12 Days of Needful Things…Day 3!


Ok…many of you asked for this one back…and because I WANT you all to have one… I am listening…Now we make so little on this iron especially when it on sale BUT really we must all have one. So the business profitability rules are thrown out on this one…I would probably quit quilting if I lost my steam station…its that critical…especially for wool appliqué…when I say lots of steam…I believe this is the only product that can deliver megga steam!!!

M_41003_976846I have one at home, two at the studio…I do not want to iron with a regular iron ever again…I hate filling the water…and I do not have to do it much with this iron… This iron has immediate steam and LOTS of it!!! It has a trigger like a gun for steam..press the trigger massive steam overload…It has a tank to hold a lots of water…sole plate is filled with steam holes everywhere…If you iron has 12 steam holes around the arc it’s not enough steam for wool….Here is the write up from the manufacturer…

“Continuous high powered steam makes this steam station ideal for everyday ironing or special projects. It has the patented Microsteam 400 strainless-steel soleplate for perfect steam distribution. The precision tip reaches difficult areas like collars, seams, and around buttons. Extra large continuous anytime fill water tank holds 33 ounces for up to 1-1/2 hours of ironing. 1800 watts equals fast heat up that is ready in 3 minutes. It also has vertical steam that is ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments, drapes and for smoothing and shaping sewing projects. Extra long 6 foot steam cord and extra long 12 foot power cord. No Auto Off.”

I tried to load a video…and after an hour of trying I quit soooo….The CA store has a couple in the classroom, if you stop in ask for a demo…If your in WI come to my studio if you want to see it in action…we always have it on!!!  If you can’t make it which most of you can’t hopefully some will reply if they have one and you’ll have to trust us all that we would die without our steam stations!!! I would love to sell a bunch of these and give one away!!!   Click here to order your life changing IRON.

You might have to do what we do…on the way out of your sewing room you may need to post a sign… IMG_4775The shortest day of the year was yesterday…everyday now is starting to be longer…I so dislike the short days…I start my day at somewhere around 4 give or take a half hour…I drive in the dark to go workout…I drive home after work and it’s dark again…even when I’m in CA its dark at 5pm…and it warm..it’s so odd for me…When it warm in WI it’s light for a long time!!! IMG_4763Last night Gramma and Big Papa went along with Jace and his Mommy and Daddy to see Santa…IMG_4766He was in such a good mood until he was with Santa…then the crying started…I managed to get somewhat of a pic before the tears came down…Don’t we just have the cutest Santa!!! As soon as he was back in Momma’s arms all was right in the world and we had a wonderful meal together…

Please leave a quick short comment today…I know we all busy…for a chance to win this baby…There are over 1000 views on these posts…but only around 200 comments…so your chance to win is pretty good!!

PLEASE remember to put HOLD on your ORDER in the COMMENT section…not on this blog comment…Sorry…I don’t work at the shop…I forward them when I see it but I don’t want them to get shipped, if I miss it!!

Have a good day…I have to get my CA package out today!!! So my kids get presents from WI too!!!


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

349 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 3!

  1. Merry Christmas! Thank you for offering such fantastic products! I would love one of these irons to support my newly acquired taste for wool applique 🙂

  2. Your little grandson is the cutest ever!

    Your iron sounds wonderful, but I think I’ve already spent my allotment on me this year.

  3. Merry Christmas Lisa and thanx for sharing your world. Love all the pics! New house is going to be lovely. I have a non Christmas related question. I finally finished handquilting my Evelyn’s album. Can I wash/dry it? thanks for your help on this. peg

  4. Only quilters would get excited about an iron, but this one looks fantastic. Love the dimple on Jace’s chin and the accidental photo bomb by Big Papa!

  5. Your steam iron is great, had a chance to use yours in the warehouse when we took the wool table mat class. It really is wonderful. Thanks for all you do and the chances to win these NEEDFUL ITEMS!

  6. Cutest little guy! I know you are enjoying him! I used your pressing station during a class this past summer and I loved it! It’s on my wish list for someday….

  7. What a wonderful time with Jace. How fun! I have the steam station. Kinda funny, we got a new tv which lead to a new Blu-ray (yes….I’m old and have not kept up with technology!) I had a back surgery in April and spent my recovery time messing around exploring and found your You Tube videos. I absolutely loved the one about your favorite notions! You do a wonderful job of sharing the best tips and tricks. I think I ended up with almost all if not all of the items you shared! Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you design and share. I use mine in my sewing area however, I like the iron so much I wouldn’t mind having a second for our laundry room.

  8. I would love this iron but more than that I want to give it to my daughter who does a lot of wool. You are her inspiration and she does beautiful work. Seeing her the first time in your booth was something I won’t forgot. We spent her 30th birthday at your retreat house and you came and gave her a BD treat. Yup, that is what I would do with it. Merry Christmas Lisa.

