12 Days of Needful Things…Day 6!

12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 6DAY 6-FABRIC BOARDS

Thank you all for the kind words yesterday…I appreciate the fact that you all appreciate how hard I really work…I know I have sometimes been accused of working too much, but when you have 40+ persons relying on you for their income, its a lot of pressure…The good thing is..is that I LOVE what I do, so it’s easy for me.  There were no snarky remarks yesterday so hopefully they got the hint, with your help no doubt…so I will post more about the Lakehouse….

Now back to the fabric boards…lisa bongeanYou are really going to LOVE/need this product or you will not.  If you have a COLLECTION of fabric, (you never say stash by the way…) these are for you.  I have used these boards for years to display my fabrics for easier accessibility, but when I ran out and reordered them the company that sold them never filled my order…IMG_6043I need black and it was a special order…I mean I ordered 500, just like my first order, so I don’t know why if wasn’t filled but after about 9 months of waiting…I decided we will make our own. (as you can see I did not take the time to make it look perfect on the shelves, I don’t have that obsession, so showing you them this way is just fine with me…we use these fabrics… it’s not just for show, so they are forever being picked and pulled on and off the shelves.) So that’s the back story on why we are selling fabric boards.  They do not have the tabs to hold the fabric, because I didn’t use them, they made big bumps in the roll and they weren’t necessary, so why put them in our boards. They also fit better on the shelves without the tabs being used.  Our boards are only half the price of the company I was buying them from.  They come in black or white, and black is not a special order from us…we do not discriminate here. We see the need for both colors…If you have a special request like blue…we probably could do that too and it wouldn’t take nine months…I really, really  try to support other companies and form relationships with them, but sometimes they make it impossible.

I would say you can roll from 3/4 yd to a whole bolt on these boards.  When you come home from the quilt store you would fold your fabric in half, to about 11″ and then roll it on the board. (this is taking in account that your fabric is already folded from when it was cut from the bolt)  We fold and and then pin the end…just like in the quilt store!!! I even label my boards with their fabric numbers. IMG_5990 The boards are $30 for 24 of them.  But for this special they will be $24 for 24 so $1 each.  You order in multiples of 24.  So if you order 3 in the cart you will be getting 72 boards. FABRIC BOARDS  

If you didn’t notice a lot of the items this year have to do with organization.  I am starting to go through and organize and purge almost 20 years of stuff in my sewing studio at our Menasha home ( there will be some give-aways, good for you…and me)…I strongly believe in spending $$$ on things to help organize…we feel better when things aren’t a mess, when we can see what we are looking for or know exactly where they should be…saves time and sanity!!!

Today’s a short post….lots to do..only 6 days til Christmas.

Please remember to leave a comment( if you are running out of things to say… tell me how long you have been quilting and why you started)…remember to add HOLD to your order comment section if you want it held!

House pic of the day…made it before dark yesterday and was greeting with this amazing site..my kitchen & living room hardwood floor is A-mazing!!! I show a better close up when I’m not getting in their way.


Remember to have a good day…I believe it 90% up to us to decide whether we are going to have good day or not!!! LB

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

181 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 6!

  1. I’m planning to do some major organizing in the new year–things are totally out of control. I’m worried about your house–with all those windows, where will you hang quilts–lol!

    1. I DO need these awesome boards! I love my fabrics so much just the act of refolding them all makes me happy, not to mention the organization that results!

  2. Organization is key to a happy sewing room. These boards are great and your house will be well deserved and absolutely beautiful.

  3. It’s nice seeing your house develop. Love seeing the sun shining through the windows! How about a picture of all around the outside of your house so we can get the feel of the area. It sounds so peaceful. I live in CA just in case you were wondering.

  4. I need some major organization in my sewing room. It’s like…where do I begin. These boards will really help. Thanks for offering. Btw, love your house, congratulations!

  5. Your windows are amazing, I can only speculate the view as breathtaking. You must giggle every time you see the beautiful progress. So Happy for you!

  6. I like the 90% suggestion. So true. Your organization comment is true also. I work much better when my sewing room is orderly.
    Been quilting 20 yrs, and will see you at the Hampton show. Excited about that class!

  7. The light is amazing pouring into these rooms! Looks gorgeous!
    I love being/staying organized… helps with my sanity!

  8. I love the idea of fabric boards, but will need to do some destashing myself so I would have a place to use them. Love that you offer them in white and black. I think I forgot to comment yesterday, but I’m so glad you said something about negative comments being posted. It’s one of my pet peeves when people do that. Your new home sounds like it will be a wonderful retreat for you and your family. Many blessings to you all.

  9. Wow you home is awesome!!!! And people say mean things because they are jealous!!!!!!! Thanks for all your tips

  10. Boy, do I ever need these…I, too, need to get organized. It’s always on my New Year’s resolution list but never seems to get accomplished. Your house is looking awesome. I love all of the windows and the flooring. You will so love lake living ALL the time and not keeping up two places.

