12 Days of Needful Things…Day 4!


Then next two items go hand in hand.  While the Aurifil thread is no stranger to us, these cute little bobbin buddies are new this year…IMG_4722

The  50wt. Aurifil threads is the best threads for our sewing machine stitching.  Hands down… It’s fine…doesn’t take up room in the seam…its a 50/2 this means it 50 wt. but only wound with 2 strands of thread…most 50wts. are 3 strands….it’s clean…there will be hardly any lint residue in your bobbin case or machine… They come in three sizes…mini spools with 220 yds for $5.00…regular spools with 1422 yds on them for $13.35…and then the large cones with 6452 yds for $50.00…I use mainly the regular and cones sizes for my machine piecing and the mini spools would be for hand or machine appliqué where you would need lots of colors….

Why the big cone?  It’s like getting one of the regular sizes free if you do the math?  Yes, the cone seems like a lot of $$$ but it is the better bargain especially if you only stitch with 4 threads like I do…cream, black, medium tan, but mostly the dark taupe…

Now my favorite thing to mention is one the biggest mistakes people do in machine piecing… drives me crazy when I see it…and I notice it right away…Do you know what it is??? Using TOO light of thread when piecing…it sticks out like a siren blaring!!! We need to darken our threads so they blend in…I know we need to use cream when we are piecing cream on cream…but when we are piecing cream and navy together I still would use a dark thread…My all time favorite thread that is stitched into 90% of my quilt is 1140.  Shown here on my machineIMG_4756…I know it looks dark here…but it disappears in my piecing.  Have I ever led you astray? If you do not want to go this dark…the other one that would work 2372…but I really love the 1140. Shop the AURIFIL selection of threads by clicking the link. The threads we carry in the cones will have a drop down box for you to pick your selection of either cone or regular spool.  If you want a fast link to my cone 1140 here that it…1140  All Aurifil Thread will be 25% off and will show up in the cart at the discounted price…

Now aren’t’ these little bobbin buddies so cute?  Organization is the key here…its so nice to keep a bobbin with a thread for when you need to quick stitch something…and you don’t have to look for a matching bobbin, its right there…I love that I can now store my lonely cream thread with it matching bobbin…and when I need it…its right there!  The bobbin buddies are reg. 6/$2.10  on sale for 6/$1.75.  Order yours here. BOBBIN BUDDIES The discount will show up in your cart.

Fast post today…lots to do at work and for the Holidays….I stitched most of the day yesterday…on this lovely blockIMG_4754…do you stitch everyday? If so tell, me…your daily schedule…if not…tell why NOT??? in the comment section for today…Remember, to HOLD if your holding and I have to slow down a little and enjoy this all…you do the same today!

…and to clear up the questions about the Lakehouse…We held Luke and Brooke’s wedding on August 22 this last summer….

IMG_0962 IMG_0786 IMG_0878 IMG_0916 IMG_0652 IMG_1007 IMG_1171 IMG_0955the next day we emptied the house…on Monday Habitat for Humanity striped the house, as we donated the house to them…The next day it was down and hauled away, there is no part of the house remaining, full tear down..that is why we had to move back from the lake to 58 1/2″ at the closest.  New construction is now 75 feet away…but because we were 30ft, they took an average and came up with the 58 1/2 feet…the boathouse/guest house is still standing we will remodel that…no more turd brown house with turd brown trim.…IMG_3435

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

157 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 4!

  1. I like to stitch at night while watching TV. I feel guilty sitting during the day stitching, I may get in my sewing room to sew but hand sticking is for later. Can’t wait to see your new home all finished. It is a process for sure.

  2. Doing my best to stitch every day – I don’t always make it. I have a full-time job in an office, so have lots to do besides stitch when I’m at home. Sure do love your patterns! I’m currently working on Nesting Birds. I so LOVE wool applique!

  3. I don’t stitch everyday because of my funky work schedule, but I get it in when I can. I love Aurifil, thanks to Sharon and her wonderful Beginner Quilt Class!! 😀

  4. I recently retired so I definitely stitch at least a little bit every day…….if not, I get grumpy! Aurifil is my favorite thread for all the reasons you mentioned Lisa.

