12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2!


12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 2DAY 2…WAFER LIGHT BOXES

0978.000020978.00003I love my light box that we featured in 2013…but you know just like our flat screen tv’s they have made them bigger, better, skinnier and cheaper in two years!!!  A light box is a must for wool appliqué on cotton/flannel… for getting exact placement of the blocks…IMG_4707These are 24″ blocks I am working on …it was nice to be able to do this with the large light box instead of moving around so much on the little one..(moda fabric & book coming out in MAY)IMG_4752

The Wafer Light Boxes 1 & 2 are only .3″ thick.  That’s a hair bigger than a 1/4″…They come in 2 sizes with tracing area measures is 12.5″x 9″ or  is 12.5″x 17″… It has a dimmable LEDs and provides an even spread of light from edge to edge.  It is powered by AC adapter and is very low heat. The cord is nice and long too!!

Now I love my 8×10 box from a couple of years ago…and will not replace that size…but did you see 12 x17!!! I love how big that is…It’s hard when doing large blocks like I am doing now…I was so giddy when I opened this!!! I do have to let you know that you need to hold in the power button so it gets brighter…I was like…that’s it???when I turned it on…. but then held the button in and it got brighter!!! It even has a ruler along one edge…I know I need this for when I need to measure my piece of fusible/wool to know what to write down for writing directions. These new skinny light boxes are only reg.$150 on sale for $125 and reg.$250 on sale for $200.  So essentially we are getting much skinner and twice a big for what the 2013 light box was…These items are so new…they are shipping in early January from our supplier…We will not process anything until we ship them…so we got a little time on this one!  WAFER LIGHT BOX

These last couple of items I know are more pricey than a lot of the previous ones…but keep in mind your friends and family are always looking for something to buy you! So If YOU cannot get them now, theres always birthdays, mothers day and so on…get the kids to pitch in!!!…But you have to give them ideas!  They will be happy that you actually had a list of things instead of saying… you don’t need anything…They want to see you smile…because giving is awesome! Right?

Again…I thank you for being such great customers…both with your hard earned dollars and with your constant compliments and moral support when I need it…you all are truly an amazing part of my life…and that is why I feel I can share my life with you…and you are all correct being a Grandma was perfect timing…God does know what he is doing…and I didn’t mean to give away the baby yesterday! That was funny…

Comment to win!!! Do you have a light box? Are you still using the window? LOL…

PS…Do you know I have to starting thinking about the Summer Block of the Week(s) already??? Crazy life!!! Today I am going to pick out stain for that beautiful beat up old floor in my new home…and I need to get my gifts wrapped and finished up…and I’m so happy, last night I stayed home and stitched my remaining blocks 72 for another quilt I am working on for the Christmas Gatherings book!!! Can you feel my excitement!!!IMG_4778

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

301 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2!

  1. OMG a large light box that size would be wonderful. Lisa you and your employees are wonderful ! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do for us.

  2. I have a wonderful light box that hubby made for me years ago. It’s wonderful but a bit bulky. This one would be great for classes!

  3. Wow the lightbox looks awesome!! That is going on my wish list for certain. I do not have one so winning one would be grand. Have a Merry Christmas

  4. I have eyed the skinny lightbox for quite awhile. I have a small one that I couldn’t do without, but the bigger size is very appealing. I LOVE your summer block of the weeks so will be very excited to see what next summer brings. Although I have to confess I haven’t finished this summer’s quilt yet!!

  5. I got my first light box while working on the BOW last summer. It is nothing like these light boxes! It has a very short cord- very frustrating but is a must when you need precise placements.

  6. I have an old awful light box. I think the window would probably be a better option! So PLEASE dear Santa…I’d Love one of these!

  7. Wow! I have the REALLY old light box – but this just looks wonderful! Love that brightness feature!! I would love to win this!! ❤️

  8. I have an older light box, and use it a lot. These new boxes look amazing, I love that the brightness can be changed. Will have to drop a few hints to my family!

  9. I was just using my window this week to trace lines for embroidery patterns!! Oh, how I would LOVE one of these light boxes!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  10. I do have a light box but that larger sized one sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas with us.

  11. How awesome to have a skinny light box like this! Mine is an old one about 2 inches thick from AC Moore. But it serves the purpose. Maybe I’d do more applique if I had a great box like this.

  12. Wow, I love the look of that new light box. I have one my hubby made years ago but this looks so much better, and it is portable. Hmm, keeping this in mind for the future.

  13. I have a light box and use it a lot for embroidery and wool appliqué. How do you get so much done??? Wow! Wonderful designs!

  14. I’d LOVE to win this light box! I have one of the old style ones and it just doesn’t work very well. Loving all the pics … can’t wait to get to the sewing room!

  15. When do you sleep?? I have already pre-ordered Christmas Gatherings and loved the sneak-peak at the quilt you stitched last night:) The light box is way cool. I bought the one I have more than 15 years ago, but because it’s so big, I often use the window because its easier. I love the sleek design of this new one. I’ll be sure my husband reads this blog post:)

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve:)

  16. My light box is my front porch storm door. I tape and trace. BUT you’ve made me go upstairs and pull out the one my Dad made for my Mom, probably sometime in the 50’s. It is made out of a wooden fruit crate (Chilean Nectarines) with a circular fluorescent bulb inside! Thanks for making me think of it.