  11. I zoomed in on your fabric, such a beautiful collection and it looks great on the fabric boards. It would be nice to be organized. Would make pulling fabric for a project so much easier. Love your floors. I zoomed in on those too. Thx for sharing the photos. Just picked up a quilt from the quilter, plan on getting the binding on this weekend and in the mail Monday. Hope it makes it to its destination by Christmas. I receive so much joy giving gifts of quilts. I have been quilting for about 10 years and am so happy I found this art. Merry Christmas!

  12. I have been quilting 15 years and have been afraid to take time organizing everything. I look to you for the inspiration. …thanks Lisa!

  13. Love what I see of your new home. I also like the boards. I need all the help I can get to stay/get organized.

  14. Love all the windows. The floors will be amazing can’t wait to see floors. Seems like every January I reorganize my sewing room. This year making a list of what I want to work on

  15. Your house is going to be beautiful! Love seeing the photos! (I’m a beginner quilter but I love doing it!

  16. Great floor and windows. Love all the sunshine pouring in. This is going to be a happy place for sure! I started handwork with cross stitch in the late 70s and then the love of fabric led to quilting in the 80s and then working with wool for about the last 12 years. I have always loved making things and the variety of textures and colours available in fabrics now is fantastic. Love of fabric must be in the genes because I can remember as a child my grandfather used to always like to see and feel the fabric in whatever we were wearing like wool coats etc. We were always pleased when he smiled and said it was “good stuff”. I know he would love to see my stacks of wool in the sewing closet!

  17. I LOVE your post love the pictures you post and you are very helpful to all quilting levels some of us still say we are beginners but you make us fill like we can accomplish projects. Keep the pic coming for us that live out of state we enjoy you sharing your beautiful home and talent keep them coming have a merry christmas

  18. I love to look at your fabulous fabric collection. The way it is stored makes it a collection instead of a stash. I lost my entire collection/stash (long story) and I would love to have enough fabric to organize. Miss it terribly. Sorry to be a downer. Keep showing us the house, looks great.

  19. What a great way to get organized. My fabric is folded and stacked in a trunk so having my fabric on these boards with help me remember what I have. I have been quilting about 15 years and started quilting when I decided to make baby quilts when my granddaughters were born. Your home looks amazing can’t wait to see it complete.

  20. lisa you are a breath of fresh air….. i love that you are up front and honest…. also that you and your family are building a new house….. and you are sharing with all the pictures…i really like your color picks. maybe i get some ideas for a spring update here! we live in sunny florida , moving from traverse city,michigan.. so the blue sky and sun are my insperation….I WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS an may the wind be always at your back! also HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! nancy

  21. I started quilting in 1969 ,thought my first baby needed a quilt. Doc said a big boy, instead 2 little girls. The quilt grew to twin size but only 1 was made so the girls had to share. It was rotated from bed to bed. In the mid 80’s started teaching quilting at local shops and now make quilts just because I want to and for my guilds community service. AND I still have many patterns I wish to make. Primitive Gathering has many of those patterns I wish to make. Thank you and good wishes to you and your family.

  22. I need to be organized in order to sew! A place for everything…. Just so easy to sit down anytime and start. A little OCD I know but that’s how it works for me. Merry Christmas!

  23. Unfortunately needy, unkind, ungracious, jealous people feel the need to share their misery and for some reason realize satisfaction from hurting others. Just turn on the news to experience those who aren’t even on your blog.

    i hope you realize that your sharing of your life brings joy and celebration to the rest of us! Your story is also an inspiration to those who hope, dream and strive for a full life. I know you must find great satisfaction from the opportunity. You are proof positive that it can be done.

    Loving your blog! And the pictures of the new lake house. The view looks wonderful.

    Thanks for being and inspiration. And oh yes …. keep the organization coming.

  24. Oh yes I need these. I still have fabric in our shop that I have to go through. I need to organize what is in my sewing room and then hit the stuff in the shop. Thanks for sharing more pictures. Love all the windows; you will be able to have a lovely view of the lake. Glad there were no negative comments.

  25. Fabric storage has always been a problem for me, especially since we spent so many years living in our 5th wheel. Now I have a linen closet-full, but I always need the one on the bottom of the stack! And digging through stacks to find the right color is just not much fun! These boards would really be a help!

    You’re right – your floors DO look amazing, and right again – every day is exactly what you choose to make of it! I choose peace & joy! 🙂

  26. Organizing my fabric by color gets me sewing as fast as possible…don’t want to lose time looking for fabric. Unless, I’m at a quilt shop. 🙂 Enjoy the steps of building your new home and new memories.

