Daurmont…I love this quilt

This is for anyone or any shop that has purchased our Daurmont pattern…We thought we were going to be awesome and include transparency in your pattern for easier layout…but there is an issue with it, it was printed at 120%, all the shapes in the pattern are the correct size.. the transparency is wrong, so you can get started on tracing and cutting out wools……If you are a shop and purchased it from Moda with your shipment of Little Gatherings II fabrics we have notified them and are waiting to know who to proceed with getting your patterns to you…If you cannot wait and need the corrected asap please email me and I can help you….lisa.bongean@yahoo.com    If you are a PG retail customer please email us as we will be going through our orders and double checking and sending them out… the shop email is primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com   Just to confirm…if you are shop and need it asap email ME…if you are a retail customer email the SHOP.

We SINCERLY apologize for this inconvenience…but are really happy that it’s the transparency and not a bazillion wool kits with the stems too short!!!

img_8393Close-up of quilting…Linda Hrcka, thequiltedpineapple.com

We are frantically getting ready for  Fall Market/ Festival I’ve stitched 4 bindings in 3 days, all at night after work!!!….the truck is leaving and we have to get it all done before it does!!!  Anyone going to Houston?

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  1. Kathie Gore Avatar
    Kathie Gore

    Making my first trip to Houston this year! Really looking forward to the experience!!

  2. Cheryl Cogswell Avatar
    Cheryl Cogswell

    I so love this quilt, but have 3 of yours to finish and another wool in process. Therefore, I’ll have to wait awhile. Hopefully you will be doing again in say 2018?

    Enjoy Houston!!!

  3. Susan Rudy Wiley Avatar
    Susan Rudy Wiley


    I purchased two Wool kits and two patterns from Village Dry Goods for Myself and a friend so we could work on this wonderful kit together. I called Fran about this error. She had only ordered the two kits for me and nothing else for the store. Can I get the corrections from you and not wait for the fabric rep. to get with Fran and straighten this out.



  4. jonnie nottingham Avatar
    jonnie nottingham

    I’ll see you in Houston and somehow I missed this beautiful quilt!

  5. Sandra Fry Avatar
    Sandra Fry

    I go every year. Can’t wait to see what you have new!

  6. Linda Rouse Avatar
    Linda Rouse

    Dear Lisa, I am a long time customer of yours. I have purchased many kits directly from you at shows. I read your blogs about your family and businesses and I like to.

    This recent post made me write what I have been saying for many years. That I would NEVER proceed from any pattern or book, put out by you without checking first on your your website for errors. Your company is the only company I HAVE to do this . it would be simple to not buy your patterns, but I love them too much.

    From one WI to another. Linda Rouse

    On Oct 21, 2016 4:49 PM, “Lisa Bongean’s Weblog” wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “This is for anyone or any shop that has purchased our > Daurmont pattern…We thought we were going to be awesome and include > transparency in your pattern for easier layout…but there is an issue with > it, it was printed at 120%, all the shapes in the pattern a” >

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Linda…I announce these errors because they happen…they mostly are things I personally have no control over…why did the printer print this at 120%?…I don’t know…MY transparency is the right size? But now, again another lesson learned that we have to check this from now on…I could just put a notice under corrections on my blog and not say anything here and then field the calls when they come in…but I try to catch it before things get too far…I try to be accommodating, personable and there for my fellow quilters when they need me…but getting back to your comment…if you take the number of patterns & kits that we put out the corrections are very very small in number…I take pride in writing a good pattern…my girls work hard at making sure their kits are correct…and believe me we try to get it right…and writing patterns is the hardest part of what I do…I give lots of info in my patterns right down to which thread is used and what stitch I made and I know not everyone does this..we actually now put a blurb in each pattern to check my blog for corrections just in case, with todays technology it’s nice to be up to the minute informed….so I’m going to take your good comment along with the not so good one and hopefully not let it bother me too much the rest of the weekend…Have a good night, LB

  7. Bonnie Avatar

    I m going to Houston for the first time , looking gorward to the trip

  8. Bernice Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    I, too, will be a first-timer for the show in Houston this year–have a quilt in one of the special exhibits. I’m soooo looking forward to attending the show and hope to meet you there. I love working with wool and thank you for all you do to keep me happy!

  9. Mary Jean Murphy Avatar
    Mary Jean Murphy

    Lisa. Thanks for ALWAYS being the best you can be. Mistakes happens and it’s appreciated when you catch it and make, everyone aware quickly. That’s a good designer! See you in Houston. MJ

  10. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Life happens. You’re the best. Thank you for the heads up.

  11. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    This will be my first trip to Houston! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  12. Pat Oster Avatar
    Pat Oster

    Yes! Will you be there through festival?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  13. Dora Goodfellow Avatar
    Dora Goodfellow

    This quilt is so beautiful!

  14. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    See you in Houston. I live close, so I go every year. Love your patterns. I think you have the cutest wool projects of anyone!

  15. Deborah from H Town (Houston) Avatar
    Deborah from H Town (Houston)

    can’t wait to see this quilt in person in Houston.. H town is my hometown and looking forward to another great quilt show.

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