  9. Looks like a great iron-would love to have one. Time with grandchildren is so precious-spend every moment you can with them – they grow up way too fast❤️

  10. I’m a newbie to wool and this iron would definitely be a big help….you don’t even want to see my iron…ha!! You have an adorable grandson and I know he makes everyone smile. There isn’t anything quite as wonderful as being a grandma!! Merry Christmas to you all.

  11. This is the iron of my dreams. I would be over the moon happy to have it available to aid in making my piecing easier.

  12. Grandchildren are a special gift! Enjoy all the special moments you can with little Jace-he is such a sweetie. Also, Luke in CA is such a kind young man!! You’ve raised some fine men. Merry Christmas.

  13. I would love one of those irons… But I think I need a new sewing machine more:)
    I am so happy the days are getting longer… I hate walking my dog after work in the dark. Your grand baby is adorable😀

  14. Oh!!! This looks incredible!!
    What a great birthday/ Christmas gift it would be! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win, Lisa!

  15. At last I understand why my ironed projects NEVER seem like they hsve been. Duh! Need mote heat and especially more steam. Thanks for being such a great teacher!

    PS I’m a Wisconsin native!

  16. Wool and steam are meant for each other. A very nice iron would be awesome! Thanks for all your hard and sharing your life and family!!! Grandkids are the best!

  17. You are right…you have the best Santa! And a chance to win the baby? He is so cute. Does his Momma know you are giving him away? ha ha Okay, if you aren’t giving that baby away, I will settle for a chance to win the fabulous iron. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  18. This is the iron I have been longing for, so annoying when my fusible makes my needs so sticky!!
    Your grandson is adorable. Merry Christmas Lisa and Happy New Year too.

  19. Lisa – thanks for all your specials! I would LOVE to win this iron! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. I couldn’t make up my mind who was cuter in those pictures…..everyone is cute. The best Santa I have seen. Loved the costume. You have a beautiful family. Merry Christmas.

  21. Gotta love this time of year with the little ones and Santa! This is certainly THE must have item for my sewing space.

  22. P.s. I have a Rowenta that I paid a lot of money for and the water runs out of it every time I use the steam….grrrrr

  23. Agreed! Way cool Santa, uniquely him. I have enjoyed all your photos, sharing, and products. You have my saliva dripping from reading this irons description, yet my pocket book makes me write it over on my wish list. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  24. What a great iron, I would love to win! Will be running out to CA store next week, it’s my holiday shopping trip with a good friend. We fill our own sticking after the fact!

  25. Oh that picture of your grandchild is so cute! I will have to think about the iron. Would love one but it is a expensive tool. Thanks for your pictures!

  26. Your Primitive Gathering wool patterns keep me busy day and night! I’ve made them all (several times) and the steam iron would help me so much!! Merry Christmas!

  27. What a great iron and as a Woolie want to be I think this is a must have. Thanks for all you do, all the tips you give us. Have a lovely Christmas

  28. What a great Christmas gift it would be to win that wonderful iron!! I LOVE everything you do, Lisa! You’re a very generous person! And that little Jace is adoreable !!

  29. Your grandson is adorable–don’t have any grandchildren myself yet. Thank you so much for doing this every year–I look forward to your posts and the great items you show!

  30. Your grandson is a real cutie! Really enjoy the needful things posts – I’m adding this to my Christmas list.

  31. This would be wonderful to have. Your grandson is adorable. Enjoy him any and every chance you get, they grow up too fast. Merry Christmas!

  32. We have two grandsons. One likes Santa and one doesn’t even want to go near him. And it’s the older one that wants to steer clear. Wouldn’t you just love to know what they are thinking when you see their little minds at work. Grandchildren are truly a blessing.

    Wow that iron looks amazing!!! BTW your new lake home looks amazing as well.

  33. That steam iron is the best! I had a chance to use it at a class I took…awesome. I don’t know how inefficient my iron was until I used the steam station.
    Jace is such a cutie! I think everyone needs a picture crying on Santa’s lap 🙂

  34. Ha ha I was kind of sleepy when I was reading this and you said leave a comment if you want to win this baby underneath the picture of your grandson and I was like…wait…what?
    I reread it and figured out you meant the iron…not the baby! (He sure is a cutie though!)
    The iron looks fabulous too.
    Love the Santa pictures!

  35. Yes, we have the real Santa here in Appleton don’t we Lisa. My girls had been visiting the same Santa for 20 plus years! Thanks for the chance to win the iron. I would love it for all my wool projects!

  36. Don’t grand babies make the Christmas holidays just the best! Really need a new iron so this would be so appreciated. Merry Christmas.

  37. The steam station is at the top of my Christmas list! After my kids safe travels here and world peace. Isn’t it funny all the different reactions to Santa our babies have. My 2 little Tennessee grandkids are polar opposites. 2 1/2 year old big brother is gumpy and sad and 13 month old little brother is happy and smiley. He told his Mama “Santa makes me sad”. So he called Grama to tell me what he wanted for Christmas : )

  38. There are so many of your needful things I want to buy! I’m going to put an order together right after Christmas. I was going to buy an Oliso iron, so now I have to rethink this purchase.