  27. I am not much of a fabric collector, 9nly left overs from projects. I have been quilting since the late 80’s, my grandma quilted and it always fascinated me. I’m fascinated by all hand crafts, things done the old way, from braided rugs to homemade bread. I don’t get to do an much as I wish, but I do what I can. Thanks to you for supplying me with the proper tools & ideas!

  28. What a great idea to offer black boards. I definitely need help organizing and appreciate your posts on this topic!

  29. Hi Lisa. Live the boards. Please tell me the size of the boards so I know if they will fit on my shelves. House is looking fabulous. Have a great week. Hugs

  30. Love seeing pictures of you home….love the windows! I transitioned into quilting about 7 years ago and haven’t looked back. I started out sewing clothes and doing applique designs on sweatshirts and shirts. I remember thinking I could never learn to quilt because I could never make those points, but after I started I realized how fairly easy it really was. (after some tears and a seam ripper of course! )

  31. I have ADQD (attention deficit quilting disorder) so these would really help me stay focused, on the fabrics at least!

  32. I could really use these. Sometimes I cannot find fabric which I know I have. Organization is the word for 2016!

  33. I always wanted to sew like my grandma but it was several years after she was gone before I started quilting.

  34. I have been quilting for about 25 years, and began as, honestly, a way to get out of the house once in a while! A three year old and four and a half year old can eat your brains right out of your head if you don’t have a little adult contact (besides your job) and get to use it (your brain) in a different capacity other than your job. So maybe for a little personal growth. I didn’t accomplish a lot in the early days and still am not as productive as many others are, but it’s a great outlet for creativity and artistry!

  35. My fabric collection is in desperate need of re-organizing. I started quilting 8 years ago & it has grown outrageously. Thanks.

  36. Oooooh yes, my collection needs a little extra stiffness. Hahaha. It looks so much better on display, too! Do you just wrap the fabric around the board like a little bolt? And the light streaming in those windows is BRILLIANT. Blessings are abundant, especially for those who share their gifts with others. You are a gift giver, Lisa, so enjoy the gifts you have, and continue to share yours!

  37. Love the boards. What size are they? (Would they fit my shelves) Love the pics of your house. It is fun to watch your dream house come together. Glad the nasty remarks stopped. You work very hard for all that you have and deserve it.

  38. Thank you for sharing . Your passion for people and fiber arts shines through in many ways. I have been sewing ever since my Mom would let me sit at her sewing machine. Quilting, guessing over 30 years ago.

  39. I began quilting around 20 years ago. My mother had started quilting and I loved what she was doing, and decided, I could do this, too. Now I have great friends from quilting, and your friendship, too, Lisa. Love your new house, and wondering if your new house is by your lake House? Merry Christmas!

  40. I just wanted to tell you how much joy you bring to so many people. I was at a group in November and we were all saying how we were waiting for your Christmas specials. We gladly buy them, make them, and spread joy to many people. Your freebies are the best gift I get for Christmas.

  41. Thank you for offering items for organization. These boards look awesome. I am sorry that you have received negative comments. It’s sad when people feel they need to express negativity. They must be very unhappy people and can’t stand it when other people are happy and enjoying life. I know that you and Nick work very hard and you shouldn’t have to defend your position. I actually don’t know when you have time to sleep. Your new home is spectacular and most of us enjoy watching the progress. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  42. The fabric boards look like something I could definitely use with my fabric “hoard”. I have my fabric color coded and folded on my shelves, but I also like the look of the fabric wrapped around these boards, especially large pieces of fabric, like backings, etc. I think it would take up less space and I could add even MORE! Ha! Your new house is coming along nicely. I know you are excited. I have been quilting since the early 80’s. My girls were young and quilting was just getting started in our area. I fell in love with it immediately and took a class. Thus began a long love affair with quilting and all those beautiful fabrics. That’s why I have a fabric “hoard”!

  43. I also need to organize my quilting area. What do you do with all those fat quarters?!?! Your house looks beautiful. This weekend I am finishing up getting ready for Christmas. I have a new grandbaby due the 21st, it will be #9!!!! As soon as I get the call, I will be heading up to MN to take care of the two siblings! Have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends, Lisa!

  44. Do your fabric boards work for fat quarters too? Thanks for all you do for us. Live read it blogs and emacs from you guys.

  45. My name is Sherry and I’m an addict…..a fabric addict! Your fabric boards will turn my Stash into a Collection. I definitely need to become more organized. Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone!

  46. I appreciate any ideas to make my “fabric collection” easier to access and organize. Right now I have them rolled up and placed in bins by color. To get them I have to haul down the bolt and rummage through. I think this would be a great way to purge some of that 1980s fabric while getting organized. Merry Christmas. I love Primitive Gatherings!! It’s a necessary visit every day for me!!!

  47. I started quilting to make a blanket for my first baby in 1962. Been at it ever since and still enjoy having a needle in my hand.