  5. I love the quilts on the bails of hay at the wedding party. Beautiful. Love the block too. Will this be in your new Christmas book?
    I do get to stitch most days. My day starts with a 3 1/2 mile walk on the trails with my two dogs. A perfect day then sends me to my sewing room to stitch. Most days I machine sew during the day and then in the evening when my husband is home I do my wool appliqué. Hand work is so awesome and portable, I can sew and watch tv with my husband. There are so many different quilts and projects that I want to make that it stresses me out if I don’t get some time to sew.

  6. I sew all day on jewelry and try to do handwork for 1 -2 hours at night. Either wool applique or hand quilting. The cookies turned out good yesterday – thanks for the recipe!

  7. I would love to stitch everyday but sometimes life just gets in the way!
    I love lazy weekends where we have nothing going on. I load up the crock pot in the morning and spend my day stitching away while hubby enjoys fishing or sports on TV.

  8. I wish I could say that I stitch everyday but most times I don’t because my eyes are just too “tired” after working on a computer for 9 hours. BUT, in 19 months I will be retiring. (not that I’m counting or anything) and then I foresee much stitching everyday. Love Aurifil, I changed to this a few years ago and was amazed that there is very little lint.

  9. I don’t sew every day, but do what I can. With a full time job and taking care of grandson in the evenings makes it tough.

  10. I have no excuse not to sew other than too lazy to go downstairs on some days. Most of my sewing gets done in the winter months. Spring and summer are busy with gardening and volunteering.

  11. I would say I stitch 5 out of 7 days a week. I keep a project bag ready to go so I don’t miss a chance. Last week I rode with my husband on an out of town trip. He had to make a stop to see a customer. I sat in the car stitching away. The customer question my husband about why he left me in the car. Hubby assured him I was fine that I was stitching. The customer walked my husband to the car just to see if it was true. He was shocked that I would rather sit in the car and stitch than shop at the mall where his business was. In this busy world we have to grab every moment and be very intentional about getting our sewing time. 20 minutes a day and we can finish stuff.

  12. I use only Aurifil thread for piecing. I wish I could say that I stitch everyday, but I am not quite there yet.

  13. I wish I could find (make) time to see everyday, with six grandkids near by I’m very busy with them. You have to enjoy them while you can because one day they will think they are grown and don’t have time to come see you!!!

  14. I stitch everyday. I go down to my studio in the morning after my coffee for some machine work and every evening I sit in my comfy chair with handwork. I try to fit life in between stitching times. 🙂

  15. I don’t stitch every day. I always plan to. Don’t know where the day goes. Help my husband with the cattle. Love my life, but it does get in the way of stitching. I want you to know that I am amazing tho. Gonna make the cookies. One day I got to the store and bought the butter flavor Crisco. Yesterday got the shortening in the bowl before the “can you come drive while I feed” call came. And the help doesn’t end there. But it’s the life I chose, and the man I love. Today gonna try to mix it all up. 🙂 Love the wedding photos. And the block you are stitching on is so pretty. I zoomed in and saw how you did the stems. New to me. Thanks for all the sharing. That is why I love your blog

  16. No I do not stitch everyday. I have the bobbin holders they are great and I love Aurifil. Love the pictures of the wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I stitch every day as it’s my therapy. If I don’t have time for the machine, I at least get some hand work in. Love Aurifil thread …….thanks for the tip on dark thread for piecing!

  18. The wedding pictures look like you all had a wonderful , relaxed, happy day! Thank you for sharing. Obviously I need to start working with Aurifil thread, it isn’t sold locally. And it is a bit pricier. I have only 3 spools I’ve been trying out.

  19. Love the aurifil thread. I try to stitch everyday as it is so much like therapy. I always seem to stitch while watching television as I love the fact that I can create something during this downtime.

  20. I do like Aurifil thread and those bobbin holders look so handy to keep those bobbins in order! I stitch most days but probably not everyday. Looking forward to the days when I can stitch every day!

  21. I don’t stitch every day but want to get back to that. Sometimes I don’t cuz I get s6cked in to goofing around on instagram or pinterest. Ttthanks for donating your house stuff.

  22. I also use a darker color of Aurifil thread for piecing. Another thing I like is the huge amount of thread that can fit on the bobbin. Seems to last forever before it runs out. There is always some kind of hand work by my side,stitching, hand quilting, and now sock knitting. My Mom taught me to knit when I was 6. Luckily my hands are holding up!

