The magic of Christmas-Block 5

I had so much fun today hanging out with my WI Sit & Sew girls today…It’s getting to be a nice bunch…we had two outta staters…Seattle and Iowa!!!! Yay!!! Lori made a fabulous pumpkin desert!!! Thanks Lori!…sorry Jean..only one block today…Jean wanted me to post two so she could print them back to back…Teri only sent me the colored version of 6!!! But at least you girls get sneak peeks and all my stuff going on, for what thats worth…lol!

Are you ready for another block???? Glad you are loving them!…

Glad to hear that some of you are going out of your box and making things your normally wouldn’t have…

Glad to hear some you are doing both blocks…I’m thinking it doesn’t take much extra time to do the 2nd version blocks because you can layer when you cut!!!



I am really loving these blocks…hmmm see any patterns forming?Lisa Bongean

I’m packing for Huntsville AL and Murrieta, CA going to be gone for 10 days!!! Enjoy!  LB



22 responses to “The magic of Christmas-Block 5”

  1. Cindy Selnekovic Avatar

    Loving this! Thank you!

  2. Nancy Lightfield Avatar
    Nancy Lightfield

    The first block was so easy!!! LOL

  3. Carol Huelsman Avatar
    Carol Huelsman

    Has anyone else had trouble making your block come out at 6 inches?

    1. Karen Melville Avatar
      Karen Melville

      Carol, unfinished the block is 6 1/2.

    2. Karen Melville Avatar
      Karen Melville

      Carol, the blocks are 6 1/2 inches unfinished.

    3. Marci Avatar

      I have learned to use a scant quarter-inch seam. My blocks are barely coming out 6 inches. Lisa, somewhere on this blog, has said that the blocks should measure 6 1/2 inches so when they are sewn in the quilt they’ll measure 6 inches. I am not getting 6 1/2 inches even with a scant quarter inch seam (just a thread or 2 less than a true quarter inch). But I am able to get a true 6-inch block now. So my quilt will be just a little smaller than Lisa’s design. I’m okay with that. I’m new to quilting and am learning so much!

  4. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    My 1/4″ seams were off, but now they are coming out better. I love these blocks but I’m struggling with the small pieces. As these blocks progress I see they are getting more difficult. So far every block is a block I have never made before! Thanks Lisa for the opportunity for growth and learning!

  5. ronda926 Avatar

    oh boy, i was at dinner and saw you had posted another block! Wahoo! I was hoping you would post another one today! safe travels.

  6. Sharon Avatar

    Loving the challenge of these small blocks!! Thanks so much!!

  7. Janet Jordan Avatar
    Janet Jordan

    Where are you going to be in Huntsville, Ala.? Are you doing a show? Can anyone come? I was just there last week, but I’m sure my sister would love to come to one of your events!

  8. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thank you Lisa for these wonderful blocks…. and yay on you coming to CA, you don’t know how much I enjoy the Tuesday I get to join your sewing group

  9. Sukochi Avatar

    This is totally out of my expertise! But I am learning and please with my results.

  10. Janet O. Avatar

    They are wonderful block patterns. Wish I had time to be making them along with you!

  11. pamelajs56 Avatar

    Thank You for the blocks! I love each one. Have fun on your travels.

  12. Cecelia Swilkey Avatar
    Cecelia Swilkey

    Thank you Lisa ! I really enjoy making these and believe it or not I am up to date .

  13. Claire Avatar

    I love the square in a square block and it looks great inside the star. Thank you!

  14. suebeesmemories Avatar

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night at the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville guild meeting!

  15. Rebecca Britton Avatar
    Rebecca Britton

    Thanks for sending these. I had signed up but they are not coming to my inbox. Couldn’t find in my trash either. Guess I’ll have to re-submit. Hope all is going well with you. Pretty good here just vertigo issues. Hope to see you real soon. Ann

    Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 00:15:50 +0000 To:

  16. Kay Nett Avatar
    Kay Nett

    Yesterday’s sit n’ sew was awesome! Great to see everyone’s projects, but especially fun to just soak up information from one of the best – thanks Lisa! Your talent and energy are amazing and we thank you for sharing with us.

  17. donnalevesque Avatar

    Stupid question?? Piece ‘g’…. 15/16″ what’s that one ruler?

    1. Marci Avatar

      I’m not sure what your question is, but I know the frustration of asking a question and no one has time to answer! I think you may be asking where the 15/16 mark is on a ruler. If you don’t have a ruler marked for measuring 16ths you may wish to invest in one. Without those measured marks finding 1 and 15/16ths will be a guessing game and therefore inaccurate–at least it would be for me. Basically the G piece in Block 5 is 1/16ths less than 2 inches square. In order to measure that accurately you’ll need a ruler with 15 marks between each inch. Hope that helps a little bit.

      1. donnalevesque Avatar

        Thank you so much!

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