  39. My 15 month old grandson also lost it totally on Santas lap but loved the life sized brown bear outside bass pro. Go figure! It’s the best, isn’t it ?
    PS would love to win the iron!

  40. Thanks so much for the information about the iron. I seem to go through one a year and I haven’t had ANY luck on finding one that meets the needs of a quilter so I’ve added this one to my ‘iron list’ ;o)
    P.S. Love the picture of Jace with Santa – too cute!!

  41. Love reading your posts. Feels like I know you. Grandchildren are the best. Turn your world into complete happiness . Be seeing you at road. Merry Christmas and the best for you and your family in the new year.

  42. Gonna have to get one of these irons. I’ve had a lot of irons during my quilting years and none of them hold up to what we put them through. If you recommend this, that’s good enough for me. My Santa’s list is getting quite long!

  43. I remember being terrified of the big hairy man no matter how many presents they all told me he would bring – that guy fitting down the chimney?…really?!!!! I was a weird pragmatic little kid – I think I still am! The iron looks great!

  44. Your grandson is adorable, almost as adorable as mine! 😉 Next year he’ll start to “get it” and will be happy to sit with Santa!
    That iron looks great!

  45. So busy yesterday I could not comment. I am today too. I do not get much time to sew. I still work full time, don’t have any kids at home, but am busier than ever. I took up a healthy life style 8 years ago…and I am up at 4:30 going to the gym at least 5 days a week. I am pretty tired at night so do not get to sew much in the evening. I plan to change that in 2016, not the healthy part but the sewing part. 30 minutes to an hour 3 nights a week should work. I will never get my projects done. I really have gotten into wool over the last few years. Lisa I have at least 5 or more of your wool projects to finish and to start. LOL! I love the hand work.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  46. I would love this iron! All my things are packed away due to a fire. This would be something to look forward to, once I can get my sewing room unpacked. Love the pictures of Santa and baby. You new home look wonderful also.we had a tour of your now home when we visited back in 2011. You deserve all the blessing you receive. Looking forward to see what’s ahead in. 2016! Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🎄🎄🎄

  47. It’s tough juggling retail with life, but looks like you have a wonderful support group and it is working. I am so thankful because without you and your wonderful designs/products my life would not be nearly as creative and fulfilling. Merry Christmas and a wonderful year of happy days. Thank you.

  48. I guess the Steam Station is every quilter’s dream — I know it is mine. I have a Rowenta that I have used for several years but I do notice I refill the water chamber very frequently when doing wool appliqué. I remember many fun visits with Santa with my children. It is so good that you were able to take the time from your busy schedule to enjoy that outing! These early years pass so quickly — you don’t want to miss any of it!

  49. Ahhh…what a precious picture of Jace with Santa. We are making progress with Santa, this is the first year my 5 year old granddaughter was not afraid of him and sat on his lap. The iRowenta iron sounds amazing and would love to have one in my new sewing room. I look forward to your blogs everyday. Happy Holidays.

  50. I had an opportunity to use this in you class for the Utah Quilt Guild. How I would love to win this one.

  51. Wow, $400!!! I’m brand new to Wool Applique (like working on my first project new). I had to work to convince my husband that a $50 one was an investment. It looks amazing though. Maybe next Christmas.

  52. I love to use steam on my piecing and wool applique pieces. Works wonders…. You have such a cute grandson. Glad you have them all close so you can do the fun things…seeing Santa and yes he is a great Santa. Love the socks!

  53. Oh what a great memory. Wishing you hundreds of thousands more. Merry Christmas to you and family. May 2016 bring you more joy then you can imagine. Lots and lots of hugs too.

    I have this iron and you’re right, it’s a have to have.

  54. I WANT ONE OF THESE IRONS!!!!!!!! For the last 5 years I have WANTED THIS IRON!!! I can’t even put water in mine anymore cause it leaks brown water just randomly when I use it!! PLEASE SANTA! I HAVE BEEN A GOOD GIRL!!!!! I know that cute little Jace asked Santa to bring me a new iron!!!

  55. Good irons are so hard to find. I still have my original Rowenta that is over 30 years old! My water tank broke when we moved so it’s only a dry iron. A dependable steam iron would be oh so awesome!

  56. Thanks for sharing your fun day with the family and Santa!! And of course we all need lots of steam to keep us going! Would love to win one of these beauties!! Pick me!! Love your 12 days-thanks again for taking the time to share!! Merry Christmas to you, Nick (Big Papa- I love that!!) and your family.

  57. I rearranged my sewing room recently and ended up with an extra ironing station–that has no iron and my regular ironing station–classic ironing board has two irons–one from Walmart (gets hot, but is wimpy) and the other from a thrift store, that gets so hot it will boil the water inside. I use that one for super duty jobs–carefully! LOL! So a true, nice iron would be awesome! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    Cathy ♥

  58. The iron looks amazing—I have always bought the cheap irons so it would be a big step up for me….Merry Christmas—Jace is so cute….

