the magic of christmas blocks 10 & 11

I am happily stitching-away at home…I will not be traveling for over two weeks yet…this is very nice not having to be thinking about where I am going next week…but there is Fall Market/Festival in Houston…but being home makes it much more pleasant!  So here is another 2 blocks…Like I said before I love stitching these in-between the other projects…I keep looking at block 11 and thinking I stitched this one already…but it is different.




I do have a confession about block 10…I cut and pieced it like the directions…but…I was not happy with it…those 32- 1″ triangles are too hard to cut and stitch perfectly 32 times.  So I ripped my little 2″ block from the middle grabbed my 1″ triangle paper and made them in about half the time it took me to do it without them…and…if you notice this photo…I had to do it twice…because somehow I decided I should put the country red with the white bella!!!!But after I stitched them all again…it was heaven to put them together…they were perfect…If you do not have our triangle paper for any triangles less than 1″ you need to get them for your sanity…so much less fustration and a big timesaver 40 HST in about 10 min. ….and I do not cut off the 1 mini dog ear the triangles have…Look at the photo closely…see the piles of HSTs..the lowest red one have the little dog ear…the pile above are the boo boo triangles…and the ones up top and the ripped out block are the old ones…they don’t look bad from far away, but I had tucks and they were not lining up nicely…I was having to compensate way too much…           1″Triangle Paper                         Assorted Triangle Paper-small sizesimg_8282



I’ve also been trying to decorate our house for Fall…little by little, going through all the decorations from the old house and seeing what goes in the new house…how about you? Do you decorate for all the seasons?  Which is your favorite…LB


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  1. Amy M Avatar
    Amy M

    I enjoy decorating for fall and Christmas. My mom passed three years ago today….this is the first time I have decorated since then. She lived with us for ten years. I probably love Christmas decorating the best.

  2. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    I love to decorate for Fall … it is my favorite because I love the colors. The oranges, golds, deep reds and browns all come alive when the temps cool and the air is crisp. Of course, being in Texas that sometimes doesn’t happen until the middle of November!!!!

  3. Janet O. Avatar

    Wow–lots of HSTs going on at your place! Great blocks!!
    I decorate some for winter with blue and white snowflake and snowman decor. I do a little bit of Spring/Easter, but not a lot. Summer gets a huge hit of red/white/blue, and Fall is pretty heavy with orange/black and green for Halloween and all of the Fall colors for Thanksgiving. Come Christmas there is red and green all over the house with 2 dozen Alpine trees with white lights and lighted garlands on the banisters, hutches and piano top.

  4. Deb Avatar

    I love the look of 10 but the fewer pieces of 11 🙂 Looking forward to piecing both! Thank you!!!

  5. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Really I’m glad I have a little assortment of your papers for the triangles

    1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

      Oops that was supposed to say I really like both blocks

  6. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    I thought I had a break before Market. LOL. I’ll be looking for your 1″ papers tomorrow. I do think I have some. See you in a few weeks. ❤️

    I love all holidays and try to decorate even if it’s a very small area.

  7. Rose Avatar

    Lisa I am loving these little blocks!! The hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina today and I sewed my day away while listening to rain crackles hit the windows and pine cones clunking the roof. My piecing gave me peace.

  8. Wendy hembree Avatar
    Wendy hembree

    Lisa! Help. Block 10 a , ivenot used the Triangle papers and what size? It makes me so nervous cause I can see a lot of imperfections happening. It looks hard 😀

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      1″finished or the assorted small pack if you click on them it brings you to our site

  9. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    HI Lisa, I actually have a couple stitched items in the house that change monthly. I used to decorate more for the seasons but find the older I get, the lazier I become!

  10. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. I have been decorating on and off for a week. I even planted mums and kales outside. I was inspired when I was in Door County last week. So beautiful.