  23. Funny thing, I have Aurifil colours in cream, black and the 1140. I was given some bobbin buddies from a friend and I use them for my Aurifil threads. I would like to stitch everyday but I get a little sore so I stitch when I can.
    Love the wedding photos.

  24. Your 12 days are wonderful so far !…….Your lake house is wonderful and is perfect for peace and reflection as well as all the new fun and memories to come…..there is nothing like living on a lake….I do now in Florida and did so my time in Minnesota as well…..inspiration, appreciation and calm…..and I am sure many more things for you from all your past memories…..enjoy the process and watch it grow in front of you…spend alot of time looking out into the water for peace on rough days….it is awesome and so is your blog and inspiration to others…..carry on 🙂 debi L

  25. I do stitch everyday, in the morning for at least an hour on my machine. I do my hand stitching at night, I have a great light. It is amazing how much gets done with just a little sewing everyday!

  26. Hi Lisa, I am an Aurifil fan. I use pretty much the same colors as you do, mostly the dark taupe. i love the cones, less changing the thread and I can refill the bobbin so much faster.

    Yesterday I traced , cut out and fused a current wool project using your sasl2 directions. I had much more luck. I made sure to get a “facial as you said and the results were great. I still have a bit of trouble separating the layers but am getting better. I did notice the wool seemed quite a bit crisper and sharper. Thanks for the advice.

    The wedding photos are great, love that dress!

  27. How cool bobbin buddies! I stitch every day, doing your christmas quilt block right now, excited to finish that mini quilt. Loved your block design.
    I was wondering about the old lake home. Your new home is a beauty!

  28. Stitching every day…now that is a New Year’s Resolution I would be happy to make! I am going to need to experiment with my bobbin tension because Aurifil is thinner and I seem to get the bottom thread too loose when I try to piece with it. I love how you can get way more on your bobbin with the thinner thread. Always something new… love how creative people in the sewing industry are. Wow, you were sure busy in August!

  29. i saw the bobbin buddies at the beginning of the month at the CA store. I do need to get some because I like to keep my bobbins and thread together. I don’t sew every day but since getting back from Southern California I have been stitching at least 5 days per week. Will have to change that to every day after the holidays. Thanks for sharing pictures with us. You are such an inspiration to so many of us quilters. Thank you, you keep me going.

  30. Love both Aurifil and Valdani threads. Yes I try to stitch everyday. Sewing room time during the day and stitching in my chair at night. Merry Christmas!

  31. I do sew some every day, sometimes all day, but the schedule varies as I babysit on certain days. Love the Aurifil and need to try out those bobbin holders.
    Love the wedding pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

  32. Guilty of not stitching every day. That is why I don’t get as much done. I need to do what you say and schedule a ‘time’ in my day. Love the wedding pics.

  33. I don’t stitch everyday…My goal is to stitch every week! I agree with you about the thread colors. Thanks for your tips!

  34. I do stitch daily. I always have something in the works. I always have hexies I’ve been working on for a while. I recently started using Auriful threads and it’s amazing how much better it makes piecing and it lasts so much longer. Thanks for sharing the beautiful lake house wedding pictures.

  35. In a perfect world i would stitch every day. I am a happy and content gal when I stitch, usually in the evenings when I don’t feel guilty sitting down! Keep the fun photos coming. So looking forward to more.

  36. i do try to stitch every day for as much time as I can. A day without stitching is a bad day. Like you I love Aurifil thread but have not tried the number you use so plan to order a spool of that. I also bought some bobbin buddies several months ago at our local quilt shop and I really like them so I plan to order more.

  37. I love Arifil thread & I’m glad to see your tip on navy & cream – I sometimes use too light of a thread!
    I keep my hand stitching by my chair & when I sit down it goes in my hand- when I have free time I run downstairs( to my sewing cave) and sew!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  38. What a great idea, the bobbin buddies! How I wish I could stitch every day but there are not enough hours in the day. 2 jobs and running kids and errands almost every day.

  39. I usually do hand stitching in the evening while watching TV or when traveling in the car. Sure makes the trip go by fast. I learned about using dark thread from you and it really does make a difference! Thanks for all your tips.

  40. Love to do handwork everyday but the machine only happens on weekends because of work. Thank you for the happy pictures..you make it look so easy but we know it is not!

  41. Years, years ago, I decided to spend at least 30 minutes a day sewing (hand or machine) on ‘any’ one of my projects. I used to focus on the size of project and get discouraged…not I only focus on 30 minutes.