  17. I put my Ott light under my extend a board for my sewing machine. But now that’s cracked so a light box would be a good solution, hope I win this one!!

  18. I have the lite pad from a couple years ago- so nice not to tape patterns on the sliding door any more-what a great tool!

  19. I am using an old X-Ray light box and/or the window. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all you do for us!!!!
    Your staff is so amazing….a wonderful group of knowledgable, professional and personable women!!!!!
    Loved the video of Jace taking his first steps!!
    Merry Christmas Lisa, Nick and your family!
    Merry Christmas fabulous PG staff!!

  20. One question. If I put the fabric on the box, will i be able to see the pattern under it to place the wool pcs? I guess i am confused! i understand tracing the pattern for the webbing, but placing on the fabric block?

  21. This light box is great! I love that it is flat and your block will lay flat on it for positioning! Thanks for sharing all your great needful things! Merry Christmas to you and your family and elves at your shops!

  22. I am still using my patio window to trace to fabric. What a treat it would be to use this thin box. I think the adding the ruler was a wonderful idea. Going on my wish list. Thank you and Nick and all your staff for all you do for the quilting world!

  23. I’m still using a window. Would love to have a good light box. Thanks for the peek of your new products, beautiful!

  24. Just love this light box and what a wonderful gift it would be. I have loved getting up each morning to check out your post. You are truly wonderful. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  25. No I do not have a light box and Yes, I still use a window. These boxes look great!! I will have to think about one of these.

  26. I have been wanting one of these light boards for a long time!
    I agree with Rosemary about you and your staff… you infuse excitement into the craft of quilting.
    As I built my dream home a few years ago, I love that you share the progress you are making with yours.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    May all yours dreams come true,

  27. Oh, I hate to remind you but you told me to at a show. Remember those small blocks you started one winter? You told me at the show you have 24 now and need to get them together but you had only released 12 of them. I think you started it about 3 years ago. Just hoping sometime you can release more. I know you are really busy but thought I would throw it out there. Thanks

  28. Never thought I would say a light box is beautiful but these are gorgeous! So slim & lightweight. They would tracing enjoyable rather than a chore. Wow!

    Thank you for sharing your family & talents. You have worked hard for your blessings. Cannot wait to see your next project!

  29. Yes, still! I use the window and at night I use my computer screen. The thin light box would be a nice and easy to carry.

  30. My light box is the patio door….just tired of standing there! The neighbors must think I’m nuts! Lisa I hope you and your family and staff have a great holiday season and happy new year!

  31. My lightbox must be 20 years old. I just appreciated it, didn’t think of it as bulky but with a small working surface But now that you have presented the new ones. Wow! One or both would be such a treat.

  32. Yes, I do have a light box. Merry Christmas!! I like the snow on here…..guess here in Maine this is all I am going to see of it for Christmas. We are getting rain instead.

  33. Definitely need one of these! Shoulder and neck can no longer tolerate patio door! And besides, using a sunny window doesn’t work when you need to trace at night!

  34. OMG Yet another tool that I think I can’t be without. Would love to have one and will eventually but for now it is not about me. Darn. Seriously, this is a must have. You need to do these 12 days or even 10 days of goodies in the summer away from Christmas time. Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family. Keep up the creative work – you are great.

  35. Oh my goodness it would be awesome to Own one of those light boxes. Great gift for next year Christmas

  36. Yes I do indeed use a light box that I have had for many years, a Light Tracer, 10″ x12″. I use it all the time. However, this new one is tempting me. It looks so amazing.

  37. Many years ago My father rigged me.up a light box from a few.pieces of wood and a circular lightbulb and plexiglass. It is always a must bring for our retreats. It is big and bulky and this one you have looks fantastic

  38. These Wafer light boxes look really great. I have an old light box that a friend gave to me. It is 3″ to 4″ thick.

  39. I do have a light box, but it’s so big it looks like a suitcase! I didn’t know they’ve come so far! They’re so thin!
    Your stitching is just gorgeous on those blocks!

  40. Just a review – – I ordered the light box back in 2013. I really wanted it but didn’t NEED it because I had a couple of the Art Bin light boxes. But this one looked so thin and nice – I ordered it. The difference is amazing. I use this light box exclusively – and ended up giving away my Art Bin light boxes to friends. This one is truly a superior light box. If you are on the fence about this purchase because of the price – let me assure you that it is WELL WORTH the price!!! You will not be disappointed! I’m one happy customer!

  41. Wow! Is that a chair/sofa behind the piece blocks for your Christmas book? Gorgeous! I’m thinking I need one of those with my doxies. I just inherited a light box from a quilter who passes away. It’s nothing like the ones you featured. It’s cookie baking day here in wet, “”hot” Georgia. Merry Christmas!

  42. I recieved a similar brand in the large size this summer as a gift. Summer BOW was so much easier! I’d never had one before. Small size would be great also using less table space. Yes they are expensive but I’ve learned the hard way, more than worth the price!

  43. Wow…12×17? I loved it when photocopiers finally were able to use 11×17 paper. At school we call it the Kindergarten paper because everything for them has to be big. It is such a great size for so many projects like designs for pillows etc. and you don’t have to tape pieces together. I can see why you are excited to have something that will handle this great size. I have been using my computer screen with a light background. Probably not a good idea.

