Bow tie finish…

I have been meaning to post this for a while and kind of forgot about it…but…here is my finished bow tie from the CA’s stores pieced SBOW from last summer…

I got it back from Val while I was in Salt Lake…it took awhile for me to bind it as this years SBOW was more of a priority so it did not get completed until I got home from Texas…

I just LOVE this quilt…I’m so glad I took the time to do it…pieced SBOW are always awesome when finished…but they take a bit of perseverance to keep on stitching!  This year is no exception!


I had to throw it over the couch as everything outside is too dirty to hang a quilt over and I was too lazy to remake and throw it on a bed…but you get the idea here with only half of it showing… As you can see I ended up putting the light fabric binding on…I wanted those bow ties to not be stopped in their tracks by a colored binding…I wanted them to float across the quilt….also here is the backing I used…IMG_6773

Val’s straight line quilting is amazing…she used a light thread going through all the light background and a dark grey to go through the bow ties….I think traditional quilting is best for this quilt…something that would have been done on an antique if there were one like this… In the second pic it shows were Val had to backtrack over…this is extremely hard on a long arm and you cannot tell it from the front of the quilt…but the back shows everything cause the print I used was not very busy….I like what I chose and could possible use this quilt both ways…front or back.

It was at the Shipshewana Quilt show in Indiana this weekend…did anyone get to see it in person?  If you missed out on this quilt last year we have made more kits and it can be purchased as a BOM or you can buy the full kit… Click here to sign up for BOM   Call the shop if you want the whole kit all at once…920-722-7233.IMG_6779Tonight I stitched triangle papers for week 4 pieced 2016 SBOW…I feel I need to get a little more ahead than I am and will be able to do so now as my wool SBOW blocks and blog hop commitment are finished…So I am working on finishing for the freebie and the wool SBOW… and getting excited about the upcoming holiday…It was a weekend of work as the wind was too strong to take the boat out…but we are getting closer to completion on our projects…this is the lower patio in front of the boathouse with a fire pit being added too…and see that to the right…it’s grass!!!…the first grass of the year!!! the dogs were in heaven for a little bit…now it has to be soaked for two weeks with no one walking on it!IMG_6933

Nick is prepping the boat for painting…it will house our outdoor shower??? Can’t wait for this…

Have a great week coming up…and make some time for stitching!


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17 thoughts on “Bow tie finish…

  1. Everything looks like it is falling into place and it’s fabulous. I’m sure you’re all looking forward to all projects completed so you can really relax. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 4th. Hugs

  2. I was in Shipshewana ! Beautiful quilt. Nice booth too – Came home with the Christmas gathering book and fabric and kits. I needed more projects because I finished one freebie block so far!

  3. Love the bowtie quilt and especially the backing. Love your new home and surrounding area. So happy you are such a talented woman. Have a peaceful holiday. Paula in KY

  4. I finished my bow tie quilt based on your pattern a few months ago. It’s a smaller size and I quilted it differently, but I love it. I’d love to send you pictures.

    1. This bowtie quilt is just perfect. I’m not a terribly sensitive critic, as I’d like to do everything you post on this blog. I was especially interested in how this was quilted. Thank you for posting a picture of the back.

  5. Hi Lisa, I have been getting your Monthly Fat Eight bundles for a long time, but I remember getting the first one, and I put it up thinking I was going to use it to make something special. Since that time I have collected quite a pile of your fabrics Fat Eight bundles and am saving them also to make a big quilt. But, recently I ran across the first bundle I got and made it into this cute little 9.5″ x 13.5″ miniature quilt for my granddaughter that will be turning 17 soon, and I wanted to make her a little quilt with a message so I have attached the picture of it. It is called, ” I Hope You Dance.” I printed the words to the song onto a label for the back so she will always have the words. Just wanted to share it, cause I think it turned out cute. Carol Steffensen Chickadee Hollow Designs 320-354-2456

  6. Thank you Lisa for letting us share in your personal life, make me feel like a close friend. Blessings to you and yours

  7. Awesome bowtie quilt. It motivates me to get mine finished, it was last years CA sbow just a bit behind. It is in the piecing process right now, plus the 3 SBOW. Have a great 4th of July weekend. This year seems exciting for some reason. We will be going to our house this weekend, but leaving the horses home. I am ready for some ribs and I plan to stitch a lot.

  8. Lisa, I love how the bowtie quilt turned out, you’ve inspired me to get busy on mine again (I’m about 1/2 way finished with all the bow ties… I’m glad to see the back since I was wondering just how I would get it quilted. I’d have to say my favorite part of this post is you admitted to not wanting to re-make the bed LOL. btw I love the peacefulness of your home… I can just picture curling up with a good book snuggled under a quilt…. Have an awesome 4th of July holiday, see you soon

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