The magic of christmas blocks 8 & 9

How about another block or two?

I know some of you have had some questions…please read previous post but here is the skinny…

Starch- a must…saturate completely wet…let air dry…iron and cut. I use faultless heavy starch in the can…its very reasonable…I do not use my Best Press..I’d go broke buying starch then.

Steam…you bet..I always press my blocks with lots of steam…

Washing…I do not…I starch on a white towel…if my red is going to run, I’ll see it when I starch

What size is this going to be?  I know this bother some of you that I do not know this…but…its 25- 6″ blocks it will not be a king size…it is going to be a wall or couch throw..a decoration probably not a snuggle quilt.

How do I get perfect points, this is a big question, but a good one..

I try hard…every step is important…first STARCH, see above..then CUTTING is very important…see Creative Grid Itty bitty rulers by PG.  Every line is can always see your fabric…its not hiding under a solid inch line on the ruler. Test your SEAM ALLOWANCE and make sure it is spot on…I do not use a 1/4″ foot…fabrics differ, thread matters…test to make sure your project is coming out to the right size when starting…I stitch up again a tape bumper that gets moved occasional depending on if I’m stitching flannel, or whatever..I also test regularly….PINNING…yes a must…so do I pin every seam? no…but most the necessary ones…when you use starch the fabrics are stiffer and butt/match up a lot better…so I guess I really pin a lot less than I used to before I starched so heavily….STEAM..I press my blocks into submission, I open bulky seams..not every seam, but usually long seams when piecing the last seams together…JUKI…I stitch on a sewing machine where the feed dogs are nice and close together…so my tiny pieces are being nicely fed through the machine..see my JUKI post…search for it in the search button on the right….then FINALLY…they are not all perfect…I don’t really care if one seam is slightly off a smidge or if my point got dulled a little in the seam allowance…most of the time the layering and quilting will make that magically disappear…it takes a lot of enjoyment out of what we are doing if they all have to be exactly perfect…I wouldn’t get much done if I ripped our everything that was not exact.  I believe what make a good quilter into a great quilter is the art of compensation!!!   so…other than stitching everyday or as much as you can…this my advice!







I love seeing your blocks on Instagram and FB!!! Keep posting!

It’s all about Market right now!!!! More later…This should keep you busy for a day or two!!! LB

39 responses to “The magic of christmas blocks 8 & 9”

  1. nannette lunger Avatar
    nannette lunger

    THANKS SO MUCH LISA FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS-This is so fun and the blocks are challenging in a very good way. THANKS for the tips & all you do! Will you be at Houston Festival also? Good luck at Market your booth is always done so beautifully!!

  2. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    And remember, you must do something 10,000 times to be good at it!! Thanks Lisa for all YOU do!

  3. masonmarlene Avatar

    LOVE THIS QUILT!!! Thanks for all your extra work just so we can have inexpensive fun and end up with a great quilt. We are all so blessed to be able to enjoy your talent and your down to earth personality. Love that you share all your tips and hints so freely. Many thanks again.

  4. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    You know you have to do something 10,000 times before you are good at it!! Thanks for all YOU do, Lisa!

  5. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Thought my comment didn’t go through so I did it again! (Guess I haven’t done it 10,000 times yet!) lol

  6. suejean1 Avatar

    Beautiful blocks Lisa. I have been keeping up so far but going on vacation next week for 2 weeks.

  7. Judy Avatar

    Beautiful. Thanks so much, Lisa.

  8. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    Absolutely fabulous educational information. As you know I am not a machine piecer, but I am now. I wanted to do this quilt project so much that I was determined to become a great piecer. Tiny pieces have been a challenge but that’s where I’ve learned the most. Thank you for the challenge Lisa.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Hugs

  9. Deb Avatar

    Lisa! Thank you for another 2 amazing blocks. Currently my plan is to have 5 rows x 4 columns (20 squares) with sashing. A skinny border, then a wider border with a block at each corner (4 squares) then my binding. My last square will become a mug rug or pillow. There is so much flexibility with these lovely blocks! I look forward to hearing/seeing what others plan.

  10. Janet O. Avatar

    I can’t wait to have a chance to make these–maybe make 2 of each for a larger quilt. Did I actually say larger? : )

  11. Jill of Apple Avenue Quilts Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing these blocks. I’m loving them!

  12. MaryLee Boillat Avatar
    MaryLee Boillat

    Oh geez and I just cut 7. I’ll be busy😏

  13. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    I lost my post!! I was telling how I do the squares. As soon as I can after they come, I get them cut out. Then I lay them out on a lid or a board in the rows of the way they are sewn. This way I can look at them and do as much chain stitching as possible. It’s amazing how much faster that makes them go together. I do all the stuff Lisa said about steaming good and pressing a few seams open. I was blessed to have won the Juki machine in last December’s drawing. Oh my gosh!! It is a fabulous machine-it really does sort of grip the fabric- I didn’t know it was because of the feed dogs being close, makes perfect sense. It has the greatest bar you push down to do a backstitch. It never distorts or moves from where you are. I simply push it down with my right hand and let it up all the while still sewing. It is really fast if you want it to be. If you happen to push your foot down too quickly – it just stitches along faster with no distorting of the fabric. Then you get brave and just sew faster . I still have my wonderful Bernina that I use for taking up pant legs etc- so I can zig zag the seams. I am a two machine sewing room!! Love my Juki-use it the most. Thank you Primitive Gatherings! I had decided to order one anyway, it was a really good deal. Hope we get to do the 12 days of Christmas again this year. I love these star blocks. I put each page I print out- I am doing Country blocks-in a plastic sleeve and when the block is complete I slip it in the back side of the sleeve and put it in a 3 ring binder. Wow –so organized!! Thanks Lisa!!