  44. I love this light box. I don’t have one and love the thin size needed for the limited size of sewing spaces. it could even go to a class. Love that, need to start asking the family for it. Hope you are almost ready for the big day. We are soggy in SC.

  45. Guilty! Struggling window user here. I bet a quilter suggested the improvements. I must add that I am excited just thinking about the BOW’s for next summer. I have both pieced projects from last year. Merry Christmas to all!

  46. I LOVE the flat light box! I still use the sun light and window!! This would be on MY WISH LIST! Thanks for sharing this! One can dream!

  47. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and thanks again for all you do. A new light box would be great. I have a little portable light that I put underneath my sewing extension table. Not the best so a light box would be a great improvement.

  48. i have a light box that is very thick, very small, has a very short cord and doesn’t turn on until I slam it on the desk! Half the time I end up using the window. I think I “need” this new light box 😊

  49. Oh wow. That is a great size! I cannot justify it right now but I would really love to win it! Merry Christmas!

  50. I love this big light box. Like others I use the window at this time. I’m going to get the big one. Thanks for all the posts and Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  51. The light boxes look great!!! I have a glass top table that I use. I put a table lamp underneath to light it up.
    Can’t wait to see what you design for the summer block of the week!!

  52. So I finally broke down this Summer & bought a light box – duh I buy a big old clunky one!!!
    I need the thinner one!!

  53. Lisa – OMG – I don’t think I’m ever going to catch up with all of my projects that you have designed, but I’m probably going to give it a good try. I still partly use the window but obviously only on sunny days. when it is dreary and rainy as it has been, it makes it more difficult.

    Merry Christmas.

  54. The flat light box looks wonderful. I have a much larger, bulkier light box that was homemade for me by a friend, but it works great.

  55. I’m so excited about your new house, thanks for sharing. Don’t go too dark. Tho.
    I would love to have a new light box, mine is so old.

  56. About ten years ago my husband surprised me with a light box. At the time I thought it was nice but didn’t anticipate how I would use it. Then I got into appliqué. I need to say no more. I used to leave it in its box between uses, but now it is out on my table at all times. I couldn’t do without it. So, I know the new skinny one will be a wonderful treat for quilter’s who don’t already have one. I’ve loved all the needful things presented and thank you so much for the effort you put into this project and all else that you do for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  57. I have this light box and love it….. I always ask for gift card when every somebody asked what to get I said primative gatherings gift cards….said that’s what the husband wanted….that’s what the kids wanted….that’s what the dog wanted… I’m getting them trained I’m getting more all the time. My birthday is around the time the BOW comes out so makes me feel better about getting them. I love the 12 days of Christmas that you do….I look forward to the email and I’m waiting til the last day to order that way I only pay once. Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas.

  58. I would so LOVE one of these light boxes. I have an older, bulkier, smaller one that was given to me, but doesn’t work well with darker fabrics. I’ve been doing overlays for placement. I so love your patterns and love working with wool!! Merry Christmas to you, your family and your wonderful staff and their families!

  59. Oh wow! This light box looks so awesome! You are killing me with all these cool things in the 12 days of Christmas!!!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. ❤

  60. The New Year isn’t even here yet and you have made it happy with a glimpse of what’s to come! Also you mentioned the summer BOW you are going to be working on, WOW, I can hardly wait! This light box would be a great size to have to do these next projects of yours! Hope you have as nice of a NEW Year!

  61. This new light box looks amazing! I’m currently using a piece of Lexan with my Ottlite under my opened up kitchen table. Another item for the want list! Merry Christmas to you all!

  62. still using a 25 year old light box from my stained glass days. I guess it’s about time to upgrade. Have wonderful Christmas.

  63. Boy have light tables changed. I like that they aren’t very thick and that the brightness can be adjusted and of course the size! My old light table has to go.

  64. A new light box! What a great Needful Thing. You are so correct about remembering these items for gift ideas or later presents for ourselves. I sure hope I receive some Christmas $$$!

  65. Would love one of these new “light boxes”, mine is probably 100 years old. Not really buts it’s pretty old. Looking forward to the next summer BOW so I guess I better get mine finished for this year!

  66. Go between my light box to the window. Love the look if the new one and how flat it is for storage.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work. Just love Buttermilk Basin. You’re the best, Stacey.

  67. I’m glad this is back as part of the 12 days! I didn’t get one two years ago, but definitely going to this time around. I love the new, bigger size.

  68. Lisa, I’m using a light box. I sure would like to have this one! When I work on tracing my patterns I usually do everything in one afternoon. My eyes can get too much light so I love the dimmer. I’m also keenly in need of a box that goes brighter than mine. It is so difficult to mark on fabric without that extra fabric. You are right it is a wonderful gift idea for me!! Thanks for all your personal comments-makes me feel like we could be great friends. I already love your work!

  69. This light box would be so super. I love the less heat LED lights for lots of my hand work. BTW you will love your beat up old wood new floors. When we built our house 10 years ago we chose a number 2 grade oak with lots of knots and imperfections. It was so dog friendly when we had our Stitches and we had so many compliments on the floor over everything else in the house.