  11. kathy martingilio Avatar
    kathy martingilio

    I have read on the web that country red (by Bella) is the best. Is this what you use? I can’t find it in the store, only internet. Love your work! Kathy

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We have used a couple of reds that are all real similar… but yes country red was one of them

  12. candee Avatar

    I decorate for all the seasons/holidays inside & out. Fall is my favorite! Most of my decor are items I stitched. Show us your fall decor please.

  13. Judy Avatar

    I love fall and decorate for it as much as Christmas. Would love to see yours.

  14. Janan Avatar

    I love October and the Indian Summers we have here in the South. Just a touch of a cool breeze in the mornings, trees bursting into their Autumn party colors, temps are just a bit cooler, maybe days are in the 80 degrees. The only thing I do not like are the shorter days…………

  15. LeAnn Keenan Avatar

    It sort of looks like Halloween threw up all over my house, but I love it and can’t bear to part with anything I’ve made or collected.

  16. Juareen Castillo Avatar
    Juareen Castillo

    Favorite holiday to decorate for is Christmas but I decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  17. kathyreeves Avatar

    I just read your article in APQ and am very intrigued with your wool work. Wow! Beautiful patchwork, and wool appliqué too? I don’t think it can get better than this!! Thanks for sharing your Christmas blocks!

  18. Karen Avatar

    Lisa, shouldn’t there be 8 of (e) in Block 11, not just one?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes….sorry…I must just know how many to cut as I did not catch this…or I look at the pictures!!!hahaha

  19. Marci Avatar

    CORRECTION TO BLOCK 11: I skipped ahead to Block 11 while I await the arrival of the 1-inch triangle papers. 🙂 There is one correction needed. Instead of cutting ONE “E” there needs to be EIGHT. I am loving the ease of this block, and yet I can’t wait to try the triangle papers. I think Block 10 is stunning! I’m enjoying the journey, for sure.

  20. Marcia McLaughlin Avatar
    Marcia McLaughlin

    Lisa, I seem to have missed Block #6. I have looked for it and cannot find it. Where /how can I get it? Thanks.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It was posted on September 19th…type in Alabama in the search bar…I will switch the title so it recognizes block 6.

  21. Marci Avatar

    Lisa, I just used your 1-inch triangle paper for Block 10. That was easy and so much fun. I watched your tutorials on YouTube to see how to prepare the fabric and how to use the paper. Those papers are a GREAT idea!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yay!!! Thanks Marci— it’s such a big difference, if everyone would try them I think I could retire on selling them…but most don’t believe me that they are that much easier

      1. Audrey Bretz Avatar
        Audrey Bretz

        But wait – we don’t want you to retire just yet!

  22. Linda Zeider Avatar
    Linda Zeider

    What day do you post Magic of Christmas?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We post on all different days. There is no set day of posting for the blocks. Thank you for following along with us, Jessica

      1. Debbie-do Avatar

        It’s been almost two weeks since the last blocks were posted unless I’ve missed them some how. Any ETA on the next few!? Itchin to be stitchin!! 😁😁

  23. Pam Avatar

    Are the fabrics still available for these squares? Have friends who just found out about this. Thanks! Pam

    Sent from my iPad


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We have a slightly different version available on our website if they would like to take a peak at it there. Just type Magic of Christmas into the search engine on our website and it will pop up for them. Thank you, jessica

  24. Deb Colson Avatar
    Deb Colson


    I have a question…how do I know what triangle papers to use? Do you have a guide that showes you that if you are cutting this size then tht correspiondes to this size triangle papers? So if my pattern says to cut 1 7/8 ” squares and cut into triangles i know that i can use the 1″ triangle paper….etc. Does th instructions on the triangle paper state that? Help!!

    Thanks, Deb

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Deb…this is a good question… the cut size of a triangle always 7/8″ larger than the finished size…and triangle papers are size according to finished sizes…so 1 7/8″ is 1″ finished…2 3/8″ is 1 1/2″ finished…and so on…Half square triangle cut sizes are always 7/8″ for whole numbers and 3/8″ for half sizes like 3 3/8″ would be 2 1/2″ finished…i’m sure there is a chart on the web somewhere too!

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