  48. Tried to get organized when I moved last year and started using fabric boards. They are wonderful and you can see your Collection at a glance. Love seeing your new house. Keep the pictures coming!!!

  49. I started quilting/sewing about 5 years ago. My mother, sisters, and sister-in-law wanted to do something fun at Christmas time. So the quilt challenge was born for our family, with the reveal at our Christmas celebration. Myself and nieces were not quilters at the time, but in order to join the fun, one had to learn. I’m not as good as they are, but we have so much fun, laugh alot, and admire each other’s creativity. We even have non-family members come in to do the judging. This year is a crazy quilt challenge. Mine is not finished, my mother has two completed. Can’t wait to see how we all did!!!

  50. I love those boards and will be ordering some. Who doesn’t love to be organized. Your house looks very nice, the floor and the windows. Love all the light coming in.

  51. Love all the natural light that is coming through your windows and your flooring. I have just converted a bedroom into my sewing room. Now I need shelving and your boards to get me completely organized.

  52. These boards are a great solution for fabric storage. Congrats on your new lake house. It looks fabulous so far.

  53. Always love your Christmas countdown! Thank you for sharing your new home construction with us. No one deserves it more than you and Nick. The world (& quilting world) is a better place having you in it. Enjoy your new home and creating new memories. Loved ones we’ve lost are always in our hearts, who will be cherished forever. Merry Christmas!

  54. I love the family stories you post. It shows how much work it takes to run a quilt store. Then when I actually meet your people at the quilt shows I feel like I already know you. And for all the negative posts, happiness breeds happiness. Think of what a happy place we can create by just saying some nice things to people every day.

    Merry Christmas

  55. What a light and bright space!! I love the openness if that is a word. It looks so happy.
    My first quilt I made back in the last century. 🙂 It was just going to be squares and I calculated how many I would need. Then I set them on point and couldn’t figure out (for awhile) where my math went wrong when I had all these left over squares! ha I’ve come a LONG way since then and still laugh at my early efforts purely on my own without books or pictures.

  56. I love the idea of organizing my “collection” with these boards! I am relatively new to quilting – the 2014 SBOW was my first quilt. I am definately hooked now and eager to learn. Merry Christmas and thank you for continually inspiring me!!

  57. Great post, Lisa. I am the queen of organized sewing rooms. I wouldn’t be able to function if not. This is a great item at a great price!

  58. Lisa, you always have such great ideas! I really appreciate everything you do. The gift of your time to us is really precious and it’s good to see you’re being rewarded. I enjoy the pictures of your new home under construction and can’t wait to see the new quilting studio. Merry Christmas!

  59. I can see this as a real plus in my sewing room. Thanks for all your “finds” . It just starting snowing on my screen. What a nice touch!

  60. These boards are awesome! I’ve looked at others and not in my budget but yours will be. Would make pulling fabric so much easier than stacked fabric. Look forward to your 12 days of Christmas posts will all the info you share. You ought to do a shorter version for a Christmas in July!

  61. Lisa the boards look like a great organizing tool, something I think we could all use. Thanks for sharing the pictures and story of your new home, look forward to seeing more. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2016, can’t wait to see what you bring out in 2016. By the way my goal for 2016 is to finish my “Words to Live By”.

  62. Love all the windows in your new house! I think lighting is so important in a house, esp. natural light.

  63. Love the fabric boards! So nice that you offer them in black as well as white. I too need to clean out and reorganize my sewing room. I started quilting in 2007 (can’t believe it’s been 8 years ago!). I wanted to learn how to quilt so I could replace the quilts my husband’s mother made, as they were starting to get holes in them and really worn. I never knew how quickly I’d become obsessed with quilting and how many wonderful new friends I’d make. :o)

  64. I love all those windows and the floor is amazing! I dream of having wood floors someday….carpeting is not very pet friendly! I have considered buying those “other” boards but they are very expensive. Looks like I should try yours 🙂

  65. I have a feeling that being organized helps you do all that you do. These fabric holders certainly keep your fabric neat and visible. No wasting time looking for your fabric wrinkled in a wad in the bottom of a drawer. Love the windows in the new home. Light is everything.

  66. Lisa, Lisa! Fabric boards? Are you kidding me? Hallelujah! 😃👍🙆 Can’t believe it! I’ve been looking all over for them . . . and wherever I found them, they were expensive!!! My dear hubby finally relented and had some shelving units made last summer for the craft room we share. I’m in the middle of painting them, along with two big bookshelves I’m repurposing, in an effort to FINALLY get my sewing room (and fabric COLLECTION) organized. These are PERFECT! I hope you will keep them available on your website!