  70. Wow, that bigger light box would be awesome. I have a small one and is a pain for tracing larger pieces. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to spend time with us on your blog.

  71. This light box is wonderful. I am using an old light box from long ago. Maybe if I tell Santa I have been a good girl he will put one under the tree!

  72. Wow!! I thought I was the only one still using the window. I have wanted a light box for ages. This new one looks wonderful. It would be a nice addition to my sewing room. Merry Christmas to all at PG.

  73. I do use a light box, except when I am too lazy to get it out and a window is handy! This product looks great. Merry christmas to you and yours.

  74. Love the large light box. I usually use a window for a large pattern so I don’t have to move the pattern around.

  75. Thin light boxes are the answer to sooo many quilting/design dilemas!!! I will ask Santa to get me off tracing on the window …..if not, I will treat myself! My nice list is longer than my naughty list this year so he should smile and put it under the tree….hope your Christmas is wonderful with family and friends and that good memories are remembered and more new memories made. thanks for all you do 🙂

  76. I’m still using a window! Lol Thank you for the chance to win one of these amazing light boxes…and for the sneak peeks! Merry Christmas!

  77. I love those blocks! I had a home made light box my Dad made for me when I was in elementary school. It used a regular light bulb, was big and clunky and it got sooooo hot. It finally fizzled out and I miss having one. This new style looks so sleek and modern. Merry Christmas!

  78. I don’t have a light box, sadly I just use a window, but it works.
    I have sooooo enjoyed your 12 days of needful things this Christmas!!!!

  79. I could really use a new light box. I use a thick, small surface, clunky light box. With a new one tracing patterns would be a dream come true. Thank you for doing 12 Days of Needful Things again this year !

  80. I love the light box! I will have to drop that hint!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! 🎄❄️❄️

  81. I’ve seen the older light boxes, but dimmable sounds so fantastic! Adjust it to just what you need for the fabric! I was amazed before that you cold see through red fabric! I would love one of these!

  82. Pick me, pick me. If I received one of these, I wouldn’t have to tape things to my patio window anymore. My neighbors think I’m wierd.

  83. Lisa, you are the light of my wool projects and I thank you for that. A light like this would be wonderful.

  84. Boy, light boxes sure have changef over the years . Mine is 20 years old and you would probably laugh at the antiquated way it is put together.

  85. I love the giant light box! I have a pretty big one but I would love the thin one! I can’t believe how hard you work. I love it all! I hope you get a little rest this holiday season!

  86. I’ve been looking at those light boxes and have wondered how they work and if they are worth the money. Thanks for the review!! I’ve been using a homemade light box for years which is great but I would like a new fan dangled one. Love the blocks you just finished, they are smashing. I hope you show pics of your floor once it is done, I’m excited to see it. I just love wood flooring. Love your posts….you are such a hard worker and inspiration. Keep those posts coming!

  87. I do have a light box that my son helped me make with scrap wood, plexi-glass and a light stick. It is big and clumsy, but I couldn’t be without it! I would love to have one of the flat light boxes. Would be nice to take while traveling.

  88. Good Morning Lisa – I DO have this smaller size light box and absolutely adore it. I purchased it at the Lancaster show last March. I saw it early on and then mulled it over the entire rest of the show if I should spend that amount of money on something like that. I’m sooo happy I did.
    Almost to the end of your daily posts – going to miss them!

  89. The thinner light box style certainly is more appealing to use than the thicker light boxes that have been available. I dislike using the older version. I know I would work on more projects if I had this newer version. I will have to put this item on my wish list. Thanks for all you do through your teaching and inspiring quilters. Merry Christmas.

  90. I have been so excited for your new books, but the quilt blocks are stunning! I adore that cheddar background and love the colors of both blocks. Thanks so much for all you do, and for sharing your talent with all of us. Merry Christmas!

  91. I have a light box I bought many years ago in Paducah. I was on a bus trip and managed to get it home without getting broke. I still like it but it’s large and awkward.

  92. WOW!!! I did not know this even existed! I have been using a small one from the craft store for smaller pieces and the window for larger ones….but, my arms get so tired……And lately, the cloudy and dreary weather has made it hard to see. I would be a very happy woman to win one of these!

    You are the “great encourager and supporter” by all that you do. You truly walk the walk. It is a joy to be considered part of your “extended family” by including us in the joys and sorrows of your life journey. We are so fortunate to have you in our Community.

  93. The skinny light box is wonderful! I am a step up from using a window…I have a light box my husband made me several yrs ago & would love one of these newer ones. So happy you had time to do some stitching… Love the pattern!

  94. I have an older light box – these new ones look awesome.
    I love the colors of your new fabric line. The blocks are sew pretty.

    Many blessings to you and your family in 2016.

  95. My light box is really old and heavy. This one looks awesome. I love those wool appliques on cotton! Colors, design, everything! I’ve been thinking of doing something large for the bed. All wool would be too heavy, but with a cotton background it would be ideal. Is wool applique on cotton more difficult? Also, how would the finished quilt be cleaned? Thanks for all your inspiration.

  96. I love these light boxes and would love to win one. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I love the blocks.

