Cruise 2018!

You asked for another…here it is!

Wool-n-Hand Gathering-Needlework Cruise

We are sailing the Oasis of the Seas…March 18-25 2018-7 day cruise to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico, sailing from Port Canaveral FL (Orlando)

Here is the flyerFlyer CruiseWe had so much fun this last February we are doing it again!!! Feb, was our 1st cruise and now that we have one under our belt we are making some adjustments to make everything perfect!!! We are only taking 75 cruisers to give everyone a little more room and moving it a little later in the year for nicer weather…We have more fun than ever planned…so don’t wait or it will be filled up… our last one filled up in 2 weeks!  You only have to make a down payment $250 per person and you have over a year and a half to save for it!!!

Bring your friends, boyfriends and hubbies, there’s lots to do while we stitch…come single you’ll make lots of new friends!!!… although Nick says he’s staying home this time to let me hang out with the girls more!!! What a guy! (We all know he really wants to just stay home and fish for walleyes, but I guess it all works)

The flyer goes into more detail on everything but there are lots of things not mentioned…goodies bags…door prizes…last cruise we gave away a big quilt!  Were gonna treat you reeeeaaalll good!!! quilt winner

So call/text or FB the quilting friends..send it to the wooly group see if they want to meet up!!!…or tell the hubby he’s taking you on an awesome vacation and come have some FUN! Here is the registration form…RCL wool n hand registration form   

Warning…75 spots will fill up fast… 

Can’t wait…let countdown the days together…

My best…Lisa

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  1. Linda Vince Avatar
    Linda Vince

    OK girls – what are your thoughts???

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Fun fun fun… We are in!!! Even though I think Steve would rather be fishing with Nick!!! He’s giving me the cruise for my Birthday!

  3. Cheryl Cogswell Avatar

    Help!!!! Anyone want a roommate to go to 2018 cruise???? Want balcony or room with window. Contact me thru Gloria of Olde Greencupboard. Cheryl Cogswell Jacksonville FL

  4. dar uma espiada para esses caras

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