    Wow! The new house is looking fantastic! Love, love, love all that light streaming in and the beauty of the wood. It brings the outside in and will look so natural in your lakeside setting! You can already sense that it will be a place of peace, relaxation and simplicity. How wonderful for you guys! Due to physical issues and our advancing age, we are looking to downsize and build what will be our last home deep in the woods. We love to see what others are doing on their builds as it gives us ideas on how to make the best use of space in our smaller footprint.
    Keep the pictures coming! It gives all of us a way to share in the excitement of your new home! 💐💕

  67. Lisa you do so much for quilters at retreats that I don’t know anyone who could complain because you feel happy about your new house. ENJOY every bit of it! You deserve it. I notice you said in blog about organizing. I had a retreat with you in Belaire, Michigan. I spoke with you about your line OldGlory. Did you perchance come across any from the line? Just wondering. Jeanette

  68. Love your black fabric boards!!! You are sooo right in saying organization is key!!!
    Love your new house- you are very Blessed and deserve it 👼

  69. I am so proud of you! That you forge forward and find solutions. I think the boards are a great idea tho I don’t have shelving (yet), wondering if they’d fit in a 16 1/4″ x 6 3/8″ clear container? I love to organize, Lol. Your house looks amazing! Now wishing I had joined the caravan to see it during our Dec retreat. Tho I did finish your “Old St Nick Tablemat” pattern and gave it to my friend this week. She held her breath so as not to cry… that is what Christmas is all about. I agree with the 90% and I’m having a wonderful day, I hope you are too!🎄. Hugs, Jakey

  70. I like the black boards! I use comic book boards right now and I love the way my “collection” looks on my bookshelves. I can’t wait to see the final pictures of your house. I started quilting in 2008 after our youngest graduated homeschool. I needed something to keep me busy and I fell in love with quilting.

  71. I’ve been quilting for about 7 years. I started because an aunt passed away and left my mother some quilt tops. My aunt had a very hard life, and I’m sure she quilted to find peace. Her quilt tops were far from perfect. She used cereal boxes for templates and for fabrics she used every scrap she could get her hands on. In fact, I’m sure I’ve spotted scraps from my uncle’s boxer shorts in almost every quilt top. She got the job done though. I promised my mother I would help her quilt the tops, and enlisted the help of my father, who, in his ill health, could sit and sew. We managed to get all the tops quilted – just stitch in the ditch for 9 patch quilts – nothing fancy and no award winners, but there were enough for my mom and dad to give one to each of the great-grands that year for Christmas. In the process I was smitten!

  72. I love the way you deal with obstacles…you just forge ahead with your own solution! These fabric boards look like a great way to organize yardage although for the last few years I find myself buying mostly kits. Your house looks amazing-lots of windows and the floors are beautiful. I started quilting in 1980(see, I read all the way to the end of your post!) to deal with the stress of 2 hospitals merging and having to move to a new hospital, etc. It worked and I met an awful lot of nice people! Merry Christmas!

  73. I loved the picture of your house – SUN!! I live in Pittsburgh and love the sun shining thru all the windows! It will be a happy house. My “collection” is out of control and these boards could be the solution to getting back some control. Great product.

  74. I really need these! I have been quilting since the mid ’90s and have a large collection of fabric.

  75. What a great idea. I am forever rummaging thru my collection, finding what I wanted, and then loosing it again in the mess.

  76. We seem to always get in the organizing mood after the holidays… My sewing room sure needs it! Am wondering what the boards are made of…plastic, wood, cardboard? I have been sewing/quilting since I was a teenager. I love sewing quilts & rarely do other kinds of sewing threse days…BTW, I know you are excited about your new house!

  77. You know Lisa that is what I like about you…you try to help other businesses but when it doesn’t work out you go and make it yourself and it’s even better! I love that! I’m always looking for new ways to organize so I’m loving your posts.
    I took a beginner class and tried a quilt in a day pattern back in the 80’s but never did anything since then. So I say I’ve been a serious quilter for a little over a year and I am totally hooked! It started when I wanted to replace some pictures I had hanging on a wall. I couldn’t find a picture big enough that I liked. I saw a quilt video on YouTube and thought that would be perfect and it was. I haven’t stopped quilting since 🙂

  78. I’m all for organizing. Have done some in spurts, but have a ways to go. Like the boards (it would mean some new reorganizing so I’m thinking about it). Love all the windows; what great light.

  79. Lisa, your comment about the livihood of 40 employees, made me respect you even more. I wasn’t sure that was even possible!! People should never judge others by what they have or are doing!!! You have worked so hard, built a wonderful business that we all get to benefit from, and yet have endured your share of a heartbreaking , mothers worst nightmare. All with dignity!,, I have been to your studio and your gathering place and you stitched a whole Saturday with us! What a delight and so much fun we had!!! Thank you for sharing with us all! You have only contributed in so many ways to benefit us all…our passions, hobbies, and you positive attitude!!