    1. Linda B Avatar
      Linda B

      Alberta, what model Juki machine do you have?

  14. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    I knew there was a reason I put off starting this! Thank You, Lisa, this information was helpful. Especially to me, as I am a self taught quilter. So any bits of info are like “gold” to me!

  15. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa as always I learn something from you each time I read information you post or listen to you explain something. And I’m still laughing about steaming your blocks into submission! Thanks for Magic of Christmas! Hugs Liz P.S. Judy is the best!!!!!

  16. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    I found that if I made my seam allowance a tiny bit smaller my blocks came out to 6 1/2″ perfectly. I just moved my needle to the right a couple of numbers on my Janome. I also make sure my bunny ears are cut off and most of the time I check all the sections of a block and I sometimes have to trim them just a teeny tiny bit. I LOVE this project and I look forward to each new block!!

  17. Sharon Paladino Avatar
    Sharon Paladino

    You bring so much joy to so many people, thank you for being the person you are.

  18. Melodee Avatar

    I am working on the City version and I pre-washed my red, I wasn’t taking any chances, plus it made me pre starch it all since I knew this was Lisa’s method. This is the first Sew Along I have ever managed to keep up with, quite proud of that. I made myself some design boards using Happy Zombie’s tutorial, I made them 16″ x 16″ so I can easily layout the block and take it from my cutting table to my machine, the pieces stay in place very nicely. Also, using a scant 1/4 inch is helping me, I just need to work on a consistent size scant!

    I enjoyed reading about the Juki in a previous post here, I am considering buying one, love the honest testamonial.

  19. Lori McCleary Avatar
    Lori McCleary

    Lisa ~ You’re the awesomenest of awesomedom. Love, love, love this BOM and thank you so much for sharing your talents with the quilt world so freely. Lori McCleary

  20. MaryMarge Avatar

    I love your tidbits of wisdom! They’ve made ma pay more attention to my sewing and pressing. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Jane Stewart Dickson Avatar
    Jane Stewart Dickson

    Lisa, I’m really loving your quilt blocks and can’t wait for the next one to arrive. The tiny piecing has been a challenge, but a good one. I may be one of your furthest flung quilters – greetings from Wellington, New Zealand!

  22. Linda Schluchter Avatar
    Linda Schluchter

    I am having fun making these cute little blocks but I need help! My flying geese blocks are coming out a bit to large and I’m not sure I’m putting the triangles together correct. And, without knowing what size the geese are suppose to be I am hesitant to trim them. When you set the triangles together should I place the small triangle midway on the larger triangle? I have been putting them together so the small triangle is even with the bottom of the large background triangle. Help please!

    1. Marci Avatar

      I don’t know if this link to a tutorial I have used will help, but it surely helped me. If my quarter-inch seam is correct, using this method, my flying geese turn out perfect.

  23. Anne Bowen Avatar

    Hi Lisa, and greetings from Melbourne Australia. My friend Elyte and I are doing your quilt blocks and loving every one of them. We’re both using fabrics from our stash, I’m hand piecing mind and Elyte is machine piecing and its amazing how different out blocks look.
    Thank you for putting such a great project out into Blog land for everybody to enjoy.

  24. Sonya Avatar

    Thanks for your tips, they are great reminders and help me make corrections that make a difference. I love that your squares are not ‘perfect’, it makes me think i can do this. 🙂

  25. Kathy Ashley Avatar
    Kathy Ashley

    Lisa- can you look at block #8 I think there’s a problem with the size of B or E . Please advise

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Kathy…all looks fine to me…I started making my blocks from these directions instead of making them first and then doing the directions…so anyone else having a problem with block 8?

      1. Bernadette George Avatar
        Bernadette George

        yes, something is not sized right

      2. Heather Kosbab Avatar
        Heather Kosbab

        I have made block 8and had no issues with the measurements.

      3. Marci Avatar

        I have made Block #8 as well, and it turned out great! Better than I ever thought I could do. Yahoo!

      4. sharon Avatar

        Block 8 went together perfectly!

      5. Bernadette George Avatar
        Bernadette George

        Bolck 8 came out fine! I made a mistake. It was block 9 that had the problem.. This morning I figured it out . The size of D needs to be about 1 5/8 square to come out right.

      6. jen rhoads Avatar
        jen rhoads

        Thanks Bernadette – I’ll try that – My block #9 was really wonky!

    2. Kathy Ashley Avatar
      Kathy Ashley

      Lisa- I recut all my pieces and the block came out fine – I don’t know what I did the first time – senior moment maybe! I’m loving these blocks – I’m making mine scrappy with all different red and white fabrics.

  26. Gina Avatar

    Thank you! For the great tips and the beautiful pattern!

  27. Karla Avatar

    Thank you, thank you for the wonderful patterns. But even more, thank you for the graphically beautiful patterns. I just like to look at the color printout. So pretty.

  28. Sharon Bell,, Avatar
    Sharon Bell,,

    Hi from Missouri…I was getting your blog every week, but now, I have to search your site for it….please sign me up so I get them as soon as posted…love the Magic of Christmas quilt and am planning to do both versions…love, Sharon

  29. Rose Avatar

    Cannot find block 10 in magic of Christmas????

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