  42. The pictures were wonderful. It must have been a fun wedding. I love the picture on the anchor at sunset.
    I rarely miss a day stitching. By day I do any machine work I’ve got pending. Evenings I sit with my hubby next to me, the woodstove perking this time of year, and do my woolie work. There is nothing more peaceful for the soul. I posted a picture on Pinterest of my most favorite holiday woolie – your design Joy To The World.

  43. Love hearing about your lake house. What a great venue for a summer wedding. Love how you did the seating with the hay bales and quilts!! No, I don’t get to stitch every day because I have to work. My stitching happens on the weekend. Love the block you stitched, it is perfect!!

  44. I try to stitch every day. My work allows that at times and i try to take advantage of it when i can. I always have a hand project with me, either a wool something or cross stitch.

  45. I love the quilts on hay bales for seating!! I frequently use some of my quilts as tablecloths for special dinners (I have a great one for family Christmas dinner). No, I am not stitching right now. We just moved and then all the chaos of Christmas got in the way. And I really miss it. But I’ll get back to it right after the Holidays. Now, to order the thread and bobbin buddies – Aurafil is a staple for me. Thanks for making these wonderful tools available for us.

  46. I sew almost everyday and do hand stitching at night when I watch tv. I loved seeing the wedding pictures – they look so happy!

  47. Oh, Lisa, you put us all to shame! I know your business is stitching. However, you seem to get so-o-o-o much done on a daily basis. After reading all the Needful Things this year, I am thinking you get so much done because you are so organized and probably have a Plan A, B and C for each day……Because the plans we have often go astray to meet the other “needful Things” of the day. I am working on finding a schedule that works…..but, it is a work in progress. Thank You for your, ever ready, encouragement to make each day the best it can be.

  48. I too love the aurifil thread. What a good idea to have thread buddies to keep the thread with the bobbin! I haven’t been stitching much lately since my kids are in town for the holidays. We are baking, playing games, going to lunch, etc.

  49. If I don’t get into my sewing room everyday I really look forward to my hand stitching at night which at the moment is working on the Farmhouse Threads Christmas Mystery Blog Hop. More handy little gadgets today.

  50. I sew every day…something. I do most of my hand sewing at work on my breaks. Love having projects to take along with me. Right now I’m working on my beautiful long sashings for Somewhere in time. I have one finished and 1 and a half to go. I’m going to miss stitching those beautiful little flowers!! Really enjoying your 12 days of Christmas! I look forward to your post every morning. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  51. I wish I was able to sew every day !!! I sew as often as possible and definitely never miss meeting with my quilt mini group friends. They are the best girlfriends ! This week I am finishing the label on a quilt for my son. Vacation next week !!! I will be in my sewing room everyday !

  52. LOVE Aurifil thread! And the Bobbin Buddies are a great idea!
    I grew up sewing clothing and matching the thread to the fabric. When I started quilting I was taught to sew everything with beige, cream or grey. I know you have shared this pet peeve of yours before and I know I am SO guilty of it, but I am trying to change.
    Do not stitch every day–wish I could. Day is filled with physical therapy that currently takes way too long, chores, helping aged parents, tending grandkids, learning to bake gluten free, volunteer work, and wasting time at the computer. : )
    Lately stitching days have been few and far between. Try to do handwork in the evening, but am often just too tired.

  53. Love my aurafil thread. I use a medium/dark tan and have been using the cone for over three years. Either I’m slow stitching (although my project completion list doesn’t say that) or there is lots of thread on that.

  54. Even though I am retired, sewing doesn’t happen every day. Life sometimes gets in the way. Despite those interruptions, I do get a lot accomplished.

    Your son and dil look so very happy.


  55. Love aurifil. Have been using this thread for years!!! Love the bobbin holders too! Love hearing the stories w your lake house.

  56. My day starts out walking twice around the local shopping mall, then I make myself a cup of tea and turn on the morning news while I eat my breakfast. Then I check my email, play 7 Little Words, check Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Well, you can imagine that I can easily waste two hours or more! I do try to stitch every day. The lighting in my house isn’t that great, so I hand stitch during the day and machine stitch at night. Looks like you’re making good progress on the house. Anxious to see the reveal when it’s all finished. Oh, by the way, I love your hex floor…it’s perfect.