  80. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the chaos going on in my sewing room !!! I love the boards, but there is much more to organize before my fabric collection.

  81. First, love the organizational topics……I recently moved into a new home and it has given me the opportunity to purge (share) and organize. Those boards look fabulous! Secondly, I made my first bed size quilt in 1972 for a college art class. I was a sewist from my youth, and decided to try quilting at that point. My family has been quilters for years and years, so it is in my blood. You recently got to see my family quilt from 1946 that I put on IG. Love the feather quilting on it!!! ……and I am still making quilts after all these years!

  82. Fabric boards. Huh. Never tried them but I like how you can see all the fabrics on the shelves. That makes it easy! 😊

  83. Great idea for the boards. I am moving our office downstairs, so I can now have 2 rooms for my sewing/fabric area. This is perfect timing! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into sharing with other quilters.

  84. If I ever write a “snarky” comment, please tell me. When I have a complaint, I want to relay the info. in a civil way. I love the little windows above the regular windows – i know they must make them that way now – they add such character to a room plus little extra streaks or rays of light.

  85. Oh how I like this idea. Right now I have mine just folded over and stacked. This would help see each one clearer and easier to get out of the cupboard. Thanks for this idea.

  86. we always try to organize when we are moving and the first part of the year. You are doing both. These look great

  87. I have been quilting for 32 years. I did sewing before I started quilting. I was pregnant with my first child & wanted to make a quilt. I didn’t really know what I was doing, & needless to say it never got finished. ( long story about that!)

  88. I love how you just go make it yourself! When we built, I told the builder that I wanted 2 towel bars, high & low, in the bathrooms. He said “no you don’t”. I said ” yes I do”. What is with that?

  89. Clever idea Lisa! My goal is to get STARTED on organizing my sewing space, which has basically taken over our lower level of our home….I have stuff that goes back to the 1970’s…when I started quilting….. hmmmm just one spot at a time is my motto… 🙂

  90. Sorry I hit the wrong button. I made your sugar cookies today. How amazing. I use the William Sonnoma pie cutting shapes from last year and it worked great. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Have a Happy Holiday Martha


  91. Lisa, I am going to order some of these boards! I will definitely need to clean off shelves to store my “organized” fabric!! About your new home–so happy for you!!!! Believe me, I have seen how hard you work–took classes from you in Kansas City a few years ago–and you definitely deserve this!!! My husband and I have worked hard and have had more than our share of tragedies in our lives. We came from very poor families and appreciate everything we have and are happy for others who experience success. We, too, built a home on a lake several years ago (our lake is very small) and we are so happy here. We are now retired so really have time to enjoy life here. Some snarky comments come from jealous people with very poor judgment! Thank you for all that you do! Oh, yes, I love to see pictures of your home. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen/dining area and after 15 years they have taken on a rather “distressed” look!!!

  92. 6 days away from Christmas! Whoa, this month flew bt with family activities. My mom and I started sewing together when I moved back from home from college about 22 years ago. My mom is my best friend and enjoy spending time with her making quilts, shaing ideas and talking about life.

  93. I started quilting about 17 years ago. I was doing kids clothing, more clothing, cross stitch, and needlepoint. Taught needlepoint for many years. My friend was a quilter urging me for a few years to give it a try. I didn’t say it to her but thought, how ever can I have another interest, buy more stuff, etc, etc.

    On her continued persistence, after a few years, I said ok, teach me how to quilt. She wore me down! Well really it was teach me how to pick out fabric and piece.

    I was a scissors girl back in the day. Rotary cutters….I was almost hooked on the quilting thing. She went with me to THE quilt store in our small town in IL. She was going to set me off on a Eleanor Burns pattern of a triple Irish chain which did prove to be a good beginner pattern for me. She was with me through the pattern reading and I must say interpretation, the squaring up of fabric (which i had never heard of in the garment sewing biz), and the rotary cutting of the strips, subcuts, etc, etc.

    At the quilt store she said pick out one focus fabric that I loved and the rest of the fabrics would be chosen around that focus fabric.

    Well, I’m a water gal, perhaps like you.
    I chose a wonderful water fabric, and also blue is my favorite color. She helped me pick out fabrics that would play with the water fabric.

    Ok cutting, the rulers, the rotary, the exactness of it all. Oh the piecing! Darn I was hooked. (That word looked like damn but I typed darn).

    That was my start. I’ve been privileged to have many of my quilts juried in to AQS shows over the last few years. Oh nothing won, don’t care.
    I continue to learn more all the time and still have the desire to learn. This is a whole new world and it’s a wonderful escape from the day to day. I can create and explore color and patterns.

    Ok, me the water girl understands a small point of your water girl new house. We took early retirement and found a place on the BIG lake just East of you four years ago. What an inspirational place for me and hubby to be.