  59. I’ve committed to doing a wool applique BOM next year, so it sounds like I NEED that iron – lol. Thanks for doing your Needful Things list again this year. I learn so much!

  60. I have used this at a retreat that I frequent on a regular basis! Love it. It would be a great addition to my quilting room at our new house. Your little Jace is so adorable. Love the Santa too.

  61. I had an opportunity to use this iron last June when I took a wool applique class with you Lisa and I LOVED it! Everything you say about it is true, true, true. A must have for all of us doing your SBOW. Gotta go tell my hubby about this. That little Jace is the cutest. What fun Christmas is going to be for you all 🙂

  62. I am dreaming about this iron. Looks wonderful but way pricey for me. Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family.

  63. Oh, the joys of being a Gramma!!! Jace is precious, smile or no smile. I would love to win this iron station.

  64. What a CUTIE! Being grandparents is the BEST! Oh, am I suppose to comment on the iron? Would love to have one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Oh how I would love to have such a nice iron! My iron is okay but I have to constantly keep filling it. If I want to iron downstairs (i.e., clothing, then have to tote the iron back and forth). I would be such a happy camper to win such a great iron! Merry Christmas Lisa and thank you for all you do and your generosity throughout the year!

  66. Gotta love the smiles those little ones bring to the Holidays…..even when they’re crying! For those of us not close to our loved ones, a peak into your family is just the thing to bring a smile to me.
    I do some wool appliqué; but mostly, I need heavy steam for my raw edge appliqué art work. This also requires a heavy amount of steam to be successful. I have never seen this iron but trust in what you say about the products you carry and use……..I’ll put it on Santa’s list. Maybe he’ll hear me!!

  67. I would love a great steam iron, thanks for the opportunity to win. I have a really good one, but it is in need of a good cleaning, and being lazy I would rather get a new one – just can’t afford it right now. But it is on the wishlist.

  68. That looks like a fabulous iron and Santa looks like a big elf! I like his leggings. I’ve said it before, I love to just sit and watch the snow fall here – just a few flurries today tho. Turn it up! 🙂 In reality, we are getting a little rain and apparently the warmest Christmas week ever here in southern Ct.

  69. This ironing station sounds like a dream! I’d love to have one and will have to put it on my need/want list! What an awesome Santa picture!

  70. This iron would be the bomb! I would love to have one. Love the Santa pictures – what a blessing this Christmas a grandbaby is.

  71. What a great give away – would love to win. Your trip to visit Santa was special – enjoy all these grandma moments.

  72. I love a good steam iron! Do I have one? No!! Every iron I have (even the expensive ones) leak! I would love to win this! Being a grandma is the best!

  73. Great pictures of your family! Love Santa, he looks like the real deal. The steam iron sounds wonderful. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  74. Happy Holidays! Love the pictures of your grandson! ‘Nana-hood! Is the best!
    I would love to finally have a long term relationship with an iron…I’ve either divorced or been widowed by so many over the years!!!

  75. How exciting…a chance to win that fabulous iron! Thank you!
    Just yesterday Bill said he was sad that we did not have little ones around at Christmas. Ours are all teenagers now and while it is wonderful, it is kinda sad that we do not get to see Christmas through the eyes of little children. Enjoy your Jace as they grow us far too quickly. He will be so much fun to watch. Merry Christmas!!

  76. Would love this Rowenta steam station! Am enjoying your posts about your new home, exciting! and love your story, thanks for sharing.

  77. It is so hard to limit myself to just a few things during your 12 days, soooo Merry Christmas to me!!!! I look forward to using all my new things to insure more and better quilting time…..you have to grab life and love and cherish every minute of it with all the things that REALLY matter….family, faith, togetherness, the lake 🙂 and quilting…….Merry Christmas and thankyou! debi

  78. Would love to win one of these irons! It looks and sounds awesome, and mine are pretty old and tired. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Christmas is so much more fun when we have little ones around! They make it seem magical for us again!! I would love to have one of those irons….my birthday is Christmas Eve so it would make a great gift….I’ll put a hint in my husbands ear!!

  80. I asked Santa for this iron and I got it (and opened it) early… It’s a life changer…I feel like I went from a Pinto to a Rolls Royce! Your little Jace is so cute! What a little angel he is❤️

  81. This season is always one of reflection and reevaluation. I’m planning to spend more time with the people I enjoy most and do more of what I enjoy most in the coming year. Fortunately that involves more quilting! Blessings to all in the quilting community and a very merry Christmas!

  82. The tears are what will make seeing Santa memoriable. Gotta love being a grandma! I will have to put this iron on my wish list. Merry Christmas!

  83. Your Santa is super cute, my kids never did warm up to Santa, don’t know why he is such a jolly fella!!! That iron is amazing!

  84. I have a lower end Rowenta–your model is very nice! Your grandson is so cute! Isn’t Christmas fun w/ grandkids!? (I like the colorful socks your Santa is wearing!)

