avatar

    These pinbowls are so much cuter than my plain metal one. They help corral safety pins from basting and Wonder Clips from binding.

  149. Bridgidk Avatar

    Why didn’t I think of this???

  150. Betty Avatar

    pin bowls would be handy. Your grandson is a cutey

  151. Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Love the pin bowls. The colors just make me happy!

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