  97. I have the older light box…use it and love it. But I can see the new ones are bigger and much cooler! Thanks.

  98. Love the blocks you worked on last night. I zoomed in on the fabric and it is fabulous. I look forward to seeing it and your new book when they come out in May.
    I will have to put this light box on my wish list. Love the size. I have been tracing on my glass coffee table with the ott light under the table. I have a light box but it is real small.
    Merry Christmas from Peachtree City!!

  99. My light box is- my window -:) How awesome it would be to win one of these ! New technology, aint it grand.

  100. I have a much older, cheaper light box that is not much bigger than a 12X12. It is slanted from the top to the bottom. It does not give off much light so that is why I use a window a lot of times. Love the thin, flat, bright light box. I have got to get this!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  101. I will also have to add that light box to my birthday list or next year’s Christmas list…I am still using the window…Ha Ha

  102. I do not have a light box. I might have to bite the bullet on this one for sure or put on my wish list. My eyes would really like that. I have finished with my wrapping etc. Onto planning dinner tomorrow and the 26th. Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff.

  103. Used an old x-ray light box at work for a big block having one at home would be lovely! Merry Christmas to all!

  104. This is such a pretty post Lisa! Love the ideas coming up…the embroidery is just lovely! I can’t imagine how you accomplish so much! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us….as for the light box, this one looks great! I do have one but it’s bulkier. I did all of Primitive Garden on the window!

  105. Wow! Now I have two things on my wish list for next year. I love that light box. It is so thin that I can leave it out and I’d use it more. Yes, I do have an older one. I guess I better see if it still works because I think I’ve only used it once. It’s still in the box in my fabric closet. I find it’s easier to use the window. I really like the larger size of the Wafer Light Box 12″x17″ so that would be the one I’d get. Wow…no more tape on the window. 🙂 Thank you for the tip and ….. CONGRATULATIONS! If that light box is gone or broken, I may have to order one now. 🙂

  106. Lol, I’m using my window as a light box…it’s not perfect but it works. Thanks for sharing some of the new projects “I’ll” be working on next year 🙂 Thank you for being such a supportive quilt shop owner. Every time I’ve been in the shop or taken a class or called on the phone or emailed I have been taken care of by the nicest, most helpful people. Merry Christmas to all.

  107. A Light Box is on my Wish List….so for right now, I will continue with the window method! Love the glimpses at the quilt!!

  108. Love the new and improved version! So essential for wool or any type of applique. It’s getting hard to keep peeling the tape off my window. Merry Christmas, and thanks for a year full of fun!

  109. A light box would be a great present from Santa. Those large applique blocks are stunning especially when you show them up close.

  110. These really are the best light boxes! I have used the one from three years ago all the time. A larger size is a great addition. Love seeing the close ups of your stitching!

  111. This light box looks awesome! This definitely is going on my want list. Happy holidays to you and your employees for all you do for us!

  112. Your joy is infectious! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity…it’s been a real blessing to me.

  113. My light box is- my window -:) How awesome it would be to win one of these ! New technology, sure is grand.

  114. I am still using an old light box from twenty years ago. This new light box looks wonderful and a lot less bulky!!

  115. I totally rig up a light box by removing my sewing machine and insert and replacing it with a piece of plexiglass. Then I take my old Ott light, open it up and place it below the plexiglass. All because I didn’t want to store a bulky light box.

  116. I would love to try one out! I love how thin they have become! Probably so much easier to store! Thanks for sharing this!

  117. I love this idea. I’m one of those people still using the window. This might have to be my Christmas present to myself.

  118. Wow, the light box is amazing!! I currently share a small one with my daughter, it would be nice to have my own 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!

  119. Wow! Your schedule really is full! It’s amazing the things you get done. I wish I had your energy.
    I have a light box and love it. It did the window deal for a long time and it wasn’t very fun. I used my back door, but the latch wasn’t very secure, so the door would keep coming open and I would be falling outside!

  120. The new light boxes look amazing! I usually just use an old lamp with the light bulb turned up underneath my glass coffee table. Kind of klutzy, but kinda works. I agree with one of the earlier comments that if I had the large one, I would leave it out and use it more.

  121. I have always used the window, never had a light box so would love to have one. Here is another item, the large light box will be going on my wish list . I love doing your wool appliqué and the light box is just one more thing that will make doing the appliqué more fun!

  122. I have never had a light box but sure would like one! I have had to tape patterns on a window and hope for a sunny day!!

  123. So do I need another light box.?( I have two large ones). But oh the lure of a thin, small box with even lighting is just too much to ignore. I keep telling myself to be strong but what the heck–I am gifting myself. ‘Tis the season,

  124. I have been wanting a light box for so long now. I have been using the window but that gets tiring if its a big project.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  125. I love those blocks, they are so gorgeous. I’m so happy for you and for your success, you worked hard to achieve it. So glad you’re embracing the Christmas spirit this year….

  126. Wow!! This would be great for classes and at home! Thank you for all you and everyone at the shop do! Merry Christmas!!

  127. I have never seen this light box – looks a whole lot easier than holding the block up to a window! So exciting.

  128. My light box is pretty low tech–a Mattel Betsy McCall design light box from the 1960’s! Maybe it’s time for an upgrade–lol!

  129. I would love one since I have a hard time seeing through some of the darker fabrics. Very tempting. Love your blocks.

