Quilting and quilting ….

In the last day I’ve been quilting… Machine quilting… This new quilt with “songbird gatherings”…that will be featured soon… 

And then hand quilting… It’s now warm enough for some morning stitching out on the back porch… But the back porch is 

getting a new floor…
So…my frame is in the kitchen… Maybe it should stay here… I’ve been makin some progress…this quilt ISvgoing to be done by the end of summer… A little bit at a time… 

Remember to visit Farmhouse Threads today to start the harvest mystery blog hop!

Going to pull weeds at the Northridge house that is for sale…there’s a showing today.. Yay!

Have a good day!


16 responses to “Quilting and quilting ….”

  1. Cathy Bischof Avatar
    Cathy Bischof

    Mornin Lisa, I am wondering, what kind of frame do you use for hand quilting?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Cathy my frame is from Pleasant Mountian

  2. Brenda C Avatar
    Brenda C

    what panto are you using?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Brenda…I’ll check when i get back into the studio or when I do a full post on that project I’ll be sure to include that…

  3. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    I love the frame in your kitchen.What a great idea. But the porch will be so fine too. Adjoins the kitchen it looks like. And I love love the big stitch quilting. Have a great day

  4. Linda Frihart Avatar
    Linda Frihart

    Love, love, love your new quilts. Noticed there is a sheet over the end of your quilt on the porch. Reminded me that a friend who hand quilts used to have her quilt in front of two windows. The horror of all that light is that when she rolled the quilt she had a strip of very faded to replace. Luckily, she had enough extra fabric for this queen sized quilt.

    Another time she matched up a print used in a quilt border that accidentally ripped while moving the quilt from one home to another. This was our almost completed guild quilt for our only fund raiser. The sound of that ripping cloth was sickening. Thank goodness for the Wanda’s of the World who work magic with mountains of patience.

  5. Judy Balek Avatar
    Judy Balek

    What kind of frame do you use for hand quilting. I love to hand quilt and am always looking for a good frame. Pretty quilt. I love the big stitch. I big stitched my last one with your Baptist Fan acrylic pattern.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Judy My frame is a Pleasant Mountian..which has gone out of business…bummer right? love the Baptist fan template!!!

  6. Jakey Avatar

    Good morning Lisa! I’m glad you’re getting some quilting time! Love the colors in the new quilt, and I can’t wait to buy some of the new songbird fabric! I vote for the quilt rack in the kitchen. Just so you know… You are amazing!! Just looking at the size of your hand quilting project scares me, but you are right… little by little… the task will get done… still amazing though!! Love your view and wood floors under rack. Oh and I have the first Havest Blog Hop pattern… So cute!!!! Thanks!! Hugs, Jakey

  7. 8machines Avatar

    Oh that pattern with those fabrics, WOW, I love both! Would love to make this one. Have a great day and do a few stretches for me!

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    I am loving that porch space!! Oh, yeah, the quilting looks good, too. : )

  9. Rose Bullen Avatar
    Rose Bullen

    You are one busy lady! Your quilts are beautiful, and you are an inspiration. I’ve been working on my wool ornies……and the blanket stitch. Havin’ fun!

  10. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lovely I’m glad you getting some home time 😍

  11. Janice Kohnke Avatar
    Janice Kohnke

    Lisa, what panto is this?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Janice
      it is called Filigree
      by Urban Elementz

  12. Kim Avatar

    I love the colors in your Songbird line. Can’t wait till your kit for the above quilt is ready. I purchased from PG some fan acrylic templates for quilting, is there a good way to lay them out for marking the quilt or could you recommend a good reference book for hand and machine quilting.

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