  57. I try to do some stitching every day but I usually stitch at night so sometimes I am too tired to stitch. I liked seeing the quilts on the bales of hay.

  58. I stitch almost daily! I always keep a project in the car. Our grandson is playing basketball 3 nights a weeka and we are watching 3 straight games. So- I am stitching even during the games! Currently working on EPP, so doesn’t take a lot of concentration!
    Love seeing the progress on your home. You are one busy gal- if you can find time to stitch- there is no excuse for the rest of us! 🙂
    Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  59. Love the pictures of the wedding! Looks like it was a perfect day :). I save my hand sewing for the evening while sitting in the living room with my husband while he watches tv. Most days I work at my sewing machine 2-3 hours 🙂

  60. I would love to spend some time every day quilting but I use every bit of creative energy that I have teaching high school geometry. I do find some time to read blogs, purchase fabric, books and tools. I am OK with that right now because I know that I will get right back to quilting during summer break.
    Thank you for the peeks into your family life. I am in awe of all that you manage to do. And you do it so well.

  61. I love Aurifil thread, it’s the only kind I use. I try to stitch everyday unless by RA is flaring and I can’t.

  62. I pretty much stitch everyday. I also work and so on lunch hours (rainy days mostly) I’ll stay in and stitch. I mostly use the Aurifil 2000 to piece.

  63. I try to sew everyday usually in the afternoon – unless life gets in the way. I also stitch in the evening when the TV is on. Depending on what is on dictates how much I get done.

  64. I try to stitch everyday.. but sometimes life has other plans. Haven’t tried Aurifil thread yet..but I would like to. Just got some Bobbin Buddies and can’t wait to try them. Beautiful wedding!

  65. I love aurifil. I’ll try out color 1140. Thanks for the tip. I think you could write an awsome tip book. I know something else for you full plate . Thanks for all you do.

  66. Don’t stitch everyday. Sometimes the old eyes just get too tired! haha!!! Love your posts. Thanks for sharing personal things with us.

  67. Stitch every day. Working on your pattern – 9!! Wow. I do 5 strip sets per day so I don’t get blurry eyed. 1140 my favorite thread ever since you told us about in other posts.

  68. I stitch pretty much everyday in the evening while the fam is watching TV. I always have hand work at the ready. I stich while waiting for my kids at their activities. A couple mornings a week I head to the sewing room to cut out a new project or sew on the machine when I’m wide awake & always use Aurofil. Love it.

  69. I stitch every day during my lunch time. It’s a great way to relax and regroup for the rest of the day!

  70. Sadly, I do not stitch every day. Why? Well, right now my main focus has been losing eighty pounds. Sounds impossible? Feels impossible. I go to the gym at 6:30 for yoga, and then another gym for two hours of HIIT…high intensity interval training. Down 44 pounds, 36 to go, so halfway point.
    I do have two quilts to bind, so I am getting something done. Oh, and I completely changed my food plan to paleo, which means lots of time slicing, dicing, chopping, grilling…the days just fly by. Excuses, excuses…. I was wondering, the next time Aurifil has a thread naming contest and it’s brown, if you might offer the suggestion “turd brown”. No one will wonder what that looks like!

  71. Why don’t I stitch every day? I started a new job this year and it has taken most of my energy to learn what I am supposed to do LOL!! But one of my goals for 2016 is to pick up a needle or sit at my machine every day, even if it is for only a minute. Between now and January, I am going to get some projects ready… I’m going to have to get some of those bobbin thing a ma jigs. I really need them!

  72. I try to stitch everyday and just don’t feel right if I don’t. I agree that the big cones of Aurifil are the way to go–and it works great on my HQ16 too! Love it!

  73. Yes I stitch everyday,,Or I should say every night! I never just sit and watch TV–always stitch while I’m watching my favorite shows or sports! As soon as I start I can feel the tense leaving my body!!!! Aurifil is the only thread I use on my machine now,and the bobbin buddies are great! I received 2 with a Christmas gift from a quilting friend and I’m hooked..great when traveling to retreats. Love your pictures of the wedding — especially the one with the couple kissing on the Anchor– how fitting. You are a strong,talented,amazing and generous person–and too bad you can’t market your energy! God Bless!

  74. I would answer ” do birds fly” – most definitely I sew every day – not a complete day to not do some stitch work… I love all you do for us – thanks – and Merry Christmas to you and your family…..once again I am participating in the Christmas daily fun – thanks – hope that I did that correct – today I did not see it go into an existing order…..hope and hope it is correct…..