    I’ve been to your WI store a few times, so nice.

    I think I need two sets of the boards at the sale price! Thanks for reading.

  94. Getting my sewing room organized, hopefully your post and the boards will motivate me to go through my stuff and see what I have!😃

  95. Ahhhh….organization, love it. I remember being organized at one time and think I better get back to it before I lose my mind. Looking forward to trying these

  96. Lisa love the pic of your house. Looks like it’s going to be beautiful! Nice and open :). I have been quilting for 3 years now and would call myself a confident beginner. I love to take classes at my local quilt shop and have fallen head over heels in love with wool appliqué!

  97. Thanks for sharing pictures of your home. Love your windows. I have been quilting for seven years and love the wool.

  98. I started quilting about 30 years ago, I made a few baby quilts, then life happens and of and on since then I have been making smaller things and helping friends quilt their quilts Now that I am almost at retirement age (Feb. 2016) I am making more time to do the things that I want to do. I just love your flooring Excited to see more pictures as the Lakehouse progresses!

  99. I like the idea of the fabric boards. All,of my fabric is wool, since i am a rug hooker and I also do a little appliqué. I’m not sure if those will work with my wool. I think I’ll buy one package of the boards and see how they work. As far as the distasteful comments, I don’t understand why people have to be so mean. It just seems like our society has changed so much in the past 15-20 years. I love your shop and I appreciate all your hard work! You deserve to reap from your harvest.

  100. I love your new house…it’s beautiful!! We’re also going to move soon so I’m in the cleaning out my sewing room mode too! I agree that an organized space is better and seems to make me way more productive too!!

  101. Thought these were really high$ when I saw them at quilt show for the 100’s of fabrics I have. Maybe if I were willing to purge some. I love them. Jan.for organizing. I have a wall in my sewing room that has some space behind it – it’s behind a bathroom. I know if we took the wall outi would have a fabulous area for shelving!! I may just take a sledge hammer to it one of these days!!
    I have been quilting for about 48 years. Started with a cross stitched quilt – had dots where to stitch for quilting. I was so new to It that all my knots are on the back!!!! Plus it was fairly puffy batting. It was for my first born daughter. I still have it. Doesn’t look too bad for a first quilt. Small stitches–and knots on the back!!! I have learned a lot. I have loved doing wool applique-love your fabulous kits.

  102. I love the many windows you have for your kitchen and living room!
    How long have I been quilting? A long time! I actually started in high school 35 yrs ago. I fell in love with wool work though when I saw your shop featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine. I ordered from your shop then and I still to it now. Love your patterns and products!

  103. Lisa, I am so happy that life is blessing you with good things right now. Savor every moment! Your new home looks awesome and exciting. Wishes of happiness in your new home are coming your way.
    You asked about our quilting history. I started quilting 42 years ago when I was a new mother with years of clothing construction under my belt. A visit to an auntie’s attic uncovered an old steamer trunk filled with long forgotten quilts my grandmother had made and perhaps a few from her mother. I was hooked! Many years later, I inherited several of those old beauties and still display them in my home. A special pair of twin bed quilts were on the beds my sister and I slept in on Christmas Eve after driving from Pennsylvania to Michigan all night hoping to beat Santa Claus to the ancestral home! Quilts are historical records of love. Why else would we dedicate ourselves to hours and hours of labor if not as an expression of love for family and friends?
    May this season find you gifting and gifted of much love.

  104. Wow – look at your fabric collection. These boards would be so useful in my sewing room. Love how your new house is coming along. You and Nick must be so excited.

  105. Thanks for sharing the photos. I think your new flooring looks pretty awesome too! Can’t wait to see better phots! These fabrics boards are a great way to get organized. And to group fabrics by collections!

  106. I had the husband of a friend of mine build me a fabric cupboard. I use baskets to organize my fabric by colour. But the baskets hold fat quarters. The fabric boards would be great for my larger pieces and maybe put them in between the baskets. Another great idea. Thanks.

  107. You are so right about it being up to us to have a great day 90% of the time! The fabric boards look so great and professional! Great idea!

  108. I started quilting in 1999 I believe and have been obsessed with it ever since! I am in good company with fellow quilters who are just as obsessed if not more!! Can’t wait to see your house when done!!

  109. Love the boards … love that tidy stash! I’ve been quilting since early 1998. My sister got me started and I got our other sister started. It’s a needle thing – I’ve needlepointed, cross stitched, knitted … how do you pass up quilting? Haven’t done much of the others since I became a quilter, tho. Kind of an obsession …

  110. Organization… it’s been my theme lately. I’ve loved quilts for many years and actually took my first lesson while I was in the Air Force stationed in New England at a little shop in Sanford Maine back in the 1980’s called the “Uncommon Pin” unfortunately when I traveled back there a few years ago the shop was gone. Sorry to say since I would love to thank the shop owner for both teaching me and for her friendship at the time.