  85. Isnt it funny that we all have those things we CANNOT live without….and yours is this iron! And since you are the queen of wool applique, you would know what’s best. I purchased at Euro-steam iron at our local quilt show 2 years ago and swear by it…….but now you’ve got me thinking…….

    I always love getting your side of things and enjoy reading about your travels and grandma fun:) So appreciate all you do. Thank you!!!

  86. Love the family photos…thank you for sharing. That iron is amazing! I used it at the CA shop. I hope I win one…if not, I’ll start saving now and maybe next year if you put it on sale again I’ll buy it…or before. 🙂

  87. The iron looks amazing. It is something to definitely put on my “NEED” list. Your grandson is adorable and
    is growing up so fast (much too fast I’m sure you will agree). Have a wonderful Christmas.

  88. True! The iron is wonderful. I have used it at your CA store. Can’t spend that right now. (Too much Christmas spending already) Jace is really a cutie. Grandbabies make Christmas so fun. Enjoy.🎄🎁🎄😍

  89. The steam station looks like an incredible addition to my quilting space and especially not having to fill up with water would be awesome. I do look forward to your favorite things each year. Thank you for your sharing with us.

  90. This is an iron that I would love to have not only for the wool appliqué but also for the nice crisp seams when sewing blocks, but it has to go on my wish list this year, hopefully it will be on the twelve days next year.

  91. I am so enjoying your daily posts, the new home, pictures of Jace who is such a cutie, and your daily needful items. Some I have from you and others I do not have. The iron is one I am really considering, need to ponder for today, such a big decision, even though I need a good iron.

  92. Santa is cute. My 2 year old granddaughter cried with Santa too. Maybe next year. I would love to have this iron. I’m really planning on getting into the wool projects in 2016 and this would really help smooth the way.

  93. Lisa, I tried to leave a comment and when I clicked post it kept saying invalid email address. It was correct and I tried three times with the same notice! I would love to win the iron ! Your Santa trip with Jace looked special. Your house by the lake looks wonderful . Must be exciting. I would love the view. Merry Christmas!! Cindy Crowell

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  94. This ironing station is truly a Needful Thing! I have two leaky irons…so thank you for this opportunity in your drawing. Yes…Santa is the cutest! Love his casual suit. And, Little Man Jace is just precious! I am the proud grandma (Nanee) to 6! I also like that this order goes on post Christmas bill. 🙂

  95. I am really impressed with the Rowenta iron description…also thanks for the pic of your little grandson. He is adorable! I have 8 grands plus 2 greats that are all adorable too. Merry Christmas to you all!

  96. Merry Christmas, Lisa! You are the nicest quilter we know. Thanks for sharing such neat things with us and for being so real😊🎄⛄️

  97. Love your emails…I look forward to reading them every morning!!! I think I need to get some of the Aurifil thread and the iron looks fantastic.

  98. Oh my goodness, Jace is adorable. So awesome you get to spend this time with him. My grandkids are out in AZ and we won’t get to see them until spring.
    Would love to have one of these irons. I am part of a community service quilting group that gets together weekly and we use this iron there. It is awesome. I can see why it would be a good thing to have at home.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas together.

  99. The iron station looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win one and fir sharing your life with us!

  100. You’re giving away the baby??? He’s so cute, but I don’t think his mommy or daddy would let him go! That steam station is awesome…

  101. When you say leave a comment to win this baby I assume you mean the iron and not baby Jace. I would take him on any day. As for the iron, I would love to have one but not sure my fixed income budget can afford to buy one. What a totally awesome Christmas gift it would be to win one.

  102. Christmas through the eyes of that precious little one❤️ THE BEST for sure. Blessings to you all.

  103. Great iron – I don’t have one but was able to try it out and the steam is amazing!! Sweet baby boy in the Santa picture : )

  104. Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE to try this baby out. I have the small Rowenta travel iron that was on your needful things list years ago but I believe this would be an upgrade! Merry Christmas Lisa! (and Nick! 😉

  105. OK This giveaway has MY NAME all over it!!! I am a steamer to the core! I am constantly refilling my reservoir. This iron could be my dream come true. Now I am also thinking at my age getting routine steam bath facials may help my look, when I am busy quilting and don’t take time to put on makeup! What do you think, Lisa? It must be working for you, because you don’t look old enough to be the grandma to that cutie patootie! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours! PS. You wouldn’t have to worry about me, I ALWAYS turn my iron off when I leave the room. Kristy

  106. Your Santa is cute! An iron like that is a wish because that’s the only way I’d have an iron like that. I can imagine the quickly pressed yardage allowing straight cuts. And the steam! I’m dreaming. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Merry Christmas.

  107. Very good looking Santa. This iron looks fabulous, I was at a retreat and someone brought one with them and it was amazing at the amount of steam it produced.

