The Magic of Christmas-Block 2

Ready for the next block?…

Thank you for waiting patiently while we shipped out fabrics for all of you wonderful followers who want to make this awesome quilt!…If you are still waiting for yours we only have about 20 orders that did not ship out-we are either waiting for an updated CC or we have not heard from you via email regarding a sub, OR if you just recently ordered it may still be in transit…but again…we THANK YOU!!! for all the orders!
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I have included a black and white PDF in case you don’t want to suck the ink from your home printer…and please share your blocks in instagram at #themagicofchristmasquilt   Mary A…I know you started another # but I can’t find it!!!

Also keep in mind these blocks will in a pattern/book in the near future …if you are so inclined to set yours differently…or anything else…we welcome your creativity and to be apart of this project…if you make it just like ours…we love that too! It’s nice to be apart of something…

I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer…stitching, stitching, stitching…I love having these blocks to do in-between the big projects I am working on…they are like treats!!!

I know it has been awhile since I posted the first block…but they will come A LOT faster now that we have fabric shipped and Christmas is coming!!!



21 responses to “The Magic of Christmas-Block 2”

  1. gaillacey Avatar

    I received my stack of reds last week and they were wet with drool when I put them away. I’m using a background from my stash (I have a secret quilt shop in my guest bedroom!) and I love how the first block looked. Thank you SO MUCH for finding some time to do this for us. So sorry you’re a soggy dog in the shop. Stupid water pipes!!! Thanks again!


    GOODY! and thanks for the B/W instead of color, thanks Lisa, Margie

  3. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s #themagicofchristmasbypg I also think Moda started one too #pgmagicofchristmas

    I can’t wait to do this one. Starting now..LOL

    Hugs to you and Nick. See you at Fall Market.

  4. Nancy Hyland Avatar
    Nancy Hyland

    Thank you so much for the B&W option. Very thoughtful.

  5. ronda926 Avatar

    for some reason i thought each block would have a different background. how will it look if mine does? you know i do love the RED!

  6. masonmarlene Avatar

    First of all, thanks for creating this quilt for us to share. Second, thanks for offering both color & B/W printing options. As usual you are always listening to us, your followers – or groupies, and you respond even at a time when you are dealing with the water issues at your shop and traveling, creating, planning the next surprise, etc. You are the best! I have never used instagram so I will have to figure that out so I can send a photo of my first quilt block.

    I don’t know how you are figuring this out but I calculated if the quilt is about 50 x 50 I would need to make 4 of each block you design if you are designing 25 blocks. Am I way off or close?

    Thanks again for being such a great role model for even us old folk!

    1. Carolyn Berg Avatar
      Carolyn Berg

      I bought my 6″ and Itty Bitty Eighths rulers yesterday, ready to begin!

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        yes!!!! you will love them…

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Marlene….the blocks are 6″…so if they are 5 across that is 30″ they will have some sashing strips and a border…so that is where the extra inches lie…so no…one block of each…unless you want to make a huge quilt!

      1. masonmarlene Avatar

        Hi Lisa, Thanks for straightening me out. I did cut 4 blocks out of the 1st pattern and fabric because I thought I was soooo smart…WRONG. However, I have lots of stash in red and white so if I need to I can improvise. Again – you are so on top of things …fast answer is so appreciated because I was getting all over cutting 4 of the second block .. Have a great evening.

  7. Virginia Lunsford Avatar
    Virginia Lunsford

    are there any sizes we can use to cut strips of the fabrics, instead of just 3-4 pieces
    at a time? I want to make sure I have enough, to make it to the end.

  8. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Love the Magic of Christmas. Thanks for making the b/w print outs for us. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. Paula in KY

  9. Cathy Leitner Avatar
    Cathy Leitner

    Thanks Lisa for the block..yes it us a treat. One I gave myself, to have a red and white quilt I always wanted…

  10. Michelle Hardey Avatar
    Michelle Hardey

    Thank you so much for these blocks. I got my order (perfect and beautiful!!) and am so excited to start this weekend!!!

  11. Janet O. Avatar

    I know I can’t follow along right now, but I do want to save the patterns and join in when I can. Was just pondering whether or not the blocks could be scaled down easily. How predictable am I? : )

  12. Claire Avatar

    Thank you for the lovely block…and thanks also for the black and white copy. Less money for printer ink, more money for fabric…that’s a good thing!

  13. Marci Avatar

    I do not have a fat quarter with the exact pattern in your example. I’m assuming I just select a substitute out of the FQs I received? I’m new to quilting and am having such fun. I really enjoyed all I learned with the first block. I am wondering, what if later you use the substitute I choose. I guess we are just following the pattern to stitch the block but not necessarily the same fabric. Right?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes Marci… It doesn’t really matter what fabric you use in a block!!!

      1. Marci Avatar

        Thank you for the quick reply! I’M SO EXCITED! 🙂

  14. Pat Godkin Avatar
    Pat Godkin

    Do you have a title for the pattern book that this quilt will be in? When will it be published?

  15. Patricia Burns Avatar
    Patricia Burns

    Where is the link for block 2 pdf

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