  111. Yes, love the boards. And I really love your flooring. Never ever have a floor that the dogs are a problem on. You don’t do that to family. 🙂 And believe my dogs are family

  112. Those boards are a great idea–if you have big pieces of fabric. Most of mine is FQ and smaller.
    Love all of the light in your new kitchen and living room.
    Yes, good days are mostly a choice. Amen. : )

  113. The light coming in the kitchen area is great! I so love a bright kitchen. Oh, I started quilting almost 30 years ago. I was an avid seamstress, making by all my own clothes and our deughter’s clothes as well. Then I was introduced to a local quilt shop because they also taught smacking. It wasn’t long and I was making my first quilt!

  114. Loved your Lakeside Gatherings colors in the old lakehouse! Glad you are repeating and enhancing it in the new lakehouse!

  115. Fabric boards…great idea for that fabric that is tucked away in our sewing rooms (…I didn’t say ‘stash’)! 🙂
    Thanks for the needful things….I can’t believe less than a week and it’s Christmas!

  116. I am fascinated and grateful for the way that your mind works. You seem to be able to solve our problems or just irritating nuisances before we even realize that there is a solution. The boards are so clever.
    You deserve every good thing life has to offer. I think it’s Karma. I hope you continue on this path for many years.

  117. I ditto the above comments…..you are game changer Lisa. I am grateful to have met you and be able to follow you on your blog. Oh did I mention; LOVE shopping at your Menasha store and the web. Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas.
    P.S. I received my 2015 mugs yesterday.

  118. I use these boards all the time! I paid a lot more for them though. The organization and the ability to see what’s in your fabric collection is awesome. I’ve organized mine by color and it’s fantastic to go in a pull a teal without shuffling through a stack and then having to “re-organize” because the piece of fabric you wanted is on the bottom half of the stack. Love, love, love these!

  119. First I am in some kind of “funk” and can’t get out to get back to sewing. Since it is up to me as you say I am going to work on that. Second, I Love, Love, Love lots of windows in a home and it looks like you got them. Good for you. And the floor is beautiful. What fun this must be.

  120. Looks like our house!! Crazy time to build an addition huh?!! We are more than doubling my sewing room—Yeah!! I’m so excited. A bedroom is above the sewing room for someone I live with who snores!! Our house is in the destroyed look with no Christmas tree, my sewing machine is in a large closet and I have to practice deep breathing hourly! Crazy! Is yours a new home or addition?!!!! Wish I had your help Lisa to fill my new space!!! Merry Christmas to you friend!!

  121. Let the outdoors in!!! I love your windows!! I have lots of windows in my home and windowed doors. I only cover the windows in the bedrooms and baths because I love to bring the outdoors in. I know you will love your new home and make so many cherished memories. I have been quilting for about 2 years, but plan on doing so much more when I retire next year. But, my new love is working with wool – finished products are so beautiful.

  122. This is definitely going to be my year to get organized!!! I am currently going thru chemo and have decided that if something happens I don’t want my kids to be wondering, ‘ what the heck was mom thinking’!!! I have already apologized to my daughter for my obsession with fabric!!! Oh well, what can I say it makes me happy!!! Thanks again, fir the great idea and the time you put into making these posts fun

  123. You are a hard worker with tremendous talents and deserve a wonderful life. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your talents with us. I love coming to your shop in Menasha.

  124. I love the idea of fabric boards. I wish I had the shelf space to organize my fabric.
    I started quilting when I was displaced from beautiful Oregon to brown and dusty Wyoming. My mother-in-law sent me a huge box of fabrics to help occupy my time and I found a use for them with a local quilt club. The wonderful ladies took me in and helped me acclimatize to the shock that is the high desert.

  125. I have a rather large kit collection but do have some backings that would be great on these boards!
    Love the sunshine in your windows!

  126. I’d love to have my fabric all organized. These boards look awesome! Love seeing the progress on your new home, how wonderful!

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  127. These boards look great, I can see that I am going to be having a huge order! LOL Thanks for all of these great ideas. I am going to tell my husband not to buy me anything for Christmas, I have it covered.

  128. I love organization. I have always loved the wall of towels at stores – that beautiful wall of gradating color – so pretty! Kind of like your fabric collection – just fun to look at. Sometimes I just sit in my sewing room closet and look at all the prettyness – haha!

  129. The boards look nice and sturdy. I have tried using the comic book boards and am not satisfied with them. My current shelves are not quite tall enough for you boards.

  130. I’m on my second year of quilting my collection is surprisingly gotten to the point that I think this would be wonderful. But not sure I should really show off the collection for husband to see lol

  131. I need to reorganize and these boards look like a great way to get started. I have been quilting over twenty years and still love it!

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