  130. I love the light box. They are very useful. I love you he block you are working on and your new Christmas fabric line. Merry Chriatmas to you all.

  131. I love having a light box, but it is big and heavy and I don’t get it out as often as I should. These new wafer boxes look great! I can feel your excitement about them through your post.

  132. I have a small light box that I’ve been using, but boy it would be awesome to have one of these new thin ones! Always look forward to seeing your new creations — they’re gorgeous!

  133. I have the oldest clunkiest light box you ever want to see! lol! Not big enough either! I’m busy playing with my 4 grandchildren all day today, and we are opening presents tonight God’s blessings for sure. Love to you and yours, from me and mine!

  134. That is one awesome light box! I currently use and old Pepsi wooden crate, a string of Christmas lights in the bottom and a piece of of plexi glass on top! But, I don’t do any where near the amount of tracing that you do!

  135. I also have an old bulky one and sometimes I use the window if it’s a quick trace. I really like how thin these are and would be so nice to take on retreats.

  136. I would love the large light box! Perfect for large size blocks. I think I will put this on my wish list. I have a very old bulky box, but its time to update I think!

  137. I have a light box my husband made me, works fine but big and clunky. Would love to win a new one. Everything you stitch is so perfect, what a great seamstress.

  138. I would love a light box. I still use the window and if it’s a big pattern it can be a pain. Ha, pun not intended.

  139. OMG. That would be amazing to have a light box as I still use the window and guess at placement. Thanks for adding some light to my stitching ideas. Ha ha

  140. Hello and Merry Christmas. That light box looks fantastic. I have always jury-rigged some sort of contraption to do my tracing. This one would be awesome and not so awkward to use. It would be marvelous to win one.
    Thank you for all your blogs, pictures and all, through the year. May your holidays be bright and happy. P

  141. WOW, such great things. I have a very old light box, small and not very big. I have a friend that WON a light box like this on the shop hop, it works wonderful. Your projects are wonderful Lisa, still plugging away at the “Words to live by”. Have a Merry Christmas

  142. I do have an older light box that is quite bulky. Would love to have one of the new thin ones. will have to put on wish list.

  143. I have a small children’s light box that works, but these sound wonderful! I still do use the window sometimes if I don’t want to get the little light box out! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  144. Would love to have one of these! And YES I still use the window!! LOL Hard to shop for myself at this time of the year.

  145. Wow! This new light box looks fantastic. I have an old one that I use. The light is not very bright and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to see what I am tracing. Or it could be my eyes are not so good anymore. Ha! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  146. I’m one of those still using the window (not very well, either)!! Those light boxes sound just amazing – definitely going on the wish list!! That would really be a fantastic time saver. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016 to you and your family and, of course, your business!!

  147. I do use a “light box” but it’s a Crayola kids light box /sketch pad. Your light box would be like the Taj Mahal of light boxes for me!!!!! I hope I win it!

  148. Not using a window but a very small light box compared to this one. As Betsy said, the Taj Mahal of light boxes! The winner is going to be very happy!

  149. I have two light boxes and they are both small. So I think I need this big one. I can give the others to someone else who needs one. I love the blocks you are working on (24) that are coming out in May?? Love the colors. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Love you Lisa and keep up the great work.

  150. I have an old light box and would love this new flat light box. Your blocks look so perfect. Can’t wait to see the entire quilt. Take a break, Lisa, and enjoy your holiday.

  151. Lisa I do have a light box. It’s actually that- a box! 15×15 and 8 inches high. Lol. These new ones are amazing!! I am excited to see what you will surprise us with for the summer block of the week!! I love all your patterns and wool!!!

  152. This looks so much better than my window light box. Thanks for the chance to win one. I also appreciate the peek into your Christmas Gatherings book which looks awesome-it will make a great birthday present-for me!

  153. I have a big, bulky light box that is at 20 years old! I definitely want one of these – just can’t decide if I have the space for the large one! Thanks for sharing your house building pictures. I love living vicariously through you!

  154. It might be time for a nice light box…my usual method is an Ott lite lying on its back underneath my clear sewing machine table! Necessity is the mother of invention, right?? Thanks for doing this 12 Days of Christmas every year. I look forward to seeing it every morning and I think all of us ladies who spend so much time making Christmas merry for everyone else deserve to pick up a little something special for ourselves…and who doesn’t love a sale??? The hardest part is choosing which ones to pick-so I also appreciate that you give us til NY Eve to make up our minds! I did the pieced SBOW for the first time this year and so enjoyed getting that little package in the mail each week…I know you work your tail off for your customers and we really do appreciate it. And learning from you, it is now my strict policy to read the directions all the way to the end!! Merry Christmas, have fun with your Grandbaby!

  155. I gave up on the window method long ago….too hard on the neck, etc. Now I use one of the old style fluorescent boxes. For stitchery I tried the Sulky Sticky, which worked great until I removed it & my stitches were too loose! Ugh! Never again!

    I guess I missed out on a lot of specials because I forgot to check in daily :o( They’re only good for one day or any of the 12 days??

  156. I have been using the window method, lol
    Love reading and following your blog. Enjoy reading the updates and seeing the pictures of your home.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2016 to you Lisa and your family!

