Old Fashioned Beef Barley Soup…

There’s nothing like home-made soup….I grew up with a mother who cooked great soups…I swear to god she could open up the fridge throw all the leftovers in and make creme-ala refrigerator soup and it would be amazing…So I made sure I knew how to make soup and gravy from her…and I can.  You will always be a star, or be remembered if you can fill someone’s belly with real good home cooking!

Someone begged pretty-please with all kinds of sugar on top for the recipe for the soup I posted on Instagram yesterday…here is a printable PDF of it.. old-fashioned-beef-barley-soup ..  You must let me know how it was if you make it…When I have it for lunch tomorrow I will take a pretty picture of it in the bowl and add it to this post…for now you get the soup in the pot on the stove…It’s the perfect soup to make after a day at the Farmer’s market!

Tomorrow I will post block 5 of MOC.  img_7827

25 responses to “Old Fashioned Beef Barley Soup…”

  1. Carol Avatar

    With all you have going on at the shop…thank you for continuing to share.

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thanks for sharing Lisa Once it starts to cool down i’ll have to give this a try beef barley has always been one of my favorite soups

  3. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Lisa, I love that you are posting more and I am sure it will give you great success. Who doesn’t love a great recipe and a red and white quilt!! Paula in KY

  4. Kathy h Avatar
    Kathy h

    Thanks for the recipe. It looks delicious.

  5. Dawn Schoening Avatar
    Dawn Schoening

    Looks absolutely delicious, going to give it a whirl! Thank you for sharing

  6. Dia Avatar

    Lisa, I just want to thank you for this blog. I just love it. Really look forward to each post!!! And, I’m really loving The Magic of Christmas!!! You are the very best.

  7. Lily Pinarello Avatar
    Lily Pinarello

    I will be having a small group of ladies over in a couple of weeks just to spend some time quilting together. This will be our lunch! with some freshly baked bread. Thanks Lisa!

  8. Sheron Dresser Avatar
    Sheron Dresser

    When you say to fill the pot 3/4 full after browning the beef, do you mean to add water to make the pot 3/4 full? Otherwise, I don’t see in the recipe where you add any liquid. Thanks so much. Sheron

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…add water… I will update my tecioe

  9. Phyllis Hall Avatar
    Phyllis Hall

    Oh my gosh this looks so goods……….now if we can get some cooler weather down here in Texas. Thanks for sharing……..I love new ideas for food……..I’m thinking some hot rolls and all is good!!!!!!!

  10. Nancy Avatar

    Thank you Lisa. I guess I knew your mother. 🙂 The recipe I’ve used is nearly identical except I don’t put in cabbage. Yes, rutabaga is a MUST and so is beef base. I usually put the allspice in a little cheesecloth tied up. Hope things are getting cleaned up at the store. What a shame to have that happen! Somebody didn’t know what they were doing.

  11. Carol Avatar

    I always end up with tough beef when I make a soup. What type/cut of beef roast do you use? Thanks for sharing. It sounds yummy!

    Unbelievable about your store. I hope things are back to normal. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop as to what was going on.

  12. mary h Avatar

    Your mom was the most awesome cook when we stayed at the retreat house for the wool Christmas stocking class. Barefoot and nearly in the dark! This soup sounds great, I have never bought or cooked a rutabaga so hope I can find one! Also, so sorry about your shop mess, especially since you had remodeled. And thanks for saying those in Louisiana have it worse. My husband and I are Red Cross volunteers and we each have deployed to Louisiana this year and the problems there are so huge in scale.

  13. acityquilter Avatar

    ooh the soup looks yummy and sure it is as well…waiting for cool days to get back to tummy-warming recipes like this…and loving the SAL! hope you don’t mind, but doing mine mod-ish as have to use what’s on hand…love your fabrics, tho and the mag article was terrific!

  14. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    Looks delish! Waiting for cooler weather so I can make all that great “comfort” food! did I miss block 5? just checking! lol

  15. Kim Avatar

    I love to cook. I am making your soup tomorrow, love a good hardy soup and I got all my ingredients this morning. Soups with root vegetables are so good, have a wonderful earthy flavor to them. Thanks for sharing this one with us. Christmas blocks are so pretty haven’t started mine yet.

  16. sun-shn@comcast.net Avatar

    Thanks for the great recipe! Looking forward to “soup weather.” Do you have anymore to share? Sharon Z.

  17. Kim Avatar

    I have to say, the beef barley soup was a hit. We all worked hard that day outside and every time someone would walk in the house they would say they couldn’t wait till dinner it smelled so good. My 90 year old dad had two large bowls of the soup and I sent some home with him. He was very happy.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      awesome…mission accomplished for me…glad your family enjoyed it

  18. Colleen Nykreim Avatar

    Dear Lisa I made the soup, which reminds me of my great grandmother recipe, It was delish! Many comments from the family, they loved it!. I have one question though? I put the whole clove in the soup closer to when I added the cabbage. When do you put the cloves in and how many cloves do you put in the tea ball? I filled the tea ball half full. P.S. Thanks for bringing back a childhood memory. My Great Grandma would bake fresh bread served with butter and an apple pie for desert! She also made her crust with lard and you can’t beat her crust!

  19. Brenda Avatar

    I’m making your soup recipe today and it smells so good!! Making it reminds me of my granny. She lived in Michigan and would come south for the winter. She always quilted at least one quilt while she was here. A quilting frame hung from eye-hooks in our living room and she would quilt on that. On Mondays she always put on a pot of soup, then started quilting. Immersed in her quilting, she would call out to me to add this or that to the soup pot – what was an interruption to me at the time resulted in me learning to cook her delicious soup. She always told me celery leaves, cabbage, turnips and okra are a must for a good pot of beef soup – so similar to your soup. Thanks for the recipe – and the sweet memories it evoked.

  20. Megan Russo Avatar
    Megan Russo

    Made this last week but didn’t have the Tone’s Beef Base so used beef broth instead. It was good but I ordered the Tone’s from Amazon and made it again today. I can see why you use it – much better with the Tone’s.
    Thanks for the great recipe.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…it is a must..

  21. Nancy Allen Avatar
    Nancy Allen

    Hi Lisa! I made your beef barley soup today. It is awesome! I was worried about the rudabaga and while allspice. But you where right it worked out great! Thanks so much for sharing your Moms recipe. I am taking some over to my Mom tomorrow

  22. Pam Tontz Avatar
    Pam Tontz

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing this recipe. Both my Mom and I love beef barley soup! I just share your recipe with her, I know she is going to love it! I do have one question–what type of barley do you use in your soup?
    My Mom said probably pearl barley. Let me know. Thanks again, Pam

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