  108. I have wanted one of these for so long. I love Rowenta Irons and this would help with the need to constantly refill the iron as I love steam! What a cute baby and even with the tears the picture is precious. Merry Christmas to you and yours…it is cookie day today!

  109. I continue to post every day cause I want to win!!! But truly do appreciate your daily blogs and giveAways and everything u do!

  110. I would just love to win the steam station. I stitch everyday and all that steam would be put to good use. I’ve e noted seeing your grandson grow! He is so cute.

  111. Happy Holidays!! A steam station would be a wonderful gift from Santa!!! I’m a newbie to wool applique, but the more I do the more I become addicted!!!

  112. I have a love/hate relationship with my irons–guess it’s time to try a steam station!! Thanks for all the great information. Merry Christmas!

  113. This is a dream iron. I’m still using an old 80’s leaky iron. Aren’t grandbabies the best? Number 5 just arrived. Merry Christmas!

  114. I purchased the mini Rowenta iron a few years ago during the 12 days of needful things. Unfortunately it stopped heating all at once after I used it for about a year. It worked wonderfully when it worked. I’m a bit cautious about spending so much for fear this may happen again. I think the iron is a German manufacturer but the one I had was outsourced to China. Will keep this on my “wish list” for now. I have found a LOT of great deals over the years during this event. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  115. Your grandson is adorable. Even thought he is a fantastic Santa, you can’t blame Jace from being a little scared. A stranger dressed is a funny outfit and you have to sit on his lap! Merry Christmas

  116. My family says I always have an iron in my hand. However, I don’t have the super dupper steam station which would be a dream come true! I can see where it is necessary for quilting and really working with wool! Enjoy your holiday with your family–it should be fun with Jace.

  117. Would love, love, love to have one of these irons! I agree with you on the
    short daylight hours, makes the days seem so short~~

  118. Lisa, grands are the greatest! You are one blessed lady and love that you are willing to share your love of quilting and more importantly your family. Hoping to meet you one day at the Wisconsin store. Has to happen! Met Jessica at KC Show. She is a joy! Was wishing you had been there as well. Keep listening to your heart and remember you have a world of people who admire and respect you with many hugs and best wishes for the coming year.

  119. oh, I would love to have one of those steam stations!!!

    Your Christmas will surely be extra special with that darling grandson around!! What fun!

  120. Your grandson is a cutie! ‘Nana-hood’ is great is it? We have one about same age, just can’t get enough of him!
    I would love to finally have a long term relationship with an iron…I have divorced and been widowed by many over the years! This one looks like it could be the one!
    Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with family!

  121. WoW! This iron sounds amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  122. Love that Santa. One time I even caught him walking in the mall with us mall walkers in January. Probably trying to walk off all those Christmas cookies he eats on Christmas Eve!

  123. Lisa – you have an adorable grandson and a very handsome and Santa-ized Santa!!! Thank you for doing ALL you do, plus writing such newsy blogs. I feel like you are right here in my sewing studio chatting away with me. I had the privilege of being in your Village Dry Goods Retreat classes a few years back and continue to use all your tips with my wool work. You are the best! PS – I already have a steam station – and it truly is the very best setup!

  124. The Rowenta Steam Station would be wonderful to use for all the wool applique that I have in the wings waiting for some steam….!

  125. Your grandson looks sweet and that Santa is a cutie too. I also hate refilling my iron. Its a good one though but that steam station would be great to have. I love to make the wool projects from your shop. Thanks.

  126. It’s a lot of fun being Gramma! I would love to have an iron that actually makes steam and doesn’t leak! Thanks for the chance to win.

  127. I had some trouble with the new SAS 2. I tried to steam steam steam, but maybe my iron just can’t deliver?

  128. What a cute santa, steam is definitely the answer when it comes to wool. Want this product to, I think I want them all.

  129. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway. I’m in awe of your generosity. This iron is on my list of ‘wants’ and someday I’ll get one. Merry Christmas!

  130. What a generous giveaway! Enjoy your time with Jace–before you know it he will be grown. Our youngest grandchild is now in 7th grade. He’d probably cry too if he had to sit on Santa’s lap.

  131. I read it twice and laughed just as hard both times. “Win this baby”. Thanks even though you meant the steam iron I’ve been waiting so impatiently to list. TOP OF THE LIST

  132. Great pictures! Sounds like this iron is just what I need. They don’t seem to have a very long life span at my house. Enjoy your time with the grand baby.

  133. Your talent and hard work, combined with your ‘needful things’ must be why you accomplish so much! Thanks for the inspiration.

  134. Definitely a needful thing! thanks for offering it again! You little person is adorable and I’m sure you will enjoy the holiday all the more for having him around! I admit, i got quite a chuckle out of the comment “win this baby”..hehe

  135. A steam station would be awesome for my wool area! Another step toward heaven on earth….not to figure out the unlimited wool supply. Thanks.

