Quilts from Christmas Gatherings…

Sorry about that 6 month thing…why do we celebrate Christmas in July if it is not half way??? I just assumed that was why…so I didn’t even count them…but that might be just what I really need is an extra month!!!

I want to share the quilts in the book tonight….

First up…Boxes of Candy…

Simple quilt that looks hard…on point…make a bunch of blocks using all squares, turn them on point and make it look like you pieced a lot of triangles…quilted by the a-mazing Linda Hrcka….More info on all the quilts can be found HERElisa bongeanlisa bongean

Box of Candy-550x550

Christmas Reel…

I love this quilt…you don’t see many green/cream quilts…this quilt was made by about 20 quilters….I will always cherish it!  5o plus blocks…all hand appliquéd…quilted with mega straight lines from another a-mazing machine quilter, Val Krueger.IMG_6200 (1)

Christmas Reel-550x550

Christmas Rose and Christmas Rose Mini..

What can I say…red, green and cheddar!!!! Again quilted with those awesome curvy ruler from Linda-thequiltedpineapple.com The mini is so cute!!!IMG_4579IMG_4578IMG_4710IMG_6213Christmas Rose Mini Web-550x550IMG_6212IMG_6209 IMG_6211 (1)IMG_6211 (1)

All wrapped up…

Just a simple scrappy quilt using all the reds, greens and creams from the line…and some volunteer help from “little man”IMG_4590 IMG_4613Stars of Bethlehem…Stars over Bethleham Photo web-550x550

I don’t have any “in progress” pics of this quilt…cause I didn’t make it at all…Amy made it while I was away!!! I love this quilt…wish I did make it…but I will make one…maybe just regular scrappy scrappy…quilted by Val…like ribbon candy…I do not have a pic up close of the quilting…but if you see this quilt…EVERYONE loves the quilting….maybe Val has some she can send me….

Silent Night…this little quilt is 22″….again….this quilt would also be nice done normal scrappy….perfect HST’s done with PG triangle papers…and here you can see some of the prints up close…IMG_5479

Silent Night-550x550

I know I’m not supposed to tell you that I didn’t really like this runner…but see how much better it got because of the flowers..and a little instant antique spray?

IMG_6084I think I got them all…PrintHere’s the back cover….and again….I know this book is a “Christmas” book…but the quilts with a few color changes can be everyday quilts….none of my fabrics or quilts scream Christmas, and therefore can be used at other times not just for Christmas….

and same offer applies for today as well…buy a kit and book and get Primitive Christmas book free…have new book already…buy two kits get older book free…have it all…oh well we’ll still give you the book to gift or donate to a new quilter, guild…

all for now…I am so tired…really enjoying Maine…looking forward to the show this weekend and meeting my new students…LB

a couple of pics from our Lobster dinner…IMG_7261IMG_7258IMG_7259


13 responses to “Quilts from Christmas Gatherings…”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    Didn’t get into your class but we will be headed up to Maine on Thursday for the show with lots of stops on the way. This is one of my favorite shows – not humongous, but just right and lots of variety iin quilts and vendors! Enjoy those lobster dinners!! Have to look up the name of that place!

  2. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    Book is fabulous. Quilts and projects are fabulous. You my friend are fabulous too.

  3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I love love love the pictures of all the quilts, the detail in the quilting is always amazing! I have both books already but you can bet I’m going to order some kits 🙂 I’m glad to see you stopped at Haaraseket!!! Your lobsters look delish!

    1. Leka Avatar

      how everything is beautiful! Great job!

  4. Holly Avatar

    You are so talented! I cannot get anything to line up lol. I will be definately buying your book.

  5. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I can’t believe how quickly you are all able to turn out those quilts, excellent job!! They are stunning and my favorite is the cream and green, I love the colors and Hawaiian design feel with your signature star in the center. Wonderful photos, I love being able to see the fabric line! Those lobsters were HUGE! I have yet to visit Maine, it looks lovely. I am currently un-burying all sewing items and sundry from our CO move, such fun (Not) lol. Hugs, Jakey

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I know your feeling of moving a sewing room! Nice to hear from you!

  6. Janet O. Avatar

    Makes me want to pull out my copy of the Christmas book and get stitching, but have a road trip soon and can’t start anything right now.
    Love that the fabric collection is holiday colors without screaming holidays!
    Linda’s quilting is gorgeous!!
    Had a laugh when you admitted you hadn’t liked the runner. The flowers are a nice touch.
    Ah, I love Maine, but now that DD#1 has moved across the country from NH to Oregon, I don’t see trips to Maine in my future.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Janet!
      Yes Maine is beautiful…can’t wait to see what your next mini creation will be! Safe travels…

  7. Linda Olsen Avatar
    Linda Olsen

    Just received American Patchwork Quilting magazine. Congratulations on the cover and the article!!

  8. Trudi Avatar

    We can’t wait to have you at our show this weekend! I especially am looking forward to my breaks from show duty to go to your booth. See you tomorrow!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We are going to have some fun!!!

  9. Darla Rice Avatar
    Darla Rice

    WELCOME TO MAINE!!! Hope you enjoy your stay! I’ll be at the quilt show tomorrow , would be GREAT FUN to meet you… HAPPY STITCHING, Darla

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