  157. The wafer light boxes look great. It would definitely be a step up from the Crayola one that I use. However, I think you should give it to Mary who commented at 10:10 today….I’m worried about her falling out her door ! LOL

  158. I do have a light box but it’s small and when I need a bigger one I pull the leaf out of the table, put in a piece of plexiglass cut the same as the table leaf and then I put a table lamp under the table! This new light would be much nicer…I’ll have to put out more hints for birthday gifts!!

  159. These look like awesome lightboxes. I do have a light boxes but as nice as these. I do not use the window. .anymore.

  160. I have an older light box that I love so I don’t have to use a window, but just this am I needed to trace a 16″ block and it involved moving the pattern around. I would love the new big one …….. also that it’s almost flat would help in my tracing. Thanks for all the info and tips!

  161. What a great light box. I just use a window.
    Thanks for the 12 days of needful things–I sooo enjoyed each post.

  162. When my son was a little guy, he’s now 29, he had a Ninja Turtle Tracing Set. I sold it in a garage sale for pennies to a young mother. I told her that I hoped her little guy would have as much fun as mine did with it. She excitedly said it was not for her son but that she was going to use it for tracing her applique patterns! Why didn’t I think of that?!!? Needless to say that I use a window to trace my patterns.

  163. I have a big old light box. This one would be easier to use and I would travel with it where I do not with my big one.

  164. Yes I have the ‘old’ style light box. Can’t do my projects without it but I would love one of the ‘skinny’ ones. Don’t we all want to be skinny? Lol. I love the peek at those quilt blocks. Beautiful work.

  165. I have a homemade light box. It is a cardboard box with a fluorescent light inside and a piece of plexiglass on top. My husband made it for me. A skinny one would take up so much less room.

  166. I think having the right tools, like these quilt boxes make a world of difference. We just spent a few days in the Dells with our kids and grandkids and are headed home to Illinois to finish up the last of the wrapping and Christmas prep.

  167. I have an older light box that is chunkier. This one looks really nice. I love the colors of your blocks! Thank you for sharing your list of needful tools and for the chances to win.

  168. I have two light boxes, but not as nifty as the ones you are showing. I absolutely use them for all the applique blocks I do, especially the wool applique blocks.

  169. I’ve used a Wafer Light Box at my LQS and they are amazing! Fingers crossed Santa pulls my name, hehe.

    Love the colors in your blocks for your Christmas Gatherings book, beautiful!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  170. Looks like a great new way to even take a light box with you — like a trip to your sisters!! I have to stay busy.

  171. I am still using a window so I would love to have either one of these they look wonderful!! but have to save my $$$ for your last day.

  172. I use an 8×10 light box. Couldn’t do my wool applique without it. It wold be awesome to have the bigger one. Merry Christmas!

  173. Squeezed in a bit of time yesterday to trace patterns on to Steam-A-Seam from two of your kits. Used the window 🙁
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Thank You for all that you and your staff do for us!

  174. Ok, I admit it, I am still using a window ;). Time to get with the times and upgrade! Merry Christmas and Blessings and Happiness for the New Year.

  175. I am still using the window and hope for the best and it doesn’t ever look the best. The light box looks like just what I need.

  176. Would love one of these light boxes. Maybe next year. I am still using window or my table that attaches to sewing machine with a light underneath. On my wish list!!

  177. I am seeing new projects in my future, can’t wait to see these pieces and parts after they are finished.

  178. Needed to let you know I’m still raping my patterns to the window! Looking long and hard at those light boxes!!

  179. I still have a big old clunky light box that’s more than 10 years old. Guess it’s time for an upgrade.

  180. oh my 12″ x 17″…. I want one!!! My old one is just that OLD and I’ve actually been using my iPad

  181. I do not have a light box, and I admit I really would love to have one, but not in my budget right now. I can’t begin to imagine how much easier this would make my stitching. And LED’s too! WOW, bright and cool.
    I want one Santa, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Yes, I have a light box, but it’s an old one & not a very good one!! Would love to have one of the new ones!

  183. I use a window cause I haven’t been able to spend the money on one of these luxury boxes. Of all the needful things, this would be my dream priZe! Merry Christmas

  184. What a revolutionary new item!! I have had my light box for too many years to count, and I do also use the window once in awhile….HA! I love your newest blocks you have been sharing with us….yummy colors… Merry Christmas, and we might even have a little snow in Iowa!

  185. I do have a light box. It is the variety that is a plastic table configuration that you put a long light stick under. It works OK, but is not the most easy for use. This new style looks like it will be so convenient to utilize. Your new blocks with all the gorgeous embroidery embellishment are fantastic…..taking it to a whole new level.

  186. I use light box, but it is old and cumbersome. The new one looks amazing. Can’t wait for your new book. Love the quilt blocks you are working on. Your lake house looks fabulous. That is a dream of mine as well. Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent with all of us. 🙂 Merry Christmas.

  187. Actually I am using a Crayola Light Up Drawing Desk that my daughter got for Christmas in 1979! This light box would solve all of my problems!

  188. Woo Hoo, I am doing the Santa happy dance!!! I have always wanted a light box and now I can get a really great one. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase one. I can now stop taping my pattern sheets to the window and staying to trace them without a cramp in my hand or the pen running dry. My windows also thank you for not having tape residue on them that has to be scraped off. Merry Christmas and aren’t grandchildren the best!! Pam

  189. I have a small light box that works great for little things but not so much for the larger projects. Looks very nice.