  136. I need a new iron today! I was sewing this am and my old Rowenta refused to get HOT like it used to. I was in a panic, cuz who wants to go out B4 Christmas and shop for a new iron? I would love to win your Steam Station…….. or maybe Santa will be good to me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. It is so much fun being a Grandma and a few years from now Jace will like him. Nice steam machine, just what I need. Thanks for your generosity.

  138. I know when you say “win this baby , you mean the iron and NOT your grandson, right? Just kidding, he is very cute!

  139. Merry Christmas to you Lisa,and all your staff! This would be the best iron to have with all that steam. Like you said for those wool projects. Your website is the first one I visit each day and the last one too. I just don’t want to miss a thing. In other words you are my most favorite designer, quilter,teacher and shop owner! I wish I lived closer cause I would be a regular! I appreciate all your hard work and your inspiration to the quilt world and I’m amazed by your creativity XOXO

  140. Going to Ohio to be with mom and family for Christmas with my husband and grown children. I plan to stay two weeks, as mom is in hospice care at home. She has a wonderful outlook and I just plan to be there chatting away, helping her and stitching my wool project from your booth at Houston.
    Enjoy your family, Lisa!

  141. Isn’t being a Grandma the best? You Grandson is such a cutie. The iron sounds amazing. Maybe the problem to having my wool appliqué pieces sometimes falling off after awhile is not enough steam.

  142. He is such a cutie! This iron is one that is on my ‘need’ list. I have other Rowentas but know it would be so much better with this one. You are so generous.

  143. Dear Lisa and family

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tips and tricks but most of all your family and wonderful moments with us all. This truly authentic Santa is a wonderful change in this rustic setting with such a fine young little man. We too enjoy your moments! ( even though some of us are thousands of miles away in the Southern Hemisphere.)
    Happy Christmas to you all.

  144. I just had to write you about the cut-out cookies …
    For years we had a great recipe for cut-out sugar cookies that used half butter, and half lard. After the local locker stopped rendering yard, we were out of luck! The pre-packaged lard from the grocery store just didn’t work, and no other recipe was the same. Then, along came your recipe! Perfection! I made a batch and took them out to my parents at their farm. Dad ate three immediately … so that is a sure sign of success! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe … and for bringing cut-out sugar cookies back into our lives! Happy Holidays!

  145. Love the iron! We have one at our charity quilting location and our ironing Diva Ms Dorothy loves, loves, loves this iron!

    Here is what I do to remember the iron is on…it is on a surge suppressor with a clip on light over the ironing board. Light on Iron on! One press of the button on the surge supressor lights off Iron off. And I love the clip on light over the ironing board. Makes it a great place to take photos as well!

  146. The steam station looks like a dream come true. I hate when the iron doesn’t have instant steam, I’m not patient enough to let it warm up. Your grandson is adorable, aren’t the first pictures with Santa the most precious?

  147. Posted before but don’t see it…gotta love technology!

    Fun seeing the photos of your grandson…grandchildren make Christmas extra special!
    I’ve never seen this iron before, but I would bet it’s better than my $20 Costco purchase!!

  148. Merry Christmas Lisa! Thanks for “a chance to win this baby” …..I’m sure you didn’t mean Jace! (Giggles)

  149. would love to have a more reliable iron that steams well when working with wool. this iron seems like it would fit the bill!

  150. Sweet picture! Nothing like grandchildren. My oldest is 14 and youngest is 11. They grow up way too fast. Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  151. Hi Lisa! Three of my grandchildren have had their picture taken with Santa at the Mall of America every year for the last 10. It’s fun to compare the pictures from year to year!

  152. I am sure you meant the iron -not the real adorable baby! He is really a sweetheart. Cute parents, and love his grandparents. We are Gramma and PaPa to our 4 grandkids! Thank you for all of your hard work! We love it!

  153. Did you say leave a comment to win this baby? So cute! That iron would be wonderful, too, though. Maybe I could win both?

  154. I would love to be able to try out that iron station, but even if I don’t it has been a pleasure reading your blog and sharing your home and family.

  155. I hate that my iron is constantly turning off and I have to wait until it heats up again to finish what I am working on. I also have to fiddle with it to get a good head of steam. This iron sounds like the answer to my problems.

  156. Would love to win this iron – would make wool applique for me so much easier! Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your beautufil family and staff. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. AND aren’t grandchildren just the “berries”!

  157. Merry Christmas 🙂 I’m just a wool applique newbie so I love hearing about everything on your 12 Days of Christmas List!! I would love an iron to help me with my new found wool addiction. I hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season!!

  158. Jace is such a cutie…his first Christmas will be awesome! It would be so cool to win this iron. You are such an energetic person…puts that bunny to shame!

  159. Just mixed up your cookie recipe. The batter tastes yummy! I’m a pie maker and use lard, so I didn’t know they made butter flavored crisco:) You were lucky to get your little one on Santa’s lap. I would have been sitting on his lap holding my baby. They still don’t like to get to close to Santa. It’s true what you say about a good iron. When I use the iron at my local quilt shop, then go home and use mine, my poor little iron is so whimpy and sad. Then I priced it and I was whimpy and sad. With myself and two daughters, who are active in 4H, this would be perfect, especially as my family’s quilt challenge for 2016 is applique! Whoever wins will be a lucky quilter. Can’t wait to make cookies tomorrow.