  75. I try to sew or hand stitch everyday. I use Aurifil threads almost exclusively for sewing. Lots of hand stitching to do yet on the sashing and borders for the SBOW. I just love this quilt.

  76. Awesome pics of your wedding celebration! I try to do at least 10 minutes a day per a Pat Sloan challenge. Sometimes tho, life gets in the way. But I do my best. I have never seen these bobbin buddies! What a great idea!

  77. I wish I could stitch everyday but life gets in the way along with my husband who just retired! He needs to get a hobby so I can get back to stitching!! Thanks for putting the Aurafil thread on special…it’s my favorite too and my cone is just about empty!!

  78. I like to use grey thread on all my block of the months. I use the light on some and the darker shade for the darker blocks.

  79. Love my Aurafil thread, ever since you posted last year I have been using this thread and would highly recommend.

  80. I try to stitch each day, but some days it’s just not possible. Of course, if I spent less time on the computer, I might be able too. :-). I love piecing with Aurifil thread.

  81. What a beautiful wedding! I love the way you used hay bales with quilts for seating. Gorgeous pictures. That anchor picture is so sweet, and what a beautiful bride! If I get too busy too stitch for a day or two, I get so cranky! So I try to always have something prepped I can work on for a little bit in the evening or while waiting. I just finished wrapping the last batch of caramels – made seven double batches – 4 vanilla and 3 black licorice. Now to get them bagged up and delivered to friends and neighbors. Only two days left until kids start arriving, and I have a list to do a mile long. I just need one more day!

  82. I think about stitching every day…….I used to have a problem stitching when this wasn’t clean or that was not in order. I have finally recovered from that. Recently I have started using 50 wt thread for piecing and not sure why it took me so long. Love it.

  83. I try to stitch every day. Most days I am able to stitch some time during the day and definitely in the evening when hubby and I are watching T.V. That is why I have multiple projects going so I can do they in various locations. However, it always seems the days should be longer to get more done!

  84. Beautiful wedding! For the last year or so I got out of the habit of stitching every day–but I soooo need to get back to it. I miss it. I love Aurifil thread!

  85. I try to stitch every day, but only after I’ve checked off a couple things on my “to do” list…then I can relax & enjoy it more. Love Aurifil & so does my machine! What a fun wedding!!

  86. I hate to say but I am in a slump and can’t seem to get out. I have so many pretty things to sew. I have not sewed in probably two years. The block you showed is really cool. Hopefully in 2016. I have always used another brand of thread and loved it but I believe every word you say so will try Aurifill. I have to comment on that lace dress – how beautiful (and sexy) is that. Makes me wish I had my youth (and body) back to wear something like that again!!! Beautiful girl and handsome man.

  87. I unfortunately have been unable to sew for months. The reason is I have taking care of my 87 year old father since my mother passed away last year and with the upcoming holidays I have no spare time. I should have more spare time now to start sewing since my father wanted to go to an assisted living home for the winter so he could be around other people during the winter months. I am now on Christmas break from work. All the Christmas shopping, wrapping and baking are done-my plans now are to sew, sew sew!! 🙂

  88. I either try to stitch, knit or crochet on something everyday. It’s a good day when I get to do all 3! But I have to say hand quilting is my all time favorite activity!

  89. Love that wool applique block – colors and design! Those Bobbin Buddies sound like a great idea. I probably should be using Aurifil thread. I just cleaned and oiled my machine recently and I couldn’t believe how much lint was inside the machine! As soon as I use up more of what I already have, I will switch for sure. And lately, I have been sewing almost non-stop, night and day. I’m trying to get a lot accomplished before the end of the year, especially finishing up some quilts. I had four in progress and I decided to join the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt too. My first time ever and I am hooked! Would love to win some of these needful things. Thanks.

  90. I want to stitch every day! I keep saying when I get organized…right! I love the bobbin buddies. Found them this year at my local sewing machine store.

  91. I sew on the weekends because I am a teacher, and it’s exhausting! I love Aurifil and would be estatic to win. Thanks for the chance!

  92. I absolutely love the block you were stitching yesterday. Is it coming out in a new project you are working on?
    I would like to stitch everyday but life just gets in the way. I try make time on the weekends to get some “me time” to do stitching or sewing.

