Did you miss the podcast? Listen whenever you want!

For those of you who may have missed the podcast you can listen at your convenience by clicking here and scroll down just a bit on Pat’s blog and you find it easily…PODCAST

Pat Sloan and I go back a long way…she is super nice person and fun to hang out with…We are both blessed to be MODA designers and if you want to listen to our chat we had today we had lots to talk about.

I am on a roll, the move stalled my stitching a bit but…I do a little unpacking each day and I’ve made lots of progress..I also had a little overnight visitor this last weekend!  Little Man loves Grandma & Papa’s  house….he explored and explored and opened every door that had a handle…IMG_6066IMG_6065IMG_6052IMG_6055IMG_6058

He loved the big window with the quilted bench pad…I made the long panels and Vegas Val quilted it and added some thoughtful touches…IMG_5552 (1)IMG_5551You can’t tell but the bench pad is 12 feet long!!! But I’m glad I took the time to do it…It adds a nice touch to the dining room….It is shown here where they converted my quilt “pieces” into the bench pad. Fockels Drapery which is conveniently located right across the street from my studio…IMG_5553I have all the book projects done…all the directions written…just waiting for a few quilts to come back from my A-mazing quilters!!! I’d be lost without Linda and Val.  Book will be printed in the middle of this month!  Thanks to all those Applique-ers who got these blocks back to me in a most timely manor…will do a post about this quilt after it comes back from Val.IMG_6032

I have started all the SBOW’s (Summer Block of the Weeks) and figured out all the particulars with Jess and I am ready to stitch away…so here is a peek here on the pieced version called Among Friends….I giving you this early peek so we can order fabric ahead because we are giving you a choice of red, black, dark navy(this is what I picked)  medium navy and brown…!!! This quilt will have 1056 fabric in it!!!! How awesome is that! Click here to sign up and reserve your color choice…AMONG FRIENDSlisa bongean

Did you know it is Spring Market time in the quilt world!  I have a new line being offered at Market…I don’t know if I can talk about it yet…but I have 2 quilts designed and I just finished the directions today and we are starting to cut and stitch this week! I also am thinking about doing a simple folky BOM with it…will show you this soon also…as soon as I get the “ok” to let the cat out of the bag…

We also snuck in finishing 3 new quilts from The Farmer’s Son- Wool & Needle Flannel line coming in May..I cut out all the quilts, and only pieced on, Farmer’s Market, IMG_6031but Amy, aka the pressing Queen, got to stitch the other two while I was on the road teaching…I’m bummed because Crop Circles was super easy,IMG_6013 … I love stitching super easy…then Heritage star is just an amazing quilt and very traditional but very current at the same time.IMG_6100  We will be getting these on the website soon…all these pics are “in progress” so will post again with finished quilted quilts!!!

Will be back soon with more quilts and more house!!! I’ll leave you with Big Papa and little man…playing in jammies!!!IMG_6070


24 responses to “Did you miss the podcast? Listen whenever you want!”

  1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Oh my goodness I love this whole blog post Lisa!!! I don’t know where to start of course little man is just adorable I know you had to have a blast watching him this weekend 😃 Then you’re beautiful beautiful house it’s amazing I’m so happy for you and Nick and I’ll have to say the bench quilt pillow turned out absolutely awesome! I heard the podcast today and I was so excited about Farmers Son and now that I’m getting a sneak peek of It I can hardly wait for May to be here!!!

  2. PatSloan Avatar

    what a fun time Lisa, thank you!!!

  3. Sarah Stroede Avatar
    Sarah Stroede

    Little man is absolutely adorable, your home is awesome and the quilted bench is wow! Judy wow!

  4. Frances McGuinn Avatar
    Frances McGuinn

    Enjoyed listening to the podcast today! Love the pictures and looking forward to the new projects. Enjoy every moment with your grandson!!

  5. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    I listened live. You and Pat were great.

    This posting is fabulous. Love every single quilt. Can’t wait to see it all in person.