  160. Used one of these during a class with you. Loved it and would like one of my own. Hope I can win this one.

  161. “For a chance to win this baby”…. I would love to win that lil guy!!! Of course the steam iron would be pretty great too!

  162. Love my grandchildren. They are so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win a Steam Station. That would be awesome.

  163. I assume by “win this baby” you mean the iron, not Jace! Short and sweet, my message and the little guy!

  164. Thank you for your tried & true comments on your products and especially on today’s iron. I’ve been through a few irons and never happy. This may be the ‘one’ to solve those problems. …yes, Santa and the Easter Bunny are a bit scary for little ones

  165. Jace is the cutest little guy. Love his name. Who wouldn’t love this iron! You and Linda are changing my mind on this.

  166. Oh Lisa I’m soooooooo happy your offering this AHHHHHMAZING iron at a great price again this year!!! Forgive me but at first (last year) I didn’t think I needed another iron; but that was before I tried it at PG-CA, after all I thought I had a decent iron with steam and there were still so many PG kits I had to buy… how WRONG I was, yes I freely admit that I was wrong this iron is the very best and as soon as I hit post comment I’m popping over to the site to order it! In my humble opinion this iron is just as important as a good sewing machine! Thank you thank you thank you for the great discount!

  167. Lisa your sales pitch worked! I placed my order for this awesome iron, now I have to figure out where to put it in my sewing room! Lol!!! Merry Christmas!

  168. Wow! I’ll put this on my list for next year and the next time at the CA store I’ll ask for a demo. Thanks for sharing your grandson’s picture with Santa.

  169. Hello! That steam iron looks like something I could definitely use in my quilting and when I iron cotton clothes. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  170. I have heard about how wonderful these irons are, but this will have to go on next year’s list. Love the
    picture of the Santa. His outfit is great!

  171. Jace is so cute in the pictures. Enjoy every moment you can with him this Christmas making memories. That iron would be so awesome to have.

  172. A new iron for xmas would be great! I have used one before and it is great. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  173. My iron is so old, and has no steam ability. Glad to read such good things about this iron. Thanks for the chance.

  174. Little Jace and Santa – how precious! I SOOO need a new iron. The last two irons have leaked so badly that I dreaded using them. I really need to find something reliable. Thank you for including the iron as one of the 12 needful things this year.

  175. I need to add this to my Christmas list! I am so tired of buying new irons, even multiple Rowena irons, due to build up of appliqué glue. Now that I have been using SAS2 lite, I don’t have the build up, but I need lots of steam to stick the pieces down. You also don’t know when one of those little brown liquid splotches will creep out. Thanks for the offer. Pam

  176. Jace is adorable. Aren’t grandchildren the best! Love the looks of this iron-thanks for a chance to win.

  177. Lisa he is such a cutie! Aren’t grandchildren the best. I can’t wait. I have to put this iron on my list. My iron doesn’t make enough steam. Take care.

  178. Babies are so funny with Santa. And the iron…my goodness, I have read your other posts about this iron and you do love it. I can’t imagine an iron with such steam.

  179. Oh my goodness! I have been out of the “sewing scene” for over 4 1/2 yrs. because of illness and as I read your blog I am finding amazing new “inventions!” This iron takes the cake! I can’t buy it now, but it’s at the top of my list! Thank you for sharing your amazing products and your little people and big people in you life, and even your new home.

  180. I am reading this with my grandson Jude, and he loves looking at all quilting stuff with me! We watch sewing tutorials together! He’s 5 1/2 yrs old, when can I get him a sewing machine? And steam iron?!!

  181. I love that santa. My daughter is now 17. He was at the mall when she was little. Enjoy the screaming pictures too, they become the fun ones later.

    Please, please draw my name for the steam station. I just ordered a juki, cant buy both this year. Merry Christmas

  182. What a beauty! Both grandson and iron! I have 2 grandsons, awesome, and one aging iron. Perhaps my children will provide more grandchildren and I could acquire the iron. One can only dream…

  183. I also would love to own this steam station. So lucky to get to go see Santa. Wish I was close to grandkids

  184. I iron with my great grandmother’s iron. No steam holes and boy oh boy it gets hot ! I love it, but I am always looking for a good iron that will last more than a year or two. This Rowenta looks like the Cadillac of irons for a quilter and that’s me.

  185. Do you use this iron and the Steam a Seam 2 Lite for cotton appliqué as well? I am very curious to know how you do your cotton appliqué. I appreciate all the information about wool appliqué that you have provided during the 12 days and plan to use that information.
    Thank you.

  186. I really appreciate the opportunity to win the Baby-I mean Iron. You are so generous. My iron is on it’s last legs, so the Iron would be awesome. Merry Christmas to you ,your family and your staff!