  93. I wish I could stitch every day. Time gets away from me after I get home. As my grown sons always tell me, I need to make time and this is very true. I know mentally I would feel better. And my mom has been after me to try the Aurifil threads. She keeps telling me to go buy some. I’m just hoping that’s my present from her this year. 🙂

  94. I stitch every day. I started using Aurifil 50wt this summer and very happy with it. Why use the darker thread Lisa? No one has ever told me that before? I’ve been a sewist for 50 yrs and matched threads. But only been quilting for less than 5 and always used cream.

    1. Cream would be ok when your always stitching a light to a dark…but what happens when you are stitching dark patches together? Do you see cream thread in your seams? I just don’t like seeing much lighter thread where you shouldn’t…If you are using a color like I do dark taupe or dark tan…you are always safe unless you are stitching cream on cream like in Somewhere In Time BOM then I stitched with cream thread…I hope this helps..

  95. Most days I get to sew unless life throws a curve in the way. It is amazing how many quilters don’t understand the imporance of using quality thread on their projects.

  96. Yes, Lisa, I stitch every day. My favorite time is when my husband leaves for the golf course so I can
    retreat to my sewing room til the afternoon.
    Compliments to you on adding embroidery embellishments to your wool blocks….this gives your work
    a beautifully finished detail.
    Thanks for sharing your patterns ….
    sincerely, Patsye Knight

  97. I do stitch everyday, my husband works from home so while he is in his office I go upstairs to my bonus room over the double garage and sew to my hearts content, mostly in the afternoon if it is hot. In the mornings I walk on the beach looking for turtle tracks during the Spring and Summer months as part of a turtle watch program. It’s a wonderful life being a retired RN :0) living by the sea. Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  98. I don’t sew everyday. I retired almost 13 years ago (after a 30 year career), but I went back to work part-time after only 3 months. So I do most of my sewing on my off days. I saw the bobbin buddies on another blog; they called them bobbin holders but didn’t show how they were used & I couldn’t figure it out. Now I know what they do. Thanks.

  99. I sew almost every day, but once in a while, other life goings on get in the way. Often times those other goings on have to do with the granddaughter, which I love. Can you tell I’m a first time grandma too – 21 months. I love sewing with Aurifil for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m looking forward to trying the bobbin holders. Thanks.

  100. I try to sew everyday. It doesn’t always work. I sew in between chores. Put in a load of laundry, sew, put load in dryer, sew, fold laundry and sew some more…….

  101. These blog posts have been a real “gift”. Thanks so much for sharing your family with us! Love the photos from Brooke and Luke’s wedding. These bobbin buddies are new to me. Off to order some 🙂

  102. I do try to stitch every day. Right now I am working on some hand applique, which I find most relaxing. I am going to try some of the darker grey thread for piecing.

  103. I have so many spools of aurifil, I usually match my thread to my project. I don’t sew every day, but I want to. I need to put more hours in to get all the projects done that I want to. I love the bobbin buddies! I love your home also, Lisa! It is going to be great! I hope we get to see your studio when it is done! My daughter got married this summer as well, on August 20th in Kauai. You do amazing work that I love.Thank you for all the time and hard work you put in!

  104. What a beautiful box of goodies I am going to be getting! Unfortunately I have not been stitching very much lately. My occupation is a seamstress for an interior designer and so I sew everyday but it is not always sewing what I would really like to be sewing. I do love my job though and feel fortunate in that. I am looking forward to some serious fun sewing over Christmas break.

    1. That would be a fun job Joan. I started doing uniform alterations and patches for several of the local law enforcement agencies when I retired last January.

  105. Loving Aurifil thread! I agree I tend to use darker thread, but not as dark as you!
    Loving that stitching, saw your post on Instagram. I really like the detail stitching you added. You do realy amazing work, and I appreciate all that you share. Thanks for sharing the excitement of your new home too! Love that you keep adding the photos. Wow, can’t wait to see that upstairs sewing room too!
    I do not get to stitch everyday, wish I could!

  106. The bobbin buddies are a neat idea! My sewing room isn’t organized enough where I can have a sewing project out ready to sew every day :/ But some of your needful things should help me get a little more organized 🙂

  107. I would love to sew everyday….just don’t have enough time! I’ll work on it for next year. I love the bobbin buddies! Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas!

