Aurifil Thread is on sale today… Not Valdani

Sorry I must be so used to writing Valdani that I accidentally inserted Valdani instead of Aurifil for Day 4.

Sorry for this inconvenience this may have caused… LB

6 responses to “Aurifil Thread is on sale today… Not Valdani”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    You’re forgiven. 🙂 I use both of those threads and love ’em.

  2. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    Love both of these threads

  3. Lynn Nowak Avatar
    Lynn Nowak

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  4. Karen Qualls Avatar

    Love this thread and the color 1140. Excited it is included in the 12 day sale!!

  5. Donna Avatar

    Lisa, with all you have on your plate in the Christmas season, you get a pass on mistakes. I can not walk and talk at the same time by mid December 😳 Merry Christmas, sleep in, breathe deep, have fun!

  6. Norma Avatar

    You have praised this iron in your workshops, thanks for repeating this offer for us.

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