  190. I love this, yes I do still use a window frequently!! I will be asking for this, in the large size for sure!

  191. I have one of the older ones… But it still works maybe next year I’ll get one of the newer models Merry Christmas to all🎄☃

  192. I have a pretty nice light box. I don’t remember the name of it but it’s about 3 years old. I don’t know what I would do without it. If it ever stops working, I’ll keep this new one in mind.

  193. I do have a light box but it is bulky, small and not that bright….I would rather use the window. These light boxes look amazing! Merry Christmas!

  194. What are you taking for all this energy???
    I want some!!! Those blocks are fabulous and the colors amazing!! My light box is maybe
    8 x 10???????? Help — I need a new one.
    Wishing you and your family an amazing
    Holiday. Your house is incredible. Lots of hard work to get there. Love it

  195. I am still using the window! And sometimes my storm door. I get such funny looks from my neighbors as they pass by. 😉 Thank you for the opportunities to win these great items. Merry Christmas!

  196. I graduated from the window to a small light box but would so love a larger one. It is so helpful since I have a full time day job and work a second job every Sunday during the winter since I decide to do new projects at night . The light box comes in so handy. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays👼

  197. Years ago, my first light box was a cardboard box with a lamp inside. I eventually graduated to a larger box, although bulky it is a charm compared to my first one. When did these lovely thin boxes enter the market? Everything is so sleek these days. Merry Christmas to everyone, you inspire us to do beautiful quilts and other lovely things.

  198. These light boxes are awesome!!!! Love mine!!!!
    Beautiful blocks, Lisa. Can’t wait for the new book and patterns from Moda in May. Hope the floor
    Staining goes well. Have a relaxing and blessed
    Holiday season Lisa..

  199. Wow those light boxes look INCREDIBLE!! What a treat that would be Santa!!! 🎅 Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas season ..its not easy I know but our sons are with us in a different way..God Bless

  200. That light box looks really cool. Mine is much more clunky, so this goes on my wish list. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄🎅🎄

  201. Merry Christmas to you and all your staff. Enjoy the holiday season! This light box would be a wonderful tool to have! It will have to go on my list too!

  202. That light box is “The Cat’s Meow” alright. I’ll have to tell Santa about it. Merry Christmas Lisa and your family.

  203. I do have a light box, but it is not “portable”. These Wafer Light Boxes look like a wonderful tool for those who do applique and embroidery. Would love to add one of these to my sewing room!

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tools with everyone!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Lisa!

    Linda W.

  204. What a treat this thin light box would be. Now I use my extension table with a small battery light underneath. It works but it’s not easy!

  205. I love the light box! Right now I use an older Artograph one. It gets the job done but these are so elegant!

  206. My chances are slim – but I would LOVE the lightbox! please pick me!!! mama’s tapped out from Christmas!

  207. The Juki sounds like just the ticket. This would certainly be a BIG step up for me. Thanks for this whole 12 Days of Christmas. You’ve passed on so much good information and educated me on a lot of good products new to me. And besides that, it’s been fun, even if I don’t win anything. My wish list now is a mile long. Thanks again.

  208. Hi Lisa! It’s Christmas Eve and I didn’t receive an email today for your blog so I hope all is well with you :). I have enjoyed these daily updates! Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with your family. Good luck on everything with your house 🙂

  209. Technology is crazy. I can’t get over how thin the light box is. Mine is about 8×10 and 5″ inches thick. But it gets the job done. Merry Christmas Lisa and PG family.

  210. Hohoho… the light boards are awesome!!! I’m gonna have to be an awfully good girl to get Santa to bring me one of those!! 🎄 I am busy wrapping as well and watching vintage Christmas cartoons from the 1930’s & 1940’s… so cute. Don’t stay up to late! Hugs, Jakey

  211. I’ve never owned a light box….and WISH I did. Honestly I stayed away from buying one because of the bulkiness…..there is always a window! Oh…it would be such a joy to win one! I will put it on my wish list also- and maybe in my cart with my other ‘needful things’. Thanks Lisa!!

  212. Using a piece of plexiglass for a light box at the moment, how exciting to replace it with a super light box!! Have a holiday to remember!

  213. I own and use a light box but it us not as good as these wafer styke. Maybe I will just be Santa for myself as my own Santa is so fabulously good to me every day of the year! Live yiu, your great tips and all your designs and hard work. Blessings to you, Nick and the whole PG famiky!

  214. It is so helpful that you talk about how you use each of these products. Some of the items you see in catalogs or shops but that is as far as it goes. Thank you.

  215. My light box is my window, so it can only be used in the daylight. I would love a light box like the new kid on the block, it would also prevent my neck from twisting backward to see. Definitely on my list.

  216. I have a light box from a card making class. Very tiny and frustrating. I LOVE your comment and didn’t realize these have a strong enough light that you can lay out fabric piecing blocks on them. I may have to upgrade to this as well. Trying to decide on size. It would be Fantastic to win one!! Thank you Lisa! I have looked forward to your 12 Day of Christmas posts and always learn a lot. Happy New Year!!

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