  108. Was introduced to Aurifil thread last year and must say I love it! My life has settled down some so now I’m trying to sew most days. Would get more done if I would stay off pinterest, instagram and a few blogs…But its sooooo addicting!! Beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us.

  109. Congratulations on the new home!! It will be beautiful, no doubt, but more importantly, it is so very much deserved!!! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  110. My fav thread for some time now has been Aurefil 2325…it is sort of a taupe shade & blends with most color fabrics. I don’t think it is the one Lisa mentioned & I will try hers. Thanks for all the info you post, Lisa.

  111. I have also used a dark gray that I like. I used to stitch every day, but we also have moved. Still organizing and unpacking my sewing room. Plus, this is a busy time. Like the ‘buddy” idea. Thanks!

  112. My favorite thread is Aurifil! Yippee! Hard to find on sale. Those bobbin buddies are a great idea. I try to stitch every day, but today I helped my hubby split wood! Better than doing housework!

  113. Stitching every day does something good for the soul. I love that you donated your house to Habitat. It’s such a worthy cause.

  114. I’ve really been trying to get in the habit of doing some stitching each day even if it’s only a few minutes… I love the results in finished projects too!

  115. I must try those bobbin buddies. I try to sew some everyday, since I retired. I love Aurifil thread. It sews like a dream. I enjoyed the wedding pictures-everyone looked so happy.

  116. Noticed the cute print on your sewing machine, is that tape? Can you comment on that? Love the bobbin buddies. The wedding pictures are amazing! Beautiful family!

  117. I would love to be able to stitch everyday but it’s simply not feasible for me. Here in Montana everything is controlled by the seasons. My official quilting season begins the day after Christmas and runs til the beginning of May when woodcutting and gardening preps go into full swing. During quilting season I do sew every day . . . Sometimes for hours! : ) Usually in the summer I unable to get much sewing in as I’m too busy with the garden, visitors, decorating and helping my hubby with outside maintenance. In the Fall its canning followed by hunting. I am REALLY looking forward to sitting down at my machine this Saturday!!!

  118. I try to sew at least a little bit every morning before the day gets in full swing. I also like to do some hand sewing while watching tv at night! Some days it doesn’t happen unfortunately! The wedding photos looked great! Thank you also for sharing info on choicing thread color/weight. Very helpful!

  119. The wedding looked so beautiful! I stitch maybe twice a week if I am not ill that day and I also rug hook. I haven’t used Aurifull but it looks like a beautiful thread to use in piecing.

  120. I quilt every Monday night with some great ladies. We eat dinner together, fellowship and quilt. I work mostly on Primitive Gatherings projects. The rest of the time I find little moments to stitch like when I am flying on business or sitting with my family watching a movie at home. Someday I hope I’ll be able to stop working full-time and stitch every day.

  121. I love the anchor picture especially – a great view of a lifetime together anchored in love. I usually don’t see my sewing room till the weekend but I try to fit some hand stitching in each evening – I have been know to fall asleep with my needle in my hand!

  122. My goal is to stitch every day, but still working towards that. I just love creating, but don’t always have time. Your son’s wedding was so beautiful and you could just tell it was their way. I like weddings where everyone can feel the love. What a beautiful setting. Can’t wait to see your new house, a lot of work I’m sure, but so exciting.

  123. I try to stitch every day while watching a tv show I dvr daily….yes, I must confess, I still watch Days of Our Lives. I can’t stop now, its been 30 years! Beautiful themed wedding, this will be a beautiful memory.

  124. I have used other threads but Aurifil is my favorite and seems to work for all my sewing machines: Pfaff, Juki and Featherweight. I always have a stitchery project for a few minutes to work on usually in the evening.

  125. I love Aurifil thread and have a few cones of neutral colors, but I think I can use a darker shade like you use.

  126. I have done handwork for years, but when I retired 3 years ago I bought a machine and took a quilting class. The instructor said to use gray thread on everything…….except cream or white. So I have used dark thread and agree with you! I love piecing the tops……..not so much actual quilting though. I Try to do a little sewing of some sort each day. Not always successful, but more than not. Merry Christmas.

  127. I try to stitch everyday. However, sometimes my job as Mom taxi driver gets in the way! Love the Aurifil thread it is the best.

  128. Love is an amazing thing!!!!! your photos, all your creations, your designs I love them all!!! this thread is awesome!

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