    Your home is fabulous. Love pictures of your grandson. So much joy.

    Hi to Eric too. Hoping to see you at Spring Market.

  6. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Your Lake House looks absolutely gorgeous! and Little Man is adorable, what fun!! I love that you share your pics with us. The staircase pattern is very cool and so are the marbled walls! Beautiful hardwood floors, and the 12 ft quilted bench by the window is stunning! All the lovely new designs, you take my breath away! I honestly don’t know how you do it all girl. You are simple amazing. Hugs, Jakey

  7. Janet O. Avatar

    Oh, I knew I was forgetting something today! I will have to listen later. Thanks for the link.
    Love everything here–the house, Little Man, the quilts! I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw “Among Friends”!!

  8. Mary S. Avatar
    Mary S.

    Thank you so very much for posting pictures of your absolutely beautiful lake house! The bench cushion is lovely. Hope you’ll soon be all moved in and enjoying every square inch.

  9. Kim Wolter Avatar
    Kim Wolter

    Can’t believe how big “little man” is – so cute! Love the quilt bench and the new things coming – can’t wait for the reveal of all things new!

  10. Kathy Avatar

    Thank you for the fun post! You gave us a taste of everything, quilts, lake house, and that adorable little boy. You have a wonderful, full life and this shows your hard work and talent!

  11. Diane Avatar

    Lisa, your house and your family are beautiful! It amazes me all that you accomplish. It really does sound impossible. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on your Farmer’s Son line. I love all three of the quilts you’ve shown. Could be that I’m a fan of blues and greys…..

  12. Patricia Streeter Avatar
    Patricia Streeter

    What a wonderful post!!! First, the quilts are inspirational and second what a treat to share your beautiful home. So very happy for you all.

  13. Jean Pope Avatar
    Jean Pope

    Your house is beautiful. I love picture of your grandson. He is very cute. I love the among friends quilt. I am going to have to think about it. It is so tempting. That is a lot of blocks to keep up with each week when I work full time. It is beautiful…

  14. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    So good to find this lovely, long post. Your little grandson is so darling. The new fabrics and designs are glorious! I appreciate all you do. Happy spring!

  15. Melanie Avatar

    Quilts are absolutely amazing! So if the family!

    1. Dora Goodfellow Avatar
      Dora Goodfellow

      How adorable is your grandson!! I have been having baby time with my new granddaughter, 1 month old on Sunday. It is so special. Your home and your quilts are amazing Can’t wait to see the book.

  16. claude horton Avatar
    claude horton


    On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 10:01 PM, Lisa Bongeans Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “For those of you who may have missed the podcast you > can listen at your convenience by clicking here and scroll down just a bit > on Pat’s blog and you find it easily…PODCAST Pat Sloan and I go back a > long way…she is super nice person and fun to hang” >

  17. Margaret Mossing Avatar
    Margaret Mossing

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your grandson and your new home. Love your new quits and am looking forward for what is coming. Thanks, Lisa.

  18. Joanne Avatar

    Hi Lisa – When I see an email come through that you’ve posted something, I cannot wait to go out and look at it. Just viewing the posts are so inspirational, I cannot wait to get home in my sewing room. You have a great talent and thank you always for sharing.

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  19. Janan Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your handsome little grandson! I love your new home and the colors you have chosen, those grays and yellows! Your bench cover is actually quite awesome, what an amazing idea.
    You have such a talent and I am so glad you share with us. Your podcast was great, enjoyed hearing about the new quilts, and excited about your new book! I know you will be busy with Market coming up soon, and it will be fun to see what you share that is new!

  20. Sharon Avatar

    Oh the green quilt is gorgeous!!!!! I can’t wait to see it quilted. And the book. I need it the second it comes out!!! 😉

  21. Donna Sparling Avatar
    Donna Sparling

    Thanks for shring your pictures of Lillte Man and of your beautiful home! Love your new line and am planning on doing Circle of Crops. Love it!

  22. izzy Avatar

    I love that little baby cutie taking the quilts out from the window seat !!!!!

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